[Koizumi Huayang: emmmm, is there any punishment?Could it be that the punishment Haojun said was...forbidden to eat white rice?!

In a clean and tidy girly-style room full of idol posters, Koizumi Huayang is sitting on a computer chair at this time, staring at the chat box on the computer screen.

For Koizumi Huayang, fragrant white rice is not one of her favorite foods, especially the new rice in autumn, she can eat a huge rice ball.

Koizumi Huayang usually brings two bentos when she goes to school. One is for lunch and the other is for when she is hungry. Most of the time, both bentos are fragrant rice balls, which shows that she is really very good. I like white rice.

In fact, her weight has been worrying recently. Among everyone, only her and Kosaka Honoka are overweight, so the amount of training has increased recently.

Originally it’s nothing, as long as you train honestly, but when Koizumi Hanayo and Kosaka Honoka were jogging around the street, they accidentally had the gastronomic scent from a certain store and the strong feeling of fasting caused by training. , The two finally couldn't help but step forward towards that restaurant.

It’s a pity that the paper can’t contain the fire after all. In the past few days, the weight of the two of them has not decreased but increased, which finally aroused the doubts of other members of the society. Then a few days ago, they were finally caught in the restaurant by a few people from Ayase Eri. Current.

Then it is gratifying that the training volume of her and Kosaka Honoka doubled again...

At this time, when he heard that Wang Hao had other punishments, Koizumi Huayang immediately became guilty. If the amount of breakfast and lunch was forced to reduce, she would really want to cry.

After all, what Wang Hao said was very useful among them. Even the student council president Ayase Eri would respect Wang Hao's opinions.

[Xingkong Rin: Huayang sauce really likes rice, but I think the fragrant meat buns in the supermarket are more delicious!

Chapter 296 You want me to be a photographer?

The conversation between Xingkong Rin and Koizumi Huayang, Wang Hao was a little confused, he didn't know what the other party was talking about?

However, he can still infer a general idea from the exchanges between the two, because meat buns and rice have inexplicable punishments, and when you think of Muse, it is easy to guess that it should be related to the Muse's daily training.

Thinking of this, he thought that there was no big mistake, and immediately nodded and replied.

[As long as you don’t eat too much rice and steamed buns, you won’t have too many calories. As long as you exercise hard, you should be careful not to keep gaining weight during this period.

In Wang Hao's view, even if the weight of the members of the Muse has not decreased during this period of time, they must never increase, because one person's mistakes can affect the entire team.

If you gain weight, singing and dancing on the stage will become more and more inadequate. It is easy to make mistakes that you would never make before. Wang Hao has also said this with Sonoda Umi and Ayase Eri.


Sitting on the computer chair, Koizumi Huayang saw the news from Wang Hao, and the melancholy expression on her face finally disappeared, revealing a hint of joy.

[Koizumi Huayang: Hay!Honoka and I will pay attention!!

In any case, Wang Hao did not say any additional punishments, but these days since she and Kosaka Honoka have been exposed to stealing food, their daily training volume has doubled and their weight has gradually decreased.

At the same time, Koizumi Huayang also silently gave Xingkong Rin a thumbs up, she really deserves to be her own friend. He interrupted at a critical moment, so that Wang Hao didn’t go into it, otherwise it’s easy to expose what he said just now, and it is unavoidable to suffer punishment.

Wang Hao did not come to the Muse’s club room as diligently as the other members, nor did he often train with everyone, but everyone had already regarded him as a member of the Muse.

Even everyone was very convinced by what he said, because the members of the muse can sit in the club room like they are now, almost relying on the help of the other party. The other party can persuade even the student council president and has real talents, so they are natural. Trust each other very much.

However, Wang Hao, as the person involved, couldn't help but twitch at the corners of his mouth after seeing Koizumi Huayang's unpretentious answer.

Why do you and Honoka need attention?Is this natural or natural black?

Well, he now understands that Koizumi Hanayo and Kosaka Honoka are lazy.

No, although the result is a little accidental, it must be a guilty conscience to have this performance!!

However, he thought that Ayase Erri should have made corresponding punishments. Wang Hao didn't need to be a villain. Suddenly remembered Tojo Nozomi's words just now, he couldn't help but wonder a little, [By the way, Xiaoxi, what do you want to ask?

