For another young man of the same age as Wang Hao, apart from the withdrawn character, I am afraid that Ba will not promote his identity everywhere. After all, this is the age of youth and passion.

The best proof is that there have been many young people pretending to be gods in recent times, but they have undoubtedly been spotted one by one. There have probably been more than a dozen similar incidents, but this kind of topic has become invisible. The enthusiasm of God.

At the same time, the true face of the divine lord also made people more curious. Unfortunately, so far only Shueisha has given the divine lord is a high school student who is only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Recently, there seems to be a gossip on the Internet. The god master himself seems to be related to the Shengshi Dynasty Group. No specific details have been disclosed. It can only be regarded as a small rumor. Most people who have seen this news People don't believe it very much, but it gradually spread.

No way, at least this gossip is relatively reliable compared to others, after all, there is zero information about the true face of the gods on the Internet.

Such a low-key young man really does not look like a stupid and arrogant person.

Seeing everyone's interest, Wang Hao showed a proper smile on his face. He secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and stretched out his finger to tap the tabletop gently: "I also said just now, I wanted to stop at first. Five was created as a movie, but it was not realized due to various reasons, but the second five animated movie version can be said to have taken shape in my mind, and even I have done a lot of work. Please take a look at this document first. It’s about my script creation and character design this time."

Halfway through the conversation, Wang Hao bent down and picked up the document bag placed next to the chair. This time he didn't come empty-handed, or he never fought unprepared battles.

Keke... I fell asleep suddenly last night because of force majeure...

Wang Hao quickly took out more than ten documents from the document bag. Since he didn’t know how many people attended this meeting before he came, he copied 15 documents at one time, all of which were designed by scripts and characters. Manuscript.

It seemed that he made a lot of copies, including Kasumigaoka Shiwa and Sawamura Hidelily. After receiving the documents, everyone at the scene looked at each other with doubts on their faces, and they all flipped through the documents in their hands and began to look carefully. Up.

While others were looking at the documents and engrossed in them, Wang Hao quickly grasped this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After a light cough, he said in a slightly louder voice: "This time I want to assume the role of chief supervision, art Supervision, music supervision, script creation, character setting, color design, photography and editing duties..."

Chapter Four Hundred: Disagreements!

"The god master teacher is really humorous, but please don't joke casually during the meeting."

Uematsu Minako said with a reluctant smile, Wang Hao shrugged his shoulders indifferently when he heard that, with a helpless expression on his face: "I'm not kidding, in any case, please read this document first before we discuss it. Thing."

"Well, please wait a moment for the god master teacher. If this script is really excellent, then I am willing to give the script creation job to the god master teacher.

Although I myself think that the role of screenwriter is more suitable for you than me, because you are the original author of this work, I believe no one is more familiar with this work than you."

The man who was talking was a slightly thin man with a slicked hair and a 37-point look. He looked about 27 or so. During the speech, he gently pushed the black glasses frame, matching the chin and his face. The serious and indifferent expression makes people feel like a programmer who has worked overtime for three days and nights. At this time, his face has lost his smile.

Wang Hao remembers that the other party's name is Seiichi Kubo, who is responsible for the script creation and some other work of this project, and is the screenwriter.

The name Seiichi Kubo is very well-known in the industry. Even Wang Hao had heard of it before he came. The other party completely relied on his own strength to create many excellent scripts. At present, he is regarded as one of the gold medal screenwriters in the industry. One.

The role of the screenwriter is to concretize the requirements of the producer, director, and the overall planning of the script into words that can be interpreted. This is very difficult. It can be said that the script of a work is the most important part of the work. Over.

Scripting can be said to be the foundation of the work, and painting is the soul of the work. At present, many bad movies are saved by relying on scripts, but painting cannot do this.

And there are many things involved in the animation script.

Simply put, after the text is written, it must be drawn into a picture, but it is not a real animation artwork. It is just a series of small pictures, which draws the characters, story locations, camera angles, and dialogue in each picture in detail. The content, the time of the screen, what actions were done, etc... Then there are a lot of things that need to be completed.

It can be said that it is more troublesome and troublesome. Most people have no confidence to take over script creation, not to mention Wang Hao, who has no experience.

But Makoto Kubo just said that Wang Hao is more suitable, and he has his own unique reason, Wang Hao also knows this.

Why did Xu Yuanxuan, Ma Zhijun, Maruto Fumiaki, and Shinkai Makoto look so good as screenwriters in the previous life?

Because before the "screenwriter", they have a title called "original", nothing more.

That's right, as Seiichi Kubo said just now, Wang Hao is the person who is most familiar with Second Five in this world, no matter what.

When most authors are creating their works, they have already regarded their works as their own children. How can normal parents have children who are not familiar with them?

