After saying this, Wang Hao vaguely felt a little hot on his face, but Megumi Kato, who was the person involved, only smiled slightly, his cheeks were slightly red, and it seemed that there was no other abnormality, which made Wang Hao gradually relieved. .

Facing the saint-like Kato Megumi, Wang Hao originally thought that the other party was just a literary girl with a weak sense of existence, but Kato Megumi’s every move was like a real saint, so Wang Hao was also a little confused about Kato Megumi. .

In any case, Wang Hao has always reported a slight affection for Kato Ke, who is gentle and considerate. It seems that Kato Ke has been helping him since getting to know the other person. Wang Hao now feels that it is difficult to even repay his kindness.

"By the way, Kato, I have something to ask, can you please?"

When thinking of repaying kindness, Wang Hao thought of the last time he went out shopping with Kato Hui. At that time, both parties seemed to have made an agreement, so he was puzzled now.

"Yes, is there any problem with Haojun? If it's studying, then I won't be able to help."

Kato Megumi smiled softly, and the breeze blew a few strands of hair on her forehead, and a few petals of cherry blossoms fluttered and danced. The charm that bloomed for a while made Wang Hao look sideways, and was deeply surprised by this picturesque scene.

Because of this, his mood became more and more complicated, and he was silent for a moment in front of the kind and gentle saint Hui.

Chapter 269 Indirect kissing?!

"Um... I'll take the liberty to ask, Xiaohui, are you also living in Setagaya or nearby..."

Wang Hao thought for a while, and always felt that calling Kato Megumi with a single'Megumi' made him feel that something was a little wrong, so he subconsciously brought a small character in front.

The reason for asking this question depends on the answer given by Megumi Kato, which is also related to his next words.

So as soon as the words came out, he quietly waited for the reply from the other party.

Hearing Wang Hao’s question, Kato Megumi was a little startled, but after being surprised, he nodded and said, "Well, there is a long detective slope there. Does Hao-kun live nearby?"

"Yes, I live in the Qiushui Villa above the detective slope. How do I feel a bit like a destiny?"

Wang Hao smiled bitterly. As expected, this answer was in line with the dog-blood arrangement of the God of Destiny, and once again made him a little lamented that neon is so small, but the total area of ​​Tokyo is only that large, but this contingency may really only be used. Explain the arrangement of fate.

Because after a certain degree of excessive coincidence, one can only believe in the invisible destiny.

He slightly lowered his head and rubbed his eyebrows, then raised his head in less than three seconds, and took a deep breath in the process, "Actually, what I want to ask is, that... I remember that you formally invited Xiaohui last time. , Of course it doesn’t matter if you refuse, but can you give me an answer?"

Wang Hao hurriedly said the question in his heart. This question has been perplexing him for a long time.

When he and Ke Kato were out shopping last time, Wang Hao sent each other an invitation to join his club.

Because for Wang Hao, Kato Megumi’s current sense of existence and the other side he sees are fundamentally at two extremes, so he has always wanted to develop Kato Megumi into the sparkling heroine of the game from that time. It didn't take long for the club to be formed, and the participation of the other party can also form a strong fighting force.

Whether from public or private, Wang Hao hopes that Kato Megumi can join the Hyundai Dimensional Research Institute, but the other party only gave an ambiguous answer at the time, and Kato Megumi has not mentioned this matter again these days.

However, there was no good time to ask before, so taking advantage of today's opportunity, Wang Hao finally couldn't help but ask.

If Megumi Kato had stated that he did not live near Setagaya Ward, Wang Hao would not bring up this issue again, because the club room of the Hyundai Dimensional Research Institute is in Setagaya Ward.

If Kato Megumi's home is far away from Qiushui Villa, there is no need to mention it, after all, this will cause unnecessary trouble to the other party every day.

Although the result was unexpected, it was also expected. He had already begun to think about how to cultivate a passerby heroine in his heart.

"Yeah, if joining Haojun's club can help, I have no problem here."

Megumi Kato responded faintly to Wang Hao’s invitation. At the end, she was a little bit puzzled and said, “But I can’t find Haojun in the afternoon, so I don’t know where the club room is. After searching for a long time, I haven't found..."

"Um... this is my mistake, I'm really sorry!"

Hearing this, a few drops of cold sweat fell on Wang Hao's forehead, and he immediately bowed to the other party to apologize.

