Hearing that, he didn't go to thank the other party again, because if he was saying some thanks to the other party, the other party would definitely continue to pay back.

On the second floor, Wang Hao quickly found room 36 according to the location given by the service staff, and stood at the door and knocked gently.


It didn't take long for a woman with revealing clothes, heavy makeup on her face, and a pungent perfume to open the door.

This woman with heavy make-up, who seemed to be around twenty-four or five, raised her head and looked at Wang Hao, with a flash of surprise in her eyes.

However, Wang Hao just smiled at the other party and walked slowly into this box, but his eyes stopped when he saw the vicissitudes of middle-aged uncle sitting on the sofa, hugging left and right, with stubbles growing. .

"Yo, Master Wang is here, Mai Mai quickly greets Master Wang."

The man who was obviously only in his thirties, at this time, looked a bit like the vicissitudes of life, who was nearly forty years old and covered with stubbles, smiled and said that the man was Ye Qiushan.

"It turned out to be Young Master Wang, quickly sit down and chat with Mai Mai, but I have heard of many heroic deeds of Young Master Wang."

The man named Mai Mai who opened the door to Wang Hao was very familiar and took his arm, and the softness that came out made Wang Hao a little overwhelmed immediately, and got rid of the opponent's dribbling without a trace. Human offensive.

Under Mai Mai Youhen eyes, Wang Hao smiled bitterly and walked to the side.

Ye Qiushan watched this scene playfully, with a smile on his face, patted the shoulders of the two women next to him, "I haven't seen you for so long, Master Wang has grown up, I didn't expect Mai Mai to be satisfied alone. It's Master Wang, Lili and Qiqi, you also go to greet Master Wang with Mai Mai."

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao was the first two big people. Seeing Ye Qiushan's narrow smile, he smiled awkwardly: "I have something important to see Brother Ye today."

Ye Qiushan didn't seem to hear what he said, and bowed slightly with a smile on his face, and said respectfully, "Master Wang, please sit down."

This scene made the eyes of the three women around Lili, Qiqi, and Mai Mai shine bright, and their eyes stared at Wang Hao more fiercely, seeming to glow with green light.

The three women glanced at each other, and they all saw the same look in each other's eyes, which was a color named Golden Tortoise.

Feeling the fiery sight of the three women around him, Wang Hao's face twitched when he saw it, and black lines appeared on his forehead. He finally couldn't help but said helplessly: "Brother Ye, just let me go. The pretend plot like a novel suddenly happened here, I really can’t cooperate anymore, and I really have something..."

Chapter 312 Brother, I am going to start a business

"How big is the matter?"

Ye Qiushan looked at Wang Hao, but at this moment put away the flattery look just now. Although he still had a slight smile, his temperament was completely different.

Upon seeing this, he was a little dazed, sighed lightly, and said helplessly: "It's a very big thing."

"is it."

Ye Qiushan replied faintly, turned around and waved at the three girls beside him with a casual smile.

The three daughters of Lili, Kiki, and Mai Mai looked reluctantly at Wang Hao when they saw this. It’s hard to find a beetle-in-law with an extraordinary life like this, but the three of them know how to advance and retreat, and they quickly twisted. The waist came out of the KTV box.

Only then did Wang Hao secretly breathe a sigh of relief, letting him deal with other things okay, but he really couldn't help it in this regard, he sat down beside Ye Qiushan with a familiar smile.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qiushan smiled heartily, changed all his previous expressions, reached out his hand and patted Wang Hao on the shoulder gently, and said with a smile: "You kid now has something to tell you. I haven't taken the initiative to contact you all these years. Who took your kid around to play? Now that the wings are hard, you don’t play with your brother anymore, right?"

"Oh, my brother, can't you come to you if you have nothing to do, and your old man will do something lightly, it hurts."

Wang Hao shook his shoulders with a bitter face. Ye Qiushan's seemingly light movements on his shoulder just now were not so easy, so he, as the person involved, knew very well, "Moreover, our age The difference is so big, you are in your thirties. I am only sixteen or seventeen, and the sun is eight or nine in the morning. There is a generation gap between us."

There was a pain in his shoulders, but Wang Hao could only suffer. Although there were many reasons for this, it was a fact after all.

