Wang Hao twitched the corner of his mouth. He was unceremonious when he ordered the order. He beckoned to the waiter next to him and said, "Waitress, a cup of black coffee, a chocolate sundae and a strawberry ice cream."

"Okay, please wait a moment."

The waiter in the housekeeper's uniform bends respectfully and replied, turning around slowly and retreating gracefully.

The atmosphere between the three of them was still a bit awkward. Wang Hao was no longer surprised by this atmosphere. He naturally took out his cell phone from his arms and sent a text message. After confirming the sending, he quietly looked out the window.

After waiting for a while, the waiter brought the drinks and ice products ordered by Wang Hao just now. He seemed very polite in every move, and he seemed to have received professional training.

Kasumigaoka Shiyu and Sawamura Hidelily were not polite, and started tasting the ice. Wang Hao was relieved when he saw this, took a sip of black coffee, still the familiar bitter taste, and slowly said: "Today I'm here to participate in a cinematic assembly, and I don't have time to quarrel here with you. I'm going to leave later. Don't wait for me to leave and you two should quarrel like just now."

Hearing this, the faces of the two women who were vomiting at each other finally changed. Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu looked at Wang Hao and asked indifferently: "Miaowu is going to make a movie?"

Hearing her question, Sawamura Hidelily also raised a lot of spirits secretly and turned her attention to Wang Hao.

"Well, just discussed a good thing a few days ago."

Wang Hao nodded, and just wanted to continue talking, but he stopped thinking as soon as he raised his head.

He stared at the front, and finally fixed his gaze on a mature woman wearing an OL costume. The other party was walking towards this place slowly. Wang Hao immediately waved to the mature woman with a smile, and asked: "May I ask you yes? Is it Ms. Uematsu Minako? I am the god master who came to attend Mr. Kawaguchi's meeting."

Hearing this, Uematsu Minako's face was startled, and he took a closer look at the young man in front of him. He still asked in a dazed manner: "I am Uematsu Minako, um...just take the liberty to ask, you really are the god... teacher?"

Wang Hao nodded and smiled slightly: "Well, it's like a fake replacement. Also, Miss Uematsu, don't look at me like an underage person. In fact, my real age has reached more than 30 years old."

Chapter 395 Misunderstood

"Hey yeah?! Teacher God Lord, are you serious?"

Uematsu Minako was completely shocked this time, the mature and steady temperament that had been spread on her just now suddenly disappeared, and she stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyes in disbelief, staring carefully at Wang Hao in front of her.

Taking a closer look, Uematsu Minako found that the opponent could feel a strong pressure just sitting in the position, her face was very handsome, and there was an indescribable look between her eyebrows.

Especially those deep eye pupils seem to contain magical powers that make people intoxicated. Minako Uematsu and Wang Hao looked at each other for less than three seconds, and the strong woman in the workplace who had always been stable during the day was rarely shy and blushed. stand up.

But through this look, Uematsu Minako also began to believe what Wang Hao said, because at first glance the other party looked like a sixteen or seventeen-year-old young man, but after a closer look, he could find that Wang Hao exudes. The mature charm of about 30 or 40 shares makes people more and more curious.

At the same time, curiosity is also the most terrifying thing, because once a person can't help being curious about a person, it is already the beginning of fall. If you continue to pursue it, you will find that there is no way back.

Thinking of this, Uematsu Minako quickly shook her head, threw these thoughts out of her mind, took a tissue and gently wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, looked at Wang Hao with a blushing smile and asked: "But the report didn't say that Master God, is your true age only 16 years old?"

Hearing this, Wang Hao's eyes flashed, and he said with a wry smile: "Hmm...Is it? I thought I was in my 30s, so I would be 16 years old."

"Teacher God, you are really humorous..."

Minako Uematsu's mouth twitched, the smile on her face was a bit stiff, and she was relieved. He really believed that Wang Hao's real age was in his 30s. After hearing that the other party was joking, he didn't know why he was facing him. The young man became more curious.

It can be said that through the brief conversation just now, Uematsu Minako's impression of the gods has changed drastically. She originally thought that the author who could write works like five centimeters per second must be an author in real life. People who are sentimental and haggard.


Wang Hao laughed at himself, and did not continue on this question. He watched Uematsu Minako and continued to ask: "Ms. Uematsu, have they all arrived, Producer Kawaguchi?"

"There are still a few people who haven't arrived, and there are still more than ten minutes left before the prescribed time."

Hearing this, Uematsu Minako immediately replied with a chuckle. When she heard these words, she noticed Wang Hao's side, Kasumigaoka Shiwa and Sawamura Hidelily, and a trace of surprise appeared on her face, and she picked up her bag. He stood up from his seat, with a slightly ambiguous expression on his face, "I am waiting in the lobby on the first floor over there, so I won't disturb the god master teacher, and I didn't see anything."

