"Are you sure you didn't look at the flowers?"

"At least I don't need to wear a pair of black-rimmed flat glasses to pretend to be a ghost like someone all day. I don't have the evil taste of pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger."


This Nima, can you still have a good and pleasant conversation?Why is it going around or not getting around the other party?Is this a chasm that cannot be crossed if the level gap is too large?

The black line on Wang Hao's forehead bounced back and forth, inexplicably thinking of the thick black book Xiazhiqiu Shiyu had read last time. He was wondering if he also wanted to buy one and come back to study hard.

Megumi Kato, who was left hanging by the side, suddenly said with a sigh, "It turns out that Hao-kun and Shiba-chan have such a good relationship, and I can't see it at all."

"Who has a good relationship with this guy?!" ×2

The voices of Wang Hao and Xiazhiqiu Shiyu rang at the same time, and the two looked at each other again, and each snorted coldly.

After being poisoned by Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu for so long, Wang Hao felt that he must be incompatible with the other party, and he did not have any special attributes such as shaking m. If he was poisoned all day long, his relationship with the other party would get better, he thought I definitely have something wrong with it!

In summary, it is absolutely impossible for me and my female high school student with a black tongue and belly to have a harmonious relationship at the same table, unless something huge accident happened that led to a coincidence or a miracle close to legend.

In fact, there is another possibility, unless Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's character suddenly becomes a little bird and a person, but the probability of this kind of thing to happen may be less than a miracle...

"Let me introduce you to Xiaohui about our society. The full name is'Modern Dimensional Research Society', which is abbreviated as'Xianyan Society'. What do you think of this abbreviation?"

Wang Hao intends not to pay attention to Xiazhiqiu Shiyu’s complaints. He thought carefully about the name of the'Modern Dimensional Research Society'. It is indeed a bit long, so it is better to simply call it'Xianyanshe'. It will be easier to talk about, otherwise every time Saying the name is a bit troublesome.

It's like the TV of Journey to the West that Wang Hao watched when he was a child. Every time the Great Sage appeared on the stage, he would always call out a bunch of long names. Although it sounds very compelling, it is a little troublesome to repeat it every time. ...

"The current research club? I feel that this is better than the full name of the society, although I think the name I chose earlier sounds better."

Yu Shengyuan Xing embraced her chest with her hands around her chest and curled her lips in dissatisfaction. She always complained about Wang Hao's rejection of obtaining a name for the society last time.

However, in Wang Hao's view, the name of the society does not have to be a lot of trouble, but it also appears to be very important, because it will represent the name of the society in the industry in the future!

Chapter 273 Making a Fortune

If the name is changed to Hyundai Communication and Video Game Club according to what Anri Yushinin said, the first impression it will give others is a society addicted to online games...

Modern Dimensional Research Society, referred to as Current Research Society.

Although the name is not very good, it is at least a bit more normal than the names of "Modern Communication Video Game Club" and "Far East Magic Dimension Association".

Therefore, Wang Hao chose not to hear Yushengin's complaints about the'Xianyanshe', and continued to introduce to Kato Kei with a smile on his face:

"Our community is a fan club that makes games. The main purpose now is to make an excellent galgame.

Although I am planning to make a galgame, you can rest assured, Kato, that everyone is just getting in touch with this aspect. For the time being in the club, you should learn from Xiao Xing and others. If you don't understand, you can tell me and I will help."

Having said that, Wang Hao suddenly stopped and walked to a desk in the club room.

This position is the position he has already set up in the club room a few days ago. Wang Hao usually sits here and works as long as there is nothing more anxious.

It is precisely because of this that this group of problem children has a little restrained, although there are still big problems.

When he arrived at his office seat, Wang Hao took out a document from the drawer, then opened an empty chair with his hand, looked at Megumi Kato and smiled, "The name of the game our club is going to make is called "CLANNAD". Not long after the production started, this document is the game plan for "CLANNAD".

Xiaohui, you should study with Xiaoqian and others. If you don’t understand, you can ask me and everyone in the club. From now on, this position will be your exclusive seat for Xiaohui."

"Thank you."

Kato Megumi nodded, and walked slowly to the seat that Wang Hao pointed to. He picked up the game plan on the table with some doubts, and did not rush to read it, but hesitated and asked: "That... …I want to take the liberty to ask, what kind of galgame is "CLANNAD"?"

"If you insist, you can think of it as a love adventure game. This galgame is for all ages."

When Wang Hao saw Kato Megumi's hesitant look, he immediately understood what the other party was worried about, so he responded to her doubts with a generous smile.

If you want to make butter, then this club itself has a big problem, because now except for him and An Yilun, all the others are girls!

And through the mutual understanding these days, everyone in the club knows that An Yilun is also a veritable serious death house, of that kind of hopeless type.

To put it simply, the three-dimensional girl has no attraction in An Yilun's eyes. This person is completely obsessed with the two-dimensional and can't help himself.

Just look at it briefly and you can understand that An Yilun has also put up all kinds of stickers in his office, and An Yilun also calls himself a "wife" figure and so on.

But now the person who is most motivated to make games is also An Yilun, and Wang Hao may have fooled him by what he said before.

As for the other boy, it is him. Wang Hao thinks he is not the kind of heavy death house like An Yilun, but now he feels that he is acting more like a dad in the club.

If he tells other girls that we will make butter together, forget it... he doesn't want to be regarded as a'perverted king' by other members.

"Yeah, I got it."

Megumi Kato replied faintly, sitting in a chair, picking up the "CLANNAD" plan, and reading it quietly.

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao smiled slightly, and finally another serious member came to the society.

At this moment, the phone in Wang Hao's pocket shook slightly. He picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID. It was a very strange number. After thinking about it for a while, he knew the owner of the number, and today is Friday. .

"When I have something to go out, and there are snacks and cakes in the refrigerator, then I will go out to answer the phone."

Wang Hao pointed to the shaking cell phone, said to everyone, and walked straight out of the club room, closing the door with his backhand.

I tapped the connection button lightly with my finger, and moved slowly towards the underground parking garage. Soon there was a familiar voice from the other end of the phone, "Moses Moses? I'm Sudosaki. Is the Lord God teacher free now?"

"I am the Lord of God, now I am going to Dengeki Bunku."

Listening to Sufujizaki's voice, Wang Hao responded with a light smile, he did not forget that today is Friday, and it is time for the publication of Second Five.

"The contract is ready, then I will wait in the editorial department for the arrival of the god master teacher!"

Hearing what he said, Sudosaki did not express any impatience. His sincere tone made people feel flattered. However, Wang Hao just narrowed his eyes and said softly, "Editor Sudo, please wait for a while, I Just hang up."

After speaking, Wang Hao hung up the phone, opened the door of the Maybach, and set off toward Dengeki Library.


Although sitting in it very stable, the speed of this black Maybach is still very fast, so it is also doomed to consume a lot of gasoline. Wang Hao went to the gas station halfway, and then continued to move towards Dengeki Library.

When the vehicle left the highway and entered the city, he slowly slowed down.

After some turns and corners, I finally reached the destination of this trip.

Before getting out of the car, Wang Hao looked at himself in the rearview mirror, and took off the black-framed flat glasses he was wearing. The temperament of his whole person suddenly changed unbelievably.

Compared to the person who wore black-rimmed glasses and made people feel very calm and dull, now he is as graceful as a different person, the whole person appears sharp, a strong and confident aura actively spreads out .

It seems that the pair of black-framed glasses just now is like a magic item that can restrain the charm of others.

Quiet like a virgin, moving like a dragon.