After Wang Hao came to a dilapidated house, he tried to manipulate the character's other postures a few times. After a while, he got used to the operation, and then he became a little proficient. He really didn't feel that it was too difficult.

There is also a small box on his head, on which is his id's "Play the tiger tonight", of course, you can also see the id of other people.

After the test was over, Wang Hao immediately began to search around.

Start alone, all equipment depends on... picking up!

He doesn’t expect to pick up a good piece of equipment now, because his luck lies there, so he can find a large gun here. After picking up some simple medicines on the first floor, he immediately went up to the second floor and started to proceed. Carpet search.

Not surprisingly, he successfully found a good sniper rifle in a corner of the room, which was a surprise to him.

"Hahaha! What did you find? I picked up a handful of 98k at the beginning of the game. As long as this set does not waver, our team will at least be in the top three!"

As soon as the four of them met, the fairy Yamada said excitedly. Hearing the tone, he knew that his face had already bloomed. Wang Hao didn't understand, and he asked softly, "That equipment is so powerful? I found a handful of ordinary ones. Resources like sniper rifles and some drinks and medicines."

"I have already prepared enough medicines for everyone, so please go to the battlefield as much as you want, I decided to become a medical soldier!"

Yako Tamaki expressed his idea of ​​becoming a back-up, and was immediately rebutted by the Yamada Fairy, "No, even medical soldiers must be equipped with weapons. I will give you an extra assault gun here."

"How is your harvest really white?"

Wang Hao said with a white smile looking at him without a word.

"Want to know?"

Shiina Masashi said flatly, Wang Hao nodded when he saw it, and the other party's behavior unexpectedly happened in the next instant, and he dumped all the contents in the backpack on the ground at once, which not only made his expression somewhat stiff.

"And that's all……"

The flat voice came through the earphones again, and Wang Hao smiled reluctantly: "Well, I know, please pack everything up again."

Zhenbai nodded obediently, and put the things back in again.

"There is a jeep there. Let's leave here to hunt other people. If we hide, this game will be boring!"

The fairy Yamada pointed his finger at a jeep next to him and said proudly, walked over and got in the driving seat, and Wang Hao and the others got in the car separately.

The vehicle drove gently on the concrete road, and there was a burst of gunshots from a distance. The Yamada Fairy accelerated and immediately changed its direction and moved towards the place where the gunshot was shot.

"Yazi and Zhenbai are holding the guns in their hands, and they are ready to attack at any time when they find someone. Haojun, you are responsible for sniping. Don't act rashly after getting off the car. Haojun pays attention to cover at any time, and we will also cover you!"

Approaching the destination, the Yamada Fairy stopped the car with a beautiful flick, everyone opened the door and immediately divided into two teams, Wang Hao single and Sanda Fairy three.

Because if Ako and Mashiro act alone, it is easy to play GG in laughter and laughter, so Yamada Fairy is better next to them, and Wang Hao will also find a hidden place to snipe the enemy and cover.

Therefore, there is no problem with this distribution plan. Wang Hao quickly turned and walked towards the next room. The sound of gunshots around made him more cautious. Although the gunshots came from a distance, no one could guarantee the inside of the room. nobody.

He doesn't want to start and hangs up, so he has to get a good game experience.

Although he thought so in his heart, Wang Hao also secretly became vigilant. The bullet was loaded and sneaked into the room. He was relieved when he found no one.

He found a helmet, iron pot that can be used as a melee weapon, body armor, and binoculars in the room on the second floor. It can be said to be quite rewarding.

After confirming that he was well equipped, Wang Hao quickly came to the rooftop, picked up the binoculars in his hand to observe the surroundings, and immediately hid sideways behind the wall.

"There were two people hiding next to the house at eleven o'clock. I couldn't see anyone when they hid. I can't snipe for the time being.

In addition, a car came in the direction of 6 o'clock. There was movement in the grass and a yacht came by the river. Be careful, I will cover you and sniper the enemy."

