A female editor of Iida Ayano’s team replied that their team has read the submitted manuscripts these days, but still no editor has found potential newcomers, so she dare to determine the two people just now Not a rookie cartoonist who has just been tapped.

"Unexpectedly... the god master teacher and Shiina teacher are actually so young, high school students, this is really youth..."

"Oh, after all, it's still too young. If you have been developing steadily for a few years, maybe everything will be different, but after all, the times have changed."

"In other words, this is the first time I have seen Mr. Shina and Mr. Shiina. If you take a picture and upload it on the Internet, it will cause big news!"

Listening to the surrounding discussion, Editor-in-Chief Matsumoto is still working with his head down, but the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kitahara next to him raised his eyebrows and yelled, "What are you all doing? Why don't you hurry up and give me serious work? !"

Hearing this, the editors who had just spoken shuddered immediately, and turned to work again.

Wang Hao and Mashiro soon followed Iida Ayano to a small room next to the editorial department. In fact, it is not quite right to say that it is a small room. It is a bit like a seat in a cafe, leaning against the wall. A table and two chairs were placed, with a few blue wooden boards beside them. From here, looking up through the glass, you can look down at the surrounding buildings.

Although Wang Hao has never been to this kind of cubicle, he is not unfamiliar. It should be the place where comic editors and comic artists discuss comics. The cubicles of ordinary comic magazines do not have doors or other things. There is an entrance and exit, and editors usually sit at the exit.

Shueisha’s cubicle is equipped with a sliding door. If you close the door, you will not be disturbed by other people. Moreover, the cubicles here are very particular. The doorway outside the cubicle is labeled with Arabic numerals. .

It means assigning compartments by number, because the editors in the editorial department are assigned by groups. A group leader manages almost two or three people, and an editor-in-chief usually manages six or seven members of the editorial department. Here is the editor-in-chief.

So each group has its own cubicle, and when talking, you can only go to the cubicle to which your group belongs.

Of course, editors and cartoonists can also choose to negotiate outside cafes and other places. This area is specially set aside by Shueisha for the editors and cartoonists to discuss, so you have to follow the rules.

Unlike the editorial department just now, it is very quiet here, but occasionally a few loud comments can be heard from the nearby cubicle. It is obvious that there is a conflict between the editor and the cartoonist's opinions.

Iida Ayano brought a few drinks from the side, Wang Hao quickly stood up and took it, and said, "Thank you."

Sitting in the position, Zhenbai learned Wang Hao's movements, and said in a manner: "Ayano, thank you..."

Chapter 354 Ling Nao stopped crying

"It's okay, let's start discussing the comics."

Iida Ayano smiled slightly, a gradually reduced smile, and finally a serious look appeared on her face. First, she looked at Wang Hao, and said with a slight headache: "Teacher God, do you know the recent results of Dragon Ball?"

"Didn't you tell me on time every week recently? Xiaozheng's results are still hovering around four or five. This result is not bad, although I don't know what will happen next."

Wang Hao knew very well what Iida Ayano wanted to say, but he couldn't tell the other party his real plan at this time, so he shrugged helplessly and truthfully told the'known' information.

He didn't lie, but at the same time he didn't say the real thing.

Naturally, Iida Ayano didn’t know what Wang Hao was thinking. He sighed heavily when he heard the other party’s words, and said, “Yes, Dragon Ball’s performance is pretty good now, and Xiaozheng’s ranking has not fallen into the top six. However, the successor is getting weaker and weaker. As the original, you should know this best.

The ranking of Dragon Ball looks very good now. This is a new work that has not been serialized for a long time. Xiaozheng’s ranking has not fallen out of the top six so far, but this comic was originally taken with an absolute advantage. After being ranked first, although the ranking is still impressive, the number of votes cast by readers is constantly decreasing."

"I know."

Wang Hao nodded silently. After speaking just three words, he stopped talking. He stared at the scenery outside the window as if he was fascinated. His eyes flickered back and forth, looking casual, making people confused. miss you.

Seeing his lacklustre () careless look, Iida Ayano was so angry that she suddenly felt that her whole body started to burst into flames, she stretched out her hand and slapped the desk hard, "pop" There was a sudden sound, and angrily yelled: "Then, do you know if this continues, I think maybe this comic will be cut in two or three months! It is even no exaggeration to say that next week, Dragon Ball Will fall out of the top ten!

Do you know how disappointing readers are in the plot of Dragon Ball now?How many readers have delivered dissatisfied letters and a lot of blades in the past few days?Do you think this is a joke?

Do you think Dragon Ball's current grades look good, but it's fine?Then you are not clear that the editorial department is now planning to abandon this cartoon and your famous teacher!

Don't underestimate the serialization, you guy!Do you know how many cartoonists have put in blood, sweat, youth, and hard work to compete for a serialization qualification?Don't treat me serially like a child's play!From the moment Dragon Ball is serialized on the comic magazine, it is no longer your work alone. Do you know how many people are waiting for Dragon Ball every week?Don't underestimate the comics for me, even if you don't have the talent, keep on it, bastard!!!"

As she talked, two lines of tears slowly flowed from Iida Ayano’s face. She has seen many heartbreaking scenes as a manga editor over the years. She had just joined the manga magazine as an editor. When I was in charge of a cartoonist who was also a newcomer.

They paid so much together, participated in the election and I don't know how many events, and finally got the chance to serialize, but they didn't realize how cruel the industry is until the serialization.

