"Well, this book is currently very hot in hell. I heard that it will be published in the human world soon. I plan to go to the human world to buy it on the day of publication.

"That's a coincidence? I plan to buy it too. Let's go to the world together on the day of publication. I heard that Lord Ghost Lantern is also a fan of God Master Teacher, and it seems that I will go there in a group that day."

Chapter 362 Everyone has worked hard!

Wang Hao certainly didn't know the popularity of Second Five not only swept the entire neon, but even hell.

If he knew this, he would be a little dumbfounded.

After shopping in the supermarket, Wang Hao led Zhenbai to go shopping for a while. He checked the time on his watch before taking the car home. When he returned to Qiushui Villa and walked through the entrance to the living room, all the members suddenly A small salute was fired, and the colorful flowers fluttered in the air, with a big banner standing on it, which read "Congratulations on the successful serialization!"

The living room, which is usually decorated in a serious and generous style, has also been renewed, or it is decorated with small accessories around it as if it is a private room for a party, which looks very lively and festive.

Wang Hao was not surprised by this. When he went shopping with Zhenbai, he published the news that Zhenbai's comics were successfully serialized and sold well, and then there was this feast.

But Shiina Masaki didn’t know all of this. Looking at the sight and the banners hung up high, he was a little surprised by his indifferent expression during the day. Everyone except Wang Hao discovered Zhenbai’s abnormal situation. Smiling and congratulating loudly: "Welcome to the successful serialization of Zhenbaijiang comics, the sales are very hot, long live!"

"Thank you, thank you very much everyone, but this is not a cartoon of me alone, but a cartoon created by me and Hao. Without Hao's help, I would never do it alone!"

Shiina Mashiro looked at the smiling faces, and unexpectedly bent down to thank everyone sincerely. It was nothing like Shiina Maki who didn't have common sense before.

Everyone was a little stunned when they heard the words, but after a while they came back to their senses again. Yushoin Apricot took the lead and clapped his palms, shouting loudly: "Then congratulations to Haojun and Zhenbaichan for the success of the comic series!"

When Shiina was hung down and raised her head, her eyes were slightly red, but her mouth kept saying "Thank you" repeatedly. It seemed that she couldn't think of other words, but Shiina was really white at this time. The words spoken in his mouth had perfectly expressed his heart, and Wang Hao, including Wang Hao, felt the girl's heartfelt feelings.

Sometimes, some feelings do not need to be expressed in too gorgeous words. If they come from the heart, then only a few simple words or sentences can convey their feelings to others.

"It's really white, just saying thank you once is enough."

Wang Hao rubbed Zhenbai's little head, and the other party stopped and continued to thank him, but his body was still trembling slightly. He sighed softly when he saw it, but he was more relieved, because Zhenbai's current performance was obvious It has made great progress.

That's it. Now this is enough. I believe it will get better and better in the future. Wang Hao has this thought in his heart at this time, and at the same time he stopped fucking his really white head, looked at everyone and smiled slightly: "I The ingredients I bought outside should have been delivered long ago? Then let’s be true white together now...No, celebrate the great success of our comics and the hard work of everyone these days, everyone!"

Before he came back, he deliberately took Zhenbai to go shopping, just to get the things bought in the supermarket to Qiushui Villa in advance. Now it seems that everything planned is going well, even when he and Zhenbai come back, everyone has extra decorations. The living room of Nuo Da also seemed to have taken a lot of effort.

"Well, our manga, everyone has worked hard!" Shiina Mashiro continued to repeat.

"Hehehe, thanks to the great success of Shiina and Ahao manga this time, we can all taste so many delicious things."

After receiving Wang Hao’s news, An Yilun deliberately took a leave of absence in a part-time job today and changed shifts with others. He immediately ran to Qiushui Villa to join the celebration team. At this time, he looked at the table in front of him. The various dishes couldn't help but touched his stomach. He couldn't stand the smell just by smelling the scent. You must know that there are many high-end ingredients that make people drool just looking at it.

In these days, in order to welcome the upcoming holy war, An Yilun has also achieved the legendary ultimate state of "powering with love and eating soil for faith".

An Yilun’s parents have been on a business trip recently, but they still left him with a considerable amount of living expenses, but he didn’t spend a lot of money. It’s better to say that he has done everything he can to save on food. If you drink a lot, you won't have the money to buy faith during the show.