"Roger that!"

Chapter 244 Double Kill

Wang Hao watched the movement around the Yamada Fairy, and he didn't dare to act rashly for a while, because now almost a dozen people began to gather in this place.

Once he shoots easily, even if he successfully snipes one or two players, he will instantly become the target of everyone, and he is sure that there must be other sniper players hidden here.

Therefore, his position cannot be exposed. If he waits for a shot, even if he fails to kill other players, he cannot stay on the rooftop of this floor.

He believes that sniping is basically an assassin type, and conflicts with other players head-on, and it is estimated that they will only turn into the opponent's gold coins and provide equipment for nothing.

"You are ready to change positions at any time. I will cover you later. I estimate that there are about a dozen players in this area. When you find anomalies, remember to exchange information in time."

Wang Hao notified the other members of the blue team that he can take up to two shots from his current position, which means that no matter whether he succeeds or fails after two times, he must leave here and continue fighting in another place.

However, there is one point worthy of comfort, that is, other players also know that there are no less than ten people gathered here, so no one dares to act rashly and abandon the original stronghold for a while.

But Wang Hao was different. He had planned to abandon this place a long time ago. It would be best if he could kill one or two players while covering the Yamada Fairy.

At present, in addition to a sniper rifle, he also has a pan that can be used as a melee, a small submachine gun, wearing a body armor, and a safety helmet on his head.

It can be said that it is fully armed, and there are some therapeutic drugs on his body. It can be said that there is basically no problem with the equipment. As long as the retreat is properly and there is no siege by five or six people at the same time, Wang Hao is confident to leave.

Because he only fired two shots, if he missed one shot, he would never stay in place and shoot the third shot. Wang Hao didn't find any parts and equipment such as a silencer. The noise caused by two consecutive shots was not small. .

For other players at this stage, the most dangerous thing is the sniper hiding in the dark. For Wang Hao, who is a sniper, the most threatening is also the sniper.

If possible, Wang Hao wants to get rid of a sniper on the other side who is talking. As for other players, they can put it down temporarily.

Unfortunately, no other snipers were found. Wang Hao adjusted the magnification lens. Since the snipers could not be found, he could only get rid of a hostile player.

He didn't know exactly how powerful the sniper rifle in his hand was, and everyone else was wearing a helmet like himself. To be on the safe side, Wang Hao decided to wait for the two bullets to target the same person.

Because one bullet might not be enough to kill, then making up the knife was crucial, which reminded him of the battlefields in ancient times.

At that time, soldiers would basically not choose to pretend to be dead, because there was a team specializing in repairing the battlefield behind, and then the fake show was done, so it was a big deal that it would be more practical to fight to death.

Losing Huang Liang Yimeng, winning meritorious deeds!

However, it also depends on the situation. This is a game after all. If you successfully kill the opponent player, there should be a reminder, so you don't have to waste a second bullet on the same person.

The same is true for this game. Except for the members of your team, all the others are opponents. In other words, for the blue team, there are 96 enemies within 100 players, including the "Modern Dimensional Research Society". Members of the black team and the red team.

Because this game ultimately belongs to the victory, it can only be one player or one team.

Wang Hao carefully observed the surrounding environment, and when he glanced at one place, he condensed slightly, "Stop first, behind the abandoned hut in front of you, I guess there should be one or two players just now."

Although only one person was seen just now, secretly the other person may also have other companions.

"What time is it?"

A question from the Yamada Fairy came from the earphones. Wang Hao thought for a moment, and immediately replied: "In the direction of ten o'clock, you should make a little movement to let the other party hear it on purpose, but remember not to reveal your whereabouts.

As long as I can attract the opponent, I am ready to attack on the rooftop."

"To understanding."

The fairy Yamada understood the situation, and the three of them squatted down at the same time to prevent revealing their whereabouts. She looked at Yazi and Zhenbai next to her and said in a low voice, "You two should prepare grenades and bombs first, and wait until Haojun shoots. Throw it forward."