For those who have no talent but love comics, the harder they work, the more cruel they are. The hard work is not directly proportional to the gain. A person who has no talent is a loser from the beginning, no matter how hard he works, he will not gain. Everyone chose to give up halfway.

Iida Ayano still remembers the desperate eyes of the newcomer manga artist she was in charge of. It was a gray style, simple and inaccessible. Now the newcomer has changed his job to become a professional manga assistant. .

Iida Ayano knew that the reason the other party was still working as a manga assistant was because he hadn't really let go of his enthusiasm for manga in his heart, but there was only one flame that would be extinguished at any time in a storm.

Isn't it ridiculous that you have already decided to give up, but still linger in pursuit of that illusory hope?

Wang Hao never thought that he would meet such a special side of Iida Ayano, and said this monologue in the way of'self-exposing'. He was silent and did not know how to deal with the scene before him, because it was in his life. The first situation encountered.

The most truthful passage reveals the cruelty and darkness of the industry. Wang Hao admitted that he had never thought of so much before, just thinking about what to do, but never thought about how solemn the air in this land is. Never looked up at a piece of black sky.

Is it day or night here?Will the dawn before dawn still come?


Wang Hao withdrew his gaze from the window, looked at the crying Iida Ayano and said softly, took out a handkerchief from his arms and gently wiped his tears, "There are so many things in this world that I don't know. , But as a cartoonist, I only know to believe in the trivial dream in my heart, and wave the pen in my hand to make it come true gradually.

I may be too arrogant to say this, because I believe that hard work is universal everywhere. As long as there is enthusiasm in my heart, I can still see the real sun even in the black sky, even if moths are fighting the fire. how is it?"

Iida Ayano took the towel and slapped Wang Hao's hand away by the way. She gave him a blushing face, turned her head and wiped her tears, but when she turned around, the frame of her eyes was still slightly red. "You guy is really a strange person..."

"Ho, why is Ayano crying?"

Shiina pulled the corner of Wang Hao's clothes for nothing and asked, not knowing why she felt blocked in her heart now. She wondered why Iida Ayano was crying, and turned her gaze to the other person. The Baumkuchen in the refrigerator compartment is very, very delicious. Rita said that eating delicious things will make you feel happy. Next time Ayano comes, I will give all the Baumkuchen to Ayano, so please become Have fun."

"Because I'm not reconciled, I feel very, very unwilling, so I want to cry, but it's all right now, because Real White Charcoal has agreed to give me a delicious Baumkuchen next time."

Iida Ayano trembled fiercely in her heart, she suddenly burst into laughter when she saw Zhen Bai suddenly burst into laughter, her smile was brilliant, she stretched out her hand and gently pressed her long white hair, as if she was touching a pure elf from nature. general.

Chapter 355 Comics as long as they are interesting

Wang Hao also sighed when he saw this scene, and he was really a lovely little angel inside.

He glanced at Iida Ayano, who was gradually recovering, and asked softly: "In this aspect of Dragon Ball, maybe I will serialize it according to the standards of other comics from next week. I want to tell you this in advance. "

Iida Ayano nodded, but didn’t have the slightest disagreement. He sat back in the chair and slowly said, “There’s no problem in this regard. If you continue to serialize in the original mode, I’ll doubt whether you are at all. Humans, now Dragon Ball has been serialized to 12 episodes. According to the standards of other comics, you only need to hand in one manuscript a week. I hope that you can pay more attention to the quality of the manuscript."

In her opinion, the manuscripts that Wang Hao had turned in every week before were simply frantic. Yes, it can only be described as frantic.

How much time has passed since the Dragon Ball serialization?That is, within a month or so, Wang Hao has already serialized the 12 episodes. Isn't this frantic? What is frantic?

You must know that normally, the comics serialized in the weekly jump are all one episode a week, and it is only four or five episodes a month away. However, Wang Hao's serialized comics are more than twice as many as others. Ayano Iida In charge of his editing, I was naturally shocked by Wang Hao's speed.

Hearing Wang Hao suddenly said that he wanted to change back to the same standards as other comics, Iida Ayano was relieved at once, and at the same time, he thought of two possibilities in his mind.

First, the reason why Wang Hao has been able to serialize so many words quickly these days is that Dragon Ball has already created a lot of manuscripts before submitting them. During the serialization period, he relied on the previous manuscripts to make two or three words a week. Degree; Second, Wang Hao did not save the manuscript, and created two or three manuscripts within a week and submitted it.

If Iida Ayano has to choose one point, she personally prefers the second point, because this means that Wang Hao can use the time of drawing two or three original manuscripts to create a manuscript. As a result, the quality of the original manuscripts created will of course be higher, and maybe Dragon Ball will slowly turn around.

Wang Hao also knows what Iida Ayano wanted to express. The so-called “authorities are fans, bystanders are clear” is also very reasonable, but sometimes it may not be useful in some special situations.

Although Wang Hao belonged to the person in the game, he was very calm and kept collecting the opinions of others in reality on the Internet and carefully analyzed it. He originally thought that this approach was not wrong, and it was indeed not wrong, but after all, he still feels less. Something.

It wasn't until Iida Ayano's speech just now that Wang Hao knew what he had always lacked, that is, lack of consciousness!

As the person involved, the most indispensable thing is enlightenment. Iida Ayano's true feelings also made Wang Hao wake up from the confusion. He was a little grateful for this, watching the editor in charge of him and said softly: "This is for sure. I will devote more time and enthusiasm to the next manuscript, and pay more attention to quality than before. Even if there is no talent, it will make other cartoonists and readers feel that hard work is nothing. wrong."