There was a familiar shout in front of him. Wang Hao immediately raised his head and looked around. The person calling him was Kosaka Honoka.

Seeing the lively figure of the other party jumping and jumping, Wang Hao smiled helplessly, waved his hand to say hello to the other party, and walked over quickly.

When I got closer, I realized that there were two people around Kosaka Honoka, Sonoda Kaisue and Minami Kotori. It was a trio that Wang Hao felt very familiar with. It seems that the relationship between these three should be very good. it is good.

Seeing his arrival, Nan Xiaoniao's eyes lit up, "Haojun, are you here?"

"Well, it's what I said a few days ago after all, it's a bit late now."

Wang Hao smiled softly, Sonoda Haimo bowed politely, and said, "Today's filming of pv is troublesome for Haojun."

"It's okay. It's all agreed in advance. It's better to say that I'm just here now. I should say sorry to everyone. Haimo needn't be so polite."

He shook his head slightly. Seeing Sonoda Haimo still wanting to continue to express his gratitude, Wang Hao quickly opened the topic, "If you have something to say, can you talk while walking? Although I don’t feel like it’s very important to me, Haimojiang, the surrounding people Everyone looked over, let's talk about things in another place."

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Hao shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He himself didn't care about the sight of the girls around him and the content of the whispered conversation. Perhaps Nan Xiaotori and Kosaka Honoka didn't care either.

However, Wang Hao was aware of Sonoda Kaimo's character, so he kindly reminded him that after all, he is a big boy standing here is quite eye-catching, so even the people who talked with him got attention.

Sure enough, hearing Wang Hao’s reminder, Sonoda Haimo immediately felt the sight of other students around him, and they whispered to each other, making her cheeks blush, and some of them nodded solemnly. Slightly shy, he said, "That's what I said, then let's sit in the club room and talk."

After the words fell, Sonoda Kaimo's feet seemed to be oiled, and he moved fast without knowing it. He soon walked into the adjacent teaching building from the school atrium. Kosaka Honoka happily raised his small fist and shouted vigorously. Said: "Oh, let's go!"

As soon as Kosaka Honoka finished speaking, he trot and followed behind Sonoda Kaimo, so Wang Hao and Nan Xiaotoi were left behind. Judging from Wang Hao's height, Nan Xiaotoi did stand beside him. Kind of little bird feels like people.

The two walked slowly down the trail, and Wang Hao didn’t have to lead the way by Sonoda Kaisue and Kosaka Honoka, because he had already been to the club room of the Idol Research Society last time. He thought that his memory was not bad. It's still refreshing in my mind.

Wang Hao felt a little boring just walking around like this. The Nan Xiaoniao standing next to him with his head down also made Wang Hao unable to understand. Maybe it was because other people around him looked at him?

Wang Hao can only think of such a reason. After all, in a girls' school, two young men and women of different genders walking on the road are indeed quite noticeable, and it is normal for Nan Xiaoniao to be shy.

He shook his head gently. In order to ease the awkward atmosphere between the two, Wang Hao smiled and asked, "Is Xiaoniaojiang still taking part-time jobs on Saturday and Sunday?"

After a while, Nan Xiaoniao raised his head slightly, his face still slightly red, "Still attending, sometimes ask for leave, Haojun asks why this matter?"

"It’s nothing special. I didn’t see Xiaoniaojiang last time in that cafe, so I was a little curious. I thought Xiaoniaojiang wouldn’t work part-time there anymore. I couldn’t see Xiaoniaojiang and I was sitting there. It's really lonely there."

Wang Hao made a joke a little bit. He actually thought that Nan Xiaoniao would not work part-time there. These days, he also learned on the Internet that the legendary maid of Akihabara was the lovely girl in front of him.

If the other party suddenly stops doing that part-time job, I am afraid that many people will feel sorry.

However, upon hearing Wang Hao’s answer, Nan Xiaoniao’s face blushed inexplicably, like a red apple, “Recently, the schedule for club activities is a bit tight. Everyone is training seriously. I have to work harder. So I won’t quit the part-time job there. I didn’t go there last time because everyone agreed to practice dancing on the rooftop of the school.”

Chapter 328 About Love

Hearing this, Wang Hao was a little confused. He just looked at the attractive blushes that emerged on both sides of Nan Xiaoniao's cheeks. He didn't understand what inappropriate words he just said?

He thought about it again, and confirmed that he hadn't said anything rude just now. At the moment, he can only deal with the expression on Nan Xiaoniao's face as shy. Maybe the surrounding eyes are too glaring?

After much deliberation, Wang Hao can only think of this reason. After all, it is impossible for everyone to have the same immunity as him. Wang Hao feels that his immunity should be different from ordinary people in this respect. But Nan Xiaoniao is a weak girl, and it is only natural to feel shy.

Wang Hao took two steps to the side without a trace, blocking the sight of others for Nan Xiaoniao very well, turning his head casually and smiling, "Is that right? That Xiaoniaojiang really worked hard, Sui Naiguo and the others don't know about this, right?"

