How can it be repaired!The brain is shaking!Pay more attention to the mood of the single aristocrats around me!!

I feel so angry, but I still have to keep a smile on the surface, be elegant and not dirty.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao showed an awkward and polite smile, and said: "That is to say, Mr. Kubo and Mr. Takami agreed to my request?"

"I have no problem with Kubo-san here, but the rest can only be convinced by the god master teacher." Takami Yuichiro smiled bitterly and shook his head, voluntarily expressing his withdrawal from the competition, and Kubo Seiichi was equally helpless. Opened his hand.

Hearing the answers of the two, Daisuke Takamura and others flickered for a while, and for the first time they showed hesitation. Wang Hao smiled when he saw it, and said to Takami Yuichiro and Kubo Seiichi, "Thank you for your understanding. "

"Huh! In short, I absolutely don't agree with this kind of thing. I admit that the master teacher can serve as the two responsibilities of art supervisor and screenwriter, but I will never let out the position of music supervisor, because I am not like someone who admits defeat. people."

Yoshida Michiko snorted coldly. Wang Hao suddenly looked confused. As the host of this meeting, Uematsu Minako hurriedly introduced with a smile: "Yoshida Sauna has won many awards for music competitions with high gold content, and has also created many famous ones. Song, I have also appeared in a red and white song in the past few years."

Hearing Uematsu Minako's introduction, Wang Hao nodded slightly, but his expression still turned weird.

Seeing Wang Hao nodded, Yoshida Michiko also nodded with satisfaction, and said in the tone of an elder: "The god master teacher does not need to be too discouraged. After all, everyone's areas of expertise are different."

"Yes, everyone's field of expertise is different."

Hearing what the other party said, Wang Hao said with some emotion, and then shook his head, with a weird smile on the corner of his mouth, suddenly as if he was thinking of something, he continued to chuckle and said: "Right, just forgot After introducing myself, my real name is Wang Hao, and I have occasionally participated in some music events, such as the Chopin Youth International Piano, etc..."

Hearing that, everyone immediately rolled their eyes. The name should be introduced at first!Yoshida Michiko rolled his eyes without exception, but he did not expect that the mysterious god in the rumors was actually named Wang Hao, and he also participated in the Chopin International Youth Piano Competition.

Wait... something seems to be wrong?For example, the Chopin International Youth Piano Competition started to have problems, and I always felt a little familiar.

Yoshida Michiko frowned and thought about it for a while. After Wang Hao and Chopin's International Youth Piano Competition, he raised his head and looked at each other's face, and found that the outline did seem to be where he had seen it.

After a while, she seemed to suddenly remember something, Xing's eyes widened, her face was full of shock when she looked at Wang Hao, she swallowed a bit hard, and she stretched out her trembling finger to Wang Hao. The tone was also obviously trembling and asked: "You are the Wang Hao who won the Young Chopin Award twice? Why hasn't there been any news about music in the past few years? By the way, your appearance has changed so much, I almost I don't recognize you. I have been to the competitions you participated in that year. I also like your own songs.

The Junior Chopin Competition will be held again next year, right!Are you going to participate next year?But it seems that the age is restricted, but I guess if you go to participate, the organizer should be able to accommodate a bit. This situation has happened before..."

Seeing that Yoshida Michiko's speaking speed continued to increase like a different person, Wang Hao was a little surprised. Of course, he was not the only one who was surprised, including the colleagues around Yoshida Michiko who looked like hell.

To be honest, it’s the first time they have seen each other’s fanatical appearance after they have been together for so long, because Michiko Yoshida, who is usually in the workplace, has a cold face no matter who he faces, even if he is facing the president and chairman. No exception, this is exactly like an avid fan!

At the same time, their gazes at Wang Hao have completely changed, including Daisuke Takamura, who was the most hostile to Wang Hao. At this time, their expressions are very complicated, as if they were looking at a monster.

Facing this sudden situation, even Wang Hao was a little caught off guard. He stretched out his index finger and scratched the bridge of his nose lightly. He smiled bitterly: "If there was no one with the same name as me in the finals, maybe it was me. I didn't participate. There are also many reasons for the music event. If there is no accident next year, I probably won't participate.

After all, there are a lot of things to be busy on my side now, and there is really no way to spare time to participate in the competition, at most I have time to practice on weekdays, to ensure that the feel is still there and not unfamiliar."

Chapter 402 Children of Others' Family Series

"I have to sigh, the god master teacher is really versatile."

Daijie Takamura said with a complex face, and looked a little discouraged. In fact, not only him, but everyone on the scene basically began to doubt life.

Sure enough, people just want to be angry with others, and they feel that they don't know what they are living to.

And Wang Hao is really a bit against the sky, at least they have not heard of anyone at this age who is so versatile. It is estimated that since childhood, Wang Hao has been someone else's series of children.

Well, just like the words parents often educate bear children in their mouths, how do you see other people’s children...


