Looking at himself in the mirror, Wang Hao smiled at the corner of his mouth. He never concealed his edge when discussing business matters, and he would not be stingy with the weapons in the face and secretly.

He hasn't forgotten his current identity. Although he has already negotiated with Dengeki Library for the publication of Second Five, he must never reveal anything else.

Wang Hao knew that the reason why Dianshock Library gave an amazing share price of 11% was because he wanted to win him into Dianshock Library. He knew this well, and he didn't break it either.

Can make a fortune in silence, so why not do it?

Thinking of this, Wang Hao opened the door, walked slowly into the majestic building in front of him, pressed the button on the 14th floor, and waited quietly for the elevator.

Chapter 274 Different Chief Editor

Wang Hao walked alone in the editorial department of Dengeki Library. You can see that the employees here are working very hard. Many people also looked at him curiously and continued to devote themselves to work.

Normally, the editorial department of Dengeki Library prohibits unrelated people from entering, but Wang Hao has already made an appointment with Sutosaki today, so he can walk in with a flop.

Other editors may not know who he is, but if he can enter the editorial office so openly, it is impossible to be an illegally invaded reporter or business spy. It should be an appointment with an editor in advance, so naturally don’t worry. .

There is a high possibility that the newcomer who passed the submission may have come to talk to an editor about the serialization of the work. This kind of thing can be said to be very common in the editorial department of Dengeki Bunko. Such recognized newcomers will appear every three times.

Seeing this, he couldn't help sighing. Sure enough, the working atmosphere is one of the most important lifebloods of an excellent company, and because it is an excellent company, almost all the elites who can enter this type of company, I believe there is no corporate boss Keep idlers.

And Dengeki Bunku is currently the leader of the three most popular light novels, and the editors who can occupy a place here are undoubtedly excellent, at least compared to their peers.

But for this, Wang Hao didn't worry too much, because he believed very much in the outstanding talents of Yukoshita Yono, the parents and daughter of Kanagawa Yukoshita.

If not, when he was a child, Wang Hao would not be often molested by the other party, and he was almost fooled into wearing a women's dress. He was a little scared thinking about it now.

Moreover, there are a few elites like Machida Sonko in the Undeagawa Library, as well as many editors with sharp vision and deep experience, and many energetic young people.

At present, it is only the environment that limits their structure and vision. Although they cannot be overly proud, sometimes being too modest is just hypocritical. Therefore, Wang Hao believes that with the gradual development of Undead Chuan Library, these employees under him will also change.

If there is no change, then it can only be eliminated, because this society has always emphasized on the weak.

Of course, if it is the kind of person who is virtuous but not talented and has made contributions to the company, Wang Hao will still choose to keep this kind of person and leave it to the upper management of the company to arrange it.

There is no good for no reason, and no hate for no reason. In this society, we only use the simple words of interest.

Wang Hao believes that Xuexiayangna is also very clear about this, because in a certain way they both belong to the same category.

When he walked to the door of the chief editor's office, Wang Hao took a deep breath, gradually calmed his thoughts, put on a smile bathed in spring breeze, knocked on the door lightly, and said, "Is editor Sudou here? ?"

Not long after the words fell, the originally closed door opened slowly, and a full-hearted middle-aged man opened the door for him himself.

"Haha! The master teacher treats the editorial department as his home, so he can come in directly, without having to talk about so many red tapes, please come in!"

With a soft smile on Sudosaki's majestic face, he felt a natural intimacy, and his tone of voice was very warm when he spoke. He patted Wang Hao on the shoulder very familiarly.

"Editor Sudo is polite. I should say sorry for being late. You make me wonder what to do."

As the saying goes, you don't hit the smiley person with your hand, even if you know that the smile on the other's face was deliberately piled up, Wang Hao still replied with a smile like a spring breeze.

At the same time, he politely stretched out his hand and shook the opponent lightly, stepped into this office, and gently closed the door with his backhand.


Seeing this scene, many editors around were a little surprised, and they looked at each other in doubt, all seeing the shocking color in the other's pupils.

