Hearing that, Nan Xiaoniao's face flushed, and he took off his hands without a trace, and lowered his head slightly red, "Haojun need not be so polite, just take a glass of water..."

Watching the interaction between the two, Nanri and Zi raised their mouths slightly, staring at Wang Hao's pupils, and said with a smile: "I have only one request, and it is also very simple. Haojun, would you like to be my son-in-law?"


Wang Hao quickly turned his face away, and spouted the water he had drunk into his mouth. He couldn't believe his ears, as if a thunderbolt suddenly sounded in his ears. Now he still feels the thunder resounding in his mind. Inside, his brain circuit became sluggish, and he even forgot to think at this moment.

Just like a sudden lightning, everything happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, Wang Hao, at this time, was like a flat boat struck by lightning and swallowed by huge waves in the ocean.

He had already thought of the requirements of the Nanri and Zihui in his mind, such as letting the Muse participate in the competition without affecting his studies, or getting a certain ranking in the competition, etc., but Wang Hao never thought that the other party would Say "Are you willing to be my son-in-law?"!

And more importantly, he also said just now that he knows everything, and he can say nothing. Now the answer is no, no answer is not. Wang Hao feels like a pig looking in the mirror, no one inside or outside!

Did your own spring come suddenly?But now that spring has just passed, summer has already come, and the season is not symmetrical...Wait, how can you still think about these messy things?

"Mom! What are you talking nonsense!!"

Nan Xiaoniao immediately shouted, her pretty face was already flushed, and the blush on both sides of her cheeks appeared very bright, gradually spreading to the jade-white nape of the neck and the roots of the ears, and it was like a steam engine that kept white on the top of the head. The steam exudes a sweet breath.

If there is a thin crack on the ground at this time, Nan Xiaoniao can't wait to get into the crack immediately and leave this place of right and wrong.

For girls, it is true that Wang Hao’s handsome appearance must have a lot of good impression points, but Nan Xiaoniao is not only a person who looks at appearance, nor is it so superficial that he judges people only by appearance, but Wang Hao is gentle The behavior did leave an indelible favor in the girl's heart.

Chapter 390: A little talk and adjustment

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Chapter 391 Precautions

There is a mother who is the president of the college. Nan Xiaoniao has also been to many banquets since she was a child, and she has seen many handsome or beautiful people, but she still has no emotion of admiration, at most she sighed in her heart.

Ah, that lady is so beautiful, that boy is so handsome, etc.

But what Wang Hao really touched her was the gentle behavior without asking for anything in return.

I still remember that when the Muse’s club consisted of only her, Sonoda Kaisue, and Kosaka Honoka, they shared a lot of flyers, but in the end, only Wang Hao came, and the other party was forced to pull it over. Nan Xiaoniao couldn't help blushing when he thought of his actions at that time.

But she didn't regret the decision she made at the beginning. If God gave her a chance, Nan Xiaoniao would still send the flyer to Wang Hao and make an agreement with the other party.

If it hadn’t been for that time to pluck up a little courage and take a step forward, there wouldn’t be the muse as it is now. Perhaps without Wang Hao’s support and encouragement during the concert, the muse might have been disbanded now. I will never meet everyone now.

Now the feelings of all the members of the Muse towards Wang Hao are like the prince riding a white horse suddenly appeared in a fairy tale. Although Wang Hao is not riding a white horse, or perhaps not as gorgeous as the prince dressed up, but through the most simple and sincere actions Leave a touch of goodwill to all the girls.

Even Nan Xiaoniao is no exception, but this good feeling hidden in the bottom of my heart stems from the girl's shyness, and she does not dare to say it directly, because she still can't muster that courage.

But Nanri Kazuko, who was a past person, had already discovered this, and then through the initial observations, that's why he said that to Wang Hao.

She looked at Nan Xiaoniao with a chuckle and asked, "Then Qinli, you mean you don't like Haojun?"


