This bite of milk is really poisonous...

Zhenbai was as indifferent as before, and did not send any other emotions due to his death.

But the fairy Yamada was silent for a moment, looking at the trembling Ako, with a complicated expression on his face, sighed, "Forget it..., God Lord, you should put on my 98k, this is even more powerful."


Although Wang Hao couldn't figure it out, he threw down his sniper rifle and replaced it with a three-day goblin's 98k. After checking the number of bullets, there were still a few that were not fired. He immediately reloaded the bullets.

After a few shots by that sniper, Wang Hao had realized that he had to evacuate quickly, at least to find a safe place.

The opponent's technique is definitely not a joke. The marksmanship is also very accurate. Although Wang Hao still has flaws, he can't fight back now. Because he occupies a different position from the opponent, he has to quickly move his position.

"Don't worry, I'm by your side, Yazi, remember to follow behind me. Let's go over and grab that motorcycle."

Wang Hao whispered to Yazi, reached out his hand and gently touched the other's head, finally let Yuzhi Yazi calm down and nodded obediently.

He sighed deeply. Although Wang Hao could determine the location of the sniper through the trajectory of the bullet, he couldn't attack the opponent now because it was easy to be counter-killed.

Silently took out a smoke bomb from his backpack. Three seconds after the countdown, he immediately threw it out. Suddenly, a cloud of smoke filled the surroundings and blocked the sight of others, and Yazi and Yazi quickly seized the motorcycle in front of him, temporarily walking around. Opened here.

Boom boom!

[Congratulations to the player'Rafiel' for successfully killing'Hao's Yazi'.

Chapter 246 The best gun in the village

Wang Hao's eyes condensed, and he didn't expect that besides Ka Baili, there was another sniper named Rafer beside him.

At the moment, he didn't care about the thoughts in his heart, and controlled the motorcycle to the nearby hills, and immediately fell to the ground and crawled slowly. This place should have entered the dead end of the two snipers, but he was still careful enough.

This is the stronghold of the group of people who attacked Wang Hao just now. He has now completed the four kills, and there are 68 survivors next to it. This shows how fierce the competition is.

He flipped through the trophies just now. To Wang Hao's surprise, he found a silencer and immediately installed it on the 98k.

He doesn't have much demand for the magnifier now, because Wang Hao feels that he has a good grasp of himself and is confident that he can aim at the enemy, so he doesn't need to be more advanced for the magnifier. Instead, he urgently needs a silencer.

Aiming can depend on his own level. Wang Hao thinks that his marksmanship is not bad, and he still has a magnifier in his hand, but even if his marksmanship is good, he can't eliminate the gunshots out of thin air.

If he picked up the silencer in advance and installed his sniper rifle, then the rooftop just now is an excellent hiding place. As long as he is cautious, he will basically not be found, and he can also snipe players close to the building.

"Well, you are the hope of the whole village. The best gun in the village has been given to you, but don't hang it up easily!"

After watching Wang Hao put on the silencer, the fairy Yamada said with excitement.

The 98k weapon is indeed extremely lethal, but the sound is also very loud. Without a silencer, especially in this small circle, once the gun is fired, everyone will be attracted.

At that time, Wang Hao only fired a few shots and was surrounded by everyone. With the silencer, the movement would be much smaller.

"Why do I find your statement a little weird?"

Hearing the words of the Yamada Fairy, Wang Hao always felt a little strange, but for the time being, he put aside these questions, and after completely recovering his own state, he started to raise the gun again.

His move immediately caused Fenghua Luoshen and Sun Yuluo who were watching the battle to breathe tightly, staring at the screen motionlessly, for fear of missing any details.

Wang Hao went through the magnifying lens and began to observe the surrounding environment. With himself as the center, there were two people lying in front of him at 11 o'clock, and there was also a person at 14 o'clock.

These three players are the people who have the greatest influence on his retreat. The two snipers just now don't have to worry too much. If he guessed correctly, his area should be the dead end of the opponent.

The first is the player at 14 o'clock. After Wang Haoran completely locked the target, he stretched out his hand and gently pulled the 98k trigger, and a bullet flew out.


After a gun shot, the two players in the direction of eleven o'clock immediately moved. Wang Hao didn't hesitate to see this. He turned sideways and squatted slightly, aiming at a certain direction, and fired two shots quickly!


[Congratulations to the player's'Play Tiger Tonight' for successfully killing'Satania'.

[Congratulations to the player's'Play Tiger Tonight' for successfully killing'Vinette'.

[Congratulations to the player for successfully killing the Black Rain Butterfly.

Three messages in a row prompted Wang Hao to finally let out a sigh of relief.

He was planning to hit the west, and he really cared about the two players at eleven o'clock. The single player at fourteen was just a cover.

Of course, it is best to be able to kill. Now that he has accumulated seven kills, he doesn't want to just die.

In the words of the Fairy Yamada, he had already picked up the best gun in the village, and now it was the only hope for the whole village. Wang Hao couldn't help but think to himself, gave a wry smile, and shook his head gently.


However, Fenghua Luoshen and Sun Yuluo who were in the spectator mode were stunned, with three heads in four seconds, or just like the one they had just shot headshot, directly kill!

Judging from the series of actions just now in'Play the Tiger Tonight', it doesn't seem to be a trace of a useful plug-in at all, but this superb marksmanship is completely plug-in level!

As for why they dare to be convinced that'Knock the Tiger Tonight' does not use a plug-in, it is because once the plug-in is turned on, they can directly hit the opponent without aiming. However, "Knock the Tiger Tonight" is a shot every time. Headshot, but before that, he would indeed use the magnifier to aim and pull the trigger.

The two of them knew that they had met a real god, but it seemed that the name'Playing the Tiger Tonight' never appeared on the rankings. Think about it if it should be right. With the superb skills of'Playing the Tiger Tonight', morning It should be known to other players, it seems that it should be a low-key god.

As for the fairy Yamada who saw this scene, his expression was shocked and a little speechless. Seeing Wang Hao's expression as if he was looking at a'monster', it took a while to relax, and said with a bit of gritted teeth: "You guy The hidden is really deep, I didn't expect you to have such a bad taste..."

She is also beginning to doubt what Wang Hao said, playing a tiger tonight. Isn't this surely called pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?This kind of anti-sky marksmanship can no longer be described by luck!

So now the Fairy Yamada doesn't believe that he is a novice at all.

Hearing what Yamada Fairy said, Wang Hao covered the back of his neck in embarrassment. It was indeed the first time he played this game. Why didn't anyone believe it?


"Impossible! How can that'play a tiger tonight' be like this? I actually attacked when I was not prepared, so angry!"

Satania said angrily, he hadn't had a showdown with Ka Baili yet, and then just GG.

Winnett, who was sitting next to Satania, had a trance expression, apparently not sure where the bullet came from.

"Well, I believe that the strength of the great devil Satania must be more than that. It just didn't show up just now, but if you end like this, you still lose. Do you want to change the rules to five games and three wins?"

Ka Baili smiled slightly when she saw this, and said with a bit of regret. Satania nodded when she heard the words. It must have been just luck for the opponent. Although she lost this game, she will definitely win the next game!

"Okay! If a word is settled, three wins in five rounds!"

At this point, Satania immediately agreed with Ka Baili's opinion. She should recharge her energy for the time being. If he meets the "Tiger tonight" again later, let him see the horror of the devil!

"As expected to be my opponent."

The corner of Ka Baili's mouth outlines a pleasant arc, so easy to increase the Internet fee, it really deserves to be Satania.