Chapter 306, this guy is probably hopeless...

"You should have one or two volumes of "Burning Dark Goblin" left unfinished, and preparations for the new work have not yet begun. Are you still going to fight with me?"

Wang Hao looked at the Yamada Fairy with a headache. He really didn't know what to do with this lazy and rich best-selling author. He couldn't do anything about this problem.

He had no choice but to persuade once again: "If you can't catch up with the dead line, I think things will become very troublesome."

"Hmph, don't you know? For a genius like me, the dead line does not exist, does not exist, should it be said that the dead line exists for a genius like me?"

The Yamada Fairy snorted proudly, raised her small head, and a confident arc appeared at the corner of her mouth. She suddenly stood up from the blanket, raised her hands high up, showing a V sign, her face is always full of With a confident smile, he said loudly: "No! Absolutely not!!"

Seeing that the self-confidence of the Fairy Yamada had swelled to a state beyond words, Wang Hao stood there blankly, not knowing what to say.

However, the fairy Yamada didn't mean to stop his mouth. With his right hand crossed on his waist, his left hand lightly placed on his chest, he smiled and continued: "Because my heart is free, I can unfold the wings of creative freedom!"

After speaking, the Yamada Fairy symbolically stretched out his hands to both sides, as if thinking that this would give an extra pair of free wings to fly.


Wang Hao lightly sighed, and rubbed his eyebrows reluctantly. He thought she was a little handsome before.

Well, this guy, maybe it's out of help...

The fairy Yamada didn't seem to notice Wang Hao's headache, and walked to his side with the PSP game console in his hand, and said, "Compared to this, Haojun, let's play games together!"

Wang Hao ignored what Yamada Fairy said about playing games. Instead, he looked down at the other person and said softly: "Mr. Yamada! Didn't you say that you want to create a legendary ultra-light novel, and then beat me to the ground?

I doubt very much whether you can create it in your current state..."

"Does this still need to be asked? Of course it can be created!"

Without the slightest hesitation, the fairy Yamada immediately gave Wang Hao's reply. He lightly covered his left eye with his left hand, and his tone suddenly became serious. "It is precisely because I need to create the legendary ultra-light novel, so I need to recharge my energy, everything I do is just to recharge my energy!"

"No, you guys are just a waste of wood, and they are completely hopeless at present."

Wang Hao's face twitched, and he uttered a faint complaint. He had completely given up hope. Upon seeing this, the fairy Yamada frowned, folded his arms, and said, "Ah, what are you talking about? You are still mine. Servant?"

Wang Hao forced a smile upon hearing this, and said, "So, when did I become your servant?"

The fairy Yamada snorted, curled his lips lightly, and slowly said, "Hmph, didn't you just say that you are my fan? For those fans who admire us from the bottom of their hearts, they are all our lovely servants!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao finally couldn't help but vomit directly: "What I said, if you are heard by those lovely servants, I guess everyone will turn from fan to black in an instant! And I'm just a fan , Not a servant!!"

The fairy Yamada walked slowly to the balcony, pointed at the Qiushui Villa, which was not far away, and looked at Wang Hao with a sneer: "Huh, I advise Mr. Mappao, you should not mind my nostalgia, you should take care of the real white sauce first, you What do you think?"

"No, no, of course you don't have to worry about it. If it's really white, it's okay. She is so cute and obedient, and she works very hard, just like a little angel."

Wang Hao waved his hand and said with a natural look. In his opinion, apart from the lack of common sense, Wang Hao seemed to be as perfect as an elf forgotten in the world.

And in many cases, when he was with Zhenbai, he would subconsciously forget all his worries, and his personality of saying whatever he thought of, also cured him many times.

Well, my family is really white and the cutest. This is the conclusion that Wang Hao came to. So after he looked at the fairy Yamada, he closed his eyes and shook his head, and then faintly continued: "As for you, it won’t work, because you are so long. She’s not cute, her personality is terrible, she is lazy and doesn’t work hard at all."

"what did you say?!!"

The Yamada Fairy frowned, his face flushed with shame, his face was full of disbelief, his eyes widened, and he watched Wang Hao's loud voice saying every word: "Let’s not talk about what you give me. Those on the list are not required to be marked. Although the true white sauce is very good, no matter how you look at it, it should be my goddess with wisdom and beauty that is more popular! And in terms of the degree of effort, I have never been interrupted or suspended in the industry. Just work harder!!"

