In Neon, the name Fujian Yibo is basically known to anyone who loves the second-dimensional culture.

Because the famous phenomenon-level comic "Youyou Hakusho" was written by Fujian Yibo. Since "Youyou Hakusho", Fujian Yibo has established his position in the comics industry and is a veritable master of comics.

Although many comic friends refer to Fujian Yibo as the "rich and traitor old thief", everyone actually respects him as a master of comics, although now Fujian Yibo's drafts make people love and love him. hate.

However, I can see the birth of "Full-time Hunter" thanks to Fu Jian Yibo's love for the comics industry.

Otherwise, Fujian Yibo has no need to continue to draw comics, because the money he earned is enough to spend in this life, and his family is also very rich, but these still can't change the current comic friends who are dragging the manuscripts for Fujian. Hate it.

In any case, the talent of Fujian Yibo is indeed obvious to all. This is a wayward genius, as can be seen from the hasty end of "You You White Book" that was so popular that year.

"You Yu Hakusho" ended up not being unable to draw, but Fu Jian Yi Hiroshi felt that it would be boring to draw it, so he would end up this popular phenomenon-level comic capriciously.

You must know that it was the peak period of "You Yu Hakusho", and the plot also developed to the climax of the bloody climax of the united battle of the Demon World, and a contest that everyone was looking forward to was about to begin.

Fujian Yibo made a decision that no one had expected. He quickly eliminated all his important roles as he had never seen before. Even within two pages, he was able to fight at least two single-volume contests. Plot of the conference!

The editorial department of Shueisha was both hard and soft at the time, but Fujian Yoshihiro still insisted on his own ideas, and then immediately finished "Yu Yu Hakusho", a phenomenon-level comic at its peak.

As for the specific reasons, it was because Fu Jian Yibo’s ideas at the time were blocked, and he immediately clashed with the editor responsible for him. It can be said that the two sides were upset at the time, and no one was allowed to come. The end of "Youyou Hakusho".

What is willfulness?This is capricious!!

After Shuji Matsumoto waited quietly for three minutes, there was a slightly vicissitudes of voice on the other end of the phone, "Is it because of the influence of "Dragon Ball"?"

"Sure enough, I can't hide it from Teacher Fujian."

Hearing Fuken Yoshihiro's words, Editor-in-Chief Matsumoto gave a wry smile. The situation of Dragon Ball is definitely not hidden from this manga master, and he is not surprised.

Cartoonists basically collect a lot of materials to find inspiration, and among them, the weekly jump, which is serialized every Monday, has become an indispensable magazine for cartoonists.

Even if the weekly jump is not in line with the theme of their comics, you can still learn from it and learn from the side.

There are even many cartoonists who have collected the comic magazines that have been serialized by the weekly jump for many years, and there are many who have collected all of them.

If it is the old version of jump, it is not easy to start, but this latest issue of the weekly jump, it is easy to get one, basically you can buy it at any convenience store.

"I also watched the fourth and fifth chapters of Dragon Ball. Compared to the previous ones, they are indeed too mediocre. I guess the editorial department and even the president are worried about next week's sales.

The editor-in-chief Matsumoto called at this time, should it be for the serialization of "Full-time Hunter"?"

Fuken Yoshihiro spoke his own opinion without the slightest concealment. He had already guessed the ins and outs when he heard the first words Matsumoto Shuji said.

Reaper's ending storm and the sudden drop in quality of Dragon Ball, the storms brewed by both will begin next week, and he can guess that this happened, not to mention the other two opponents of Shueisha for many years.

The Shogakukan and Kodansha must have begun to sharpen their swords now. If Jiyingsha cannot find a way to save it by next week, I believe that the Shogakukan and Kodansha will never show mercy.

"Yes, we hope that Mr. Fujian, you can start serializing "Full-time Hunter" next week. It would be best if the serialization time can be set at two months."

Shuji Matsumoto was not at all surprised that Yoshihiro Tokiken knew about this, so he took the other party's words directly and sincerely, and asked sincerely.

Even if it was his calm temperament for many years, it was inevitable that he became a little uneasy at this time, because the decision of Fu Jian Yi Bo is always unpredictable.

After a long silence, Fuken Yoshihiro slowly said: "This can only solve the immediate problem and can only delay the overall situation. Editor-in-chief Matsumoto should also be aware of this."

"But now I can only use this method, isn't it? So we hope that Teacher Fujian can come out and serialize for two months, please!"

Shuji Matsumoto asked helplessly. If there is a more stable way, they will not come to Fuken Yoshihiro, because this is one of Shueisha's safe trump cards, which can only be used once a year. Kind.

