Thinking of this, he looked at the Yamada Fairy and shook his head, and said, "Are you using this method like a game to work?"

"Huh? I didn't say that I had worked..."

Hearing Wang Hao's words, the Fairy Yamada let out a little puzzled, stretched out his index finger to the face that was obviously a little confused, and directly answered the other party's question.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao was a little bit more confused, with a look of stunned expression on his face, and asked with a slightly distracted expression: "Wait! Uh... what's the matter when you say you are not working? Look at it. , Aren’t you a best-selling writer?"

He really had some doubts about this, and he didn't even believe what the Fairy Yamada said. Even if the other party told others, no one would want to believe what the Fairy Yamada said.

"Burning Dark Fairy" as the debut work of Yamada Fairy, has now sold 2 million, so Wang Hao heard Yamada Fairy's words, but felt that the other party is acting as a fork, just like a world-famous star in the public media Like everyone saying that he is not a star, the world's richest man said that he regretted starting a certain company in the first place.

Through these days of understanding, Wang Hao is sure that although the Yamada Fairy sometimes swells to a certain degree of narcissism, it will never have such a bad taste.

Hearing Wang Hao’s question, Yamada Demon answered indifferently, “Of course I’m a best-selling writer! The reason why I’m not working is because I rely on my hobbies to become a writer. If I have to say it, it’s fun. Right."


Wang Hao's face was stunned, and he didn't know how to answer Yamada Fairy, or what should he say now?

Yamada Fairy chuckled, with a look of excitement on his face, and continued with some joy: "If it were to be more popular, I would treat writing as a game, and this game is better than the world in my eyes. Other games should be more exciting, the most fascinating game in my life!"

"Eh..." Wang Hao sighed, shook his head with some emotion, took two steps to the side, and took the initiative to keep a little distance from the opponent.

Seeing his behavior, the fairy Yamada was a little puzzled, and asked in a soft voice, "What's wrong? Is there any problem with this?"

After that, her eyes kept staring at him, with a rare look of questioning on her face. For the arrogant and arrogant Yamada fairy, it is already very difficult to show such an attitude.

"No, what you said is true, and it can be used as a reference for me, but it still doesn't work."

Wang Hao only smiled bitterly when he saw this. In fact, he didn't feel any problem with the reasons given by the three-day goblin. On the contrary, he recognized the other party in some aspects, but after all, he could not really accept it, because the two sides agreed. The philosophy of persistence is different.

Chapter 308 Although this is just a game, it is not a joke!

He didn't know how to comment on the Yamada Fairy in his heart. He could only lament that this is a real genius in the field of writing novels. The sales volume of his first debut work has now reached more than 2 million, and he still used the money to buy it. After he left the house next door, his work is also being animated.

The other party should be in junior high school now, only one or two years younger than him. Although he doesn't seem to go to school and stay at home all day, he has done things that many people can't do in a lifetime. Have a proud qualification.

In addition, the Yamada Fairy is entirely out of interest in writing, but now it has become a best-selling author with a sales volume of more than one million, and it is indeed nothing compared to other peers.

"If there is nothing wrong, I'll leave first." So he didn't intend to stay and continue to persuade the other party, turned slightly and prepared to leave here.

Seeing Wang Hao who suddenly turned around, the fairy Yamada immediately shouted: "Wait for me!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao stopped, turned around to look at the other party, and asked, "Anything else?"

"Just now you didn't say that my work attitude is like playing games, I also said that I really use the attitude of playing games to write novels."

The fairy Yamada bluntly said, Wang Hao didn’t immediately refute or vomit, but just stood by and waited for the next paragraph. The corner of the other’s mouth slightly ticked and said, “Although I am writing a novel with the attitude of playing games, it is precisely because It’s playing games, so I take it seriously. If I don’t take it seriously, then the game won’t be interesting!!"

Hearing these words, Wang Hao stared at the Yamada fairy for a while, until the other's face turned slightly red, he sighed and slowly said, "You guy, maybe even more handsome than I thought. ..."

Although this is just a game, it is not a joke!

The meaning that the other party wanted to express was also clearly conveyed to Wang Hao, so he would once again have a new perspective on the Yamada Fairy.

Regardless of whether it is a reality or a game, although there is a fundamental difference between the two, people who maintain a serious attitude no matter where they are, this spirit is also worthy of respect.