Nan Xiaoniao blurted out these words subconsciously, and Wang Hao, who was standing by, blushed and became embarrassed about it. Obviously, he didn't expect things to develop like this.

For a while, Wang Hao didn’t know how to face Nan Xiaoniao, while Nishikino Maki did not hesitate to stretch out his hand and squeeze Wang Hao’s arm, and his gaze at Nan Xiaoniao became more vigilant. The same is true.

"Mom..." When she noticed the abnormal situation around her, Nan Xiaoniao's face was completely red and turned into the most colorful red apple, and she stomped her feet in shame, so anxious that two or three tears fell from her eyes, and she might be able to get one at any time. The field was pouring rain.

Seeing how her daughter was about to cry and the abnormal expressions of the people around, Nanri Kazuko quickly smiled and gave up, "Okay, okay, I just made a joke just now, everyone should go out first if you have nothing to do. There is still some work to be done."

As a mother, I naturally hope that my daughter will meet the right person in the future, because this is related to her daughter's lifelong happiness. A large part of what Nanri Kazuko said just now came from the heart.

Hearing these words, Wang Hao and the other women sighed in relief, and hurriedly walked out of this office, as if there was a scourge in it.

Nan Xiaoniao, who originally wanted to leave this office the most, fell in the end, and even felt a little sense of loss in his heart. Nanri Kazuko hurriedly called out to each other, "Kinari, if you miss it, you might miss it." For the rest of my life, if Haojun is my son-in-law, my mother will not object to this marriage."

Hearing that, Nan Xiaoniao blew white steam all over his body, and quickly left the office like oiled soles.


The Muse and his party returned to the club's office again, and the atmosphere was a little weird midway. This weird atmosphere continued for about three minutes.

Everyone sat in their seats and kept silent. Wang Hao thought for a moment when he saw it, then turned his gaze on Eri Xuanse and asked, "Eri-chan, this time the campus visit should be mainly done by the student union. Right?"

Hearing this, Ayase Eri nodded and said, "Well, it is indeed the case. According to the original plan, the student union was responsible. The same was true in the last year. However, the results of the questionnaire came out at that time were a bit bad. It will be held in the next week."

"In that case, it's okay for the Muse to perform a concert in the school auditorium for others to see, right?"

Hearing what the other party said, Wang Hao hurriedly raised his own question, Ayase Erri chuckled lightly, "There is no club occupation in the school auditorium. Muse can use it as long as the application form is submitted and processed by the student union. It was originally planned to hold a lecture in the school hall, but now it seems unnecessary, because I believe in the muse now."

Nozomi Tojo, who was sitting next to Eri Ayase, immediately hugged the opponent, passing his hands under the opponent's armpits, and then squeezed back and forth with the long-lost masterpiece magic, and said with a kind smile: "It seems Eri’s recent changes are a bit big, so we almost can’t recognize them, let us see how big the changes are?"

Everyone stared at this scene dumbfounded, their little faces turned blushing, and they took their hands to cover their eyes, but the seams of the hands were split apart, and they continued to watch quietly there.

Wang Hao even swallowed quietly, his face was a little reddish and he coughed lightly. It turned out that the figure who practiced dancing was really good...

As the person involved saw this scene, Ayase Eri immediately glared at Wang Hao with a blushing face, and his head was full of black lines jumping back and forth, "Hey! I will be angry if I don't let go of my hand!"

Seeing that Eri Ayase was really about to get angry, Nozomi Tojo took it up when she saw him, slowly retracted her hands, and said with a smile: "After the appraisal, Eri is growing up, and the changes are different from last time. Up."

Seeing that the situation was getting worse again, Wang Hao quickly coughed and came out and said roundly: "Ahem... Then let's talk about the concert in detail. The performance venue is set in the school auditorium, so the publicity work It must be done well, and this is left to Eri and Xi. It would be even better if the student union could also help promote it.