What's more, before Wang Hao wrote the second five, the ancient book in his mind has taken him to the world of five centimeters per second and experienced it deeply. Although the time passing by the outside world may only be as short as one or two seconds, he is true. Spent a long time in another world, this cannot be done.

Wang Hao guessed that his ability to gradually become so mature is absolutely inseparable from the magical function of ancient books. Otherwise, no matter how strong his adaptability is, it is impossible for him to undergo a radical change in his personality in a short period of time.

Of course, it is not just ancient books that drove the change in one's personality, but also the reason why the memory of oneself and the predecessor gradually began to assimilate. The surrounding environment is also very important.

The script that Wang Hao prepared this time is a text script, which he took the time to work hard to complete recently, and the weight is also very large. Everyone has a thick stack of them. This is only a text script.

After confirming that the text script is approved, Wang Hao will start to change the text script into a picture.

The atmosphere in the conference hall was very quiet, and nearly forty minutes passed. While everyone was watching the script, Wang Hao, who had nothing to do, was also responsible for serving the thirsty people with tea and water.

An animated meeting is generally considered normal for four or five hours of conversation, and some even talk and discuss for most of the day. Wang Hao is also a temperamental person. Of course, he has no complaints about this.

After a few more minutes, everyone put down the files in their hands one after another, and looked at each other, they could see the shock in each other's eyes.

Makoto Kubo rubbed his eyebrows lightly, and then slowly raised his head to look at Wang Hao, who was drinking tea leisurely. His stern face finally showed a rare bitter smile: "This time, the second five screenwriter's duty It seems that I don't need to worry about it."

"Wait! Kubo-san, are you kidding?"

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi looked at Seiichi Kubo with a stunned look, full of unbelievable color, but Yuichiro Takami next to him grinned bitterly: "Actually, I think that after seeing the character design of the master teacher, the art supervisor I may not worry about the duties..."

Hearing the words of Makoto Kubo and Yuichiro Takami almost surrendering, Michiko Yoshida couldn't sit still on the bench and frowned slightly and said: "I admit that the script creation and character design of the master teacher is very good, but Screenwriters and art supervisors have to do more than just these. For example, creating storyboards, art boards, etc. are indispensable. Isn’t it a bit too sloppy for you to give up so easily? If you really don’t want to, you yourself ask for a change like the above People do too."

"Yoshida-san, are you questioning me and Takami-san?"

Hearing that, Makoto Kubo showed a sneer on his face anyway, before waiting for the other person to answer, he continued taunting: "Women are really big-chested and brainless, with long hair and short-sightedness. It seems that the ancients don't deceive me.

If I just read this script and character design, I would naturally not hand over the role of screenwriter easily, but you should know that the recent comic book called "Dragon Ball" in the weekly jump was also from the hands of the god master teacher?

Let's not discuss the content of the "Dragon Ball" plot, but "Dragon Ball" is really excellent in terms of storyboarding. Even I am ashamed of this point.

In addition, the comic version of the five seconds was also written by Shiina Mashiro, and the god master teacher was responsible for providing the script. Finally, the two people completed it together, and the matter was so popular that it made international news.

There is no doubt that the painting skills of the god master teacher have reached the point of perfection!Do you still think the reason I gave is sloppy?"

The 401st chapter changes suddenly!

The temperature of Michiko Yoshida’s face, which has always been indifferent, rose a lot, and said angrily: “Drawing a manga is completely different from doing anime! And you stupid who said who has long hair, short knowledge, and big chest No brain? You deserve to be single for so long!"

"Ha ha."

Makoto Kubo smiled coldly, and continued: "Don't change the concept secretly. I didn't say that drawing comics would be related to making animation. I just discussed it with the screenwriter alone, and the parting technique in the creation script. It does have a lot to do with the role of screenwriter, don’t you think it’s okay?

I'm really sorry that I have been single for so long, but I don't bother you to worry about this. I don't have any idea about a cold ice cube, but to be honest, Yoshida-san is much more cute than before."

Hearing this, Yoshida Michiko immediately stomped her feet shyly, white steam emanating from the top of her head, and even her tone of voice began to become flustered: "Yes, cute? You...what are you talking about, fool! !!!"

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi coughed: "Ahem... Kubo and Yoshida, you two should also pay attention to the impact. Although our company supports love between employees, the meeting room is not a place to talk about love."

"Who would fall in love with this guy!!" ×2

Michiko Yoshida and Makoto Kubo said in unison. As soon as they finished speaking, they looked at each other in surprise, and then turned their heads with their arms around.

Seeing this scene, even Wang Hao, who was sitting across from the two, began to feel complicated. Although Makoto Kubo was defending himself, which made Wang Hao very good, he always felt that the topic seemed to be gradually deviating. Open.

For some reason, his mood suddenly became depressed.

Sniffing his nose gently, he immediately smelled the sour smell of love, which stimulated his brain with full of malice.