As if thinking of something, Takami Yuichiro said with a little embarrassment: "Forgot to tell the master teacher that Shinosuke-kun is the art supervisor. I only serve as his deputy. After all, my main job is to supervise painting, so the master teacher wants To be qualified for the position of art supervisor, I have to ask the true king, but I will not let out the position of painting supervisor."

Fukushima Shinosuke, who was lying silently, immediately stood up and said, "Stop! Takakan-san and Kubo-san have said that just now. I won't find myself boring. It is true that the god master teacher is more talented, and I have no opinion."

Hearing this, Wang Hao smiled politely, "Predecessors are polite, the production work still needs your help to complete, it is not possible to rely on me alone."

The implication is to hope that everyone will stay as deputy. The present are all elites who have been in the workplace for many years. Naturally, Wang Hao's implication is clear.

"It seems I still can't escape the fate of being a deputy."

"If it's the god master teacher, it's okay for me to be the deputy music supervisor. Since then, I have been looking forward to Haojun's new songs."

"It is indeed not bad to hand over to the god master teacher..."

Hearing that more and more people began to lean towards Wang Hao, Takamura Daisuke's expression became a little embarrassed. Wang Hao knew that he couldn't make the situation too rigid. "This time I need everyone's help. If I have anything I also hope that you can provide opinions on the wrong things.

I also know that my request is a bit difficult for others, so I hope you will give me two months to take up these jobs in the early stage. If I do not do well, I will quit these jobs and apologize to everyone. In addition, I will lose costs during this period. It will be borne by me alone.

If this still doesn't work, then I have to go to Toei to see..."

Having said that, Wang Hao stretched out his hands helplessly and released his hole cards all at once.

This is his basic requirement and the minimum bottom line.

If Dongbao can't accept it, he can only go to Dongying to see it. Although he knows that what he said is a bit inappropriate, he does not allow him to hesitate any more.

Moreover, Wang Hao believes that his requirements are really low. If the animation produced in the initial stage is screwed up because of himself, he will fully bear the cost of the loss. It is not his own claim that he can achieve this. He is the only one.

It is a rare stream in the industry.

Of course, Wang Hao's sincerity was conveyed to Daisuke Takamura and others, but for them, the last sentence was the point.

"Those guys are really troublesome, their sense of smell is so strong..."

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi frowned slightly and said with a bit of gritted teeth. This time, the second five was able to decide the filming. It can be said that he was under pressure alone before he persuaded others.

After all, there has never been such an example before, but Shinnosuke Kawaguchi believes that the speed of five centimeters per second itself has great potential, and the animation of the film can definitely bring extraordinary influence. This is the most important thing for him as a producer. Keen business intuition.

Therefore, he officially took advantage of this time to issue an invitation in advance, and he also did this. He thought that the speed was fast enough, but he did not expect that someone over there would have noticed it, and he couldn't underestimate his competitors.

Although he knew this, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi still felt upset and took a deep breath, his eyes still flickering, because even he couldn't easily agree to Wang Hao's request.

It’s okay to say if it’s done well, but if it’s screwed up, though, don’t worry too much about compensation, because Wang Hao himself said just now that he would be responsible, but it will definitely be a fatal blow to his career. This is money. One thing that is difficult to make up for, his position in the company will also decline, and the resources allocated in the future will also become smaller.

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and Daisuke Takamura looked at each other, and the other nodded at him. Finally, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi gritted his teeth and made up his mind: "In two months, if the progress goes unpredictably, then we will re-produce it immediately, and hope at that time. The god master teacher can keep his promise!"

Bo give it a shot, bicycles become motorcycles!

Think about it from another angle. Even if it fails this time, there is not much loss to the company as a whole, because the other party said that one person will be responsible for the compensation. I believe that with this point, the guys will not say anything, because there is no one. Will have trouble with money.

Even if there is, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi believes that the problem is definitely not big. If he does not have the expectation of failure, he is not qualified to move forward.

Hearing the answer from the other party, Wang Hao immediately burst into a smile, and quickly got up and stretched out his hand to the other party: "Just wait for Kawaguchi-san's words, happy cooperation."

The face of Shinyuki Kawaguchi who said these words was also obvious, and he also stretched out his hand towards Wang Hao and shook it, "Happy cooperation, I hope God Master Teacher can bring us a big surprise."

"Director Takamura, please give me your advice."

Wang Hao stretched out his hand to Daisuke Takamura next to Shinnosuke Kawaguchi again with a smile on his face.

As the saying goes, you don’t hit the smiley person with your hand, and the other party also gave him a step. Daisuke Takamura also knew where the current situation was. He couldn’t help but sighed and responded with a bitter smile: "It’s really a hero who was born a teenager. If you are so confident with the producer of Kawaguchi, then bring me this middle-aged uncle to go crazy!"

Minako Uematsu, who presided over the meeting, smiled slightly and said in a clear voice: "Since the two sides have negotiated, let's start to organize a discussion meeting! Let's start the discussion from the voice actors. We also want to talk about the dubbing work this time. Listen to your opinion from the Lord Master."