After that, he also received the opening song of the East sung by all the Muse. It was a pure audio file with a total length of 29M. Wang Hao put on the headset with anticipation and clicked on the song with the player...

Chapter 346: Great Changes at Station B

Awesome!Very awesome!superb!!

After listening to the song for more than four minutes, Wang Hao did not hide the shocked expression on his face, because anyway, this oriental opening song was sung by the Muse is really great!

Especially in the chorus section, the voices of the nine people blended together perfectly, forming a special voice. Everyone highlighted their own characteristics. After listening to the song completely, it seemed that there was a kind of People feel the magic of entering another world.

To be honest, Wang Hao really did not expect that the answer sheet given by the Muse would be so perfect. If you listen to it at a professional level, there are still some flaws and loopholes, but you must know that the Muse is a combination that has just been created. , And it didn’t take long for the opening song of the East to be handed over to them. It’s already a great step to be able to do this!

In this case, the pv that Wang Hao originally prepared has to be changed in detail again, so as to match the rhythm of the music, but there is not much to be changed. It took about half an hour to complete it. It's already more than eight o'clock in the evening.

Playing the finished video together with the opening song of the East, it suddenly feels completely different. Whatever you have to say is the visual or atmosphere. This is a kind of shock that you can't feel when you listen or watch the two alone. Wang Hao was very satisfied with the result. As the first video in the Oriental series, this work could not find any problems at all, let alone any dark history.

The name of this video, Wang Hao, is also named "The Opening Song of the East". Even if it is to be investigated in the future, this can be regarded as the first work in the true sense of the Oriental series, and his improved "Eastern Demon Record" will follow. It can be said that the opening song of the East introduces the entire Eastern world in a very vague way.

Logging in to the administrator account of his site b named "God Lord", Wang Hao looked surprised. He looked at the computer screen in disbelief, but then he was relieved and admired.

Now station b has undergone drastic reforms, which can be said to be completely different from the previous regional pages.

To put it more bluntly, if the previous station b is described as a house that has not even the wall decorated, then the current station b can be said to have posted a very beautiful wallpaper, although the entire website still looks very It's empty, but now it really looks like a lot of pleasing to the eye, at least the walls and floors are decorated.

As long as funds continue to be invested in construction and reforms and updates, station b will gradually be optimized. A more popular introduction is to constantly place furniture and some decorations in this empty house.

He hasn't been to station b for two or three days, and he has already undergone earth-shaking changes. The person who can do this is definitely not An Yilun or the others, although Wang Hao has already asked An Yilun to be in charge with Yu Shengyuan. Helped to manage and build station b, but did not expect them to make any huge changes, at most they could only make small optimizations.

Then the answer is ready to come out. There is no doubt that it is Ye Qiushan's credit. Wang Hao also clearly feels that in addition to the changes in appearance, the browsing speed of station b is at least two or three times faster than before. Of course it is not his home. With regard to network speed, Qiushui Villa’s network speed has always been very fast and stable, and station b has also undergone a radical change from the inside this time.

Should it be said that it really deserves to be an autumn mountain?

Wang Hao smiled bitterly. B stood in the hands of Ye Qiushan and carried out drastic reforms. However, the overall style has not changed. It is better to say that it is a two-dimensional website that is more inclined to personal characteristics. It is completely Wang Hao ideally has an even better level.

These days, Ye Qiushan has never told him about these things. Wang Hao knows that this middle-aged uncle, who is like his brother, lives in this neon that is called the kingdom of animation by outsiders, but he can say He was not an otaku at all, and he was hardly influenced by otaku culture.

But it is precisely because of this that Wang Hao feels admiration, and even Wang Hao is thinking that if someone like Ye Qiushan becomes his opponent, then he might feel very headache and troublesome.

In terms of business, he can be said to be completely crushed by Ye Qiushan. There is no doubt about this. Wang Hao is confident but never arrogant. In the future, he may be able to surpass each other, but he does not make efforts on the way. It is an impossible thing.

After a closer look at the current station b, Wang Hao found that Ye Qiushan had indeed made a comprehensive change to it, which may not be understood by others in many places, but Wang Hao as the party concerned has already understood it. Ye Qiushan at this time Already preparing for the arrival of the bullet screen.

Sure enough, ginger was old and spicy. Although Wang Hao wanted to be fat with one bite, he also knew that there was a saying that he was not greedy enough to swallow an elephant.

In ancient times, really smart scholars all knew a word called doing according to their ability.

At the same time, there are many people who joke that they are useless scholars, but who is right or wrong?

After re-compressing the opening song of the East, and finally uploading it to the area he dedicated to the East series at station b, Wang Hao just breathed a sigh of relief. Then there will be songs from Qingshan Qihai. Don't worry too much about it, because it was created specifically for "Eastern Seal of Demons", and there is still some time before the summer comic show.

Reaching out and opening the drawer of the bookcase next to him, Wang Hao carefully flipped through it for a while, and quickly found a piano piece he composed last time. It should be said that it is the piano piece of the "Oriental Opening Song". The video version of it has just used God The id is uploaded.

