Luck and talent are completely different things. Luck is only temporary, while talent is permanent and can be used freely anytime, anywhere.

Drawing comics is a work that requires long-term persistence. Luck and inspiration cannot be with you all the time. If there are such people, then this is no longer pure luck and inspiration, it is already a very special kind. Talent, but there is no such talent in the comics industry.

At present, the famous manga masters in the manga industry basically have outstanding talents in this area. I have never seen a manga artist who can become a manga master by hard work.

The former Fujian Yibo worked very hard, even harder than those untalented cartoonists, and eventually became one of the Taishan Beidou characters in the comics industry today.

This story looks very inspirational, doesn't it?But everyone who knows well knows that Fujian Yibo possesses the real talents, which can be seen in the works of Fujian Yibo just after his debut.

It was precisely because Fujian Yibo’s debut work was seen by the editor at the time, and he immediately chose to vigorously cultivate Fujian Yibo, because the editor saw the unlimited potential from Fujian Yibo’s comics. Think Fujian Yibo is the kind of real genius in the comics industry!

Fujian Yibo did not disappoint the editor either. After a period of initial training, he finally made this piece of jade shine his own light in just a few years, even when he started to draw comics. The time is also different from ordinary people.

Obviously, in their eyes, Wang Hao is not a genius with Fu Jian Yibo. Since there is no talent in comics, there is no need to focus on training.

After so many years, all comic editors now know the truth. If the cartoonists under their own responsibility in this industry do not have the corresponding talents and potential to tap, then no matter how hard they work, they will not be able to defeat the real possession. Talented person.

This is not only recognized by most comic editors, almost all cartoonists who have worked hard but failed to achieve success have also been forced to agree with this fact, and chose to abandon their original ideas in the middle.

Drawing comics is not just for the enthusiasm in the heart, but also for serialization. It doesn't matter what kind of routine is used!

Chapter 323 The Abandoned God Lord

The comics are about to be cut in half. Who cares about enthusiasm or not at that time?

Although routines are a big problem, if you don't perform routines, this comic can be said to have no problems.

Why is it ok?Because it was cut directly in the middle!

This is very sad, but it is also true that people have to admit that this is a cruel industry.

If you want to survive here, you must have the corresponding talents, and eating the weak and strong is the most appropriate here.

There are only 20 serial positions in the weekly jump, and generally only those who win the first place in the newcomer will be eligible for the official serialization.

This serialization is not just a single serialization. Every time a newcomer appears first, it means that a comic in the weekly jump will face the end of being cut in half.

Of course, it's not that newcomers are the first to be serialized. Shueisha is relatively humane. The work ranked at the end of the weekly jump, as long as it is not in that position several times in a row, then it will not be cut.

As for the number one newcomer, it will be arranged for serialization in other comic magazines under Shueisha.

There is another way, that is, your comics can shock the entire editorial department, and the editorial department will definitely open the door without hesitation. Dragon Ball has done it.

"I believe everyone should probably know the bad news I want to say?"

Horiuchi Marue asked the people faintly, no one answered him, but the atmosphere at the scene became more serious.

He stretched out his fingers and tapped the tabletop lightly, and a very steady tapping sound resounded throughout the conference room. The rhythm was not hurried, but it made most people sweat.

After three minutes or so, Horiuchi Marue seemed to feel that no one would stand up to answer any longer. He then retracted his hand, pricked his chin with both hands, and said in a deep voice, "It seems that everyone has not been swept away by the good news. First, last week’s weekly jump sales totaled 2.2 million. When Reaper was serializing, our sales were probably also 2 million. Do you see the 200,000 increase last week and you think it will be a smooth journey?"

No one answered him, and Marue Horiuchi did not feel surprised. The whole conference room seemed to be his one-man speech, and Marue Horiuchi didn't care at all about it. "If you have this idea, then I suggest you can now Go back to your work position and pack your luggage and get out, although you can tell other people that it is my abuse of power."


An editor at the scene smiled bitterly. Hearing that, Maru Horiuchi suddenly felt like a furry cat. He stretched out his hand and slapped the table fiercely. He exclaimed, "President, President, who is the president? In your eyes. Do you still know that I am the president here?!

There hasn’t been any movement from last week until now!Up to now, you still stay in place for me. Do you know that when you did nothing, our entire Shueisha wasted another precious week?

If anyone doesn't want to do this job and just quit, I approved it on the spot. Our company does not support idlers!"

Horiuchi Marue's roar echoed in the ears of everyone present, and it was the editor who just uttered the cry most weakly.