In fact, even Shueisha is not sure whether the other party will stand up. It can only be said that the probability is very high, but Fujian Yibo still has a probability of almost 5% of being unwilling to stand up.

This point can be seen from the end of the previous "Youyou Hakusho", but this time the nature is different after all. They believe that Fujian Yibo will distinguish the overall situation from the past.

"It seems that the editor-in-chief Matsumoto intends to give this time to the master teacher during my serialization, hoping that "Dragon Ball" can restore the level of the first three articles, and look for works that may become phenomena and comics?"

Fu Jian Yi Bo is not stupid, on the contrary, he is very clever, otherwise he would not draw a popular classic.

He directly followed what Shuji Matsumoto said and combined his own intelligence to tell the other party's general intentions.

Shuji Matsumoto walked slowly to the next window, looked down at the scenery below, and quietly clenched his hands, and said with a little weary: "Well, it only takes two months. No matter what happens next, we will survive on our own. This year I won't bother Teacher Fujian."

After saying this, Shuji Matsumoto not only looked tired, but also extremely complicated in his heart. He suddenly felt that as an editor and also the editor-in-chief of Shueisha, he hadn't been so tired for a long time.

After a while, a deep voice continued on the other end of the phone, Fuken Yoshihiro slowly said: "One and a half months, this is the bottom line I can give. I believe Editor-in-Chief Matsumoto also knows the general situation. possible."

Chapter 253 Dragon Ball Crisis!

"Okay... Then I will work hard to enrich the teacher. The news that "Full-time Hunter" will continue to be serialized next week, we will also release it this week..."

The corner of Shuji Matsumoto's mouth twitched slightly, and he also knew that it was quite difficult for Fuken Yoshihiro to give him a month and a half.

It can be said that in the Shuyingsha, he is most helpless with the god of Fujian Yibo, or that the whole Shuyingsha has nothing to do with this god.

If you don't eat soft, you can't force it again, right?

This time, you must not let "Full-time Hunter" repeat the mistakes of "Yu Yu Hakusho", because the current Shueisha really cannot do without the support of "Full-time Hunter".

And if the other party is pressed into a hurry, causing Fujian Yibo to switch to the Junior School or Kodansha, then they really have nowhere to cry. Others will laugh at Jieisha's blindness and force one away. The Taishan Beidou of the comics industry.

"I am still very optimistic about "Dragon Ball", and the god master teacher really made me curious. In addition, before Sunday this week, I will hand over the manuscript to the editor-in-chief Matsumoto.

Anyway, I am considered a senior, so I should take care of the younger, so I'll hang up first."

As soon as he finished speaking, Tomiken Yoshihiro hung up, and Shuji Matsumoto had no opinion on this.

Submit the manuscript before Sunday. It can be seen that Fujian Yibo has really started to move, because it is already Tuesday, so there are four or five days left for Fujian Yibo. After all, we still need time to go. print.

However, the editor-in-chief Matsumoto did not worry too much. It may be difficult for other cartoonists to complete a manuscript within these hours, but it is not too difficult for a talented manga master like Yoshihiro Fuken. one thing.

As long as Fu Jian Yi Bo is serious, he can do it completely. After all, as one of the characters of Taishan Beidou in the comics industry, his name as a master of comics is not a mere mere appearance.

Of course, someone will ask, in that case, why the rich old thief still delays the manuscript for various reasons, among which the reason for playing mahjong accounts for a large part...

After getting the affirmative answer from Fuken Yoshihiro, Matsumoto's mood stabilized. It seems that the small and poor 2% probability did not happen in the end. This news will also be officially notified to others.

Because Shueisha has only one and a half months left to maintain the status quo. If there is still no improvement during this period, then it is destined to move away from the leading position.

No one knows the future, but Shuji Matsumoto must at least give other people a reassurance now to stimulate their enthusiasm and motivation, and will never let negative emotions appear in the current Shueisha, because he is still here. Editor-in-chief!


As for the protagonist Wang Hao who caused this incident, he was sitting on the computer chair in his bedroom, manipulating the mouse to flick the web page to browse information.

The phone he placed on the computer desk suddenly vibrated slightly, which made Wang Hao stop his hand, and his eyes shifted away from the computer screen. Iida Ayano sent him a message.

He picked up the phone with one hand and clicked on the message. Wang Hao read it carefully and frowned slightly as he watched the content on it.

The message Iida Ayano sent to him was very simple. He just told Wang Hao that Dragon Ball had detailed data this week and successfully achieved the second overall result. Other things were not explained.