Wang Hao gently shook his head indifferent, and said with a wry smile: "Don't worry, it's normal for the producer to discuss with the original author during the animation. I didn't expect you to care about me at this time."

Sawemura Yinglili flushed and said, "Who cares about you? I just thought you were too stupid to remind you!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao's mouth twitched slightly, and he didn't give much explanation. You must know that he is different from the original authors in the past.

Chapter 398 Sorry, I'm not kidding

In this meeting, Wang Hao has always had the upper hand for what he insisted to say. The reason is also very simple. The copyright of this book has always been in his hands, which is why Wang Hao has no fear at all.

The reason is simple. Wang Hao did not sign a contract with anyone. If he chose to vote for another publishing house, the copyright will be reduced from the author to the publisher. After all, both parties have signed the contract.

So when the work encounters animation, the company will ask the author if he is willing to animate. If the original author refuses, of course the work will not be animated, but once agreed with the original author when talking There is not much.

Unless it is the kind of authoritative or super popular author, otherwise the producer will not listen to the original author’s opinions at all, and will just casually perfunctory, because once it is decided to animate the work, it is not just the author’s job. .

There are too many aspects involved, or even the original publishing house has no right to intervene, and can only do its best to make suggestions.

In fact, Wang Hao is not very sure, but he has the right to refuse, even if everyone is sitting in the conference room together and talking about how to divide the work.

First, the Toho party actively invited him, and the two parties have not yet signed a contract. In the end, the copyright of the work is all in his hands.

Of course, Wang Hao definitely didn't want to see this situation, or that he could come here to participate in the meeting, which in itself showed his intention to cooperate with Dongbao, otherwise he would not have enough to eat and do nothing.

Both sides understand this truth, so there will be this negotiation, and then rely on their own means of negotiation to convince each other.

Six minutes later, Sawamura Hidelily finally asked uncomfortably: "The opposite party has been discussing for so long, is it really okay?"

Hearing that, Wang Hao just smiled, maintaining a calm expression, as if a reclusive outsider could see through the world.

Kasumigaoka Shiyu squinted at Sawamura Hideli, and said lightly: "The emperor is not in a hurry."

Upon hearing these words, Wang Hao's indifferent expression immediately threw out the clouds of Jiu Tian. At this time, his nose could smell the faint smoke of gunpowder, and he came out to persuade him to fight: "Alright, stop! Stop! Xia Zhiqiu You should also converge a little bit. Didn't we make an agreement just now?!!!"

Hearing what he said, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu frowned reluctantly, "Well...I'll pay attention, it might be a habit just now..."

"Please get rid of this bad bad habit for me!"

Wang Hao vehemently educates. The serious face is just like a black pan, like an ancient teacher who was so angry that he didn't hold a root ruler to educate the students.

The conversation between the three quickly ended. Kasumigaoka Shiyu and Sawamura Hidelily obviously began to gradually adapt to the environment, not as nervous as they were at first.

Their discussion did not attract the attention of others. After a while, Daisuke Takamura and others discussed the matter, looked at Wang Hao, nodded, and said: "The request of the god master teacher is nothing wrong. We will do our best to consider our principles and your requirements here, but can the god master teacher tell us in detail?"

When Daisuke Takamura called him you instead of you, he deliberately used honorific words, and the corner of Wang Hao's mouth twitched slightly. It seems that the hope of the conversation in the next moment may be a little bit more than he originally imagined.

But it’s not the time to be happy, Wang Hao took a deep breath and gradually reduced the smile on his face. His eyes became deep and serious. He looked directly at everyone on the other side and said slowly: “I’m glad you can listen to me. I’m very honored to comment on this.

I have a small request, that is, I hope that your company will let me take charge of this plan!"

There is no doubt that Wang Hao's voice was very powerful, and his tone resounded throughout the space, reaching the ears of everyone present, and I believe everyone heard it.

But a strange scene appeared. The atmosphere on the scene suddenly became deadly silent. Even the air began to be silent, and there was a serious sense of depression everywhere.

No one spoke to break the silence of the scene. Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and the others were shocked, including the female music supervisor who has remained indifferent since the beginning, and is known as an iceberg in the workplace. Yoshida Michiko's eyes widened in disbelief.

Is this young man joking?

This is the first sentence that first appeared in everyone's minds, including Xiazhiqiu Shiyu and Sawamura Hidelily who were sitting next to Wang Hao. No one could believe that Wang Hao would say such a sentence just now.

After a while of doubts, Daisuke Takamura, Michiko Yoshida, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi, Yuichiro Takami, and other people who were originally smiling, all looked down and changed into a gloomy and serious expression.

Absurd!It is ridiculous!!