At the same time, he did not stop where he was working. Although he said that he eats soil for the sake of faith, An Yilun can't really eat soil. Although the living expenses are very small, he has to find a way to earn back from doing part-time expenses. , And save more.

Yes, all this is for faith!

An Yilun also thought so at this time, but seeing the various dishes and the high-end ingredients mixed in them, she still drooled uncomfortably.

He generally can't eat these high-quality ingredients unless there are special circumstances. For example, for a box of Kobe beef worth 70,000 yen, to ask An Yilun to buy it is simply cutting his meat.

"Hurray! Great!"

Akane Segawa couldn't help but braved her green eyes, and a crystal silver thread shed on the corner of her mouth.

Today he bought a lot of ingredients, and he also prepared hot pot, etc., because everyone present was still underage, so he didn't prepare wine, just replaced it with drinks.

When the dishes on the table were almost eaten, most of the ingredients were left, Qingshan Qihai immediately got up and started cooking again. During the period, Wang Hao and most of the people here also went to help and made them by the way. A few dishes.

"Sure enough, it is worth 70,000 yen of Kobe beef. The quality of this meat is simply against the sky!"

"Well, Kobe beef melts in your mouth. This snowflake beef is also good."

"The sashimi made by Xiaohui is good, the sushi made by Nanami sauce is great!"

Hearing this, Aoyama Nanami and Kato Hui both blushed.

"Sure enough, it's a fair-haired loser. After cooking a big pot of bone soup, are you going to eat slowly?"

"I'm not like a black woman with a poisonous tongue and belly can make a steak black."

At the same time, on the other side, Sawamura Hidelily and Kasumigaoka Shiyu also began to hurt each other.

Yushengyuan apricot picked up a stir-fried dish made by Wang Hao and said lightly after tasting: "It's a shame that you can make such a high-level dish so ordinary."

"With each other." Wang Hao responded without showing any weakness, adding the dishes made by Yu Shengyuan's apricots.

Chapter 363 Let's stay and spend the night together

The meal lasted for about three or four hours, and Wang Hao bought no more ingredients. For example, the boxes of high-end ingredients such as Kobe beef worth about seven to eighty thousand yen are now not even left.

Of course, it's not just about eating, but also playing games during this period, such as board games.

Although the activity lasted for a long time, everyone was very satisfied with their performance, each lying on the chair lazily and not wanting to move, clutching their belly.

"It's already time..."

Sawamura Hidelily raised her head and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and exclaimed, then she remembered something and her face gradually paled.

Everyone glanced over, and it was ten o'clock in the evening.

"It's over! I haven't notified the family yet!" Akane Segawa let out a sad scream, and then remembered that he had not notified the family.

"Me too, it looks like I'm going to have a headache..."

Yushengin's face also nodded with a gloomy face. Because of her birth name, naturally there are many strict rules bound by it. Of course, it is not as strict as imagined. It is like this kind of things like staying late at a friend's house or staying. Her parents are not too opposed.

Because my children know their parents best, and Goseiin's parents know that their daughter has almost no friends. If they can make friends and get along with each other, they would be very happy even to stay overnight.

Yushengyuan knows these details, but even if it does, I have to say it in advance!I'm afraid the family is anxious now, don't know how long it has been?

When they heard the words of the two, most of the people present were in a secretive mood. Wang Hao sneered at everyone when he saw it. "I just remembered these things now? Why didn't I remember them when I had no heart and no money? I remember I reminded you two hours ago."

"Haojun! Why do you still say such things at this time?"

Sawamura Hidelili quickly got up from her chair and stomped her feet angrily, stretched out her small white hand towards Wang Hao, and continued flusteredly: "Anyway, first borrow your phone to contact family members. I will leave it at home today. Up!"

"Anyway, calm down and don't worry about it."

"How can I calm down after burning my eyebrows? I didn't expect Haojun to be so funny, I really misunderstood you!"

"What is wrong with me?"

Wang Hao rolled her eyes speechlessly, Sawamura Yinglili looked at him with a blushing face, and everyone looked at him silently. Wang Hao sighed and said helplessly: " I contacted your home a few hours ago, so the people in your home are very aware of the situation now. It’s already so late today. Let’s stay at the Qiushui Villa. There are still a lot of rooms left."

To be honest, Qiushui Mountain Villa is really big. The room in their club activity room is nearly 150 square meters. You can imagine how big Qiushui Mountain Villa is.