The two people he admired most before, one was Mr. Wang and the other was Ye Qiushan.

Therefore, Wang Hao is very depressed now, and he always feels suffocated in his heart, so he can only use the wine to let it go.

Picking up a bottle of cold dark beer again, Wang Hao still didn't feel any drunkenness. Instead, he was extra clear at this time. He had never felt so calm before. He raised his head and looked at Ye Qiushan and said, "Brother, I am going to start a business. ."

Chapter 313 Do you know the bullet screen?

"What do you think in your head? What kind of business is underage? The sky is falling and there is still a tall man standing on it. If you encounter trouble, you can ask Brother Ye, but I have to charge. The price is not cheap."

Ye Qiushan leaned directly on the sofa in a mannerless manner, holding a beer in his right hand, and his attitude looked very casual.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao rubbed his head helplessly, and some of the sighs that had just risen in his heart disappeared completely. "Actually, I have already started a business. I have acquired a small and medium-sized publishing house in Tokyo and established myself. A game team."

"Well, keep talking, I'm listening."

Ye Qiushan said with a calm face. Wang Hao observed the other person’s expression, and found that there was no abnormality. He was a little depressed. He decided to expose some more fierce information and continued: "I just learned about it a few days ago. The family secretly supports my line, so we can avoid a lot of big troubles."


After seeing Ye Qiushan's still unreliable look, Wang Hao finally asked a little sullenly, "That... don't you be curious about Brother Ye? What kind of family is supporting me?"

"Who else can anyone else? Isn't it the Poison Island family! Did you kid forget who I was with?" Ye Qiushan grinned and cursed. This question made Wang Hao speechless immediately. My problem just now was like a second-hand.

Ye Qiushan was the secretary of Mr. Wang back then, so he might know more things than him. There is no need to doubt too much about this.

When Ye Qiushan left, Mr. Wang also told Wang Hao that if he is gone and encounters something or trouble he doesn’t understand, you can ask Ye Qiushan. I believe the other party should look away by then. Harvested.

So Wang Hao was not too surprised when Ye Qiushan broke through the poison island family. He only heard Ye Qiushan continue to sneer, "Poison island family, poison island family, it seems that there is only the poison island family now, are you kiddo? Feeling proud?

What is the protagonist in the novel, the tiger's body is shocked, all directions come to serve, right?"

Hearing that, Wang Hao was silent. He was not a stupid person, so he naturally heard the meaning of Ye Qiushan's words.

It turned out that this pool was deeper than he had imagined, and there was more than one fish in it, but now only one was willing to take the initiative to come up. Perhaps the other fish had already chosen to swim elsewhere.

Even if Wang Hao knew all of this, he didn't feel too much, because he didn't know the existence of Anbu in the past, and now all he knows is only one line of power, then this is enough.

"Brother Ye, you even know the recent movement of the Dudao Family. You should also be aware of some of my recent actions. Have you investigated in detail?"

After a moment of silence, Wang Hao said with a bitter smile, Ye Qiushan rolled his eyes, "Not yet, I just heard about your kid’s recent movement, and I don’t bother to investigate it. My time is precious and I don’t have time to waste. On you kid."

Hearing these casual and arrogant words, Wang Hao finally no longer smiled bitterly.

He hates other people investigating him without authorization, perhaps because of crossing over, or because of instinctive hatred. Wang Hao always feels a little unhappy with those who investigate his own details without authorization. This has been since he was a child. It became a habit.

And Ye Qiushan also understood his habits very well. The other party said that there was no investigation, so there was no investigation.

Although the vicissitudes of the middle-aged uncle in front of him looked slutty, Wang Hao chose to believe it because he was Ye Qiushan.

It used to be, it is now, and I believe it will be in the future.

Wang Hao smiled slightly and chose to open the skylight to speak brightly, and said softly: "Now it is Yang Nai who is mainly dealing with the publishing house. The daughter of the poison island family will also help. There is still a lack of someone to preside over the overall situation."

"The two little girls are pretty good at it, but why are you looking for someone to come to me?"

"This is not thinking about sharing the blessings, so I want to invite your old man to come out of the mountains, brothers and sisters, and the benefits will be cut off."

Ye Qiushan smiled coldly and said, "I think it's blessed that you enjoy the hardship, let me take it! Who doesn't know the little Jiujiu in your stomach? Ruyi Abacus is playing pretty well now, but I want to be the shopkeeper. It's useless to have a wishful thinking.

