[Xia Shizi: Tsk tsk, it turns out that perverted gentleman likes to make girls cry so much. I didn't expect that there is such a hidden evil taste. Do you want to make people cry so much?

[God Lord: Nothing!Why do I feel that what you said is a bit subtle?

[Xia Shizi: Is that true?I thought you should be somewhat conscious.

[God: What kind of consciousness do you expect me to have...]

[Xia Shizi: Do you still have to ask?Of course, as a perverted consciousness, I must have joined Kato today, and Mr. Map Cannon is secretly happy that the harem has expanded, right?

[God Lord: Kato and I are just classmates, you know that, it's not too early now, good night.

Wang Hao's eyelids twitched, he faintly replied, and he withdrew from the button, choosing to end the conversation.

He discovered that every time he talked with Shiyu Xiazhiqiu, he would pull the topic farther and farther, and it was himself who was injured in the end...

Sure enough, is there too much difference between the levels?

Shaking his head gently, Wang Hao decided not to think about it anymore, because he himself didn't know the current situation.

He now has considerable immunity to Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's poisonous tongue, probably because of the gradual change in personality.

Although this was good news, it didn't make Wang Hao happy.

When he clicked on the webpage to log in to the ACG forum, Wang Hao was suddenly surprised.

Because the forum was full of posts about the comic version of Miaowu, what surprised him most was that these posts were all well received.

The discussion in the posts is also different, such as the "Classic Masterpiece, the storm brought by the comic version "Five Centimeters Per Second"!", "A cross-age classic!", "The true identity of the author of the Second Five Comic Edition?!This kind of post almost caused a slaughter page status.

Seeing this situation, Wang Hao only froze for a moment and recovered. He knew how amazing the Mianwu comic version was.

Wang Hao has also estimated what kind of storms this unique comic will cause when the unique style of painting is coupled with the beautiful plot content, but now it seems that he still somewhat underestimates the enthusiasm of the readers.

No wonder he went to so many bookstores, comic magazine stores, and convenience stores when he was doing market research. In the end, he only bought a copy of "Jump Square". It was not until this afternoon that he was lucky enough to buy another copy of "Jump Square". It's really white.

You know that "Jump Square" is released on the first day of every month. Two days have passed and the magazine is still so popular. You can imagine how terrifying the sales are.

When watching the first chapter of the Mianwu comic version, Wang Hao was surprised from the beginning to the end. Every scene above makes people unable to look away because the pictures are so beautiful!

Just like when Wang Hao saw Xin Haicheng's work, his eyes almost never left the screen, because every picture on the screen can be directly cut off as a background image.

And Zhenbai also perfectly interprets this point. The comic version’s five-time viewing of the picture will give people a sense of aesthetic illusion, which should have a strong conflict with the content of the comic itself close to reality. But in the hands of True White, it naturally became harmonious.

Of course, Wang Hao's script for the other party played a very important role in this, but he has been thinking about it for a long time.

The comics of the previous five seconds will not work at all for now. After all, it is necessary to let Zhenbai draw, so Wang Hao has no reference materials at all. He creates scripts entirely based on his own imagination. Every line in it is what he wants. It took a long time to fill in.

It took Wang Hao about an hour or two to complete the script creation of each sentence in Second Five. It should be understood that this is just a script, and the total content is only a dozen pages.

For example, Dragon Ball has dozens of pages, but Wang Hao can spend a few hours to complete the manuscript that can be printed directly.

Chapter 280 A touch of happiness

But that was only the first chapter of the second five comics version. At that time, considering that it would be serialized next month, there was not much time left, so Wang Hao would prepare a dozen pages of scripts for Zhen Bai, which is the opening.

But then it can’t be like the first chapter because of the rush of time, I can only draw a dozen pages temporarily. Wang Hao predicts that the second five comics version will probably end in six chapters, and every next chapter will be at least about sixty pages. He gave the true white chapter The second story script has a total of 64 pages, which took a lot of time.

He doesn't have to worry about whether Zhen Bai can come and complete it, because the other party does not need weekly serialization like himself.

"Weekly Shonen Jump" is to be serialized on time every week. It is a weekly comic magazine, while "Jump Square" is a monthly comic magazine.

In other words, the cartoonists serialized on "Jump Square" only need to serialize one sentence in a month, so the time left for Zhen Bai is quite ample.

This is also a big challenge for Zhen Bai, but as long as she passes the challenge, she will be one step closer to the goal.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao felt that he had to work harder. Everyone in the club was constantly improving, and he could not lag behind.

Turning on the phone, he quickly found Yukoshita's mobile phone number, and told the other party the date of publication of the second five. The next operation depends on Yukoshita's.

Wang Hao has already finished making the mobile client of station b. When it was fine these days, he tried to optimize it and made some minor adjustments, but there are still very few functions.

The production progress of "The Demon of the East" is also very smooth, and he estimates that it should be completed by the end of this month or the beginning of next month.

In the past few days, the poison island girl has also sent several messages to Wang Hao. They are all about some animation production companies. He has not made up his mind yet. He plans to observe for a while before considering it, because many things are constantly going on. Changes.

However, Wang Hao will not procrastinate. The activity funds in his hand are still sufficient, but he can't afford the next planned expenditure. He is still waiting for the split after the second five is published, and then he will be able to solve the urgent wave.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. He can only take his time in the early stage, but Wang Hao is not in a hurry, because there is still a lot of time left for him, and there is still a lot to learn.

"I hope everything goes well..."

Wang Hao whispered, although he thought it might not be realistic.

He got up and left the computer desk. He walked slowly to the workbench where he was usually responsible for drawing comics, and began to make the manuscript of Dragon Ball. After all, the storm had just begun, and he needed to use his enthusiasm to lead the storm forward. direction!

In this process, it is destined to require silent work. There is no good thing for nothing in the world.


He was speechless all night, and it was not until nearly 12 noon when the strong sunlight outside the window shone on him, that Wang Hao got up from the bed, and he really needed a good rest during the rare holiday.

Working until midnight last night, Wang Hao ran to take out the clothes from the washing machine and dry them. It was almost one o'clock in the morning.

But today I have enough sleep time, which is ten hours.

Picking up the clothes next to him and putting them on, Wang Hao went to the bathroom downstairs to wash up before he came to the living room. It was time to fill his stomach.

Qingshan Qihai came back at about 12:30 noon to prepare lunch. Wang Hao felt that he might not be able to wait for that time, because his stomach had already made strong protests, and he simply settled with breakfast and lunch.

As for the cooking, just make a simple pasta. He is too lazy to make too complicated. If there is instant noodles at home, it is more convenient. Just soak in hot water and wait for a while.

Unfortunately, there is no bucket of instant noodles in Qiushui Villa, and the dishes made by Qingshan Qihai are full of nutrients.

Therefore, Wang Hao can only do it himself now, with plenty of food and clothing.

However, the next moment he opened the refrigerator, Wang Hao gave up the idea of'do it yourself, adequate food and clothing', because a dish sealed with plastic wrap was quietly placed in the refrigerator.

"Thank you, Nanami sauce."

Looking at this dish, Wang Hao thanked him with some gratitude, although Qingshan Qihai had already left the house at this time.

After simply heating up the cooking, Wang Hao started to move, suddenly feeling a faint sense of happiness surrounding him.

Perhaps sometimes, happiness is just a trivial thing around.

The amount was quite sufficient, and he was probably seventy full.

There was still some time before the agreed one o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Hao opened the ACG forum and browsed for a while, and when the time reached 12:40, it turned off the computer, got up and left the room.