As soon as Wang Hao was about to explain, Uematsu Minako walked out of the cafe quickly, which not only made him more depressed.

Probably misunderstood?No... That was definitely misunderstood just now, right?!

Wang Hao took a deep breath, then quickly exhaled the suffocation in his heart, shook his head gently, and saw the two women on the left and right looking out the window, he already knew what the two were thinking.

The two women were looking at the figure of Uematsu Minako, and the company that Uematsu Minako walked into was the famous Toho.

After Uematsu Minako walked in, Kasumigaoka Shiwa and Sawamura Hidelili closed their gazes. They tasted the ice products casually, and turned their gazes to Wang Hao several times without saying a word. .

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao was a little bit dumbfounded. He thought about it and said: "Well, you two will act as my assistants to the meeting together, but Xia Zhiqiu, you and Ying Lili will agree to me. One thing, you must not be as open-minded as you were on the street during the meeting."

"Well, there is nothing wrong with me."

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu shrugged indifferently, his expression still looked very calm, and he tasted the strawberry ice cream that had disappeared in an instant.

Instead, Sawamura Yinglili snorted, flicked the ponytail lightly, folded her arms around her chest, and said, "Huh! Why are we going to participate in your work filming conference?"

Seeing Yinglili Sawamura's sudden tsundere, Wang Hao couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth. What was there to say?It seems to be called Tsundere ruined his life.

Sometimes being overly arrogant, maybe life will really become a defeated dog, Wang Hao secretly complained in his heart, and at the moment he had to follow the other party, saying one word with a stiff smile: "In this case, I will go alone I’m a little bit unfamiliar in life. It’s a lot better if you go together. Going to the meeting together might help you. So please, join me in this cinematic seminar!"


Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu squinted her eyes slightly. Hearing Wang Hao's words, she made a horrified sound, and stopped her hand movement: "It's so hard that you are afraid of the perverted monarch? It's a rare panic. Come up, this is really interesting."

Sawamura Hidelily also showed a rare expression of agreement with what Kasumigaoka Shiyu said, nodding her head suddenly, and said: "Oh! That's why you let us go to the filming seminar together!"

"Are you two idiots? It's just a mere meetup. I'm so nervous. For whom do you think I am doing this..."

Seeing that the two people who were still hurting each other on the street before suddenly stood on the same front, and when the object of the joint attack was still himself, Wang Hao's forehead was already beating a black line while smiling. The most important thing was the two. The guess that the blind cat ran into a dead mouse realized that he was indeed a little nervous.

"If you're afraid, then you're afraid, why bother to make so many excuses?"

"I have said that who is afraid! You two can stay here and I can participate alone!"

"Don't worry, Mr. Pervert, although you are a hopeless pervert, we are probably at the same table plus half a friend.

Seeing you showing a shivering poor puppy's eyes, I am kind-hearted, and I can't do anything to abandon animals. As the goddess of the academy, helping Sichun's virgin man is not a common plot in comic novels?"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu closed her eyes and talked. The more she spoke, the more fluid she felt. When she opened her eyes and wanted to take a look at Wang Hao, she realized that Wang Hao, who was sitting next to him, had quietly left his seat. Already ran to the counter and started the checkout...

Chapter 396 The meeting officially begins!

After the account was settled, when Wang Hao just turned and left the door of the cafe and stepped outside, Kasumigaoka Shiyu and Sawamura Hidelily also hurriedly followed.

"Why did you guy run away without saying a word? You don't look like an indomitable man!"

Sawamura Hidelily looked at Wang Haoyi and asked, her small face turned a little red, and the smile on Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's face also became very cold, "It is bad behavior to start chaos and finally give up. Wish I was suddenly hit by a hatchet someday?"

Hearing the second woman’s questioning, Wang Hao didn’t mean to stop at all. Instead, he continued to walk forward and said indifferently: “I think you both are focusing on doing your own things before you came out specially. Shouldn’t I be praised here? Is it empathetic?

And I’m really sorry that I’m not an indomitable man. Besides, Kasuga Zhiqiu, don’t say anything that is easy to misunderstand. You two will act as my assistants when the meeting is held."

During the conversation, the three quickly arrived at Toho Corporation, not far from the cafe just now. This well-known listed company is located in the bustling area of ​​Chiyoda District, Tokyo.

In neon, Chiyoda District can be regarded as the political and economic center of neon, because the residence of the emperor and the Supreme Court are all in this area, so it is not an exaggeration to call it the center.

And if you insist, Akihabara also belongs to Chiyoda District.

Pushing the door of this majestic building in front of him, Wang Hao, under the warm reception of the customer service staff, came to the lobby with Shiyu Xiazhiqiu and Yinglili Sawamura.