Up to now, the meeting has also been spoken by Marue Horiuchi, Shuji Matsumoto, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kitahara. They are also the three giants of the meeting. Although they did not directly name their words, everyone expressed their opinions about Iida Ayano. Dissatisfaction.

The editor in charge of the god is Ayano Iida, so the content of "Dragon Ball" cannot be separated from the other party, because the editor himself has to discuss the development of the plot with the manga artist and check whether the content is qualified.

"Dragon Ball" is not just about her alone, it is now a problem for the entire Shueisha.

Iida Ayano just squeezed her hand secretly, remained silent and kept her last stubbornness. Now she suddenly remembered what Wang Hao said to her last time.

Letting the characters in the comics move on their own, the young man said categorically that although he didn't know what the future was like, he still believed in it, and it was precisely because of this determined attitude that Iida Ayano moved.

Therefore, Iida Ayano chose to believe in the other party, believing that "Dragon Ball" can make the characters in the comics move by themselves and create a miracle!

But as an editor, her approach is a bit dereliction of duty, but she does not regret it. Although she is under tremendous pressure now, Iida Ayano does not want these problems to affect Wang Hao's creation.

The reason is simple, because she is the editor in charge of Wang Hao!

"I hope that Editor-in-Chief Iida can talk about this issue with the Lord God teacher."

Horiuchi Maru took a deep look at Iida Ayano. He also knew that the request he made was a bit unrealistic. After all, the god might not listen to persuasion, but now he can only do so.

"Okay, President."

Iida Ayano nodded heavily. Although she agreed on the surface, she would not tell Wang Hao about the attitude of other editors in today's meeting.

Wang Hao will definitely know about the evaluation of "Dragon Ball" this week. Ayano Iida can be sure of this. After all, paper can't keep the fire.

However, she would stand alone under the pressure of the editorial department, and Wang Hao had to rely on Wang Hao alone to deal with the pressure from the friends on the "Dragon Ball" side.

"Then trouble editor Iida."

Hearing Iida Ayano's answer, Horiuchi Marue replied calmly, with a serious expression on his face. Although this was a meeting in itself, a serious expression was inevitable, but it made people feel a little chill.

He glanced at the expressions of everyone present, tapped the table with his fingers rhythmically, and the sound passed through everyone's hearts. It sounded very heavy. Horiuchi Marue continued to say slowly:

"The last time the Reaper was over was taken over by Dragon Ball's serialization, and this happened again in Dragon Ball this week. I think the combination of the two will definitely affect the sales of the weekly jump next week.

It may even be reduced by nearly 50%, which is definitely not a joke!"

Isn't there a rich and traitorous old thief in Chapter 251?

Horiuchi Marue’s words hit everyone’s minds. If next week’s weekly jump sales are reduced by 50%, it will not only bring financial losses, but also the credibility accumulated over the years. This is the most important point. of!

The decline in weekly jump sales indicates that the quality of comics is not as good as in the past. This may not be a big problem for small and medium-sized publishing houses, but the golden signature of weekly jump will not be as good as before. Kodansha and Shogakukan will also take advantage of this opportunity. .

Even if they are rivals, Shueisha has to admit that Kodansha and Xiaoshukan are indeed getting more and more vigorous now. Although the two works of "Fairy Tail" and "Inuyasha" are not phenomenal comics, they are considered good works.

The main theme of the weekly jump is "Friendship", "Efforts" and "Victory". However, the most comprehensive one this week is "The Queen of Love" by Harem Xiang.

It’s not that Yabuki Kentaro’s work "The Queen of Love" is not good. If the work is not good, it will not be eligible for serialization in the weekly jump.

Being able to be serialized on the weekly jump is an affirmation in itself.It's just that the current weekly jump makes them feel complicated, as if they are hearing silent ridicule from others.

"That... isn't there still Teacher Fujian?"

Matsuzawa Kazuki hesitated and said that this would happen to Dragon Ball as early as they expected. After all, Shueisha still has a wealth of Yoshihiro.

The full-time hunter manga is no worse than phenomenon-level comics. If it weren't for the update, it would have become a phenomenon-level comic.

When faced with difficulties at the moment, Matsuzawa Kazuki immediately thought of Fuken Yoshihiro, the manga master who can now hold up the golden signature of Shueisha.

