There are also songs to be sung. I will post new songs to everyone tonight. The new songs created by Hai Mojiang and Jin He are also ok. The songs sung this time are between three and five. You can also take songs from the previous Muse. When it comes to use, physical strength is very important, so in the recent period, I must strengthen training and pay attention to my body.

These days, Nicole, Rin, and Honoka, the three of you can't forget to study. If you fail the next exam, everything you are doing now will become a bubble. Do you understand?I didn't understand what I was saying again."


Chapter 392 Who is the idiot?

Leaving Otonogizaka, the time has quietly arrived in the afternoon.

After discussing with everyone, Wang Hao finally decided a lot of things. The Muse campus will also be webcasted at the same time. Generally, the teams participating in this Lovelive competition will gain popularity through the webcast, and finally increase the ranking in turn.

After all, the teams participating this time come from all over the country and even all over the world. Regional performances are not very useful. Therefore, the only way to live online is now, and the audience is also larger.

The fresh term “campus idol” has obviously attracted the attention of many people. What's more, this time the organizer is the veteran Jeanis firm, and the participating teams are from all over the world. It can be said that the event has received a lot of attention. .

For campus idols, it has a fatal attraction in all aspects, because the positioning of campus idols in the society is a bit awkward. Basically, only most junior and high school students pay attention to this level. There are also some campus idols in high school combinations. If you want to go to college, get a regular, and then make a formal debut, it's a pity that this is not very popular, and it can be simply used as a street bash.

The world where the real celebrity is located is a lot more cruel than the campus idol, because there is no good company behind it. This time, the actions of the Jennis firm will undoubtedly open a very bright path.

If the rules were not limited to campus idols, I’m afraid I don’t know how many weird combinations will emerge.

Of course, everyone at the Muse didn't think about making their debut and becoming a real star. Everyone participated in Lovelive this time just to save Otonogizaka Academy from abandoning the school.

Seeing them like this, Wang Hao couldn't help but sigh from his heart. Sure enough, this is youth...

He looked back at his current life, and then there was no more. No matter how he looked at it, he was a social animal who was ruthlessly exploited by the leader every day and was asked to work late into the night.

Damn it, no matter how you look at it, this kind of life is a bit bleak!

Why don't you try to fall in love?

As soon as this thought came up, Wang Hao first thought of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu and the shy expression of Nan Xiaoniao today. He was shocked by himself immediately, and he shook his head and threw the thought out of his mind. Get out.

"I don't have a fever..." Wang Hao stretched out his hand and touched his forehead. The temperature was the same as usual.

Before he could even think about it, a text message suddenly appeared on the phone, and the person who sent it was Yukoshita Yono. The specific content was to inform Wang Hao that he could post it on Twitter, Weibo and other platforms in a week. That thing said.

Roger that.

After reading it, he simply replied to a message.

"Haojun, come down for dinner!" Qingshan Qihai's call passed to Wang Hao's ears.

"Come right away!" He responded quickly and went on quickly.

Basically, he was left behind at the table at this time, and there were not many people in total, except for the Yamada Fairy, the other members had basically chosen to go home for dinner.

Everyone stayed to eat together only once or twice a week, and Wang Hao couldn't let them stay for dinner every day, as this might make the other parents worry.

"I started!" ×n

After Wang Hao sat at the dining table, everyone clashed their hands together and shouted. This sentence is very common in most families in Neon, and everyone would say this before eating.

The Fairy Yamada couldn't wait to add a piece of tonkatsu on the table, and suddenly a strong home-cooked flavor filled her mouth, especially the weight of meat that was very satisfying.

After a large piece of tonkatsu, the Yamada Fairy's face was flushed, and if it appeared in the comics, it was estimated that the clothes would almost burst.

Of course, because I feel that the story of bursting clothes may be in danger of harmony once it is described in detail, so this process is silently omitted for the next development, so I can't play it off.

If you want to ask what is happiness?Maybe it should be cats eating fish, dogs eating meat, and Ultraman fighting little monsters.

She stretched out her hand to scoop a spoonful of beef stew with potatoes. At this time, a happy expression filled the face of the fairy Yamada. She couldn't help but fell into intoxication and murmured: "The level of Nankai sauce cooking is great, although The taste is very ordinary when you eat it, but you can discover the mystery by chewing carefully and slowly. The nostalgic taste gradually fills the whole mouth, and the tip of the tongue is like out of control, and a group of joy The elves are playing wonderful songs.

If anyone marries Qihaijiang in the future, it will definitely be a blessing for eight lifetimes!"

"No, no, Yamada-sensei said it is too exaggerated. This is just ordinary cooking, nothing special."

Aoyama Nanami blushed, and replied somewhat shyly: "Compared with Mr. Yamada's cooking, I am far from it."

"We're not a food show here, no extra food commentary is needed."

Wang Hao glared at the fairy Yamada, and continued: "And you guys are just plain lazy. You have time to explain that you are not as good as cooking by yourself. Just saying that you don't do it is just a mere manifestation."

"Sure enough, you guy is looking down on me!" Yamada Fairy Xingmu opened his eyes wide, his willow brows were erected, and angrily stretched out his fingers towards the table: "This plate of squirrel osmanthus fish is made by this lady herself!"

"Huh? I didn't expect that you guy would still cook traditional dishes from the sky..."

"Who do you think I am doing this for!"

As soon as the words were spoken, the fairy Yamada's face flushed, and Wang Hao frowned: "Ah? For whom?"

"Of course it's for my lovely real white sauce! Don't get me wrong, you fellow!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao's expression became a little weird, but he didn't ask much.

However, he glanced at the Yamada Fairy with a little surprise. He was originally curious as to why there will be such a dish of celestial cuisine on the table today. He didn't expect that it was made by Yamada Fairy, and from the three aspects of color, fragrance, this squirrel Osmanthus fish has already accounted for both.

The last thing left is the taste. Wang Hao gently clamped a piece of squirrel osmanthus fish with his chopsticks. As soon as he bit it down, it made a crisp sound, and then the meat was fresh and tender and unreserved. The taste was sour and sweet. The taste is very palatable.

"not bad."

"Huh! Of course, don't you see who this lady is?"

"If you raise your nose higher, I guess you will be considered Pinocchio."

"Who is Pinocchio? You wicked fool!"

"The fool said who is the fool?"

"The idiot said you are a idiot...Ah! You bastard has asked this lady to say something!!"

Chapter 393: Willows are dark and flowers are in another village

Saturday, today may be a rare holiday for some office workers and students, and this day itself is nothing special.

It seemed an ordinary day at first, and of course it was indeed an ordinary day, but it made Wang Hao a little nervous, because today he agreed to discuss the painting of Mianwuying with Dongbao.

When he walked to the door, Wang Hao tidyed up his tie again, turned and shouted inside, "I have something to go out today. It may be a bit late to come back. Qihaijiang does not need to prepare my share of food!"

"Haojun be careful all the way!" Qingshan Qihai shouted loudly from inside, and the voice also reached his ears.

Today, Wang Hao didn't drive the car as before, but chose to take a taxi directly on the side of the road.

"Master go to this address."

As soon as he got in the car, Wang Hao handed a small note to the taxi driver. To tell the truth, he couldn't find the location that Shinnosuke Kawaguchi told him. It would be troublesome to go around with navigation.

"Okay, it takes about 30 minutes."