Wang Hao couldn't help but think secretly. After looking at the price of the phone, he found that it was a full 1 million yen, which is almost 60,000 celestial coins. Is it really a limited edition phone?

Shiina really has no concept of money. If they had a concept, the two would not go to the cake shop to eat the Bawang meal when they first met each other, but Wang Hao's values ​​were normal.

But despite this, there was no strange look on his face, and he smiled and said lightly: "Swipe your card."

"Okay, sir."

The waitress’s face was almost like a bright flower blooming, and the smile was very bright. Wang Hao quickly settled the bill, and he and Zhenbai walked out of the mobile phone shop with the clerk’s farewell.

Shiina Mashiro will take the phone from the clerk and hug it tightly in her arms, with a rare expression of joy on her face, looking at Wang Hao with a chuckle and asking, "Ho, then we will be lovers?"

Hearing this, Wang Hao suddenly felt that his body's center of gravity was out of balance, and he almost didn't fall a somersault. His face was a little red and said: "Well... a couple is not as simple as you think!"

Chapter 359: True White Little Angel

"Then how can I become a couple with Hao?"

Shiina Mashiro questioned again, and a little blond hair dropped from his crooked little head. Several pedestrians passing by were all standing still and slightly lost when seeing this scene.

A few passers-by were already glaring at Wang Hao completely after hearing the words of Zhen Bai. What a beautiful and so beautiful girl, she confessed to you upright, why such a good thing did not happen to her. ?Sure enough, the current charge will explode in place!

"...Well, well, if you want to become a couple, you have to take your time. When you grow up one day, we will discuss this issue. Let's not talk about it now."

Wang Hao said with a reddish face, and then shook his head quickly, and forcibly changed the subject: "The mobile phone is used as a gift for the great success of our comics. Next time, I won't be so lavish, otherwise I will follow You can’t buy a delicious Baumkuchen for you."

Hearing this, Shiina was really white and nodded, "Then let's change this phone back."

"Don't you like it really white?"

"I like it, but if Hao is unhappy, I don't like it..."

Shiina Mashiro said something indifferently that made Wang Hao shy. For example, he scratched his head with embarrassment, "It's fine for Mashiro to like it. I just made a joke a while ago, so let's go to the supermarket to buy it first. Let’s take a look at the ingredients, we have to celebrate today, and celebrate the great success of our comics!"

Shiina Mashiro gave a soft "um", and stretched out her tender little hand towards Wang Hao, which immediately embarrassed him again. After all, the sights around him were much more intense than before.

However, Wang Hao thought for a while, did not continue to think, stretched out his hand to hold Zhen Bai, and led him to the nearby supermarket.

While walking, Wang Hao never thought that the combination of himself and Zhen Bai had become lovers in the eyes of outsiders, and at the same time caused a lot of crit on some singles passing by, and the damage could be described as tons. .

He always felt that when he was with Zhenbai, the other party was always able to speak surprisingly, and unexpectedly succeeded in getting him.

But Wang Hao didn't respond to Zhenbai's feelings, because in his eyes the other party may not know what true love is. Zhenbai's liking is the same as liking him and liking Yamada Fairy and others.

But after all, there is a difference between liking and love. This point is still unclear for the other party, so the liking of Wang Hao that is really white at this time cannot be accepted.

Wang Hao hopes that Zhenbai will have common sense and then say this to him, instead of just being so confused. If Zhenbai is with him but there is no real happiness, he will feel guilty because love is not selfish alone possession.

To say that Wang Hao does not like Zhenbai is hypocrisy. To be fair, a kind-hearted girl like Zhenbai with perfect appearance, good figure and natural personality can be said to be a perfect girlfriend.

Even if he has a good impression of Zhenbai in his heart, Wang Hao now regards Zhenbai as his sister, or a cat who needs his care.

If Zhenbai confessed to him after possessing common sense, Wang Hao thinks he would have no reason to refuse. If he refuses by then, Wang Hao will doubt whether there is a problem with his orientation.

Of course, there are exceptions if there are special reasons. After all, the world is unpredictable, and no one can say what will happen next.

It is also possible that he and Zhenbai will fall in a natural relationship next time. There may be love at first sight in the world, but Wang Hao believes that this situation is absolutely impossible to happen to him. Even if it is possible, it is one in a billion. He has always believed Accompanying is the most affectionate confession.

While he was thinking about it, the two soon arrived at the largest supermarket nearby-Ito Yokado, which is a large department store supermarket. Wang Hao often sees Ito Yokado's supermarket chain in Tokyo, in Setagaya. The district also has Ito? Yokado supermarket chain.