"Yeah, Matsuzawa-kun, you are right. We also have Teacher Fujian Yoshihiro, and a full-time hunter who is serializing, but this time Teacher Fujian can persist for one month or two months. Who knows this question? "

Ishimoto Jun had a bitter smile at the corner of his mouth. There was no sarcasm in it, but a faint explanation of the fact, and Matsuzawa and Ki blushed when he heard this.

A small number of people in the conference room also shook their heads secretly. Matsuzawa and Kazuki were right. Now this situation can completely pull out Fuken Yoshihiro who is playing mahjong for serialization. After so many years of love, I believe the other party. Will also be willing to stand up.

But as Ishimoto Junichi said, even if Fu Jian Yi Hiroshi stood up, he could at most take up a pen and serialize it for about a month or two.

During this period of time, Shueisha's sales are indeed okay. It is very likely that the sales will be very good, but there are still seven full months left this year. Even if Fujian Yibo has been serialized for two months, two months later, There are five months left this year...

Yuanshui can’t save the near fire, and it’s impossible to force Fujian Yibo to serialize, because both parties have signed the contract. If the pressure is too much, Fujian Yibo, a master of comics, can not even now. Pay attention to the request of Shueisha.

"Up to now, I can only ask Teacher Fu Jian to come out to help."

There was a trace of sadness between Horiuchi Maru's eyebrows, and the tone of speech was rather helpless.

If possible, Horiuchi Marue didn't want to use this hole card, and the kind of favor is used once and once less, but this is also impossible.

If the weekly jump sales are reduced by 50%, I believe that various reports and news on TV will appear the next day.

Thinking of this, Horiuchi Marue felt a headache again, stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his temples, and after a while he was relieved, and continued to say to everyone: "We have another month to two months left. During the buffer period, we have to prepare for the worst and treat the remaining time as one month.

During this period, I hope that you can vigorously explore new talents with good potential. In addition, the master teacher will hand it over to the editor in chief Iida, and I will have to wait for the editor in chief Matsumoto to ask Mr. Fuken to come out for serialization. Please try to be rich. Teacher Jian can make the serialization longer."

"Okay, President."

Everyone shouted, and now only by using this solution can the immediate crisis be solved.

In the time of the full-time hunter serialization, you might be able to find a very good newcomer who can carry the great tripod. Although this possibility is very small, it is still necessary to try.

Editor-in-chief Matsumoto, Ayano Iida, and others know that Marue Horiuchi really puts hope on the god, as long as the story of Dragon Ball can return to the level of the first three chapters, then all the current problems will disappear.

In fact, there is another option, which is to ask Kubo to continue to draw comics of the same type as the god of death during this period. This method is the safest.

It is a pity that Kubo Tai has made it clear that he will no longer draw long-form comics of the passionate type of Reaper, and will only try to create short-form daily easy comics.

After knowing the will of Kubo Taito, even Horiuchi Marue, the president of Shueisha, chose to respect each other.

Kubo Taito has now become one of the Taishan Beidou characters in the comics industry, and the other party has supported the glory of Shueisha for more than ten years with the pen in his hand. It can be said that he has made a huge contribution to Shueisha.

In fact, when Shinobi was serialized to the later stage, Shueisha replaced Kubotai's contract with the same contract as Fuken Yoshihiro. This is also Shueisha's respect for Kubotai.

Horiuchi Marue glanced at everyone and said, "Well, do you have any questions you want to say? If not, this meeting will be dissolved."

The meeting room was quiet, Horiuchi Maru nodded at the sight, got up from the position and walked out slowly.


After the meeting, Shuji Matsumoto returned to his office immediately, picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number.

After a while, the phone was successfully dialed. Even if Shuji Matsumoto heard the sound of mahjong over the phone, his face became serious, and he asked sincerely to the other end of the phone: "Teacher Fuken, I On behalf of Shueisha, I want to ask you something important, please!"

Directly straight to the point, without a trace of muddy water, Shuji Matsumoto was already asking the other party in a low posture.

After a while, Shuji Matsumoto still did not hear the other party's reply, but the phone still showed the connected state, and at the same time, the other side of the phone did not hear any more sounds related to mahjong, and some were just the familiar sound of smoking.

He patiently waited for Fuken Yoshihiro's reply, even if the two sides were separated by phone and could not see each other's expressions, Matsumoto Shuji still had a serious expression on his face.

Chapter 252 The Wayward Wealth and Righteousness