Seeing that Yazi Yuzhi didn't raise any questions, Wang Hao turned his gaze to the lazy people, "Well, let's not talk about me. I just went to help run errands today. I want to ask you what are you doing? ?"

"Of course I am playing other games to find inspiration, and then create even better games."

Yu Shengyuan Xingtang replied imperiously, without a trace of nervousness on his face, and naturally continued to manipulate the game.

"Well, what you said really makes sense."

Unexpectedly, Wang Hao nodded in agreement with the answer given by Yuseiin Apricot. Only then did she turn her gaze away from the computer screen and said with a shallow smile: "What? You know it well!"

"Then the question is, is there any connection between FPS-type games and our romantic and adventurous galgame?"

"Well... Maybe you can save the country by curve?"

"would not!"

Wang Hao spit out directly. If you want to play, just say it. Do you think that you can fool yourself by looking for a seemingly tall reason?


Yushengin Xing curled her lips helplessly, but she didn't continue playing the game. Wang Hao's expression eased when he saw this, and said in a straightforward voice: "Okay, to be serious, I have no objection to playing games, but How is the production progress of the game? After all, it’s now in May, and it’s a bit too late if you don’t hurry, so you have a sense of crisis anyway..."

"Oh? Then you, as the producer and director of the game and the creator of the scripted plot of the game, Shi Yujiang, were not there all afternoon, where did you go?

Let me make a statement, I'm not as foolish as Yazi."

Yushengin Xing was so graceful that Erlang's legs were lifted up, and a pair of very seductive slender legs shook slowly.

"Ahem... I said I was going to help, but it took a long time to eat..."

Wang Hao stretched out his hand to cover his right neck in a slightly embarrassing manner. It is not that simple to really want to flick the Yushengyuan Apricot casually, and it may become darker and darker. He simply chose to bypass this topic and continued: "Speaking of everyone How is the production level? Let’s start with Ying Lili first!"

"Ha! Me?"

Sawemura Hidelily pointed her finger at herself in a daze. Seeing everyone's eyes cast over her, her face turned slightly red, and she stammered: " terms of drawing, only two have been completed recently. The design of the character, but I can guarantee that the style is very good, it is definitely a fine product that can be one to ten!"

Shiyu Kasugaoka covered her mouth and chuckled, and cast a disdainful glance at Sawamura Hidelily, and mocked: "In other words, you have finished two paintings in so many days? I wonder if that teacher Hideri Kashiwagi It was formed by a lot of gunmen. It seems this industry is really strange."

The flushed Sawamura Hidelily stomped her feet angrily, two cute tiger teeth were exposed again, staring at Xiazhiqiu Shiyu angrily and said: "Um! So, although there are only two paintings, each Zhang is a masterpiece that is one to ten. What do you, a second-rate writer who dreams of all day, know?!"

"Then since you can fight one against ten, you can make twenty cards now."

"This kind of thing is impossible!"

"Oh, it seems that you are still a little self-aware, and finally did not let the ergonomic plot affect your brain development. This is really regrettable, but it is a golden dog."

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu smiled and said with a poisonous tongue, her complexion still calm, Sawamura Yinglili fell before the third round, her small face was flushed, like a red apple, she had to say it with hatred. Sentence, "Dark tongue girl!"

Wang Hao mourned for Sawamura Hidelily for a second. Kasumigaoka Shiyu, who has reached the max level of the poison tongue, seems to have been slightly inferior in the battle with Yukoshita Yono just now.

In the face of other people, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu completely crushed the opponent with a one-sided advantage, including Wang Hao, so he quickly stepped up and changed the subject, saying: "Uh... Ying Lili, you leave it to me. The stunning design of Tomomi Okazaki is very good, and I am very satisfied.

It completely exceeded my previous expectations. I didn't expect you to create a better product than I expected. Let me take out the other one that I haven't seen."

Chapter 289 finally looks like a president...

Nagisa Furukawa, this is the heroine of the game "CLANNAD" that Wang Hao and the others are preparing to make.