They thought that the young man who came in was a newcomer who passed the submission, and he was probably discussing with an editor present. They didn't expect that the other party would directly approach their immediate boss-Chief Editor Sudo!

In fact, if this were the case, it would not shock them so much.

Although Editor-in-Chief Sudo seldom finds new people personally, he can still see this occasionally, but the expression of Editor-in-Chief Suto is too enthusiastic today!This is the biggest problem!!

Can you imagine that your boss, who has always been straight-faced, suddenly greets you with an open eyebrow like a different person?

If editor Suto won the first prize in the lottery ticket he bought, he might be able to see such a spectacle.

But think about it carefully, editor Suto has been unable to beat every day for five years, insisting on buying lottery tickets and not winning the lottery. It is probably impossible.

"The young man just now, do you all know that it is the... the author?" An editor couldn't help but asked in confusion. In his mind, probably only the author could be treated enthusiastically by the editor-in-chief Sudo.

As soon as the voice fell, someone immediately retorted: "Impossible, I have seen the appearance of the writer, and there can be no such young person among the best-selling authors. There is not even the young man among the best-selling authors. impression."

The speaker was an editor with a deep experience in the editorial department, and his words were accepted by most people because they made sense.

If there is such a young writer in the industry, it is definitely a big news that will break the sky. It has long been known.

The young man looked at most 16 or 17 years old just now, making them believe that he was a 16 or 17-year-old writer, afraid that he was making an international joke?

"Sixteen or seventeen years old... I feel a bit like the rumored teacher of God..."

An indecisive voice suddenly sounded, immediately making the eyes of the rest of the people bright, and a small amount of excitement appeared on the expressions of a few people.

Yes!How can I forget that there is also the rumored godmaster teacher who is only sixteen years old, maybe the other party is qualified to let Editor Sudo treat him warmly.

The god master is considered a sweet pastry in the industry, because the god master himself has not signed a contract with other publishing houses, and has great potential. He is known as the most likely to become the next genius writer, and he will naturally be criticized by major publishing houses. Scramble for it, because for publishing houses, it is really important to carry writers!

However, it is not certain that the other party is the Lord, or someone with other extraordinary identities, but this is even more confusing and makes them even more curious.

The news in the workplace can always attract their attention to relieve the accumulated pressure, not to mention the news about the immediate boss.

Unfortunately, the editor-in-chief Sudo would not tell them with a smile on his face.

Chapter 275 Each has his own mind

Wang Hao didn't know that his arrival had aroused so many people's curiosity. Even if he knew it, he would only lament his popularity. It seemed that he was a little famous, but he didn't want to destroy the current ordinary daily life.

Yes, to put it simply, Wang Hao is afraid of trouble in some aspects, because this will waste a lot of his personal time.

The reason is as simple as that. At least when he was in school, Wang Hao didn't consider his intention to disclose his identity.

"This is a contract, please see if there are any problems, Teacher God, what I prepared is in duplicate."

Sudosaki smiled and took out a contract. Wang Hao took the contract from the other party and looked at it carefully.

I did not comment on the duplicate prepared by Sutosaki. In most cases when signing a contract, he basically prepared duplicate copies. Only when a very important contract was signed would it be like Wang Hao’s last purchase of Undead River. Prepare in triplicate as the library.

There are many detailed treaties in the contract. Wang Hao quickly scanned his eyes and turned to the next page before long.

Although it seemed that he watched the treaties a bit faster, Wang Hao had already understood all the treaties he had read, and most of them were irrelevant treaties.

He quickly found important treaties on sharing prices and publishing channels. Looking at this pile of generous benefits, Wang Hao couldn't help but tick the corner of his mouth, none of which was beyond his expectation.

To be cautious, he read it again and nodded slightly after confirming that it was correct.

The whole process took less than ten minutes, and he watched the agreement of the eight-page contract in his hand twice.

Of course, although Wang Hao’s flipping speed is very fast, it is also related to the method he adopted, omitting a large number of irrelevant treaties, and taking time to watch the key points, so he was able to watch two in less than ten minutes. All over the contract.