[Tojo Nozomi: I didn't expect Hao-kun to remember me. I thought that you hadn't been here for so long, and you would have forgotten everything, let alone anything.

At the end, I didn't forget to add a faint smile. Wang Hao scratched his head in embarrassment when he saw such sharp words.

But this sentence made him unable to refute, because Wang Hao has not been to Otonokizaka Academy recently, let alone meet with other members of the Muse.

After all, there have been a lot of things happening around him recently, and he has to take care of work and so on. Wang Hao naturally couldn't get his hands out, so he didn't get out and went to the Otonokizaka School to find the muse.

Well, it was his fault in the final analysis, Wang Hao smiled bitterly, and quickly replied to the other party.

[How can it be? Recently, there are some things that need to be dealt with. If you have something, you can just say it directly. As long as I can do it, I will come over and help!

After boasting about going to Haikou, Wang Hao didn't even feel blush, because this was part of his business after he joined the Muse.

Tojo Nozomi, who was lying on the bed, stared at the screen of the phone and smiled at the news from Wang Hao, but did not make much fuss about this.

[Tojo Nozomi: The new song Ho-kun said is all right in this regard, but will Ho-kun be free next Wednesday?I would like to ask you to do a little favor. I don’t know how you are in photography...?

Wednesday... Seems to be free?

Wang Hao thought for a while, and found that there was really nothing urgent to do next Wednesday. He nodded and replied: [My technique is barely qualified in terms of shooting, and I will be available at any time next Wednesday. Just contact me if you need help. , But Xiaoxi, can you tell me what it is?

[Tojo Nozomi: Actually, I want Ho-kun to record a self-introduction as a pv next Wednesday, and try to highlight everyone's characteristics.

After getting the answer given by Tojo Nozomi, Wang Hao shook his head insignificantly and said: [Is it because of the Lovelive competition?But I thought you had already made the pv for the introduction, it seems that I have been thinking too much.

[Tojo Nozomi: The promotional PV for this introduction is indeed because of Lovelive. Originally, our PV was prepared to be made last week, but everyone is not familiar with this aspect, and the photography technology is not good enough, so we can only come and ask. Haojun helped.

As soon as the message was sent, Tojo Nozomi felt that her face was a little hot, and at the same time she felt a little helpless, because everyone in the club was really not good at photography.

The pv they shot didn't look interesting, so they definitely couldn't show it to other audiences on the stage. After trying to this day, Tojo Nozomi and others also decided to give up the pv shooting helplessly.

But the pv used for propaganda is also one of the indispensable important conditions. After all, to make the Muse famous, you must first let others know the names of the members, Tojo Nozomi thinks so.

Therefore, in terms of pv, there is no room for sloppy, because the Muse is just a new idol group, and the first impression of publicity is very important.

It is not easy to photograph the characteristics of all the members of the Muse.

It's like that many animations will make beautiful pv out for the audience to enjoy before they start broadcasting. At this time, a good pv determines many important things.

If this anime pv is bad enough, then most of the audience will never watch anime again after watching pv.

On the contrary, this anime pv production is interesting, so when the animation starts, it will naturally attract many people.

Wang Hao has never worried about whether he will be able to take pictures. When he was in junior high school, Wang Hao often submitted some photos taken anonymously. He has won the first prize for three consecutive years.

This also caused a lot of disturbance, and even because this matter has been in the newspapers several times, it was all about his anonymous submission of portrait photos but successively won the championship.

Chapter 297: Beasts or beasts are inferior

After all, the contest that was submitted at that time was still well-known in the photography industry, and many excellent photographers sent in photo photos. However, it turned out that an anonymous person won the championship and won the championship for three consecutive times. Watched by many media.

But unfortunately, no one knows who this mysterious photographer is, but the photos taken are really straight to the essence, very appealing, and visually pleasing to the eye.

The championship trophy of the photo contest for three consecutive years will always be vacated when others receive the award. Originally, this also made the organizer a headache. After all, it would be a bit embarrassing for the organizer to vacate a championship position and no one would take the scene.

However, it may have been one time and the other time. In the second year, there is no doubt that the mysterious photographer won the championship. This time, it attracted a lot of media.

Some people speculate that the mysterious photographer should be an artist wandering around the world, because there are many scenes in the photos that are not in the neon native.