No, An Yilun did not participate, because An Yilun also left Qiushui Villa on time every time and went to work as a part-time job.

For An Yilun, it is better to eat soil for the sake of faith if you have time to have afternoon tea.

A narrow smile was outlined at the corner of Kasugaoka Shiyu's mouth, and she stretched out her finger gracefully and gently tucked the tip of her forehead, "Huh? I think about it, everyone was caught by the unscrupulous black-hearted businessman. Is there a coolie here? I didn’t expect that even weak women like us would be ruthlessly deprived of the only free time..."

"Hey! It's like you are talking about me like a heinous villain!!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Haojun himself took the seat?"


The corner of Wang Hao's mouth twitched, and as expected, as soon as Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu quarreled, it was difficult for him to gain the upper hand.

Qingshan Qihai, who was also sitting next to her, saw this scene, and a trace of envy flashed deep in her eyes. The dialogue between her and Wang Hao always felt a sense of distance, far from being as casual as Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu.

Although Qingshan Qihai also wanted to be as casual as the other party, she would subconsciously speak in honorifics every time she talked with Wang Hao.

This way of communication is also very common in daily life, but compared to the casual conversation, Qingshan Qikai perceives the gap.

But she did not feel any dissatisfaction, because for Aoyama Qikai, the things that Wang Hao did for her may not be worth mentioning in the eyes of the other party, but in the eyes of Aoyama Qikai, it was no different and it was a great help. From this aspect It is worth her respect, so she never forgets to use honorifics when she talks.

"It's already this time, I'll go to the kitchen to prepare food first, and I ask Haojun and everyone to wait a while."

Aoyama Qikai glanced at the time on the clock, quickly got up from the sofa, and started walking towards the kitchen.

"I'll help too."

Wang Hao, who was idle, simply came to the kitchen to help Qingshan Qihai fight.

"No, you don't need to bother Haojun for this little thing."

"It's okay, I also want to exercise my ordinary cooking skills, and Qihaijiang doesn't have to use honorifics when talking in the future. Everyone is a member of a society, just feel free."


Aoyama Qihai nodded, and continued to process the ingredients with a blushing face. This time the answer was acquiesced without honorifics.

If you don’t observe carefully, I’m afraid it’s hard to find that Qikai Aoyama’s hand holding the knife at this time is not as calm as usual. Although she is still very skilled in cutting vegetables, it is not as fast as usual, and even the strength of the knife in her hand is also Three points lighter.

Perhaps only Qingshan Qihai himself knew it, but Wang Hao didn't notice it. He just smiled when he saw it. In his opinion, Qingshan Qihai would maintain a sense of restraint every time he talked with him.

The other party's answer just now didn't use honorifics, which naturally added a very cordial and casual feeling.

During the period, Megumi Kato also ran over from the club activity room to help, and Mashiro and Ako also planned to come over to join in the fun, so that all members of the club turned pale.

Although they hadn't tried the dishes made by Mashiro and Yako, they didn't dare to take risks.

The reason is also very simple. Really white is natural dullness plus three no girls, and the most important thing is that there is no common sense; Yazi is also natural dullness, and also has the title of poisonous milk mage, this title is no joke!

If the two are combined, who knows what shocking dark dishes can be made, after all, the members of the society are not stupid, naturally no one wants to taste dark dishes.

Wang Hao immediately stopped him personally and persuaded the two talents to give up. This made everyone secretly relieved.

Chapter 311: Ye Qiu Mountain, One Leaf Autumn Mountain

After eating this frightening dinner, Wang Hao sent the girls home as usual.

Walking on the way home, there are not many people here at this time, and the trail looks a bit empty and extremely quiet.

Wang Hao picked up the phone and lowered his head and swiped the page. It was the same as the "head-down clan" in society, but he was not reading novels or playing games, but found a number stored in the phone.

And the name marked with this number is Ye Qiushan. He is an authentic celestial person like Wang Hao. There is no blood relationship between the two, but he was helped by Mr. Wang when he was young, just like Wang Hao. Respect Mr. Wang from the heart.

Ye Qiushan, this name was put ten years ago, it is definitely an extremely bright name.

At that time, people called him "One Leaf Autumn Mountain", a man who can cover the entire autumn mountain with a single leaf, it can be seen how bold he is.

Today, people of the same generation as Ye Qiushan have become the mainstay of society.

Wang Hao had a good relationship with each other when he was young, and Ye Qiushan often played with him. Wang Hao probably hadn't contacted each other for two or three years.

The last time he met Ye Qiushan was at the funeral of Mr. Wang.

He glanced at the number again with some complicated eyes, he sighed slightly, but after all he called the other party.

"Hello? Who!"

There was an impatient voice on the other end of the phone. Wang Hao didn't feel anything wrong after hearing the words. He just said with a wry smile: "It's me, Wang Hao, I want to talk to Qiu Shan about something. Is it convenient now?"

"Why is it inconvenient? You can come to Room 36 of Starry KTV."

"Okay, I'll come right away."

After speaking, Wang Hao actively hung up the phone, drove the Maybach out of the garage, turned on the navigation, and quickly found the location of the star-lit KTV.

After carefully looking at the map, Wang Hao drove off without saying a word after finding that the distance was not far.

Karaoke originally means "unaccompanied band" in Japanese.

In the initial period, because the neon men were ashamed to get home from get off work too early, they gathered in the bar to have fun while drinking and singing, so this kind of entertainment gradually became popular, and correspondingly extended the KTV entertainment venue. .

KTV is very common in neon, and it is also a very popular entertainment venue.

According to the survey, about 48 million people in Neon have gone to KTV to sing, accounting for more than 30% of the total population. Among them, the age span is also large, from elementary school students to middle-aged and elderly people everywhere.

However, Wang Hao hadn't been in and out of these places often, he had walked out with Ye Qiushan when he was young.

The KTV he was going to was in Tokyo. Although he hadn't been there before, Wang Hao drove more than 20 minutes and arrived at the destination according to the route on the navigation.

When he parked his car in a nearby parking space, Wang Hao raised his head and looked at the brightly lit street market. The city traffic at night is still very large, especially the number of people entering and exiting various izakayas, KTVs, etc., is obviously more than during the day. A lot.

Although Wang Hao rarely enters and exits these entertainment places, he is not too surprised, because when he was a child, Ye Qiushan often sneaked out with him, even though he was the one who was locked up in the black house every time.

"Welcome, what help do you need, guest?"

Walking into the Starlight KTV, a woman in work uniform at the counter greeted Wang Hao enthusiastically.

"I'm here to find someone, who is in room 36."

Wang Haobao replied with a smile, and the service staff at the counter immediately showed a sense of enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm on his face did not diminish at all.

"No, please tell me the approximate location if you can."

Wang Hao smiled and shook his head. The female waitress still had that professional smile on her face, and quickly replied: "For number 36, turn left on the second floor and the third room."

"Thank you."

"It is my honor to be able to help you."