Nan Xiaoniao was taken aback when he saw Wang Hao's actions, and soon understood what the other party was doing. He felt warm in his heart and smiled softly: "I haven't told the other people about this. It's me and Haojun. The secret between the two, so please don’t tell other people~"

"A secret between two people?"

Wang Hao seemed to be talking to himself, and Nan Xiaoniao nodded shyly.

When he saw this, he smiled heartily. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips with some aftertaste. He narrowed his eyes and smiled: "No problem, but I also kindly asked to ask Xiaoniao sauce. It's like reward. ?"

"Um...I see, if Haojun wants it..."

Nan Xiaoniao stayed in place and her body trembled suddenly, her face became more and more charming, and her pretty face was blushing as if she had made a huge decision, and she quietly closed her eyes, looking like the vice-jun picking. , His lips were still trembling.

Hello!Please don't make such a seductive look, this is too different from your character image, right?!

Originally, in his eyes, the pure and lovely Nan Xiaoniao suddenly made this full-faced appearance. If Wang Hao is not moved, it is false, but he always feels that what the other party said seems a little subtle?

Is the other party trying to crook something?

"Um... Nan Xiaoniao, what I want to say is that I will go to the maid cafe next time. Xiaoniaojiang has to cook and treat me by myself. The dishes made by Xiaoniaojiang last time are very good..." Wang Hao shook his head quickly, thinking that this was a great possibility, but then he was covered with black lines again. Does he look like that kind of person?

Hearing Wang Hao’s answer, Nan Xiaoniao opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes widened, his face was completely like the red sun in the sky, and he could even see the white steam rising from his head. His expression was exaggerated. Yan Yi was full, and her tone of voice was flustered, "Ah...?! That's what I said! As long as Haojun wants to eat it, I can prepare it at any time!"

Thinking of what I just made, the white steam on Nan Xiaoniao's head continued to rise, and his face became more and more flushed, and the expression on his face looked very beautiful, on the contrary, it made people more cute. Feel like it.

At this moment, if there is a seam on the ground, Nan Xiaoniao can't wait to get in personally, because it was so shameful and shy just now!

While being shy, Nan Xiaoniao was quietly nervous, what should I do?Would Haojun consider herself a frivolous woman because of what happened just now?

However, Wang Hao seemed to see through the other person's thoughts, waved his hand indifferently, and said with an exaggerated smile: "Really? I didn't expect that such a cute and pure super beautiful girl like Xiaoniao would cook for me. It's really happy to think about it."

Hearing this, Nan Xiaoniao lowered her head lower, making it difficult to see her expression at this time.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and wiped away his cold sweat. Sure enough, the woman's heart was needled in the sea, and the ancients did not deceive me.

But what would happen to the consequences if I had kissed him just now?Wang Hao couldn't help but think so, glanced at Nan Xiaoniao next to him, and shook his head quickly.

If Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu was beside him, he would definitely complain about him, but Wang Hao felt that if he followed the trend, he would be a bit shameless.

And now the two are still in the corridor. Although Wang Hao blocked the sight of many people for Nan Xiaoniao, there are still many other female students staring here. If Wang Hao really kissed him desperately just now, then it would be triggered. The consequences are very serious!

Of course, it's not because of dropping out of school. In Neon because of the declining birthrate, it is actually allowed to fall in love between high school students, and the teacher will not say much.

Neon’s policy in this area is really very enlightened. From parents and relatives to the social government, it encourages high school students to fall in love. It can even be said that this has become a basic state policy of Neon.

And very different from the Heavenly Dynasty, Neon’s high school student lovers have a high rate of marriage at the end, and 70 out of 100 couples can get married.

To put it more simply, falling in love with neon high school students is just like falling in love with college students in Tianchao. It is a normal thing. Therefore, love stories of high school students often appear in neon cartoons.

If it were placed in the celestial dynasty, the surrounding students would have been booing early, and the teacher would immediately pick up the phone and call the parents to come to school, and then give a good education, even if the circumstances were serious, they would be expelled from school.

Of course, there is no alternative. After all, the environments of the two countries are fundamentally different, and the cultural backgrounds are also different.

The Celestial Dynasty advocates family planning, but Neon is facing the problem of declining birthrates. In addition, the recent increase in otaku and various other reasons have led to fewer and fewer people getting married in Neon.

Wang Hao's attitude towards love is becoming more and more indistinguishable, perhaps because he has been overworked recently and has no intention of thinking about it.

All in all, do the things right now, don't be too particular about love, Wang Hao thinks just let it go.

Sometimes the twisted melon is not sweet, and it is not as natural as it happens. He believes that this kind of natural love may be ordinary, but relatively speaking, it will definitely be very happy.

But for Wang Hao, love is really a very distant topic, no matter what.

Looking at the youthful female high school students around him, Wang Hao sighed. He walked unhurriedly and walked forward slowly. Nan Xiaoniao cleverly followed him and walked side by side, their backs falling on In other people's eyes, it really feels like a couple.

Chapter 329 The Secret of Nanqinli