In Wang Hao's view, the appearance of this female carriage is indeed a good thing, at least it has effectively prevented the girls from being harmed.

If not, Wang Hao would not dare to let Zhenbai and Qingshan Qihai go to school by tram. No matter how troublesome they are, he would send Zhenbai to school personally. After all, he was not afraid of 10,000 yuan, just in case.

If something happened and Zhenbai caused a psychological shadow, Wang Hao would probably feel guilty for the rest of his life, because he was responsible for taking care of Zhenbai in Neon, and Wang Hao also attached great importance to each other in his heart, gradually treating Zhenbai as his own sister.

Waiting until the designated station, Wang Hao heaved a sigh of relief, and quickly got out of the car with the people, feeling a lot more relaxed.

Although he was thinking about things in the carriage just now, he could still feel the tactical squeeze change from the crowds around him.

Of course, the people who squeeze him are not young and beautiful girls, they are strong young men and middle-aged uncles who are full of smoke and alcohol. Sure enough, the plot of beautiful girls surrounded by the comics in the comics is impossible. On my body……

The grumbling Wang Hao walked out of the station quickly, heading towards Otonogizaka Academy, and arrived at the destination within a short time.

Wang Hao took off the black-rimmed glasses he was wearing and greeted the security guard at the door. He entered this traditional girls’ school without any obstruction. He looked at all the female students around him. He was in the car just now. The depressed mood disappeared a lot.

The gaze of the girl going to Wang Hao is no longer as surprised as before, but full of a touch of curiosity.

It should have been a sensation that there are boys in a traditional girls’ school like Otonogizaka, but now most of the people in this school know about Wang Hao. I heard that it seems to be the muse of the school’s idol group from outside. Broker.

At this time, the charm of Wang Hao, who has no sex, is undoubtedly fully revealed. Many girls around are looking at the little stars. This boy is really handsome!It's not like Muse's agent at all, they are more willing to believe that Wang Hao is a star who just debuted!

Finally, after a pretty-looking black-haired girl talked with several girls next to her, she gently stomped her feet and gritted her teeth, as if she had made up a certain determination, and took great courage to walk towards Wang Hao’s direction. Slowly raising his head, he blushed slightly and said softly, "That...I'm Sato Miko, may I ask...Is there anything I can help you with?"

Hearing this, Wang Hao's footsteps were stagnant, and he turned around to look at the other party and immediately became a little astonished. Obviously, he did not expect that a girl would take the initiative to talk to him.

But he was only surprised for a moment, and then his face returned to normal, and he smiled lightly: "Thank you Sato, then I can trouble you to ask, do you know the campus idol group muse of this college, where are the members?"

"Muses should be in the club room now. I just saw them training on the rooftop."

"Thank you, Sato-san, you really helped me a lot, then I will go one step ahead."

Wang Hao smiled at the other party, turned and left.

Sato Miko immediately hummed, blushing and lowered her head. At this time, the girls who had just talked with Miko Sato also came over, "Miko, how is it? Did you ask the name and contact information of that handsome guy?"

Hearing this, Sato Miko immediately recovered, her face pale and exclaimed: "What should I do? I forgot!"


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Chapter 384 Leniency in confession, strictness in resistance

"He just asked me about the Muse, and then he didn't mention anything."

Sato Miko's face was very upset, and a girl next to her suddenly lit up when she heard the words and clapped her hands: "I heard that the boy seems to be the agent that the Muse is looking for. We just need to ask the members of the Muse to find out. Right?"


"But... I don't think they would tell us the contact information of that handsome guy."

"That said, it does make sense. Someone like that is outstanding...should have a girlfriend?"

"Well, this possibility does exist, but if that handsome guy does not have a girlfriend, the members of the Muse will not reveal his contact information to us."

"Oh, it's true that you get the month before you get close to the water."

A girl sighed in frustration. Sato Miko shook her head when she saw this, and said, "But if you are a member of the Muse, I feel that Homo-chan and Maki-chan go well with that handsome guy, and both of them are the same. It’s a very handsome feeling. If they are together, I will silently bless them."

Recently, the Muse created a campus idol club, intending to save the Otonokaki that is about to be abolished. The students of Otonogizaka Academy have basically heard about it, and now everyone is paying attention to the nine who is saving the academy. Many of these girls have become fans of Muse.

"I think Xiaoniaojiang and the president are a good match for that agent."

"Isn't the president always staying with Senior Xi?"

"That said, I think Senior Nicole and Jin Ji-chan are pretty good too!"

The more the women talked, the more they moved the topic away, gradually shifting Wang Hao from the center of the topic.

Of course, Wang Hao naturally didn't know that someone was discussing his affairs just now, and they were still a group of girls he didn't even know.

If he knew, he would not go so anxious and would stay and exchange a few words with the other party. Talking to Xiazhiqiu Shiyu every day, Wang Hao didn't know how to communicate with other girls he didn't know.

Well, although he didn't talk much with other people except the people he knew, one thing Wang Hao was sure of was that the communication between normal people was definitely not the way he and Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu talk...!

Walking hurriedly down the corridor, Wang Hao finally came to the Muse’s club room under the guidance of other female students.

"Boom, boom—"

Wang Hao reached out and knocked on the door, then stood quietly on the side.

"Please come in... Huh? Haojun, why are you here suddenly?!"

It was Kosaka Honoka who opened the door, and when she noticed that Wang Hao was knocking on the door, the expression on her face suddenly became surprised.

Then Kosaka Honoka thought of something bad again, and hurried back a few steps like a frightened cat, turned his head to look at Minami Kotori and Sonoda Umi, some trembling fingers stretched out in disbelief and said: " Did you and Xiaohai tell Haojun about it, Xiaoniao?"

"whats the matter?"

"Of course it's about the exam!"

As soon as he uttered these words, Kosaka Honoka immediately noticed something wrong, and immediately retreated to the side with a pale face.

Seeing this scene, Sonoda Kaimo and Minami Kotori couldn't help covering their foreheads, and couldn't bear to look directly at Kosaka Honoka.


Wang Hao stared at Kosaka Honoka with a smile on his face, and continued softly: "Can you tell me more about the exam?"

Kosaka Honoka heard the words, her heart became steady, and she immediately put on a reluctant smile on her face, looked away, and said, "Ho-kun, what are you talking about? We haven't taken an exam recently. What is an exam? It doesn’t exist. Recently we have to be busy practicing dancing and singing. Haojun came here for these two things, right?

Okay, it’s so decided, everyone will go to the rooftop to continue training together!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Kosaka Honoka waved his hand with a reluctant smile, completely out of touch with his usual energetic image, Wang Hao smiled and said without a smile: "Speaking of people, although I I don't know what the exam is about, but I don't think Honoka, you don't want to double your training alone, right?"

"Um... Then I said you can't punish me!"

Kosaka Honoka looked at Wang Hao grievously. He nodded slightly, his eyes beckoning the other party not to worry, and smiled casually: "Frankly be lenient, resist strict, rest assured, I am a good person."

Upon seeing this, Kosaka Honoka's nervous expression relaxed, she reached out and patted her chest, looking at Wang Hao with a slightly red face, "In fact, there was one thing last time, I thought it was just a trivial thing that could be done easily, so I didn't tell Haojun."

"Well, let me guess, isn't this related to the exam you just mentioned?"

"Huh?! How did you know Haojun? Has anyone told you about this?"

After hearing what he said, Kosaka Honoka looked stunned, and then puffed up her little face with anger, "Sure enough, Haojun is bullying me again!"