Seeing the appearance of Ueto Haraki, Wang Hao immediately noticed that he had missed his words. He is now playing a new role.

But the surface still made a very ordinary expression, as if telling a very ordinary thing.

"It turns out that these two novels are indeed very popular now. The Moban and Miaowu works are very good. They have their own advantages. However, I am more interested in the novel by Moban because of the setting and The world view is so attractive!"

Ueto Haraki didn't doubt the authenticity of Wang Hao's words, because he also came into contact with other works of the god master teacher through the comic "Dragon Ball".

At Second Five, although he seemed to feel a faint sorrow, he did not feel as deeply as other people. It might also be related to his own life experience.

However, the magnificent worldview and novel settings of Moban completely captured him. Now the first thing Ueto Haraki does every day is to log in to station b to see if Moban has been updated today?

Fortunately, the update of the god master teacher is also stable, although the content that Moban updates every day is not enough to read, and the serialization progress is a bit slow, but this does not hinder people's enthusiasm for it.

The smile on Wang Hao's face was very bright, and he continued to chat with Ueto Haraki for a while, then picked up the latest weekly magazine jump in his hand and walked slowly to the counter to check out.

What he has to do today is not just to investigate the feelings of Ueto Haraki alone. In order to make the information more accurate, Wang Hao decided to ask other people.

Of course, the identity will also change according to the identity of the interviewer. Maybe he will become a relevant market investigator, a heavy otaku, etc. later.

Chapter 263 Anomalies in the Comics World

With the end of the Reaper, and the current state of Dragon Ball being able to be cut at any time, Xiaoxiaoguan and Kodansha both became happy to see this situation.

Just this afternoon, Shueisha suddenly contacted various media and released a message on its official website that the long-delayed Fujian Yibo will continue to serialize "Full-time Hunter" next week. The specific time will be returned this time. I didn't say it, but it seems to be nearly two months long!

Xiaoxueguan’s attitude towards Shueisha has always been complicated. When it split from Shueisha, Xiaoxueguan also suppressed it for a while. Unfortunately, Shueisha became more and more courageous at that time. Instead, it finally secured its position as the leader in the comics industry. There is competition between them.

But most of it is healthy competition. After all, Shueisha has now developed into one of the three majors of the neon comics publishing house. Xiaoshukan and Shueisha are also from the same source. If you really fight against each other, then the headquarters will definitely not sit idly by. .

Kodansha does not have so many scruples. If between Xiaodansha and Kodansha, who is most willing to see the decline of Shueisha, then there is no doubt that it is Kodansha!

Because the Lecture Club has "Weekly Shonen Magazine", a young manga magazine, which is also the second-largest comic magazine in Neon circulation, second only to "Weekly Shonen JUMP".

"Weekly Shonen Magazine" has been suppressed by "Weekly Shonen JUMP" for so long, and now I finally see some hope. If we go one step further, "Weekly Shonen Magazine" will be the first place. I believe this time will not be much longer.

The cadre-level personnel of Kodansha are very aware of the current situation of their old rival, Shueisha. There is a saying that is very good. The people who know you best are often your enemies.

Now Kodansha has "Fairy Tail" and Shogakukan has "Inuyasha". Originally, Shueisha is serializing the phenomenon comic "Reaper", and the two of them can't breathe, but last month we finally got good news. , That is "Reaper" cut in half.

All the members of Kodansha who had learned the news were very excited, but unfortunately who knew that "Dragon Ball" had been released halfway, this could not help but complicate their mood, and they all lamented Shueisha's luck.

But the good times are not long after all. After all, the author of "Dragon Ball" Shenzhu Teacher is a newcomer who is only 16 years old. Problems appeared in the second week of the serialization of this huge potential comic. How can Kodansha not see this situation? happy?

Although Shueisha has now cast another trump card, "Full-time Hunter" is no worse than "Reaper", but Fujian Yoshihiro's character is almost well known. Shueisha now releases news that full-time will be serialized for nearly two months, but everyone I know in my heart that this year's "Full-time Hunter" serialization time will definitely not be two months, it should be more than one month as the limit.

You don’t need to make any speculations about the reason, because according to the situation that Fujian Yibo has updated in the past ten years, unless there is a miracle, or Fujian Yibo loses mahjong, you want "Full-time Hunter" to be like other Comics are serialized normally, which may be something that exists in a dream.

Therefore, Kodansha only needs to spend more than a month, and when the "Full-time Hunter" storm passes, the sales of "Weekly Shonen JUMP" will inevitably decline, and then "Weekly Shonen Magazine" will be able to take the lead.

Since this Monday, Kodansha has increased its recruitment of newcomers, and the Xiaoxiaokan has also increased its efforts.

In fact, both of them discovered that Shueisha was also expanding the recruitment of new recruits, so they made such a move. They didn't want any disturbances to come out.