This was the second thought that was felt in the hearts of everyone, and then a wave of anger rushed to Daisuke Takamura's heart, but he did not laugh instead, his voice was very loud, but there was a strong ridicule.

Minako Uematsu, who presided over the meeting, was even more sweaty, and quickly asked with a barely smile: "The god master teacher is not joking? But if it is a joke, then you are really humorous, haha..."

Wang Hao chuckled and shook his head, but said in a very serious tone: "Sorry, this may have disappointed Uematsu-san. I don't think I am in the mood to make a joke right now. Do you think the soldiers on the battlefield are facing the enemy? Are you still in the mood to joke when you attack?"

Hearing that, the producer of this project, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi, no longer smiled at the beginning, and his slutty temperament changed abruptly. He said with a straight face: "If the god master teacher is here to tease us today, then please go back. "

Some people have even begun to organize the files on the desktop, waiting for the meeting to dissolve and leave.

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao began to feel depressed. He didn't expect the other party's reaction to be so big. Of course, he also knew that what he said was a bit too difficult for others, perhaps because he didn't make it clear.

Thinking of this, he immediately rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, and quickly stood up and patted the table again.

Sure enough, after hearing the movement, everyone gathered their eyes. Wang Hao smiled bitterly when he saw it. "Sorry, I'm really not joking. Of course, I never thought about running this way to tease everyone. I might have expressed it just now. I’m not sure, I’ll introduce it to you in detail next, and ask you all to give me some more time!"

Chapter 399 I want to be...

Hearing this, Takamura Daisuke and the others looked at each other, but the expressions on their faces did not change much. Then they set their eyes on Wang Hao again. Shinnosuke Kawaguchi nodded and said slowly, "We think we are sincere. It’s quite enough, so I hope the Lord God teacher can take this meeting seriously."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head, and he didn't sell anything. "I may not have explained it just now, but I want to be responsible for the problem of Miaowuying's painting. The meaning expressed above is absolutely fine.

Because from the very beginning, my original intention of creating this work was to make it into a movie. However, considering various reasons, I could only write the second five of the novel version first. I had no idea that the results of the novel version would be so good. Now, this is also a surprise, right?

But what I can guarantee is that the movie version of "Five Centimeters Per Second" in my mind will never be worse than the novel version, and it can even be said that it has a complete crushing advantage in many aspects."

In fact, when he first thought of Second Five, Wang Hao's first thought was to make it into a film. Unfortunately, it was impossible to make it into a film directly, so he chose to create a novel.

Of course, only he knew about this.

Hearing Wang Hao's words, Takamura Daisuke and the others were completely shocked this time, and then felt a deep sense of speechlessness in their hearts, so that they could indeed explain the absurd words of the other party just now.

But despite knowing the cause, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi, the producer of this project, couldn't help but frowned and asked, "Kamizu-sensei, are you kidding me? Although what I said next may be a bit inappropriate, it's definitely not. In any sense, making an excellent animation film is not at the same level as the difficulty of creating a novel.

This sentence has absolutely no special meaning!So please don’t get me wrong. For me, to create a good novel, you need the original author to have a lot of inspiration and excellent writing style. Let us do it.

Making an excellent animation movie is not just a person's business. The people involved have their own areas of expertise. It requires everyone to work together to complete it. It is impossible to rely on one person alone."

Uematsu Minako nodded, and also expressed his own opinion, saying: "Although the creation of novels and the production of animation are related, there is still a fundamental difference. I think the god master teacher also understands this principle."

Indeed, the creation of novels and the production of animation can be described by simpler metaphors. The two are probably considered to belong to the same track and field. The former belongs to the single race, and the latter belongs to the relay race.

The former requires a single athlete, while the latter requires the athletes participating in it to work together and pay attention to team consciousness. Therefore, although the two are related, there is still a fundamental difference in essence.

Wang Hao also understood this truth, and at the same time, he also heard Kawaguchi Shinnosuke's illocutionary meaning, nothing more than a specialization in the art industry, and each person's field of expertise is different.

"What Kawaguchi-san and Uematsu-san say is indeed reasonable. I personally recognize this. Everyone has something they are good at. But since I said that, although there are still many immature places, It's definitely not a rhetoric, I'm not so stupid and arrogant!"

Although he knew the implication, Wang Hao's expression remained unchanged.

After confirming that Wang Hao's expression did not look like a joke, Daisuke Takamura, Yuichiro Takami, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and others became serious.

Even the few people who were collecting the documents just stopped their actions and put the collected documents back in their original positions, quietly waiting for the young man to follow.

Undoubtedly, everyone was aroused by Wang Hao’s words. Indeed, his words were very convincing, and he did not look like an arrogant adolescent. If he were, he would not try to hide himself in society. Identity.