The fairy Yamada took the snack from Wang Hao and jumped up excitedly. It was in sharp contrast with the look just now. Wang Hao couldn't help but twitch his mouth when he saw this, "If you really thank me, After that, I will cancel the line that is full of middle two."

As if he didn't hear what he said, the fairy Yamada glanced at the gift box in his hand again happily, and then slowly turned his head to look at Wang Hao, "You just went to Akihabara?"

How can it be repaired, don't change the subject so casually!

Seeing the fairy Yamada pretending to have not heard it, Wang Hao immediately rolled his eyes helplessly, "Well, take Zhen Bai for a walk."

"Oh, take a walk~" The Yamada fairy narrowed his eyes slightly, and stretched out his tone.

When Wang Hao heard the other party's words, he suddenly said a little irritably: "It's just a simple walk and shopping. You know the true white character, and yesterday you said you want me to see it?"

Hearing this, the fairy Yamada nodded in satisfaction. Although she and Shiina have not been together for a long time, they probably figured out the other's character during this period, "You come with me a little bit."

As soon as he finished speaking, the fairy Yamada turned up the stairs. Although Wang Hao was a little confused when he saw this, he still obeyed what the fairy Yamada said and followed behind him.

Yamada Fairy’s'Crystal Palace' Wang Hao has only been here two or three times, but every time he came, he only sat in the living room on the first floor, and did not go to the second floor and above, so he was also a little curious at this time.

Looking around, the layout and layout of the space are very good. Living alone is a bit like an independent castle.

Soon Wang Hao stopped. The fairy Yamada stood by and pointed to an office marked'office moon side', smiling and introducing: "Welcome this guest, this is my working place."


Wang Hao said with some expectation. From the bottom of his heart, he was very concerned about the working environment of the Yamada Fairy, because this was the first time Wang Hao looked at other writers and under what environment they worked.

Although he had a speculation in his mind, the speculation in his mind was always different from what he saw with his own eyes.

However, the next moment, when the Yamada Fairy opened the door of the office, Wang Hao followed behind and looked at everything around him. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch and said, "Why are there cardboard boxes everywhere here?"

That's right, it was originally a good office. The office desk is close to the huge floor-to-ceiling window. Outside the window is a vibrant green, and mild sunlight falls on that area.

Just look up and you can see the rooms of Qiushui Villa. The distance between the two is not too far. If you close the curtains, you can cut off the outside scene.

But now it's done. There are cardboard boxes around. Except for a laptop, almost nothing has been placed on the desk, which is almost empty.

The fairy Yamada stretched out her little hand helplessly, and said plausibly, "This is no way, right? Although I bought this house, I just moved here after all, so I can only put other things in the cardboard box first. Here, come and clean up later."

"The time you moved here is not short, right? Ten days and a half is not enough to clean up? Don't tell me that you are addicted to work and don't have time to clean up, so why do you have free time and come to Qiushui Villa three to five times apart? , If you have this time, you have already arranged the room, right?!"

Wang Hao finally spit out mercilessly. He didn't believe the nonsense that the fairy Yamada said. The other party snorted softly, and gently lifted the skirt with a graceful expression. He chuckled and said, "What a rude! In order to guide you and the second-rate writer Xia Shizi, I don’t want to go there, but as the savior of light novels, I can’t die!"

Chapter 305 Yamada Fairy: I can drag it for a while!

"Hehe, that's really grateful..."

Wang Hao said without a smile, although he said it was thankful, but there was no hint of gratitude on his face, so it was more helpless.

The fairy Yamada just turned around and looked forward, with his hands on his waist and continued: "The carton basically contains peripherals and samples. If you can, pick out the ones you like and take them back."

"Huh? Is it really possible?!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao was shocked. He made a sound in disbelief. He immediately looked at the Fairy Yamada with some excitement, and asked eagerly: "Then you can give me the new issue of "Burning Dark Fairy", by the way, don’t forget to Sign the new issue!"


After hearing Wang Hao's words, the fairy Yamada looked over in surprise, a charming smile appeared on his face, put one hand on his right cheek, and said meaningfully: "So you are still my fan?"


Seeing Yamada Fairy's meaningful smile, Wang Hao's face suddenly became a little embarrassed, and he didn't know how to refute it for a while.

Because both his predecessor and himself have seen the works of the Yamada Fairy, without exception, he was impressed by the charm of the works. At that time, he never thought that the author of the work would be a blonde girl, and he thought it was that kind. Staying at home all day, the middle-aged uncle in his thirties can write such works full of ergonomic elements.

