It seems that it is just a very ordinary explanation, which makes people unable to find the slightest fault, but this is also the biggest problem.

But Wang Hao was not stupid. Although Iida Ayano's message was very detailed, he didn't mention anything other than that. He wasn't the Xiaobai who didn't know anything.

Some simple things about Shueisha are also clear. For example, today is the day when the editorial department of Shueisha is meeting.

Therefore, Wang Hao is very clear that Iida Ayano is now probably under the pressure of the entire editorial department alone, and this also gives him a touch of warmth in his heart.

He knew that Aya Iida was his first editor in the world, and he would also be the last editor.

Behind a successful cartoonist, there is definitely an editor who is willing to silently support him, because for a cartoonist, editing is to a large extent influencing the future of which comics, so meeting a good editor is true It's not easy.

Wang Hao feels very lucky to meet an editor like Iida Ayano who is willing to trust him. If not, it would be extremely difficult for him to create.

Just like Fujian Yibo's original "Youyou Hakushu", because Fujian's ideas and the responsible editor had a fierce conflict.

Finally, the editorial department put aside the ruthless words, do you still want to paint?After that, Fu Jian's answer was also very firm, I quit!

Thinking of this, Wang Hao immediately edited a text message and returned it.

Thank you.

Only two short words and one symbol summarized Wang Hao's mood at this time.

After a while, Iida Ayano immediately responded, and the message was successfully sent to Wang Hao's mobile phone.

[They are already grasshoppers on a rope. It is better to work hard for my old lady than to say thank you.

Seeing this message, Wang Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head. Ayano Iida looks like a different person from when I first met, but the distance between the two sides is also completely silent. disappear.

Roger that.

After sending this message, he also plans to start collecting information to see how much influence "Dragon Ball" will have this week, because now a small crack has just been broken.

Now let’s take a look at the reactions on the Internet, and then go to the market to observe, because he does not want Ayano Iida to be under tremendous pressure alone, and he can’t keep the development of "Dragon Ball" out of track, so every point in time is very important.

Wang Hao skillfully logged into the ACG forum, and he didn't need to search it deliberately this time, because "Dragon Ball" appeared in a state of almost slaughter here again.

Unlike the compliments he saw last time, almost all of them were negative reviews.

For example, [God's opening and ending, Dragon Ball begins to be routine! The original dragon ball, judge whether it is good or bad at a glance Is the first three chapters of the dragon ball drawn by someone?] Wait a series of posts full of negative criticism such as suspicion and dissatisfaction.

Just looking at these titles, although Wang Hao had already speculated in his mind, he still couldn't help but feel tightness in his chest. The hand holding the mouse also trembled slightly. After a while, it stabilized, and it seemed to give people a sense of relief. Kind of just a chilly illusion.

Sliding the mouse casually and glanced slightly, he clicked on the most discussed "Dragon Ball" related post.

Chapter 254 Crazy fan drop!

The name of this post is [God's opening and ending, Dragon Ball begins to be routine!], the current popularity is the highest.

Wang Hao sighed deeply, his heart gradually calmed down, and finally returned to his former indifferent state of mind. He wanted to adjust his emotions before reading the content of the post.

In fact, Wang Hao knows that the comments below are almost all bad reviews, but he still chooses to read. If he finds something that can be improved in the middle, he will try his best to improve it without making major changes. It is also one of the main reasons.

Maybe others will find it ridiculous, and come here to accept criticism for a flaw, but Wang Hao feels that there is nothing wrong with it, because if there is a real mistake, it must be corrected, and obsessiveness is truly hopeless!

The eyes of the masses are discerning. He already has a certain number in his mind for the next development of Dragon Ball. Naturally, it is impossible to change it, but if someone finds a small loophole, Wang Hao will naturally correct it.

In addition, it can be seen from the comments that the attitude of the majority of friends towards "Dragon Ball" is crucial to the next changes. They can also take this opportunity to grasp the trend of the trend and relieve Iida Ayano a little pressure.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao's heart relaxed completely and began to read the following comments carefully.

[I feel that what the host said is very reasonable. The first three words of Dragon Ball have to admit that they are amazing, as if they opened the door to a new world in front of me.