He just yelled the word "President" in a very ordinary way. He didn't expect that there was a storm facing him. However, even though his face was blue and red, he didn't dare to hit the angry Horiuchi Maruer face to face, so he had to pinch his nose. admit.

It should be said that no one dared to offend the president who was in anger at this time, so he took advantage of the trend and gave the other party a step down.

Everyone at the scene believed that after some venting, Horiuchi Marue's anger would drop a little, so everyone could only look at the editor who was brave enough to stand up with sympathetic eyes.

Sure enough, after taking advantage of the momentum to say these words in his heart, Horiuchi Marue's depressed mood finally improved, but his face was still gloomy, and he said with a solemn face: "Wait until the publication of Mr. Yoshihiro Fuken At that time, the sales of our weekly jump don’t say 2.2 million, I’m afraid it will drop directly to 1 million, so I hope you can work harder and don’t sit in the office all day, thinking that some newcomers are bringing phenomenal comics to contribute. Since no one has contributed with phenomenal comics, they will all go out and look for them. If they can’t be found, don’t come back, understand?!"


Everyone responded in unison, they all knew that Horiuchi Marue was not joking this time. If things really messed up, life would not be so easy by then, but they would really be a bit uncomfortable.

In fact, it is normal for editors in the comics industry to go out and find newcomers. Even the editor-in-chief of some comic magazines personally goes out to recruit newcomers.

But Shueisha is different after all. Almost except for the famous Taishan Beidou-level characters in the industry, the editors of the weekly jump editorial department will not look down to find newcomers or dig walls, because Neon cartoonists all over the country and even all over the world will automatically Come to contribute.

As the editors of Shueisha, they only need to sit in the office and select comics one by one, and look at the contact information on the email when they encounter the right one.

After the author and editor of the work had a face-to-face conversation, it was not that the rookie cartoonist was 100% eligible for serialization in the comic magazine.

During this period, the editor will also observe the cartoonist's actions and conversations. If it is the type that does not listen to persuasion, it is very likely that he will just give up.

However, Shueisha, which is facing a major crisis now, can’t manage so many three-seven-ones. Even though they know that they are going out to find newcomers and it is unlikely to find phenomenal comics, they can only use dead horses as living horse doctors. What if the blind cat ran into a dead mouse?

Hearing this, Horiuchi Marue's face eased, and his tone softened, "I may have been a bit aggressive just now, and I hope everyone can forgive me.

But now there is only this stupid way that can increase the probability by one more point. If you wait until the time is over in this way, then everyone will know the consequences. As long as anyone can contribute this time, we will not be stingy with rewards. Trust the headquarters. I will remember it there too."

Stick and candy, this method is very common in the workplace, but it is tried and tested, and it is often easy to motivate employees to motivate.

Hearing the word "headquarters", many people present showed some unusual expressions. Even Iida Ayano was no exception. Only the editor-in-chief Matsumoto and the deputy editor-in-chief Kitahara looked as usual.

Horiuchi Marue smiled when he saw this, turned his head to look at Iida Ayano and said, "Editor Iida, you don't need to pay attention to the god master teacher. I believe everyone is well aware of this issue. You can only give up the god master teacher at present.

Therefore, the editor-in-chief Iida only needs to increase efforts recently to find potential newcomers and focus on training Shiina Mashiro."

Chapter 324 Why can't we succeed if we work hard?

God Lord was abandoned?After knowing this news, everyone present was shocked!

It is important to know that it was not someone else who had just said this, but one of the people who had the most expectations of the gods. Even during the Dragon Ball serialization, he also gave a lot of convenience. The president of Shueisha, Horiuchi Marue, just said it personally. Speak out!

For the average cartoonist, this result is even more difficult to accept than the work being cut in half.

Because the work was cut in half, the next one can continue, but if it is rejected as a cartoonist, then there is almost no possibility of turning over.

Besides, the person who said this was not the editor, but the president of Shueisha!

Everyone had to silently mourn for the god master teacher for three seconds, no one stood up to speak for Wang Hao, because they had already given Wang Hao a chance, but the other party still has not come up with results.

To be honest, even the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kitahara, Editor-in-Chief Matsumoto, and even Maru Horiuchi himself admired the attitude of the god Lord, Wang Hao.

They all know that the origin of God Lord is not ordinary, perhaps the background is bigger than they thought, but it is such a young man with an extraordinary life experience, in the process of serializing comics, just silently sweating, never appeared Ask anyone for privileges or complain in the editorial department.

This kind of correct and serious attitude, the boiling blood hidden in the heart, and the spirit of not giving up are worthy of their study and respect no matter what.