In these days, Wang Hao is indeed often not at school in the afternoon, and even if he is there occasionally, he will leave in a hurry, so of course Kato Megumi can't find her whereabouts, and the club room of the Modern Dimensional Research Institute is not in the sanctuary Qi Academy.

"I'm really sorry!" Thinking of this, he blushed embarrassedly, scratched his head slightly embarrassed, and watched Kato Kee continue to explain, "The full name of my society is'Modern Dimensional Research Society'. The club activity room is not in the Sanozaki Academy. The detailed address is on the second floor of the Qiushui Villa in Setagaya District, on the long detective slope. I will take you there this afternoon."

"Well, then I will trouble Haojun."

Kato Megumi smiled slightly, the gentle sunlight fell on her pretty face, Kato Megumi picked up the chopsticks, gently picked up a small pink octopus-like sausage in the pink bento box and sent it to Wang Hao. This is thanks to Haojun’s reward, the sausage I made by myself, although a little trivial, ah~"

"Um...this is a bit..."

Wang Hao said hesitantly, feeling a little burning on his face. If there was a mirror in front of him at this time, he would definitely see a red face.

As Kato Kei said, this small pink octopus-shaped sausage is indeed not a valuable thing, but if he now opens his mouth and eats the food from the other party, then the significance is a bit extraordinary.

If you want to say why, because these chopsticks have been used by Megumi Kato!If you open your mouth and be fed by the opponent, it will cause indirect kissing!!!

Although indirect kissing is not a real kiss, it still made Wang Hao hesitant. Wang Hao wanted to remind Kato Megumi about indirect kissing, but he couldn't speak.


He swallowed hard in his throat, opened his mouth and closed his eyes slightly, his heartbeat speeded up a bit, and Kato Kee also delivered the small sausage to Wang Hao's mouth.

"I made this by myself in the morning. How does it taste?"

After tasting it in the future, there was a crisp voice in my ear.

"Very! Very delicious!!"

Wang Hao subconsciously replied to his true thoughts, but then suddenly opened his eyes, swallowing like a jujube, said with some guilty conscience, his eyes dodged and did not dare to look directly at the other party.

"It's just an ordinary small sausage. Haojun can like it."

Kato Megumi smiled modestly, picked up the chopsticks and began to slowly taste the lunch. Wang Hao couldn't help feeling agitated when he saw this scene.

In Wang Hao's heart, two villains appeared at this time, one was a demon with two horns on his head, and the other was an angel with a pair of pure white wings.

The angel version of Xiao Wanghao put his hands together, and said ashamed: "No! No! No! What are you thinking about? Akaki Kato is such a kind and innocent girl, if he wants to have delusions in his mind, it will be true. Has he become the abnormal monarch in Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's mouth?"

As soon as the words were spoken, another demon version of Xiao Wang Hao smiled disdainfully, "Really a hypocritical angel, I am very happy to say that in my heart, and this is not a real kiss, just an indirect kiss. That's it, why do you need to be so guilty? And what's wrong with a man who is a bit perverted?!"

Ever since, after a quarrel, the angel and the devil started a fierce battle...

Chapter 270 The Crisis of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu

The lunch break was neither long nor short, and it passed slowly.

It wasn't until the second class in the afternoon that Wang Hao finally calmed down from a trance state, and the little devil and little angel who quarreled deep in his heart had long since disappeared.

Neither the angel nor the devil won the final victory, but ended up fighting both.

Although his mood is not as intense as it was at the beginning, Wang Hao is still a little absent at this time, and even the very interesting "Fantasy Demon Sword" in his hand feels a bit boring.

He glanced at Kato Kei curiously, while the other party was taking notes seriously in class. This made Wang Hao who was reading light novels a little ashamed. Fortunately, there was another accomplice Shiyu Kasumigaoka next to him.

An Yilun was also sleeping on her stomach because of lack of sleep, and Wang Hao knew that the other party had definitely been playing galgame all night.

Most of the students in the classroom are listening attentively, and the reason is very simple, that is, Sakamoto-kun sitting in front of Wang Hao was asked by the teacher to explain a topic.

Wang Hao's knowledge of Sakamoto-kun sitting in the front row over the past few days has finally realized that the word pretending to be for Sakamoto is as simple as eating and drinking water.