Well, Wang Hao thought about it carefully. In his memory, the Yamada Monster has been updated on time regardless of wind or rain from his debut until now. As the other party said, there hasn’t been a break even today. This situation is indeed regarded as a type of hard work in the light novel industry.

But because of this, he couldn't figure it out, and he never dared to associate the Yamada fairy, known as a model worker in the light novel industry, with the lazy blond girl in front of him.

Originally, Mr. Yamada’s gender is not a big problem whether it is a male or a female. It is acceptable even if there is a big difference in age and appearance, but this personality is really too different!!

It can be regarded as one heaven and one underground, and there should be absolutely no connection between the two.

Although he can't figure out the situation of the Yamada Fairy, Wang Hao is very clear about the situation of True White. As just said, he believes that there is absolutely no exaggeration in it, and the level of effort is absolutely extraordinary. Imagine.

When the girl remembered when she was a child, she picked up a paintbrush in her grandfather's studio, and then there was only painting left in her life, and she has been painting day and night until now.

Many famous artists in the world are praising how amazing Shiina’s talent is. Even David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, who is still in office, kindly took pictures with him.

It can be said that outsiders have only seen the brilliance of the true white, but how many people know how many days and nights this young girl insists on holding up the brush in her hand under the glory that has attracted the attention of the world, wasting one sheet after another. , How much paint did it take to get to this point?

Chapter 307 The Most Fascinating Game of Life

Thinking of this, Wang Hao strengthened the thoughts in his heart, frowned and looked at the fairy Yamada and said seriously: "Anyway, you should work hard for me. Don't continue to be lazy!"

The Yamada fairy puffed up her face in disgust, clenched her teeth, and exclaimed a little impatiently, "I said, there is no way to get motivated, and there is no interest in work now!"

Wang Hao immediately refuted the other party’s wrong theory, beckoned impatiently, and said with a solemn face: "What is your reason? Work and whether you have motivation and interest are completely irrelevant! Work is to go step by step. To complete it, you must persevere every day!!!"

Regarding this, he agrees very much, and there is no good thing about pie under the sky.

No pain no gain.

Wang Hao believes that even if there is one point of hard work and three points of harvest, it takes hard work and persists in doing it every day to get the reward.

As he is now, he is still working hard and persistently every day, and he has hardly been lazy. Only by giving will gain.


The fairy Yamada looked like he had seen a ghost, and he let out an exclamation in disbelief. He looked at Wang Hao with trepidation. The eyebrows and corners of his mouth trembled slightly, and he stretched out his fingers towards the opponent with some trembling, stammering: "You, do you... always... work in this way?!"

"Does this still need to be asked? Work has to be done every day."

Wang Hao nodded naturally, knowing that even with his physical fitness far beyond ordinary people, he was exhausted under continuous high-intensity work.

To know that with his current physical fitness, it is not easy to be exhausted. This shows how much Wang Hao's workload is, and that day he only took a break and then went to work again.

That’s why he often laughs at himself as a social animal, but even so, Wang Hao always believes that work must be done every day. He continued: "Also, don’t look at what you can do during club activities, but you need to do it every day. There are still many things to do, such as taking time to code words and drawing manuscripts, etc. If you don’t go to work every day, the consequences will be very serious."


The Yamada fairy suddenly yelled, scared Wang Hao back three steps, but the other side approached him step by step, Wang Hao had to subconsciously continue to back away.

When he approached the wall, the fairy Yamada said domineeringly: "You are really a stupid mortal. According to your current state of work, your new works will definitely not beat me. If you work when you are not clean, how can you write Interesting work?

When the interest comes, the inspiration for creation will naturally come. If you keep working hard, you will encounter bottlenecks. How can you create better works than me!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao frowned slightly. He had to admit that what the fairy Yamada said was indeed reasonable, and that the quality of the work was indeed very much related to the writer himself.

Although sometimes the creators are depressed but can still write perfect works, they are undoubtedly writers with extremely profound background and have reached a state where they can express sad emotions on paper to infect everyone, but that After all, it is only a minority.

The fairy Yamada said it was a different one, the same one he knew.

If the writer himself keeps working hard, the works he creates will certainly be less interesting, and it is easy to encounter bottlenecks when working hard like this. On the contrary, when the writer himself is happy, there will be a considerable gap in quality.

Although Wang Hao is very clear, even if he understands it, it doesn't mean that he agrees with Yamada Fairy's statement. Sometimes there are things that require persistence rather than random methods.