On Monday this week, I came to the nearby convenience store with chicken jelly. I couldn’t wait to buy a weekly magazine jump home because I wanted to watch the next story of Dragon Ball, but unfortunately it turned out to disappoint me. Up...]

[I think the god master teacher is the only one who has exhausted his talents in comics, right?

[As the saying goes, there is a specialization in the art industry, "Five Centimeters Per Second" is indeed a classic work, which also proves that the god master teacher is talented in light novels, and it is true to use the idiom Jiang Lang to do the best in comics. can.

[The beginning of "Dragon Ball" gave everyone a pleasant surprise. Now the fourth and fifth chapters of the series of "Dragon Ball" are in stark contrast with the previous ones. I think the master of God should not find inspiration?

[I don’t understand, the divine lord is really too young. If I remember correctly, he is only sixteen years old this year. Why didn’t he focus on learning but to do these things, and even if he did these things, he had to draw manga and draw manga separately. Writing light novels, anyway, I can’t understand...]

[Sure enough, what I said last time is correct. The Dragon Ball comic is just a little better at the beginning. I didn’t expect that at the beginning, there were so many people who compared this comic with Reaper and full-time. In the end, it’s not the original. .

In my opinion, the God Lord is just a little better luck. At the beginning, the inspiration broke out to draw such an excellent opening, but it is a pity that drawing comics depends on his true strength!


Wang Hao patiently read the various comments above, for about half an hour, but his expression remained unchanged, very calm.

He just flipped the comments quietly. Some people said that he was out of inspiration, some people said that he was exhausted, and there were all kinds of cynical and innuendo posts.

Without exception, all the comments were bad, although other emotional fluctuations could not be seen from Wang Hao's face, and it was also unknown whether it was due to eye fatigue or other reasons.


In short, he temporarily stopped sliding the mouse, closed his eyes slightly, leaned back lazily on the chair, took a deep breath, and gently rubbed his temples.

It seemed that it just gave people a feeling of pure exhaustion, and only Wang Hao knew what was thinking in his heart.

Three minutes later, he opened his eyes again, and turned his gaze to the screen again, intending to continue browsing for a while.

[To be honest, when I saw Dragon Ball Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, there was a deep disappointment in my heart. Maybe this is the saying that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, right?

First of all, the efforts of the master teacher are worthy of our affirmation. Whether it is the serial three words last week and the two serial words this week, they have given us great surprises in the update, so I choose to believe in the master teacher.

[Upstairs +1, I guess the Lord of God may continue to keep the two words updated next week, although it sounds incredible, but I have this intuition.

In addition, I think the fourth and fifth chapters of "Dragon Ball", although it now gives people a very mediocre feeling, maybe the sixth chapter of "Dragon Ball", including the following content, is restored to the level of the first three chapters. Up?I believe that the god master teacher will bring us surprises!

Seeing these two comments, Wang Hao smiled slightly, the update mode he chose still played a role, at least so many days of hard work were not wasted.

I continued to look at other posts, but found no loopholes or flaws in the work.

As for some negative posts, Wang Hao did not reply, nor did he reply to positive posts.

It is now in a critical period, and the storm about Dragon Ball has just begun. Wang Hao, who is located in the center of the storm, wants to slowly change everything through his own efforts.

To rekindle the enthusiasm that exists in the hearts of many cartoonists, to break this stagnant comic world pattern, this is the original purpose of Wang Hao choosing to paint "Dragon Ball"!

If not, he can now create Hokage or Pirates, etc..., these are also phenomenal comics that surprised others at the beginning. It is estimated that there will be no criticism at this time, but basically a lot of praise.

This may be because of the influence of the whole body or Wang Hao's own ideals, but no matter what it is, he has chosen to complete and stepped out, so there can be no hesitation and turning back.

Closed the ACG forum, and Wang Hao reopened his twitter login this time. He will not give up on such an excellent period now. All the reactions that appeared in the second issue of the Dragon Ball series have already been judged in his mind, so now We must seize the opportunity.

Now the number of fans following him on Twitter has nearly exceeded the 900,000 mark. Looking at the number of fans he never dared to imagine before, Wang Hao lightly laughed at himself.