"Very good, but it would be better to fight faster. Can you make all the design drawings of other characters recently?"

Wang Hao nodded, with a satisfied smile on his face. The design drawings for these two roles are already very complete, and being able to do this has made him unable to fault him.

"No problem, the attempts these days are not in vain, I will make all the other roles as soon as possible."

Sawamura Hidelily said with a confident face that she has now been able to create a new style of painting. Although it is only a rudimentary form, it is enough at this stage.

I dare not say that drawing a character design is 100% passed, and it can be corrected six or seven times at most to make her satisfied. You must know that before this, Hideli Sawamura had tried no less than hundreds of characters in the design of Tomiya Okazaki. This time, I finally got the finished product.

At the same time, she also gradually realized something in the process. The second set of Furukawa’s human drawings, she only took about ten times to draw successfully, Sawamura Hidelily believes that the next creation will become more and more. smoothly.

This is like a bottleneck in a novel. When a creator encounters a bottleneck, no matter what he does, he will feel inadequate and make mistakes everywhere.

But as long as the bottleneck is broken, the creation will be like a god-assisted person, as if entering another new realm. As long as you gradually become familiar with this realm, the creative speed will naturally increase.

However, even if Sawamura Hidelily made progress, she did not swell her self-confidence that she thought she could create excellent serialized comics.

Because she knows very well that the reason for this progress now is not only relying on her own efforts, but also the pressure that Wang Hao put on him.

And after she took a step forward, she realized how far she was from Wang Hao.

Thinking of this, Sawamura Yinglili couldn't help feeling a little discouraged. She was obviously all of the same age, but the other person was overwhelmed by others, including herself.

"Then the next character design will be up to you."

After receiving the affirmative reply from Sawamura Hidelily, Wang Hao did not worry any more. He turned his gaze to Kasumigaoka Shiyu, who was slightly lazy on the other side, and asked softly: "And Kasugaoka's plot and story on your side. How about script creation?"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu frowned seriously, thought for a while, and said: "I am writing about one-eighth of the main line of Furukawa-Zhu. I can finish this main line in a few weeks or more than a month? "

Hearing the time it takes Shiyu Xiazhiqiu, Wang Hao frowned slightly, calmed down and pondered for a moment, and said, "Well, although it is better to be faster, but the route of Furukawa-Zhu is the best in our game. Important main lines, don’t just fill up the numbers, you can use the plot script you created first, and the follow-up content will try to be perfect.

In addition, you have to work hard for Ying Lili. You are responsible for processing the original painting. It's true that you can help Ying Lili when you have time."

"Well, I see, Hao..."

Shiina Masashi nodded firmly, and Wang Hao touched the other's head with satisfaction. In his opinion, the most indispensable thing in "CLANNAD" is the Furukawa Line, which can be said to be the top priority in the entire game.

Therefore, when creating this line, there should be no sloppy. Wang Hao also believes that Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu will not make low-level mistakes in this regard.

Wang Hao looked at Yushengyuan Xing and others, and said sincerely, "I will trouble you Yushengyuan about programming."

"no problem."

Yushengyuan patted her chest, and finally looked at Wang Hao with some suspicion, and asked suspiciously: "Have you been acting with voice actors and music recently?"

"I have a little clue, but don't worry, there will be a corresponding voice actor dubbing in the late game. As for bgm, I will try my best to find a way."

"Since you have said that, then I will be fine."

"This period of time will trouble everyone. Of course, we will not work all the time, and there will be mysterious surprises waiting for everyone."

Wang Hao smiled mysteriously, paused for a moment deliberately, and went on in no hurry.

"What surprise?!"

Sure enough, everyone looked at him, and someone immediately raised their hands to ask questions, and the fairy Yamada showed an expression of interest.

Others also became curious, looking forward to Wang Hao's answer.

When he saw this situation, he smiled deeper at the corner of his mouth. He decided not to continue selling guanzi, coughed gently, smiled and said, "Well, I think everyone usually works very hard in the club room. When this semester is off, I will also organize everyone to travel and relax. You can choose any location, which can be regarded as a large-scale club activity.