Zhenbai and Yazi nodded, everyone in the blue team planned their tasks separately, and the fairy Yamada took a deep breath.

If there are only a few players in this area, they don't need to be so cautious. The team members just rush up together, and there is also Wang Hao who is sniping secretly, and the probability of overturning is less than 1%.

However, through Wang Hao's observation, the Yamada Fairy also knew that there were no fewer than ten players in this area. Reckless actions would only lead to their own destruction in advance. After all, two fists are harder than four hands.

"Don't make much movement, seduce the other party..."

The fairy Yamada murmured to himself and lit up when he swept across the window next to him. This game has a high degree of realistic simulation.

Gunshots from a distance can be heard, and within a certain range around, the movement caused by it will be noticed by other people, and others' footsteps can be heard even when you are close. It can be said that all environments are virtual Very real.

She glanced at the window thoughtfully. Some movement from this distance could still be noticed by the people next to her.

Picking up a small stone on the ground, the Fairy Yamada twitched the corner of his mouth and immediately threw it out toward the window.

Dang, Dang——!

The stone hit the window from the front, and the glass splashed and scattered, and a player suddenly emerged from the broken wall next to him. Just about to observe the movement next to him, Wang Hao, who was lurking on the rooftop, immediately pulled the trigger with his finger.


A bullet shot straight at the player, and because of the absence of a silencer, the gunfire spread out immediately.

Seeing that the man fell, Wang Hao beautifully shot a headshot, but before he was happy, another gunshot rang from the side, and Wang Hao immediately drew sideways, avoiding dangerously and dangerously. .

Unfortunately, it still caused a shot in the shoulder, and his blood volume was reduced by about two-fifths, but this also allowed him to grasp the position of the sniper. Wang Hao temporarily ignored the injury and set up a sniper rifle to lock the opponent's position through a magnifying lens. , Quickly pressed the trigger again and fired a shot, recklessly immediately went downstairs.

At this time, a message was also displayed on the screen...

Chapter 245: A Mouth of Poisoned Milk

[Congratulations on the successful killing of'Fenghua Luoshen' by'Kill the Tiger Tonight' and get the first drop of blood!

[Congratulations to'Take the Tiger Tonight' for successfully killing the'Sun Rainfall' and completed a double kill!

After hearing this news, Wang Hao grinned. In fact, the skills of the two players just now were very good, if not for him.

The player who was hiding behind the wall was very cautious. He didn't pick up the gun immediately when he heard the movement. Instead, he prepared a grenade. Unfortunately, Wang Hao has been paying attention to the opponent, and his bullets are also faster. He hit a headshot and went to base successfully.

It's a pity that at this moment, another sniper next to him almost shot him headshot. Judging from the degree of cooperation, the two should be black.

It's a pity that they encountered a plug-in like Wang Hao whose physical fitness was far superior to that of ordinary people. They used one bullet for each headshot, and the whole process ended in less than three seconds.


[Fenghua Luoshen: Is that guy a plug-in?

In a bedroom, a handsome-looking boy was a little bit aggrieved at this time, and immediately sent the code word with both hands.

[The sun rains down: That guy definitely opened the plug-in!Less than two bullets in three seconds directly exploded both of our heads. He knew your location in advance, so the headshot is understandable.

But my side is very strange, he immediately reacted and found my position as soon as he shot.

In a male dormitory in a university, a male college student was also a little bit incredulous, and he also felt that he had encountered an open player.

He is the person who drove with Fenghua Luoshen just now when the sun was raining.

Killing two people for only three seconds, and they were all shots with headshots. They felt that'Killing the Tiger Tonight' was definitely a player who played the game. How could he go to heaven if he didn't do it?

[Fenghua Luoshen: I also feel a bit like opening, but judging from the fact that you can hit the'Tiger tonight', it feels a bit different...]

[Sun Rainfall: It makes sense for you to say that. Let's choose the spectator mode. If it is on, we will report it when the game is over.

Ever since, both of them chose the spectator mode, and locked their vision on'Playing the Tiger Tonight' to see if the other was a real god or a plug-in player?


Wang Hao immediately used medicine on the way downstairs. After he returned to his team, Yazi and Zhenbai also threw a smoke bomb around.

The four quickly left the place and were led by Wang Hao, because he knew the terrain and the distribution of the rest of the players, and avoided meeting with others.

"Have you played this game before? The two shots just now are so good?!"

The Yamada fairy looked at Wang Hao with a slightly complicated expression. Although she was also good at playing sniper, she still couldn't get a headshot like Wang Hao was 100%.

"No, but I think this game feels very smooth to play, maybe it's better luck."

When he hid in a safe zone, Wang Hao answered truthfully, the Fairy Yamada had a weird face, and he obviously didn't believe him, "Forget it, I think...someone is nearby!"

Boom boom!

Speaking of Yamada Fairy's words, someone immediately shot four or five shots in their direction, and a sniper joined in the distance!

Presumably this gunshot will also provoke other nearby players to come over and find out, and for a while, the situation of the basketball team has become dangerous again!

Tu Tu, Tu Tu Tu -

Several players in the grass in front suddenly attacked here. Taking advantage of this, everyone in the blue team suffered various injuries.

Wang Hao quickly changed the submachine gun in his hand and began to attack forward, sparks from the muzzle, and the Yamada fairy quickly raised 98k to attack.

The scene suddenly became tense, and the smell of gunpowder filled the battlefield.

"Despite this stronghold first, now others dare not act rashly!"

After stopping the attack on the opposite side, Wang Hao also killed two players again, but unfortunately there was at least one player lying in ambush in the grass over there, or he might have left the grass.


A bullet hit from a distance and hit the Fairy Yamada's helmet impartially, causing her to let out a scream, "I can't move, Yazi, come and rescue me."

"Okay, wait!" Upon seeing this, Yazi hurried over to rescue the Yamada fairy.


The sniper attacked again, this time it hit Zhen Bai next to Wang Hao, and this bullet immediately put Zhen Bai in a state of dying.


Hearing the gunshots, Yuzhi Yazi quickly let go of his hands in fright, and quickly hid behind Wang Hao with some fear.

"Don't... let go..." This was the last thing the fairy Yamada said, and then the next system message appeared at the top of the screen.

[Congratulations to the player'Ka Baili' for successfully killing the'Yamada Fairy'.

[Congratulations to the player'Ka Baili' for successfully killing'Hao De Zhen Bai'.

Wang Hao mourned for a second of silence for the Yamada Fairy, and at the same time looked at Yazi who was shivering with fear beside him, sighed with a slightly complicated sigh. The Pastor of Poisonous Milk is indeed a priest of Poisonous Milk.