When Wang Hao saw this, the corners of his mouth twitched helplessly, "I've said it all, I just guessed, but after hearing what you just said, if I can't guess it, I can go back to the furnace and remodel it, and if someone tells me I won't I will ask you personally..."

"Is that right?"

Kosaka Honoka looked at Wang Hao suspiciously. The expression on his face had already believed in seven or eight points. He had to nod his head with black lines, because he didn't know how to talk to him.

To describe the other party with natural staying, Wang Hao felt that the four-character idiom should be more appropriate.

However, Kosaka Honoka didn’t notice Wang Hao’s expression that he wanted to say nothing, and sat in his position without restraint. “In fact, last time we went to the chairman of the board and said that the muse was going to participate in the Lovelive competition. After listening to it, I agreed to our request, but put forward a condition, that is, all of us must pass the final exam, otherwise we will be disqualified from participating, and then this mid-term exam..."

Hearing this, Wang Hao immediately understood what Kosaka Honoka was talking about, looked at each other with a weird expression, and said, "That is to say, your test scores are poor this time alone?"

Kosaka Honoka raised his hand in dissatisfaction and protested: "No, Senior Nicole and Rinchan are about the same as my exam this time!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao looked at Yazawa Nicole and Starry Sky Rin, both of them were afraid to look directly at the gaze he cast, turning his head and looking away in a thin cold sweat.

"Is this the little thing you said can be done easily?"

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao immediately couldn't help but sighed with a headache. He stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his eyebrows. Kosaka Honoka and everyone bowed their heads in embarrassment...

Chapter 385 We are not the same [seeking monthly ticket~]

"Anyway, let me know the details of your achievements, such as which subject..."

Looking at the shame-faced people, Wang Hao didn't continue to mock, but really felt a headache.

You have to know that the final exam is not long. If Kosaka Honoka still fails the next exam, he doesn't know what he is doing...

What is it called?

correct!Why did I suddenly think of this sentence when I called out the teacher to die before he died!

Then... he couldn't help covering his forehead. Wang Hao, who had never cared much about his academic performance, became concerned about this matter at this time. As expected, the student's duty is still inseparable from studying.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao didn't just have a headache, but suddenly his stomach aches again.

Originally, Zhenbai's next exam was enough to make him fearful, but fortunately, Wang Hao accidentally discovered a way to help Zhenbai study effectively, and thought that his studies would almost stop there.

Who knows that a wave of unrest, one after another, seems to be inseparable from the role of the worried dad.

"I'm really sorry!" ×3

Kosaka Honoka, Yazawa Nicole, and Hoshizora Rin put their hands on the table with shame and bowed their heads.

"Alright, confession is necessary, but now is not the time to repent."

The three of Wang Haochao gave up. When everyone heard these words, their eyes suddenly brightened, and they couldn't help but look at Wang Hao again, because when they got along with Wang Hao they could always hear a lot of philosophical and encouraging words. .

Hearing this, the three of Kosaka Honoka also raised their heads, but their expressions were still a bit twisted.

"That's the case, then I will be responsible for teaching you to learn."

Sonoda Kaimo couldn't help sighing as he looked at Kosaka Honoka, and said with a bit of hatred for iron and steel, "Although I knew it from elementary school, I didn't expect you to be like this now, Honoka..."

"This is nothing you can do! You also know that I have been bad at math since elementary school, especially when I was taking exams, I suddenly became nervous and forgot about knowledge, and I was not good at math..."

"Then let me ask you how much 8×4 is?"

"and many more!"

Hearing Wang Hao’s question, Kosaka Honoka hurriedly raised her fingers and began to count. He began to chant 1, 2, 3, 4... after a while he looked at Wang Hao and said: "28 ?"

"The answer is 32, don't count it anymore."

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao's face was completely dark, and his head was full of black lines beating back and forth, directly interrupting Kosaka Honoka's practice of continuing to count.

"It seems that this problem is quite serious." Koizumi Huayang said, touching his chin.

How can it be called inadequate?It is estimated that according to the real level, Wang Hao thinks that Kosaka Honoka is still a bit higher than Zhenbai's arithmetic level.

Well, at least this one can still count, even though the answer is wrong...

Huh?It's strange, why is he not happy at all, but there is still a touch of sadness in his heart?

Wang Hao sighed, and couldn't bear to attack Kosaka Honoka. He turned his head and looked at Starry Sky Rin and asked, "Where are you Rin?"

Hearing this, Xingkong Rin, who was still a little lazy on the table, immediately raised his head and his face was full.Excitedly replied: "English! Rin only has English and can't understand it anyway. That's too difficult!"

When Xingkong Rin’s friend Koizumi Huayang heard what the other party said, he nodded in sympathy, "English? Hmm... this is really difficult..."

"Yes! English has reached a level of difficulty, and no matter how you look at it, it feels strange, right? We obviously didn't even learn our own language well, why should we learn English?"

Xingkong Rin clapped his hands bluntly. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his remarks made sense, and he continued to speak: "So there is no way that English is not good, and it is really strange to learn foreign languages! "

Hearing this unexpected viewpoint, Wang Hao finally couldn't help but roll his eyes, because he was almost flickered by the starry sky just now.

Nozomi Tojo smiled and looked at Yazawa Nicole, who had a slightly red face, "How come you make such a low-level mistake, little Nicole? Obviously, there is not much difficulty in this test, and it is easy to do."

"No road race! We are different!"

Yazawa Nicole's face became even more flushed when he heard these words, "It is impossible for Nicole to fail the exam. Nicole just played a little abnormally last time, and was only so close to the passing line of the exam. It’s absolutely okay to pass next time, so you have to review it for me!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Yazawa Nicole stood up from her seat, flicked her ponytail, and faced the window of the club room with her back facing everyone.

This look does seem to make people feel very convincing. Of course, if the mathematics textbook that Yazawa Nicole is holding is not reversed, Wang Hao feels that he will also believe the other party’s nonsense. Maybe.

Xingkong Rin exclaimed with a look of admiration, "Well, then, Senior Nicole, how many points did you get on the test last time?"

Yazawa Nicole back holding the math textbook and snorted, "Huh! It's only a point or two to pass. This is the first time this happens, and I won't do it again next time!"

Seeing this scene, Tojo Nozomi also got up from her seat and walked slowly in the direction of Yazawa Nicole. She did not forget to make a few pinching gestures in the air with her hands and the corners of her mouth were still hanging. With a kind smile, he made a silent gesture towards everyone.

To Wang Hao's surprise, Hoshikura Rin and Kosaka Honoka, who were overly lively, calmed down at this time, and even after seeing Tojo Nozomi's actions, their bodies couldn't help shaking.

In a more apt description, it was like the kind of cat he had seen in the daytime that was frightened and had blown hair.

Is there anything special about this move?

Wang Hao stared at Tojo Nozomi's figure and thought for a while, and suddenly remembered something, his face suddenly became weird. Is it possible that Tojo Nozomi's trick was the legendary long-lost milk-grabbing dragon claw hand?

When it was near, Wang Hao's thoughts were confirmed. Tojo Nozomi suddenly attacked Yazawa Nicole from behind, restlessly pressed her hands on the other's chest, and said with a smile: "The child who lies will be punished~ "

"I was wrong! I was wrong! Stop it!"

"Huh? I can't hear what you said?"

"I said I was wrong, I'm really sorry, the results of the last exam were actually very poor, and I shouldn't lie about my real results!"

Chapter 386: Mouth and body integrity