Chapter 247 The Chrysanthemum Remains, The Ground Is Wounded

Wang Hao didn't know whether to lament whether his luck was good or bad?

A total of 100 players participated in the game. At the beginning, there were more than a dozen people in this area. Now, because of the sound of gunshots everywhere, the number has not decreased but increased.

He hid on a small hill, and successively killed three players who passed by on motorcycles and eight players who were active in abandoned buildings. He picked up some heads by the way. Now he has accumulated twenty-four kills. Switched back and forth nearly five times.

For this extremely powerful weapon, it is indeed the best gun in the village. The silencer on 98k has solved the biggest problem of gun noise.

If not, Wang Hao is a little bit afraid to hold it now.

Because if you only have 98K in your hand and don't have a silencer, one shot will become a target. Wang Hao doesn't want to be a target.

Especially when the circle is very small and many people gather, the 98K without the silencer is a burden. Fortunately, he found the silencer.

There are more than twenty players left, and Wang Hao is sure that there are more than a dozen people in this area, and at least two or three snipers are hiding in the dark.

And the number of people watching Wang Hao here, except for the original Fenghua Luoshen, Sun Yulu, Yamada Fairy, etc., the number of people watching him has reached about 20, accounting for one-fifth of the 100 players!

Some of them have even begun to record videos and prepare to upload them on the Internet. This is the first time they have seen such superb marksmanship, and their strength can definitely enter the top three of the global game rankings.

It may also be the trumpet of a certain great god, because Tokyo also lives in many game great gods.

A shot and a headshot also represent the end of a player's game.

So far, they have not seen a bullet wasted in'Kill the Tiger Tonight'.

Falling into the hands of such a great god, they have no complaints.


A bullet hit from a distance and hit the ground next to him. Seeing this, Wang Hao shifted directly on his stomach without saying anything.

He knew that the sniper of Gabriel or Rafiel was the one who shot. He was almost hit by the opponent several times. Fortunately, the pot on his body could still block bullets, which made him feel a little relieved.

After passing through the grass, Wang Hao immediately stood up, grabbed a downed motorcycle, and directly returned to the abandoned building area after being supported.

He didn't dare to stay there now, he still had one-third of his health left, and his bullets were running low. It was time to go back and harvest the loot. Just now, Wang Hao shot many players with his gun.

Safely came to an abandoned hut with a few backpacks beside it.

Wang Hao quickly found the medicine he needed and took out some necessities such as some bullets. He also replaced the quadruple lens in his hand with an eighth lens he picked up. He immediately turned around and entered the room, hiding in the corner of the second floor. The injury was healed here.

There were continuous gunfire outside, and the diffuse smell of gunpowder spread all around. He checked the number of survivors, and now there were eight players left.

In addition to him, there are three snipers among the eight players. What is worth worrying about is that Wang Hao probably judged their location through the trajectory of the bullet.

No, something happened!

There was a faint noise from the toilet on the second floor. If you didn't listen carefully, it would be easy to ignore.

Wang Hao had already prepared a smoke bomb in his hand and walked over quietly, but he still didn't dare to appear in the gap of vision.

After a while, he threw the smoke bomb to the door of the toilet with a throw of his hand, and suddenly a burst of strong smoke filled the surroundings, disturbing the sight of others.

Boom boom boom!

Wang Hao ignored it and directly used 98k to assault for a while, then dropped a grenade in, and stopped his hand until he saw the system prompt.

[Congratulations to the player's'Play Tiger Tonight' for successfully killing'Shibein'.

Shibein?This is not Akane Segawa’s game id!

As soon as Wang Hao raised his head in reality, he saw Akane Segawa's face flushed, and she was completely blushed due to shame. He was obviously out of breath.

He silently said apologize in his heart, and then turned his gaze back to the computer screen. At this time, three more people survived.

[Congratulations to the player's "a rowing boat" for successfully killing "Raphael"

Controlling the characters on the rooftop, there are still three survivors, and two of them seem to be deliberately targeting him, Wang Hao suspects that they are coming together to attack the black.

Fortunately, there are still three people left, including him. One of the two black players, Ka Baili and Lafeier, has been killed, and the current situation has become a tripartite.

He and'Ga Baili' are left, and the player called'a boat'.

[Congratulations to the player'Ka Baili' for successfully killing'a boat'.

This thought had just arisen, and as a burst of gunfire rang through, his attention was instantly attracted to him, and his face became a little weird.

and many more!What did i see?

Wang Hao hid on the roof, rubbed his eyes in disbelief, scanned the surroundings through an eight-fold lens, and then he found a...butt!

That's right, it was a player who was lying there. He twitched the corner of his mouth when he saw this situation. If it weren't for the gunshot just now, he might have not noticed the opponent.

There are still two people left. Apart from him, there is no doubt that the other is the Gabriel he is looking for!

It’s really “nowhere to find a place to break through the iron shoes, no effort to get it,” Amitabha, sin, sin, God bless you...

Wang Hao thought with a weird look. He first mourned for the other party for three seconds, then raised the 98k to aim at the target, gently pressed the trigger, then closed his eyes and took two shots again.

Bang, bang--!

A refreshing breeze blew slightly across Wang Hao's face, with a little sadness of yellowing dead leaves.

"The chrysanthemum is broken, the floor is hurt, and your smile has turned yellow.

The flowers are heartbroken, and my mind lies quietly.

The north wind is chaotic, the night is young, your shadow is constantly cutting.

It left me alone, as a couple on the lake.

The flowers are late, falling brilliantly..."

Familiar and sad music echoed in Wang Hao's mind, and the game also ushered in the final curtain.

[Congratulations to the player's'Play Tiger Tonight' for successfully killing'Ka Baili'.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

"Oye! Our blue team succeeded in eating chicken. You really belong to you, hahahaha!!!"

The Yamada fairy jumped up ecstatically, and immediately went over to hug Wang Hao from the side, almost causing him to fall with an unstable center of gravity, and he returned to reality from the game world.

"No, I have bad luck! I demand to continue!"

"No problem, good luck, continue to eat chicken!"