Seeing Zhen Bai's expression, Wang Hao sighed heavily. Sometimes Zhen Bai became stubborn, and he really didn't take the opponent.

Shiina's white eyes lit up, and he said softly, "Hiroshi is really gentle."

"Thank you, but why does this make me a little unhappy?" Wang Hao smiled bitterly, this kind of tenderness always feels very subtle.

Turning and walking into the really white room, he walked slowly to the window, stretched out his hand and opened the closed curtains, and the warm sunlight suddenly filled the room.

Today’s weather is very good, after all, it’s May, and the weather is still quite warm.

He picked a purer white dress from the really white closet, then opened the small drawer in the closet, and with a little shaking hands, he took out a blue and white bowl and a piece of underwear, and put it and his clothes next to him. I'm going out first, then call me if I have something to do."

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Hao's feet seemed to be greased, he turned around and left the really white room, and finally closed the door tightly.

It wasn't until he was standing alone in the corridor that Wang Hao felt a little relieved. Fortunately, he was witty. In fact, after opening the curtains just now, he felt dysphoric, in case there was another gust of wind. , The guilt in his heart will continue to deepen.

Zhenbai doesn't understand common sense, but Wang Hao does, and as the other's guardian in Neon, he feels that he must lead by example and set a good example for Zhenbai.

And in many ways, Wang Hao has taken into account the difference between men and women. In fact, if Zhen Bai is as young as eight or nine or ten years old as in the original photo, he can treat each other as his own sister, and he will not. So much scruples.

But who would think of Mr. Wang's friend, the true white grandfather, who was considered his predecessor, but he cheated him and posted a picture that looked six to ten years old, and finally waited when he arrived at the airport to pick him up. A super beautiful girl who is sixteen or seventeen years old and the same age as him, can this be regarded as an instant development of Lori?

I had known that he would not agree so soon, but if he hadn't agreed at the beginning, maybe he has already saved a lot of things that need to be done, but he will always feel a little regretful.

If I didn't agree to Zhenbai's grandfather's request, I am afraid that the one who takes care of Zhenbai now is the teacher Chihiro Chihiro I saw last time, right?

Although the other party is a teacher, Chihiro Chihiro’s lazy personality really makes Wang Hao a little bit disdainful. Don’t say that it’s really white to take care of the other party, I’m afraid it’s even a problem to take care of yourself...

And being able to live with such a super beautiful girl can also be regarded as youth from another aspect. Although this cohabitation has always been that he is taking care of each other, there is always a feeling of really raising a cat.

Wang Hao was thinking, when it is possible to really raise cats or puppies and other animals in Qiushui Mountain Villa, it is not bad. Several birds seem to have settled on an old tree in the backyard of Qiushui Mountain Villa.

However, Wang Hao was only thinking about raising animals. After all, taking care of him now is really white and tired enough.

"Ho, longer..."

There was a weak voice in the room, which immediately interrupted Wang Hao's cranky thinking. Hearing the really white shouts, he quickly turned sideways, reached out and pushed the door open and walked in.

What Wang Hao saw at a glance was the sweaty True White. Seeing the appearance of True White made his heart nervous suddenly, he hurriedly walked over and asked with concern: "What's the matter? What happened?"

Shiina's pure white forehead was still sweating a little, she wiped it casually, looked at Wang Hao and said lightly, "Ho, it's no more."

Wang Hao asked anxiously, "What happened? Don't worry if I'm by my side, I will help."

Hearing this, Shiina Shiba nodded obediently, and slowly turned around, leaving a piece of pure white jade back in front of Wang Hao's eyes. The back of the bra was slowly spread out to the sides, and it was not buckled at all.

Even the zipper on the back of the white dress was not closed. The look on his face was completely stunned, only to hear another faint voice coming from his ear, "I can't button it, can Hao help?"

Chapter 299 My Date with Zhen Bai

Hearing the cry of true white, Wang Hao looked at the jade-white skin, his face suddenly hesitated, and after a while he sighed heavily.

He stretched out a slightly trembling hand to buckle the back button. Although he had paid attention, his fingertips still inadvertently scratched the moist skin. When the back button was buttoned, Wang Hao put the dress on again. Pull the zipper up.

