Now that Wang Hao casually spoke out of Yazi's symptoms, Yuzhi Suzumiko trusted him even more, so she asked him about the rescue method.

Wang Hao was not surprised to see this. Yuzhi Suzumiko, as the mother of Azi, must have known about the current situation of Azi a long time ago. It would be strange if he did not know.

Seeing that the atmosphere at the scene began to become a little depressed, Wang Hao pretended to smile lightly, "Yazi's current situation should be in the early stage of Internet dependence, and it is not as serious as the aunt you think, but it should not be taken lightly.

I believe that the doctor also told Auntie you that the solution is to let Yazi make more contact with other people, and gradually adapt to a new environment, and gradually heal the Internet dependence. Now we are also doing this kind of long-term treatment plan. ."

It was a very difficult thing to get Yazi to contact other people in reality, because the other party had already subverted both the Internet and reality. If Yazi was forced to shut in a brand new space, then There will definitely be big problems.

Therefore, I can only let Yazi voluntarily adapt to the real environment. With the company of others around him, slowly correcting is the only way.

"Why are Haojun and everyone doing this troublesome thing?"

Although Tamaki Suzumiko knew that the other party wanted to help Ako sincerely, she couldn't help asking her doubts in her heart.

Wang Haocan smiled and gave the answer without thinking, "Because everyone has been friends since the day Yazi joined the current research institute, is this a reason?"

Chapter 293 Looking for the singer

After hearing this, Yuzhi Lingmiko was silent, and stared at Wang Hao sincerely. After a while, she bowed deeply to the other party, then slowly got up, and said seriously, "Thank you, Yazi, please Up."

"Auntie don't need to be so polite, friends should help each other."

Wang Hao covered his right neck slightly coyly. At first he saw the situation of Yazi, but in his heart he planned to leave it to the parents of each other to deal with it. At that time, he and Yazi met for the first time, even if they were willing to help each other , But there is always a trace of reluctance in my heart.

After all, everyone is not the kind of perfect saint, there will always be selfishness and other emotions, and it is because of this that they are human.

Even if there is a perfect saint in the world, Wang Hao is sure that he won't be him, but with the knowledge these days, everyone in the community has gradually become friends, so he really wants to treat Yazi's symptoms now.

After talking about Yazi's affairs, Wang Hao and Yuzhi Suzumiko had a daily chat. After checking the time on his watch, nearly twenty minutes had passed. Then he left Yuzhi House and walked back to Qiushui Villa. .


By the time he returned to his home, it was already half past eight.

Sitting on the computer chair in the bedroom, Wang Hao thought for a while what he should do next.

The current progress of "The Demon of the East" is already very gratifying. Wang Hao always intends to do things with the worst. For example, his original plan was to make the game a few days before the winter show. Looking at the current situation, it is estimated that it can be nearly a month ahead of schedule.

But it is impossible for him to devote all his energy to the production of "Eastern Demon Records", but it is worth sighing that he has made the handbooks of the Demon Records series by himself these days, and considering how to make the East have enough Wang Hao took the time to do a PV out of the issue of attractiveness.

For Wang Hao, the original painting, post-production, and arrangement of the pv are not difficult. Although it took some time, it was not too much trouble.

Of course, no matter whether it is handwritten or pv, the music has not been matched yet, but Wang Hao has already composed the song.

He mainly compiled some magnificent introductions of the Oriental World into lyrics, which would also help others to understand the world of the Oriental series more quickly.

The lyrics in the pv vaguely summarize the grandeur of the Eastern world, while the handwritten book mainly introduces what happened in the "Eastern Demon Records" series.

Compared with pv and handwriting, the former introduces a certain part of the content more specifically, while the latter vaguely describes the grandeur of the oriental world.

These days, when Wang Hao was in his spare time, he uploaded some pictures of the Oriental series to the picture area of ​​station b every other day. Naturally, many people became curious.

Wang Hao opened the drawer and filled it with pv and handwritten lyrics, but now he lacks a singer, but he already had a candidate in his heart, so he didn't feel anxious.

He took out the song he had compiled and looked at it, Wang Hao thought about it again, put the pv back, holding the song from the "Eastern Sealed Demon Record" series in one hand, and slowly stood up from the chair. Get up and walk out of his room.