However, although the work "Burning Dark Goblin" is full of various ergonomic elements and some nasty plots, it is indeed a very interesting work, so it will become a work after the predecessor and himself have seen it in person. Fans of the work.

The reason why his predecessor became a fan of the Yamada Fairy was also due to some coincidence, and he accidentally started a copy of "Burning Dark Fairy".

It can be said that the predecessor of "Explosive Dark Fairy" had a contact with light novels, because in the days before this, the predecessors basically read some traditional literature works.

Moreover, the pressure accumulated at that time was too great. No matter what exam or competition, the predecessor would compete for the first place, just to not let Mr. Wang down.

This way, the accumulated pressure is naturally greater, so when I first encountered "Burning Dark Goblin", the predecessor really let go of all the pressure during the reading process, and saw some very nasty and interesting plots. He laughed naturally.

Wang Hao was also influenced by his predecessor. At first he saw "Burning Dark Fairy" in the bookstore, and he subconsciously felt like he wanted to get it, so he bought a copy of the book, and then he was watching it. In the process, I was also attracted by the interestingness of this book.

Whether it is his predecessor or himself, he has become a fan of the Yamada Fairy. He really can't refute this against his conscience, and he has already subconsciously asked for an autograph just now.

Under the gaze of the fairy Yamada, Wang Hao nodded in embarrassment. Since the matter has been exposed, there is nothing to hide.

"You talk about this kind of thing earlier."

The smile on the face of the fairy Yamada became more and more happy, turned around and opened the nearby cardboard box, and soon found the latest issue of the "Burning Dark Fairy" that had not yet been released.

She took out a black signature pen from the table next to her, and quickly got her name on the blank page. The fairy Yamada turned around and handed it to Wang Hao, saying: "Come on, here you are, this is the editor The sample of the latest issue I brought over there, as well as the signature of the greatest light novel savior in history, Yamada Fairy teacher, accept it with gratitude!"

Wang Hao directly chose to ignore the second half of the sentence, and with some excitement, he took the unreleased new volume of "Burning Dark Fairy" from the other party. He smiled happily and thanked him: "Ah, it's 3Q, thank you! !"

He has read the contents of the physical books of "Burning Dark Fairy" on the market. These days, he has been urging the Yamada Fairy to go home and work quickly. A small part of the reason is to be able to see the content of the next serialization quickly. Unexpectedly, there will be nowhere to find if you step through the iron shoes, and it will take no effort.

"Your signature looks pretty good. I'll keep this book in my pocket."

Wang Hao said with a little emotion, the signature of the Yamada Fairy is really beautiful, the font looks very beautiful, it should be specially trained.

Looking at the back of the new issue in hand, it turned out to be a new volume that has not yet been released on the market. The plot of this book has reached a climax stage, and they are very interested in the next content.

The Fairy Yamada blushed when he heard the words, and snorted lightly, and said, "Don't get me wrong, it's just an extra copy. It's useless to keep it here."

"I know I know."

Wang Hao smiled indifferently and said, maybe he was unexpectedly grateful for this duplicity at this time.

Moreover, people are soft and short.

Having accepted the other party's new publication, which has not yet been released to the public, Wang Hao didn't bother to care about it.

Seeing Wang Hao's contented look, Yamada's forbidden mouth twitched slightly, then turned over and looked for the contents in the box. He quickly found the game console and gamepad, and skillfully turned on the LCD TV on the wall and put it in. A game disc.

I found two more mats from the side. The fairy Yamada sat on the right, patted the empty spot on the left, and looked at Wang Hao’s invitation, "Okay, since you have accepted the new issue, Hao Jun, you too Come and play a game with me!"

Wang Hao shook his head, and said in a daze, "No, no, no, I remember... You seem to be saying that today is to show me how you work?

And now there is not much time left to realize it. If you don't prepare for the creation of new works, it will really be too late."

"Eh...If you say new works, I am completely unable to motivate me now, let me rest for a while..." The Yamada fairy suddenly lay a little lazily on the blanket, and picked up a PSP game console from the side. Started to play the game listlessly, as if he didn't hear what he said at all, and casually said a little.

Upon seeing this, a black line throbbed on Wang Hao's forehead and said: "It has been half a month since you said this to me last time. You have not worked anymore these days! "

The Yamada Fairy immediately lifted his body from the blanket, raised his eyebrows slightly to the sides, and showed a pleasant smile on his face. He slowly shook his hand, and said indifferently: "Well, it's okay, it's okay, it's only the beginning of the month. There is still plenty of time, and it can continue to be delayed for a while."