As soon as Wang Hao sat down, he raised a lot of questions. As a world-class genius painter, Shiina Zhenbai's achievements have also attracted the attention of many people in society. Wang Hao knew that Zhenbai's grades in junior high school are also inseparable from Twitter. In other words, Zhenbai used Twitter to post his results when he was in junior high school. He guessed that it was the person who managed Zhenbai’s account.

The person who issued the transcript is probably Rita, whom Zhenbai often mentioned, but these are not the key points. Wang Hao saw that Zhenbai’s transcript in junior high school achieved a beautiful result in every subject. Why did he plummet as soon as he entered high school? stand up?

Wang Hao never thought that Zhenbai's grades in junior high school were obtained by cheating, and he didn't even think about it. He feels a little guilty now. Is there something wrong with him?

After thinking about it so carefully, Wang Hao discovered that there is indeed one thing, and that is that Zhenbai's family has always been opposed to Zhenbai's drawing cartoons, but he is very in favor of Zhenbai's drawing cartoons.

Shiina Mashiro frowned slightly when he heard the words, and seemed to think of something, and said calmly: "The fairy told me that there is a saying in Hiroshi's hometown called'Three minutes is doomed, seven minutes depends on hard work', so it became like this No way."

"This self-willing and degenerate writer of waste materials..."

Wang Hao gritted his teeth with a black thread. What kind of thoughts did this fellow Yamada Fairy and Zhenbai instill in during his absence?Didn’t you make an agreement with yourself?This Nima has lost even the most basic trust between people!


"Ah cut--"

The fairy Yamada, who lives next door to the Qiushui Villa and is playing a game, suddenly sneezed, looked out the window suspiciously, and muttered to himself: "Could it be that guy who spoke ill of me behind his back?"

No one knows this magical scene. Wang Hao looked at the natural whiteness in front of him with black lines, and said in a complicated mood: "Have you ever heard of this? There is a sentence at the end of this sentence called'Love fights to win. '?"

Chapter 375 Dreams are not borrowed from others

Shiina Masashi quickly shook his head, revealing an indifferent look. Although this expression was the same as usual, Wang Hao still distinguished the difference and was slightly at a loss.

Now he has gradually begun to understand the many subtle expression changes of Zhen Bai. Of course, nothing can be seen by observing from the surface without paying attention. When Zhen Bai's expression changes rarely fluctuate greatly, he can be regarded as a girl with facial paralysis.

However, if Wang Hao has been a dad for so long, if he doesn’t understand it, he will be a little bit incompetent, but this is also the thing that makes him the most speechless. Seeing Zhenbai helplessly, he said: "If you don’t remember the Yamada fairy If you say it, just study the common sense aspect well..."

"But the goblin told me that what she said is the truth."

Shiina said blankly, Wang Hao's face turned black again, "Leave her alone, anyway, it's really white. Don't just believe what other people say in the future, especially if this guy's words are heard in your ears, you don't have to go. really."

Now Wang Hao is really worried that the Fairy Yamada will train Zhenbai into a second-degree patient. A good little angel can't be changed by the other party just like that. When that happens, he won't even have a place to cry.

Hearing Wang Hao's words, Shiina nodded as if he didn't understand. He didn't know if the other party really listened or pretended to understand.

Wang Hao sighed. As expected, the girl's mind is as elusive as a needle in the seabed. Although it is really white, he can guess what he is thinking about, but Wang Hao doesn't know what the other party is thinking about. What, really white is also a young and beautiful girl who is growing...

"That means you haven't listened to the class seriously this semester up to now?" He looked at Shiina and asked, and the other party immediately protested with dissatisfaction, "I am listening carefully to the art class!"

Wang Hao: "..."

The one who seriously asked the true white question before seemed a bit redundant to him, and he should know this question from the few test papers reflecting the red duck eggs.

Thinking of this, he realized that he couldn't use normal thinking to talk to Zhenbai, because Wang Hao felt that normal people's thinking and Zhenbai were not in the same dimension.

"Alas, I don’t object to your cartoons, but it will affect your studies. If you still fail the next exam, I’m afraid you will stay at the school at the end of the semester. If you don’t make any progress, you will even face repetition. ."

Reaching out his hand and rubbing his eyebrows lightly, Wang Hao relieved a lot of pressure. He was reluctant to scold and swear at True White. He had to gently squeeze the cute face of the other party, and continued: "In that case, you too If you don’t have time to draw comics, you don’t want me to go to college and you are still repeating the first grade.

Shiina's white and amber pupils, whose face was squeezed by Wang Hao, suddenly became serious, shook his head and freed Wang Hao's hands, "I don't want to be like this, I want to draw comics with Hao and go to college together. "

Hearing that, Wang Hao's expression was stagnant. Obviously he didn't expect Zhen Bai to answer him like this, but soon Wang Hao said with a smile: "If you don't want to be like this, then study hard. I hope I can With Zhenbai."