Although the fairy Yamada looks very lazy now, Wang Hao's serious attitude has also moved Wang Hao. Maybe he has never really understood this beautiful blonde girl, perhaps he has just come into contact with some of the true face of the other party.

"Huh! Isn't this of course?"

The fairy Yamada snorted softly, folded his arms around his chest, turned his head blushing, not wanting Wang Hao to discover her anomaly.

But this kind of shy attitude was clear at a glance. Wang Hao smiled when he saw it. He didn't expect that the usually quirky, out-of-character Yamada Fairy would have such a cute side.

On weekdays, the other party shows an unbelievably arrogant posture, and the character changes quickly. It can be said that turning over is faster than turning a book, but it rarely shows such a shy posture. It should be considered. It's the second time.

The first time Wang Hao saw the shyness of the Yamada Fairy was when he first visited the other party's house, and then things got worse.

The situation was urgent at the time, so Wang Hao didn't have the mood to care about it. Now suddenly seeing the shy appearance of the Yamada Fairy up close suddenly made him feel a little lost.

But fortunately, Wang Hao is not the same as he was at the beginning. He has been in contact with too many people these days, and getting along with the members of the society every day, Wang Hao's immunity to girls has long improved.

Because the female members of the current research institute are all beautiful girls with outstanding looks, most of them are regarded as first-class figures of the goddess of the college by others in school.

However, after Wang Hao spent some time with them, he realized that it was not as difficult to get along with as originally thought, and it was no different from communicating with other people.

And after a long time of contact, Wang Hao realized that these two are problem children, which caused him a headache...

If those students in the college knew that the goddess they admired had a terrible personality, they wouldn't think there was anything wrong.

Take Xiazhiqiu Shiyu as an example. The other person at school is a strange, frosty high posture, but there are a lot of admiring fans, but they think this kind of cold attitude is better.

What made Wang Hao's egg most painful was that he put on a kind smile that he thought was very common, and when he greeted other students in the class, the person he spoke to was immediately scared and backed away.

This situation is just like last time. At that time, he just wanted to buy lunch. He just got up from his seat and took a step with a classmate at the same time.

At that time, Wang Hao wanted to take the initiative to give way, but he didn't expect the other party to go back to the side quickly, and the expression on his face was a little frightened.

This is also a point of his uneasiness. He is obviously all classmates, but other people's attitudes towards Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu are completely different. Sure enough, the damn times are all looking at appearance!!

Although Wang Hao's appearance is not bad, it can even be regarded as outstanding, but when he goes to school, he will wear a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and then perfectly suffocate all charm under the glasses.

In fact, this is not the point. Maybe Wang Hao doesn't know. The reason why he is feared by other students is because of the incident not long after school started.

It was Wang Hao who defeated the academy's justice monster Toyokawa Katsuta with one move, and defeated the head of the Kendo Club Tokushima Maiko. These two incidents have caused a lot of disturbance in the Shengzaki Academy, and even spread to many junior high schools, high schools and universities. .

Wang Hao's defeat of Toyokawa Yada was acceptable, but he was able to defeat the Minister Tokushima Maiko of the Kendo Club of Shengzaki Academy, which shocked everyone including other academies!

Who is the poison island girl?The champion of the National Kendo Contest!

As for why they knew the fact that the Dudao Maid was defeated by Wang Hao, it was not a gossip, but the truth that the Dudao Maid himself spoke uprightly.

The person who can defeat the champion of the national kendo competition naturally makes others subconsciously bring a sense of awe.

Moreover, he didn’t speak much in the class, he naturally created a cold image, so it also made people feel that it was difficult to touch. This is also the majority of the students in Wang Hao’s class. The reason for the feeling of awe.

It’s a pity that Wang Hao didn’t know this. He thought he was low-key enough in school. He never thought that some of the things he did shortly after school had been affecting the present, and the next pattern seemed difficult to break. .

If he knew the reason, he didn't know the expression on his face...

Chapter 309 Yi Erfu Yamada

But the result of this kind of coincidence, even if he knows the reason, he will at most just spit on his lips. If he really becomes a figure in the academy, Wang Hao may be really uncomfortable, or he may be present. The atmosphere is too strong?

Thinking of this, he smiled inexplicably, sometimes loneliness is better than lively.

If he is an otaku, it is not counted. If Wang Hao wants to become an eye-catching incumbent, it is very simple, but he just wants to realize the ideal in his heart step by step. Of course, Wang Hao often complains about the current life. They are all about to change jobs and become a combination of housewives and men and social animals.