Aoyama Qikai opened the door of the recording studio with a sense of anxiety and walked in. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, standing next to the microphone and bowed his head and exhaled deeply. He kept hinting in his heart that no problem. You can do it, you must do it!

Although he had such thoughts, Qikai Aoyama couldn't calm down at this time.

Wang Hao frowned when he saw this. He knew that comfort would make the other party more nervous at this time, so he sternly picked up the intercom microphone next to him and shouted: "Don't you want to become a voice actor Qihaijiang? I understand your nervousness now, but if you don’t overcome this in the future, you have no confidence and vacillation when recording. You will never be able to become a true voice actor!"

What he said was well passed into the recording studio through the intercom. As expected, Aoyama Qikai resolutely raised his head after a while, and his expression changed greatly from just now.

That's right, as Haojun said, if she can't overcome even this little difficulty now, then she will never become a voice actor!

Now everyone in the club is constantly making progress. Even Yazi and Zhenbai have gradually begun to understand some common sense. Although they are only a little bit, they are also making progress.

Even Megumi Kato, who has just joined the club for a short time, has just heard about galgame before joining the club, but now it can help everyone very well, even when Aoyama Nanami is cooking by herself. , Kato Megumi will also come to help.

Not to mention that people with talents like Sawamura Yinglili and Xiazhiqiu Shiyu have made obvious progress. It can be said that in the entire society, only Aoyama Qikai feels that he is still standing in place.

If we continue to do nothing, she will only become a burden for everyone!

Chapter 348 Diligence can make up for clumsiness

Thinking of this, Qingshan Qihai made up her mind. Since she had no talent, she had to make double and tenfold efforts to catch up with everyone, because she didn't want to be left alone...

If you have to work hard, it is only now, and only from now on. If she doesn't take a step forward at this time, then she will never be able to catch up with everyone.

Outside the recording room, Wang Hao saw the green hills and seven seas of the whole person, with a slight smile on his mouth.

Last time, the USB flash drive that he personally handed to Qingshan Qihai was still inserted into the equipment outside the recording room. Wang Hao made a gesture to the other party, indicating that the recording has started, indicating that there is no problem to start singing.

When the accompaniment sounded slowly, Qikai Aoyama finally began to sing.


Five minutes later, Wang Hao looked at Aoyama Qihai who was sitting next to him and panting gently and asked: "You take the liberty to ask, how many times have you practiced Qihai sauce?"

Hearing this, Qingshan Qihai immediately stood up from the bench, and subconsciously grabbed Wang Hao's hand, with a very nervous expression: "Probably a hundred times, is there something wrong?!"

"Why do you ask?"

Wang Hao looked at Qingshan Qihai who was holding his hand with a look of embarrassment. He lowered his head and looked at the ceiling with a little shame.

Seeing Wang Hao's weird behavior, Qingshan Qihai looked down, her face blushed and quickly released her hands and backed three steps, obediently sat back on the small bench next to her and lowered her head, feeling that her face was burning. Phew, the heartbeat has also increased significantly.

How to do?How to do?How to do?!!

It was not until this time that Qingshan Qihai noticed what she had just done. Not only did she grab Haojun's hand just now, but she was wearing a low-cut outfit today...

what!what is the problem?!I really want to die like this, just die like this, Qingshan Qihai, has no face to see people...

"Ahem... Let's continue talking about the topic just now!"

Seeing that the atmosphere became awkward, Wang Hao bluntly changed the topic, smiling obviously a little reluctant.

"It's really bad, I don't think I can do it..."

Qingshan Qihai, with his head down, didn't see this scene, but after hearing Wang Hao's words, his tone was obviously lowered. Wang Hao was a little bit dumbfounded when he saw it, "So why does Qihaijiang have this idea? "

"Huh? Haojun, you mean..."

"I think Qihaijiang sings very well, and the sound sounds very comfortable, so please show your confidence in Qihaijiang!"

"Haojun is really not comforting me?"

"Really do not have."

Wang Hao replied softly. Hearing that Qingshan Qihai turned his head slowly, his shoulders trembled slightly, and it took a while before he looked at Wang Hao and smiled: "Thank you."

Wang Hao shoved his shoulders and said helplessly: "This is all Qihaijiang's efforts alone. You don't need to say thank you so solemnly. In fact, Qihaijiang is too polite and doesn't know how to answer it.