He has already created the scores, and now it’s good to create a piano version and upload it at the same time, because in the previous life, there were many piano version singles in the Oriental series. Wang Hao thinks that the piano is considered to be a good one. two.

Well, this time to be low-key, low-key...

Wang Hao secretly thought that since it was a video recording, of course, he couldn’t lack related equipment. He reached out and opened the closet next to him, pulled a chair over and stood on it, and found the black Sony in the top cabinet. It's a good professional digital video camera. In the past, he used this camera to capture materials, and it was more than enough to record video.

After preparing all the tools, Wang Hao slowly left the room and went to the third floor, because there is a professional music room on the third floor. As long as the windows and doors are closed, it is almost completely soundproof. There is no need to worry about it in the middle of the night. Playing the piano will disturb the people.

Chapter 347 The Worries of Qingshan Qihai

Well, Wang Hao is not like the unscrupulous writer next door who likes to play the piano in the middle of the night when he is fine.

But speaking of it, there are only two of them next to each other, and the homes of Qiushui Mountain Villa and Yamada Fairy are quite spacious. Even if you play the piano in the middle of the night, the sound can’t be heard far enough. Maybe you can hear the reason. It's because Wang Hao's hearing is different from ordinary people.

Speaking of it, I haven't heard the sound of the piano next door at this point. Isn't that guy patronizing the game and even writing the manuscript?

As soon as he reached the third floor, Wang Hao saw that although the room where the music equipment was stored was tightly closed, he could vaguely see a little light from the crack in the door. Who would be in it?

With a hint of curiosity, Wang Hao lifted up his pace and walked over slowly, reaching out his hand and knocking on the door lightly, "Is anyone inside?"

"Please come in."

Not long after knocking on the door, someone opened the door for him from the music room. When he saw the look of the person who opened the door, Wang Hadun felt dumb. He looked at Qingshan Qihai and smiled and said, "Qihaijiang is so late. I'm still in the music room, are you practicing?"

"Well, I have to practice more because I'm stupid, Haojun come in first!"

Qingshan Qihai said with a crimson face, and quickly turned sideways and opened the door. Wang Hao stepped in when he saw it. The careful Qingshan Qihai quickly noticed the camera held by the other party, "Compared to this...hao Is there anything wrong with you?"

"Well, I do have something to do, but it only takes a while to finish it, which doesn't matter much. Besides, is Qihaijiang still practicing the song I gave you last time?"

Of course, there is not only Qingshan Qihai who is attentive. Wang Hao is usually very attentive. So when he walked into the music room on the third floor, he quickly noticed that the music studio in the corner was still in use.

"I'm really sorry for this!!"

Qingshan Qihai immediately bent down towards Wang Hao with a blushing face. The sudden apology from the other party made Wang Hao suddenly puzzled, "That...what's wrong?"

"The song Haojun gave me, I have not yet been able to sing perfectly. Haojun must be in a hurry for time?"

"Oh, you said that, there is no problem with time. I hope Qihaijiang can go to the music studio over there to sing for me. Of course, I will be responsible for recording. Anyway, can I give it a try first?"

Hearing Qing Shan Qi Hai's words without confidence, Wang Hao became a little worried, because he only knew that Qing Shan Qi Hai's voice was excellent, but he had never heard the other party sing.

In the previous life, although many voice actors were very good at singing, and because of this, they became singers and so on. They were idolized, but some of them were not complete when singing. Therefore, Wang Hao worried that Qingshan Qihai would be the same. ?

If this is the case, then things are a little bit bad.

Qingshan Qihai raised her body and gently pressed her lips, her face was obviously red with shame, and said coyly, "Then, then I will show my ugliness."

"Oh, come on!"

Wang Hao expressed support for the other party, and sat down next to him and put on his headset.

Said to be a music studio, in fact, it is a small recording studio, and it does not occupy a lot of space. After all, this is an independent small room in this music room. Only two people can enter the recording studio at most. The equipment is relatively rudimentary. If you want to do dubbing work for voice actors, it is estimated that it will not work, you still have to work in a special recording studio.

The music room on the third floor is still very spacious, about the same size as the club room on the second floor. The music equipment on the floor is quite complete, including drums, pianos, guitars, saxophones, etc.

This room was the place where Mr. Wang used to let Wang Hao practice music. At that time, a teacher would come over to guide him in class every day. It has been since he can remember.

Although Mr. Wang is very strict, he also knows how to combine work and rest. As long as Wang Hao completes the set goals on time or in advance, he will have time for free activities.

Of course, if he made a mistake, Wang Hao would consciously walk into the small black room and reflect on it. The predecessor of the small black room was the club activity room of the current research institute.

Well...not to mention these, he has never thought that the deserted and lonely little black room before will now become a lively activity room.

Although the music room on the third floor is a bit rudimentary compared with those formal music studios, the sparrow is small and complete.

Although this ultra-small recording studio can't complete the work of voice actors and dubbing, if you just sing in it, there will be no problem at all.