"Well, say hello to Neon, you go down first."

The middle-aged man said faintly, Li Dashan quickly responded, stood up slowly and then retreated.

Just as Li Dashan was about to leave, the middle-aged man shouted at Li Dashan again, with a hint of uncertainty in his tone, "Don’t do things too thoroughly, just use a simple greeting to warn about those uneasy The person who divides it is fine. As for this matter, try to...Don't let him know..."

"Okay, Patriarch."

Li Dashan bowed deeply again, turned around and quietly left the courtyard.

Suddenly the whole yard looked empty again, Wang Rendao just stood up from the chair on the pavilion, that was a face that was as gentle as jade but showing vicissitudes of life, the whole person's temperament was like an ancient and respected great Confucian. The gentleman mentioned in the book is of this type.

Even though Wang Rendao has entered middle age, he has no signs of old age except for his slightly pale sideburns and a slightly vicissitudes of life. He can be said to be a handsome middle-aged male god.

This is an extraordinary status, high-ranking patriarch of the Celestial Family, at this time in this courtyard where there are no outsiders, he felt that his steps were a little empty for the first time when walking!

After walking a few steps, he bent down and picked up the hardcover book that was set aside. Wang Rendao sat on the steps of the pavilion without any particular attention, and didn't feel any dirt on the steps.

There is not a trace of the air that the contemporary patriarch of the celestial dynasty should have, and it is not like the benevolent way of the celestial prince in the eyes of others. On the contrary, it looks a little plain.

At this moment, he began to look at the hardcover book in his hand with the slight yellow light scattered from the sky. On the cover of the book, the five Chinese characters "Five Centimeters Per Second" were written. Wang Rendao stretched out his hand and slowly flipped through it.

It wasn't until the night was getting late that he closed the book in his hand and silently looked at the twinkling stars in the east, with a wry smile at the corner of his mouth.

Second speed of five centimeters?The child really followed her mother, but he couldn't catch up with her even at a speed of five kilometers per second...

When a pretty middle-aged woman came out to call him out of the brightly lit room in the courtyard, Wang Rendao slowly stood up, flicked the dust off his body, and held the book tightly with his hands on his back. , Step by step towards the brightly lit room.

However, Li Dashan, who had just left this yard, had already taken the fastest flight of the passenger to Neon quietly. Some things had to be said to him personally, and he didn’t think about whether the other party would agree to it, because he was behind him. The man is the Heavenly King's family, and the man behind it is the Heavenly King Rendao.

Chapter 343 Yangquan Restaurant and New Oriental

Wang Hao naturally didn't know what happened in the distant celestial dynasty. When they went to the restaurant to eat, Yazawa Nicole asked everyone to wait nearby.

Wang Hao and the others naturally had no objection. He took out his mobile phone to open an app, and quickly searched for a reasonably good restaurant nearby, and successfully booked a relatively large box online and chatted with customer service.

Soon Yazawa Nicole led two little loli and a small Zhengtai over. After some introduction, everyone knew that this was Yazawa Nicole’s sister and brother. In fact, everyone can look at the appearance without introducing them. Guess nine out of ten, because the four of them really look alike.

"My mother has something to do today, so I'm here to pick up Totaro and the others from school. Haojun, as a big tyrant, shouldn't you mind having three more sets of dishes?"

When he said this, Rao was the Yazawa Nicole, who had a lot of resentment towards Wang Hao during the day, and was also a little uneasy at this time, because what he had to say was more like a private celebration party for the Muse, but she brought This made Yazawa Nicole quite uneasy.

But today her mother did have something in the company and couldn’t pick up her younger siblings, so she asked Yazawa Nicole, who is her sister, to take care of the afternoon pick-up. Of course, Yazawa Nicole agreed without any hesitation, but the situation is different now. Make her a little tangled.

"Of course it's okay, a little more people are more lively, I can't tell you are still a good sister."

Wang Hao smiled refreshingly, didn't care about it at all, but changed his impression of Yazawa Nicole a lot, although the other party always made a lot of moves that made people feel chills and goose bumps and said some nausea However, after all, she is still a girl with a good character.

"Does it still need you to say it!"

Yazawa Nicole stomped his feet blushingly, Wang Hao just shook his head, slowly squatted down, stretched out his hand to touch Yazawa Nicole’s brother and smiled and said, “My kid, what’s your name? You can talk to me. Say? If you say it, my brother will take you to a big meal!"


Xiao Zhengtai's eyes lit up, and Wang Hao nodded, "Well, it's true."

"Then it's agreed!"

Hearing Wang Hao’s answer, Xiao Zhengtai's face immediately showed joy, and he extended his little finger towards Wang Hao. He was a little bit dumbfounded when he saw this, but he also stretched his little finger over and gently hooked the opponent, Xiao Zheng was too happy Said: "Look, hang yourself, one hundred years, no change, liar swallow 1,000 silver needles!"