The song that Qihaijiang sang just now is great, so I'll take it back and adjust it a bit later."

After that, Wang Hao shook the USB flash drive. The song that Qingshan Qihai sang just now has been recorded and saved in the USB flash drive.

Although I sing very well, I can still find many flaws if I look carefully, but this aspect only needs to be adjusted. Don’t forget that there is another job called a tuner in the society. In his previous life, Wang Hao was often on the Internet. Seeing that there is only one million tuner between you and such a superstar.

Not everyone has the same talent as the members of the Muse. There is no doubt that every member of the Muse has the potential to become an idol. Even now, Wang Hao often laments the magic of fate. Bringing together nine outstanding raw jade, it might really be possible to create miracles.

Moreover, the Lovelive competition has a clear stipulation that all teams participating in this competition are not allowed to have any illegal operations, and they are so strict that they cannot submit works that are revised afterwards. Once discovered, there will be very serious consequences, and even cancellation of the competition may be possible.

Of course, this modified work refers to the use of virtual networks to make drastic changes, such as completely changing the singer’s voice to a completely different level. This is never allowed.

This is because the reason for this large-scale trial held by Genesis & Partners is the idea of ​​cultivating an idol team, so what we want to test is the true strength of each team.

Therefore, Wang Hao couldn't help the Muse modify the opening song of the East, and he didn't need to modify it. The Muse has done a good job.

Although the opening song of the East and Qikai Aoyama’s songs are completely different, there is still a considerable gap between the two. Wang Hao does not intend to tell Qikai Aoyama directly. Sometimes there are some things that can’t be said casually. Wang Hao didn't have the frankness of saying anything without going through the brain like Zhen Bai.

Although his EQ is high and sometimes low, fortunately, he is now in the online state. Even if his EQ is offline, there is no big problem, because Wang Hao still knows how to look at the atmosphere.

"Is it something Haojun comes to the music room so late?"

After Wang Hao changed the subject, Qingshan Qikai obviously didn't feel the awkward atmosphere just now.

"Forget it, there are still some things that need to be solved here."

Wang Hao nodded, and Qingshan Qihai's eyes lit up, "Then is there anything I can help?"

Hearing this, Wang Hao frowned slightly. He smiled bitterly after noticing Qingshan Qihai's expression, "Well, if Qihaijiang doesn't mind, please help me record a video with the camera. Next I plan to play a song. For piano music, Nanami sauce, etc., just pay attention to the close-ups of my fingers and keys throughout the process, don’t take pictures of my face~"

Then it was really difficult for him to shoot a video of playing the piano by himself. If there is Qingshan Qihai next to him, this problem will be solved.

Aoyama Qihai smiled happily, and quickly reached out and patted her chest and promised: "No problem, Haojun can rest assured to wrap me around!"

"Oh, then I will ask Master Qihai to help with the shooting!"

Wang Hao responded vigorously, walking slowly to the Steinway grand piano next to the inner wall of the room. The placement of the piano is also very important.

Reaching out his hand and tore off the white cloth covering the piano to prevent dust, he looked at the memory-filled Steinway grand piano in front of him with a sigh.

Adjusted the height of the bench in front of the piano. After confirming that it was suitable for sitting, he took a deep breath and lightly pressed the black and white keys to try the sound. Everything was perfect.

Chapter 349 There is nothing wrong with hard work

The moonlight was beautiful tonight. The bright moonlight was faintly scattered on the ground. Wang Hao, sitting on a chair, looked up and saw a hazy view outside the window. His slender fingers jumped happily along with the black and white keys.

The piece he played is exactly the piano version of the Eastern Opening Song, but it is completely different from the Eastern Opening Song sung by Muse, because Wang Hao has already performed it again after listening to the Muse’s song. Some changes.

The pure piano version of the Eastern opening song can’t feel the grand world view sung by Muse. The musical symbols overflowing from his fingers seem to have been given life. At this time, it is more like the spirit of nature, which is incredible. Feeling the peace of mind, Aoyama Qikai, who was shooting on the side, was completely immersed in the beautiful piano sound.

The playing time was only three minutes. When the last musical notation of this piece was over, Wang Hao also stopped playing. He only made some minor adjustments to the piano version of the Oriental Opening Song, but it was formed from the original. It’s not bad that two different styles become like this. At least the same song can bring two different feelings to others.