Although the appearance of "Dragon Ball" now seems to be shocking, it really scared Kodansha at the beginning, and I have to lament that Shueisha's luck is unimaginable.

If during this period of time, Shueisha really discovered a work with the potential to become a phenomenon-level comic, then it would be too late for them to regret it.

So now the three males of the comics industry, Kiyosha, Kodansha, and Shogakukan are all recruiting newcomers on a large scale. No one wants to let them. The various welfare resources for cultivating newcomers are very exaggerated.

Of course, the premise is that the work must be recognized, and the newcomer who can be selected, the work itself will definitely be very interesting, I believe this will definitely be true.

Because the publishing house known as the three heroes of the comics industry has never lacked high-quality works, they just want to find better works from outstanding works, and even find a work with the potential of phenomenal comics!!

It can be said that in the recent period of time, the editors of the three publishing houses of Shogakukan, Shueisha, and Kodansha have begun to run around. Even the editor-in-chief has personally come forward to find talented cartoonists, and other comics publishing houses have followed suit.

A lot of interesting works have been discovered, but those works can’t hide the evil eyes of the three editors. Even the editor-in-chief of the three editors can judge the end directly from the beginning, and in the process it will definitely be unavoidable. Many routine plots!

"A thousand troops are easy to get, but a general is hard to find." This sentence is the most appropriate to summarize the current situation of Shueisha.

However, Wang Hao, who caused all this fierce turmoil, still didn't know about it. If he had known it, he would definitely laugh three times. He didn't expect to achieve one of his goals in this way.

But even if he knows all this, he will only laugh a few happily, because the fundamental problem of routine has not been solved at all. Most cartoonists have already lacked enthusiasm in their hearts, and what he really wants to break is this situation. .


After finally interviewing the last 22-year-old office worker, Wang Hao is no longer playing the role of a market investigator. Today I interviewed ten people in total. He thinks that if Dragon Ball is really cut in half next, maybe he can try it. To be a reporter?

Wang Hao thought to himself, with a slight tick at the corner of his mouth. After this market survey, he understood a little bit more about people's perception of Dragon Ball and the comics industry. Although he didn't dare to say that he had a thorough understanding, he definitely understood. Eighty-nine out of ten.

After some investigations on Dragon Ball, he was already carrying two bags full of books, including works such as light novels and comics.

Most light novels are some of the better works in the world, and they are all good choices for reference.

He raised his head and glanced at the faintly yellowed sky. Many pedestrians were walking slowly on the brightly lit streets, and the scene was very lively.

Wang Hao speeded up a bit and moved towards the parking space of the Maybach. It was getting late. It was also time for him to go back to catch up with the production progress of "The Demon of the East", and the manuscript of "Dragon Ball" could not be left...

Chapter 264 He and Her

At eleven o'clock in the evening, several hours have passed since Wang Hao returned to Qiushui Mountain Villa. To be precise, he has been working since dinner.

Looking at the data displayed on the computer and the messy bedroom, Wang Hao suddenly felt that his recent life seems to be getting boring. Although part of the reason is because of his current work, he thinks his current life is a bit depressing.

Don't get me wrong, Wang Hao put his right hand on his forehead tiredly. He doesn't feel that he is suffering from depression or other diseases, but that he has gradually got rid of his status as a student in his daily life.

It’s not that Wang Hao boasted. With his current state, he can easily enter the University of Tokyo, and even enter some world-renowned universities, because his predecessor’s knowledge reserves are too rich, and he has gradually digested this information recently, so Bored of going to school.

Moreover, some things have come one after another recently. If he hadn't made a plan in advance, he wouldn't know what to do next.

But despite the arrangements in advance, Wang Hao is sometimes too busy to score east and west.

"If you don't go, no one will care, right?"

Thinking of these days, he had already talked to the principal of Shengqi Academy about going to school. Obviously, he could not go to school at will and no one would care about it, but Wang Hao would always try his best to go to school. This not only made him secretly Self-deprecating.

A figure flashed in his mind, perhaps the reason may be related to this.

"Well, I probably thought too much..."

After a daze for three seconds, Wang Hao shook his head resolutely. I don’t know why. Just now, what appeared in his mind was the charming smile of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu. The curvature of the corner of his mouth was elusive. The words came out without mercy.

He didn't know why this happened. Maybe it was because he was too tired from work these days?

Wang Hao frowned and thought of this reason secretly. He hesitated for a moment before he stopped struggling. Sometimes thinking too much is not good.

In the future, there is no need to abide by the rules. Qingshan Qihai will also bring Zhenbai to school in the morning, so he does not need to pick up and drop off. He can be free to go to school afterwards, at least not having to go to school as usual every day, because the more things he has to do recently More and more.

Thinking of this, he sighed heavily, started working again, and went to sleep in a while. This was destined to be a sleepless night.