That's right, he is about to find a suitable singer, and there is no need to visit other places.

Pushing open the door of his bedroom, Wang Hao came to the corridor, glanced at the room with light emerging from the door in front, walked up slowly, and knocked on the door gently.

"Is Qihaijiang there?"

Wang Hao stood outside Qingshan Qihai’s room, knocking on the door and yelled softly. The singer he wanted to find this time was Qingshan Qihai. Wang Hao has been paying attention to the voice of the other party for a long time these days. Very satisfied.

"Ah... please wait, I'll open the door right away!"

There was a panicked voice in the room, and Wang Hao did not urge him in a hurry. He stood quietly at the door in harmony. After waiting for almost three minutes, Qingshan Qihai slowly opened the door, his face was slightly flushed, and he looked at Wang. Hao chuckles and said, "Come in, what can I do if Haojun is so late?"

"I do want to ask Qihaijiang for help on one thing."

Wang Hao smiled and nodded, followed Qingshan Qihai into the room, and glanced around roughly.

The room was cleaned and tidy, and there was almost no clutter. There was a script-like book on the desk, but it seemed to be full of notes.

"Is Qihaijiang still practicing as a voice actress so late?" He asked curiously, pointing to the notebook.

Qingshan Qihai nodded a little shyly, still a little blush on her face, "Well, let Haojun see a joke..."

"No, if Qihaijiang is a joke for you, then I think I might be embarrassed."

Seeing Qingshan Qihai's humble attitude, Wang Hao smiled slightly to himself, and continued: "Working hard is a good thing, but Qihaijiang must not work hard to exhaust your body. I will feel distressed."

He didn't laugh at Qingshan Qihai's efforts, Wang Hao just suddenly thought of himself, who was suddenly exhausted last time, and the feeling was uncomfortable.

So seeing the diligent appearance of Qing Shan Qi Hai, Wang Hao couldn't help but reminded him, his tone sounded somewhat casual.

Although I did not understand what Wang Hao said, the sentence at the end of the other party's "I will feel bad" made Qingshan Qihai's face suddenly flushed, and she quickly lowered her head with a guilty conscience, and whispered, "I will pay attention. Yes, thank you Haojun..."

The voice was small and inaudible. As soon as she finished speaking, she felt her heartbeat become faster and faster, and her ears could clearly sense the sound of the heartbeat.

Even Aoyama Qihai now feels like she has a fever. Although she didn't touch her forehead with her hand, she could detect that her cheeks were hot. She didn't have the courage to raise her head and look at Wang Hao, fearing that she would be seen by the other party. .

Breathing gradually became rough, and the air felt a bit difficult to breathe in. Qing Shan Qihai didn't know why she became so flustered because of Wang Haoran's short sentence.

Her hands were tangled together, and her face with her head down was invisible to anyone. Even Wang Hao, who was standing next to the Qingshan Qihai, was no exception, unless Wang Hao bent down and looked up at this time. Reality.

But Wang Hao wouldn't do this, because he would truly become a veritable pervert.

As for the reason, first of all, Aoyama Qikai is still wearing a shorter nightdress. If he bends down and raises his head, the first thing he sees is not the other party's face.

Chapter 294 Singer's Candidate

As for what you can see when you raise your head, it is estimated that only gentlemen know that area.

Even if you don't look at the expression on the other party's face, Wang Hao can almost guess nine out of ten. He thinks Qingshan Qihai should be shy. After all, the other party is still a young female high school student.

There is no problem in terms of common sense, and it is now more than eight o’clock in the evening. A boy suddenly enters a girl’s boudoir. It is normal for a girl to be nervous, Wang Hao thought, after all, not everyone looks like white. It's so innocent that it can't distinguish basic common sense.

For most girls, it is strange that a boy suddenly visits at night, not nervous and shy.

Wang Hao thinks that the speculations are inseparable from each other, and he didn't directly express these points. He is not the kind of straightforward who just thinks about it.

But at this time, Wang Hao smiled slightly. Although he could not tell the speculation in his heart, he could pick up the topic. He looked at Qingshan Qihai and said slowly: "Actually, I came to Qihaijiang to ask if Qihaijiang is willing. Sing?"

In Wang Hao's view, only by directly clarifying the purpose of his trip can Qingshan Qihai's shyness be resolved and this embarrassing situation can be solved.