"To swallow 1,000 silver needles? It's terrible to lie."

Wang Hao pretended to be nervous and exaggerated. Xiaozheng hummed too proudly, straightened his waist and said, "My name is Torataro, Torataro Yazawa, I will definitely become a super idol like my sister!"

The little Lolita with a single ponytail on the right respectfully bent down towards Wang Hao, and said politely: "I'm Yazawa Kokoro, the second daughter of Yazawa's family, and my sister usually takes care of you."

The little Lori with a single ponytail on the left also smiled and said, "I am Yazawa Kokoa, and I am third at home."

"Really sensible child, who is so different from someone."

Wang Hao said with a sigh, and Yazawa Nicole immediately stared.

Kosota Yazawa Torataro looked at this scene with some doubts, but he remembered what his sister said just now, so he looked at Wang Hao and the Muse and said pretendingly: "Don’t be discouraged, I and Kokoa. , Ke Ke Luo knows that you all only serve as dancers for Sister Nicole, but I believe that as long as you work hard, one day you will be able to become such an excellent super idol like Sister Nicole!!"

As soon as Tortaro Yazawa finished speaking, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became weirdly quiet, and Nicole Yazawa had already turned around with an embarrassed face and dared not look directly at everyone.

Tojo Nozomi walked to the vicinity of Yazawa Nicole with a kind smile on her face, stretched out her hand and patted the other person on the shoulder, turning the other person's body slowly, "Nicole, you have to explain it to me next time. What is going on with the'backup dancer'?"

At the end, Tojo Nozomi stretched out her other hand and squeezed towards the empty air, and Yazawa Nicole's face became pale with fright, and she nodded quickly without saying a word.

"Well, everyone, hurry up. The restaurant I booked online is nearby."

When Wang Hao saw it, he smiled and came out to make a round. At the same time, he probably understood the reason why Yazawa Nicole said so. Just look down and look at the proud expression on the face of the other brother and sister at this time.

Although he has no good feelings for Yazawa Nicole, it is better to say that he can often feel the maliciousness of the other party, but as an older sister, Yazawa Nicole is also qualified.

Therefore, Wang Hao did not intend to reveal the other party's thoughts. This is a white lie. At least at this stage, Yazawa Nicole's impression among these children is very good.

Wang Hao is not the kind of person who likes to destroy the dreams of children. Perhaps in the future, these children will gradually realize some problems and gradually accept the reality, but at this moment they still have an innocent childhood.

Then everyone set off towards the restaurant. On the way, the members of the Muse and Yazawa Nicole were talking and laughing, especially Nozomi Tojo had crossed her shoulders with each other.

Wang Hao ordered a Chinese restaurant located nearby, and it seems to be very famous in Tokyo.

Originally, he just wanted to try his luck and check if there is any space in that restaurant on the Internet. If not, he would book other western restaurants nearby. Fortunately, that Chinese restaurant happened to have a large enough individual restaurant. Box.

Food culture is the longest-spreading culture in the world. In the history of human evolution, food has been constantly changing with human beings.

Different regions and cultures have created different food cultures, and each place has its own unique cuisine.

The three most famous cuisines in the world are Chinese, French and Turkish.

Among the three most famous cuisines, Chinese cuisine took the lead, and undoubtedly won the first place. This is also a ranking recognized by the world. At present, the number of people who eat Chinese cuisine is the most in the world.

Of course, this is not talking about pure Chinese cuisine. In the eyes of foreigners, Chinese cuisine is not only local Chinese cuisine, but also includes the collective names of Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Southeast Asia and other cuisines, but Chinese cuisine is more famous. Therefore, Chinese cuisine is used to represent Oriental cuisine.

However, as one of the ancient civilizations in China, cooking can indeed be said to have a long history. In addition to the Neon Yuanyue Academy in this world, there are still top cooking schools no less than Yuanyue in the world, including Heavenly Yangquan Restaurant and New Oriental...

Chapter 344 Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Yes, you heard that right, it is New Oriental!

In fact, when he first saw the word New Oriental on the Internet, Wang Hao immediately remembered the famous ad slogan in his previous life. He came to New Oriental to learn as a chef, with 800 beds stainless steel... Wait, something is wrong?

Wang Hao read the lines silently, and found that there seemed to be nothing wrong, but where did this abnormal sense of violation come from?

Forget it, don't think about it.

Wang Hao shook his head very coolly. Of course, this New Oriental is not the New Oriental. He might not have known this originally, but after being invited by Yuanyue Academy last time, he searched for Yuanyue Academy on the Internet. After understanding the general situation, I discovered that there are still several top cooking schools that are comparable to Yuanyue Academy, including the Yangquan Restaurant and New Oriental from the Heavenly Dynasty.