In less than two minutes, his palms were sweaty, and his usually calm personality was sweaty. Wang Hao was relieved until he let go, "Well, let's go shopping around here. What do you want to go? Place?"

"I want to be with Hao."

Shiina replied indifferently, immediately leaving Wang Hao speechless. Why did he feel like he was being teased?

Shaking his head, Wang Hao casually said, "Then go out and just stroll around. For example, how about the last time we went to Akihabara?"


Shiina nodded, and did not raise any objections.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao smiled somewhat relievedly, and took out a golden sunflower lady's straw hat from the closet beside him and put it on Zhen Bai. Although the sun is very warm now, it will be a bit hot when the temperature rises.

After giving each other a satisfied look, he turned around and walked out, Shiina Masashi followed closely, and the two went to the entrance and changed their shoes.

The scenery of the park is very beautiful, probably because there are more vegetation around, the greenery in this area of ​​Setagaya is much better than other areas.

This season is also the time when the spring flowers are blooming, but Wang Hao has no intention of staying in the park for a walk, bringing Zhenbai to the nearby tram station.

He came to the side by himself and bought two tickets, but he went through the ticket gate and got on the tram together.

Because it is Sunday, the students and most office workers are on holiday at this time, so there are not many people in the tram, which is extremely deserted compared to the usual crowdedness.

Akihabara is not only a sacred place for otaku in the eyes of the otakus, but also an electrical street that is synchronized with cutting-edge industries of the times. Nowadays, services such as business and catering are also fully equipped, and it is developing into a prosperous area with comprehensive colors.

Therefore, in addition to most of the people who come here in Akihabara are otaku, there are often live mixes in it, and Wang Hao is currently regarded as an enemy by other otakus.

Because Zhen Bai next to him has attracted the attention of many people, there are men and women, all showing amazing eyes, and Zhen Bai just calmly followed Wang Hao, stretched out his white hand and gently grabbed him..

"Originally I wanted to go to the maid cafe, but I felt I was fed by dog ​​food."

"How can it be repaired! The current charge will explode in place!"

"The lady in the white dress, how do I feel that the other person is coming out of the second element?"

The passers-by were whispering, a fat man with a bulging shoulder bag and a height of about 1.8 meters in the distance sighed a little sadly, "That guy is obviously a bit worse than me, why? No one comes to visit someone as handsome as me?"

Hearing these words, Wang Hao couldn't help but pause, but in the end he ignored the fat man.

"Let's go shopping there."

Wang Hao pointed at a comprehensive mall in front of him and walked in slowly with Zhen Bai.

There are a lot of shops inside, and the flow of people is relatively high. He is worried that Zhen Bai will be scattered again. If he loses in such a place, it will be difficult to find the other party. Wang Hao reached out and held Zhen Bai's little hand.

Shiina Shiro obediently followed Wang Hao, still looking indifferent, but her heartbeat felt inexplicably faster.

She was thinking about it. The temperature of Wang Hao's palm had changed from the temperature of touching her head. It seemed to be warmer now.

Wang Hao led Zhenbai to a small shop that specializes in crepes. A couple in chef outfits stood at the door. He and Zhenbai lined up next to each other.

If Zhen Bai waited by the side, Wang Hao worried that the other party would accidentally get lost, after all, he already had the previous experience.

The shop is making very fast, and it didn’t take long for him and Zhen Bai to turn. Wang Hao looked at the chef who was making crepes and smiled, “Boss, here are two crepes with fresh cream. You can put more. A little strawberry?"

The chef who was making crepes raised his head and glanced at Wang Haohe Zhenbai, with an ambiguous smile on the corner of his mouth, and said loudly, "Received! I will prepare two strawberry crepes with couple fresh cream, please wait a moment!"

Wang Hao's face blushed when he heard that, "That... don't add the word'couple' specially."

"Don't be shy. Uncle is also here. Add more strawberries to the crepe and it will be ready soon."

The chef who was making the crepes smiled heartily, but the movement of his hands did not drop at all, and he started to make the crepes quickly.

Wang Hao was also a little helpless about this. He turned his head and looked really white, and realized that the other party still had the same indifferent expression as before, only to realize that his worries might be completely unnecessary, so he didn't bother to worry.