When Wang Hao was young, he was not the childhood sweethearts like Yukoshita Yono, Nishikino Maki and so on, who grew up together, but the vicissitudes of life in front of him in his thirties.

When Wang Hao was bored by himself when he was a child, Ye Qiushan often came to play with him, so Wang Hao's relationship with each other has always been very good.

Even Mr. Wang was very curious. After all, Ye Qiushan was 18 or 9 years old at the time, and he was able to play with Wang Hao, who was a teenager.

At that time, Wang Hao’s grandmother was not less jealous of Ye Qiushan. Even the seemingly harsh old man Wang was a little unhappy about it, because as soon as he appeared in front of his grandson, the other party would immediately put on a serious look. I laughed casually when I was with Ye Qiushan.

Therefore, Mr. Wang also eats Ye Qiushan's vinegar secretly. Ye Qiushan may know this, but Wang Hao doesn't.

"Walk one?"

Ye Qiushan picked up the dark beer next to him, and Wang Hao nodded without hesitation when he saw this, although he had hardly drunk alcohol before and even disliked it a little.

Because when he was a child, Wang Hao secretly tasted the wine hidden by the old man, and then he was drunk for more than a whole day. The taste at that time is not good in retrospect.

Ye Qiushan smiled more happily when he saw it, and pried open the bottle cap with one hand. "Okay, it's been so long. Your boy's bones have grown stronger and his mouth has become damaged. Have you found a girl? Didn't find a brother? You carry one and go home."

"What do you say to a minor?"

Wang Hao rolled his eyes reluctantly, suffocating a full bottle of beer, not as intoxicating as before, and even now it doesn't count as stuffing between his teeth.

Ye Qiushan handed over another bottle from the side, and he took it unambiguously, and continued: "But when will you find a sister-in-law, Brother Ye? You are already in your thirties. Hurry up and start a family. Let me hug my nephew earlier, and then I will be the godfather of the child."

"Tasty but dumplings, fun but sister-in-law, right?"

Ye Qiushan laughed and cursed, and continued to blow out the wine in his hand. Suddenly he looked at Wang Hao with a serious expression, and said, "Your boy has changed so much and his mouth has become so damaged. Isn't it because you are drenched in flowers and grass outside? I owe a big ass love debt, come to your brother Ye to hide, right?"

"How can you, Ye Ge, you watched me grow up, am I like that kind of dandy?"

Wang Hao was shocked, and pointed his finger innocently at the harmless look on his face.

Ye Qiushan shook his head, his serious expression disappeared, and said with a joke: "You kid didn't know how to say these things before, and his mind was very simple. Even the beautiful sister in bikini could blush for a long time. I can't guess it."

"Hey! Ye Ge, you said that too much. At that time, you obviously wanted me to come over and strike up a conversation. I blushed completely because of the sun, and how old I was then!"

"Tsk tusk, I don't see that your kid had this potential back then, and his mouth can be talked about. It's a good length, only a bit worse than me. Maybe you can really inherit your Ye Ge's demeanor."

"After you shave off the stubble on your face, you will be in your thirties, so you should learn to take care of yourself anyway."

"What do you guys know? A man with thirty-one flowers, or I just call Lili, Kiki and Mai Mai?"

"Brother, you are my own brother, can I be afraid of you?"

"Hahaha! Say this to your kid, let's go one more brother!!"

Ye Qiushan lightly patted Wang Hao's shoulder this time and smiled in relief. This move made Wang Hao silently take a sip of wine.

Drinking this sip of wine makes the world full of joys and sorrows.

Leaf autumn mountain, one leaf autumn mountain.

Ten years ago, the brightest star in neon business was the secretary and the most powerful arm of Mr. Wang. At that time, Ye Qiushan was known as the talent of the business community.

Elder Wang personally commented that this leaf that fell from the sky is enough to cover the vast autumn mountains. Who has this courage?

Say a decade, a decade!

Seeing Ye Qiushan's stubble, Wang Hao felt sad inexplicably.

He doesn't know why the other party has become like this now, but he has been using alcohol to dissipate his sorrows a few years ago, from the young man who used to ride him on his neck to the vicissitudes of life now.