"Well, I understand, I will study hard next." Shiina said with a serious face, and as soon as he finished speaking, he picked up the study materials that Wang Hao had prepared for her.

The chandelier on the ceiling exudes a soft orange light, and Wang Hao can't help but feel a little silly looking at the true white who has devoted himself to studying.

Some people say that boys who work hard are the most handsome, but this principle can also be applied to girls, or that people who focus on something will always exude a fascinating charm.

Although Wang Hao knew that this genius girl named Shiina Mashiro worked very hard all the time. When others were playing, Makishi was painting, and when others were resting, Makishi was also painting. It can be said that this young girl had been in her previous life. The whole day was spent in the middle of my grandfather's studio.

Finally, I finally had my own ideals. Although it seemed very stupid to outsiders, even the true white family members were opposed to it, but Wang Hao felt that it was not bad.

To live, you always have to have dreams, even if you have a little thought, otherwise this life is too boring.

I see dreams as the soul of life.

This is what he thought of himself. A human being must have a soul to be a real human being. If there is no soul, then it is just an empty body at best.

Dreams are not borrowed from others, but to realize what you want in your heart with your hands. This is the real dream.

Seeing Zhenbai's figure advancing toward his dream, Wang Hao was a little sighed, and at the same time he was a little touched, because he knew that what Zhenbai said just now came from his heart.

Even Wang Hao was thinking, if one day becomes his girlfriend for nothing, he must be very happy, right?

He feels that he has become his girlfriend in vain, so he might have to take care of each other all the time, but there is nothing wrong with this. Although Wang Hao's temperament is a bit afraid of trouble, but there are some things that are troublesome in the eyes of others, Wang Hao. But I didn't think it was a trouble at all.

It would be fine if one day.

Wang Hao thought in his heart, with a slight tick at the corner of his mouth, and he couldn't step behind Zhen Bai.

He walked slowly to the next workbench. Since he was educated by Iida Ayano that time, Wang Hao has made careful changes to "Dragon Ball". Although he knows that it is difficult to improve with his own ability, he has some Time must be conscious to try.

If he is now afraid, then he is sure that he will regret it for a lifetime. Even if the current impulse is very likely to fail, shouldn't youth just squander with passion?

Wang Hao didn't want to be Zhao Kuo who talked about soldiers on paper, although sometimes on paper also played a very important role, but now if there is no lasting Han Xin, Xiang Yu who is in trouble, and the resolute determination, all ideals can only be a joke.

Always thinking too much, thinking about how to accumulate experience will make it more difficult for people to act, because there are so many concerns that people can’t choose.

He doesn't want to be just a copywriter, a copywriter..., he wants to slowly find his own way on this basis and open up a true two-dimensional empire, so now he must be brave no matter what situation he faces. One step forward!

If this causes the comic to be cut in half, Wang Hao has no complaint.

Chapter 376 I have a bold idea

"Ho, I'm done."

More than an hour later, Shiina Zhenbai took the lead to raise his hand and said, Wang Hao immediately stopped the work on his hands and walked over to pick up Zhenbai's homework, "I will check it for you first."

Then, when he looked carefully at the exercises Zhenbai did just now, Wang Hao’s expression kept changing. He waited for him to confirm that he finished reading the exercise book before closing the workbook. Some headaches looked at Zhenbai and said, "Shiina Zhenbai, why? You can make mistakes with the basic knowledge of linear equations in two unknowns taught in junior high school, but there is nothing wrong with the relatively difficult functions in high school?"

"Because that kind of knowledge is not cute."

Shiina said naturally, and the corners of Wang Hao's mouth twitched for a while, "I've heard that knowledge is not cute..."

And you said that he understands partial subjects. It seems that some people like mathematics and some people like Chinese, but this situation is completely wrong!

After spitting out the words in his heart, Wang Hao felt a lot more relaxed, sighed, and continued to ask: "Then you talk about anything that is not cute?"

If you don’t understand, Wang Hao doesn’t have the arrogant personality of other people. Moreover, he thinks he cannot be on the same line as Zhenbai no matter how he thinks, because the thinking of the two can be said to be almost in the same dimension...

Shiina really blinked her eyes, obviously not understanding why Wang Hao didn't understand the problem, but she nodded her head obediently and said, "The function can see pictures, so it's easy to learn."

"Why do you feel like you are a different person when you have something to do with painting?"

Wang Hao spit out black lines all over his head. When Zhen Bai said that, he remembered that 40% of the questions the other party had done right just now were passed. At first, Wang Hao was a little surprised, because Zhen Bai's situation was a bit too weird and some were very strange. Simple questions will be answered incorrectly.