And you are thinking about starting a business at such a young age. I'm afraid that you will be fooled by others to forget your name. This society is not as simple as your kid thinks. It's not like a greenhouse in a school."

Wang Hao paid no attention to Ye Qiushan's cynicism, "Then you agreed?"

"I found out that after so long, your cheeks are really thick."

"Thank you, you are far from Ye Ge."

After talking for a while, the two of them had another drink in silence. Wang Hao unceremoniously picked up the snack on the table and swallowed it. Although drinking is not drunk, he always has to eat something to fill his stomach.

With food, Wang Hao felt a lot more comfortable in his stomach, and the taste was very good. He lowered his head and began to taste other fruits, and introduced himself: "I have registered the company, and the name is Tianshen Group, the details of Ye Ge can be clear when he visits the poison island's house, but now the Tianshen Group is just a "shell" company with nothing."

Ye Qiushan waved his hand impatiently, and said: "Simply put it briefly, what are you going to get? How long will the funds be available? If you plan to build a large-scale company immediately, the start-up funds the father left you may not be enough. I don’t want money. I’m going to die. Even if I help you work, the money is paid to you, and the salary is not less. In addition, there must be sufficient guarantees for holidays. The secretary must be a beautiful secretary... "

"Yes, you are going to be an uncle, right?"

Wang Hao rolled his eyes helplessly when he heard Ye Qiushan's words.

Ye Qiushan narrowed his eyes slightly and said jokingly: "What? Is there a problem?"

Wang Hao quickly changed his mouth, with a charming smile on his face, "No problem, no problem, you have the final say."

"Tell me about your plan."

Ye Qiushan nodded in satisfaction, Wang Hao subconsciously straightened up his waist when he saw this, coughed gently, sorted out his thoughts, and slowly said, "Brother Ye, do you know the bullet screen?"

After saying this, Wang Hao finally felt a lot more comfortable in his heart, and at the same time found a direction for the next dialogue.

If he said that he wanted to create a two-dimensional empire, he would undoubtedly disappoint Ye Qiushan.

Even if Neon is currently known as the country with the fastest development of the two-dimensional culture, it would be too cheap to arrogantly say to create a two-dimensional empire with just one person.

Chapter 314 This era is different

We must know that Wang Hao is now only a young man of 16 or 7 years old, a very ordinary male high school student. Even if his background is a bit special, he will not change the fact of his age.

A minor in adolescence opens his mouth and shuts his mouth to create a two-dimensional empire. Perhaps in the eyes of his peers, this ideal is a bit handsome, but adults have completely different views on the problem.

Therefore, Wang Hao didn't say the kind of words that made people hear a little frivolous, although that was his ideal, but some words were to be hidden in the bottom of his heart after all, relying on the down-to-earth to complete step by step.

It is too general to say that a second dimension empire is too general, because the second dimension contains too many projects, and the small project Wang Hao is embarrassed to speak up. After thinking about it, only the bullet screen is the most suitable.

"Drag screen? What is this? Is there any new commercial project recently?"

Sure enough, Ye Qiushan frowned tightly. This was a word he had never heard of.

But he is sure it has something to do with the Internet, but it's curious that the word "barrage" is in the word. Rao is widely known about Ye Qiushan, and he has never heard of any commercial projects related to it.

Barrage originally meant to provide intensive shelling with a large or small amount of artillery.

Ye Qiushan knew this very well, but he had never heard of the bullet screen.

It can be said that the appearance of this novel vocabulary made Ye Qiushan suddenly interested, and the original lazy appearance suddenly disappeared, and the whole person's temperament changed.

When Wang Hao saw this, the corner of his mouth ticked slightly. Just now, he said that creating a two-dimensional empire would be too exaggerated. If you start from a very common industry, such as drawing cartoons, making games, writing novels, etc., it will undoubtedly be in Ye Qiushan's eyes It seems too pediatric.

You must know that Ye Qiushan was known as the latitude and longitude talent in the business world, and one of the young people most respected by Mr.

"One Leaf Autumn Mountain" is not a boasting title, but relying on the ability to deal with reality. Although now he has become a middle-aged uncle in this vicissitudes of life, Wang Hao knows that this is a tiger that is resting.