Ito? Yokado is also known as "Ito Yokado". It is one of the largest department stores in Neon, one of the world's top 500 companies, and the fifth largest retail company in the world, headquartered in Tokyo.

The supermarkets under Ito Yokado are generally very large. Wang Hao refers to the chain supermarkets he saw in Tokyo. There are many types of items in them and they are very convenient to buy.

Walking into this large supermarket with Zhenbai, Wang Hao pushed the cart and quickly found the area selling ingredients. Looking at the surrounding ingredients, Wang Hao had to sigh that these vegetables and fruits are really beautiful, but with Correspondingly, the price is much more expensive.

I took a casual glance and found that a cabbage cost 300 yen, which is about 18 yuan in Chinese currency, which is really a huge difference from the domestic market.

Although he has bought ingredients many times in the neon supermarket, he is a little silent every time he sees the expensive prices. It is not because the neon vegetables are expensive. With Wang Hao's current value, there is no need to care about so much.

What he cares about is that the price of the same variety of vegetables from Tianchao is much lower than that of Neon vegetables. But what is surprising is that there are still many vegetables from Tianchao that are not sold out. However, all kinds of local vegetables from Neon are almost sold out.

Although Wang Hao knew that his thoughts were too extreme, he still felt a little uncomfortable after all.

Under the surprised gaze of several housewives, he chose garlic, onion, ginger, etc. from the Celestial Empire. Wang Hao could only do this. He remembered reading a report last time. It has risen by about 30%, and I believe it will get better and better in the future.


Shiina Mashiro took out a few boxes of meat from the side with a calm face. Among them were standard snowflake beef, but there was no Kobe beef that Mashiro made into dark dishes last time.

Then she began to pick up a variety of fruits, vegetables and meats. When Shiina Mashiro just wanted to reach out for a box of Kobe beef, she saw that the price of 80,000 yen was returned.

Standing next to Zhen Bai, Wang Hao was taken aback when he saw this action, and then he glanced at the ingredients in the car, most of which were relatively cheap ingredients.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao couldn't help but smiled bitterly. His heart was filled with faint touch. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his white head. Under the gaze of the opponent, he took out the box of Kobe beef worth 70,000 yen from the counter, and put it casually. Go inside the cart.

"Hao...this is so expensive, the phone just wasted a lot of money..."

Shiina Mashiro picked up the box of Kobe beef from the cart and wanted to put it back in place. Wang Hao stopped Mashiro's actions with a smile, and said, "Money is for spending."

Chapter 360: The inhumanity of the trench

The money itself is spent, otherwise what is the use of making money?

Wang Hao is now aware of this point. It should be said that his mentality is different. Although there are still a lot of places where money is needed next, they are all large sums. If you even need to think about buying some food for a long time and finally pay If you choose to give up, you might as well just take it away from the beginning. The money for grocery shopping doesn't even have the qualifications to invest in it.

And not counting anything else, now it’s a lot of income from drawing comics. The contract he signed with Shueisha was 50,000 yen per page manuscript, and there was another one-year contract of 5 million yen, etc. Subsequent novel publication is another income.

If Wang Hao just sits and eats the sky, then he has to think about how to save money, but now she is relying on her own ability to make money, then the money she earned will naturally be used up, and there is no need to be wronged. Yourself.

Moreover, buying these ingredients and snacks is not just for him alone, but also for everyone in the community, although everyone is not polite to him every time they buy snacks and so on.

"That's it, money is spent, I understand!"

Shiina Shirai nodded when he heard this, and Wang Hao smiled with satisfaction. This girl finally knows the concept of money. Although it is not very detailed, he is sure that Zhenbai will never make it and go to other people's stores to eat the king. The act of eating.

Wang Hao and Zhenbai started to purchase again. Now that there are more people in Qiushui Villa, they naturally have to purchase ingredients frequently, and there will be a banquet tonight, so he even brought a cart for this purpose.


"So many things can't fit in the refrigerator, right?"

Shiina Mashiro finally made a common-sense remark, looking at the piled up items in the cart, and the next moment he made Wang Hao's surprise, "Should we be buying a large refrigerator?"

Looking at it, the items on the cart are piled up high, and it seems that as long as one more item is put on it, it will collapse as a whole. It also attracted the attention of many people, because Wang Hao bought too much.

"Then buy another refrigerator. This department store also sells refrigerators."

Wang Hao, who was relieved of his mentality, was taken aback when he heard the words, and then he took a closer look at the contents of the two large carts. The refrigerator in Qiushui Villa really can’t fit so much, so he nodded and agreed. It would be more convenient to buy an extra refrigerator. Store more ingredients.