"So suddenly, is it a bit too hasty? How long will the registration time last?"

Wang Hao frowned and raised two questions that he wanted to ask. First of all, he seemed to be really in a hurry in terms of time. Even if it was the news released yesterday, it has only been more than ten hours.

Standing next to Shinnosuke Kawaguchi said: "We have notified all the voice actors who have contact with the company. The registration time will last for two days, starting from yesterday, and the registration time will end almost tomorrow night.

After the registration is over, we will set aside one day for selection. It is estimated that someone will come to register this afternoon. There is no need to worry about the registration. There is a corresponding staff here who will handle it."

Hearing this, Wang Hao nodded. He really didn't need to worry about signing up, and he also knew what the other party was saying.

You don't need to worry about signing up, but he will be the chief examiner for the interview after signing up.

Since there is an interview, you can't let the voice actors have no desk books, and Wang Hao has no complaints about this, because this is his job in itself: "I will get the desk books out tomorrow morning."

There is a little selfishness in Chapter 406...

"Really? Then trouble the god master teacher, as expected, the god master teacher is reliable!"

Hearing Wang Hao's personal promise, the expressions of Daisuke Takamura and Shinnosuke Kawaguchi finally relaxed. It stands to reason that they should take another day or two, because the matter of selecting voice actors this time is indeed the sudden invitation of the two of them.

After all, let Wang Hao alone take on the important work of almost the entire team, and let the original author participate in the production of animation. The pressure on it is still very great. Both Kawaguchi Shinnosuke and Takamura Daisuke were criticized by many management cadres yesterday for this.

Therefore, the two people wanted to finish early, and what they said was like splashed water. It is not easy to withdraw now.

In fact, the two of them didn't have much confidence when they said this, but now it seems that they are more worried.

Seeing the relieved expressions of the two of them, Wang Hao always felt as if he had been pitted by the two.

However, Makoto Kubo frowned, walked slowly to Wang Hao, and asked, "Master God, are you a bit too rushing? It is basically impossible to complete the work on the table in such a short time. If necessary, Let me help you out."

"Thank you, but I don't need to bother Kubo-san to help me with this. Didn't I say it in the meeting last time? I have done a lot of pre-work for the work of the Second Five Animation in advance."

Wang Hao knew that it might be a bit impolite to think so. It seems that there are still reliable people in the industry.

"Really? But this is really youthfulness. I haven't worked so hard with the god master teacher when I was in high school. It's a bit regretful to say..."

The expression on Makoto Kubo's face was quite emotional, because seeing Wang Hao, he would always think of him in high school, repeating the same things with nothing to do all day, and finally entering the ideal university with excellent grades.

Perhaps the most happy thing in his life is that not long after entering the university, he finally had something he likes, but with the reality, he finally failed to stick to it, and finally found it in the job he is currently engaged in. What I am after.

So he looked at Wang Hao, suddenly filled with a touch of envy in his heart.

Ah, I still remember his dream when he was a child was to become a baseball player who can enter Koshien, but unfortunately because of his character, he has not made up his mind. When he was in junior high and high school, he just sat in a shady corner and watched sweating on the court. People who are full of envy but no one noticed.

Of course, I can't blame others for this. Obviously the opportunity has been around, but I chose to ignore it.

Anyway, Makoto Kubo had an idea in his mind. If he had plucked up the courage and dared to act, would he not stay here now?Maybe becoming a professional player...

But as expected, it was still impossible, because there was no chance for him to come back. Perhaps this is the true charm of youth. Only when he matures can he realize the preciousness of youth.

The things that are not available are often the most beautiful, because they always remain mysterious, and human beings are always full of yearning for the unknown.

"No, no, now is the time Kubo-san should fight for it. If you have any regrets, you can make up for it now, and it is not easy to work hard in the real industry. Instead, I admire Kubo-san. It must be very hard to achieve the current results, right?"

Naturally, Wang Hao didn't know that he reminded the other party of the past and lost youth. He didn't have the abilities of Buddhism like his mind or mind reading.

He didn't even observe the other person's expression carefully. These words were just sent according to what he thought, and it is not easy for anyone in this society.

No one is perfect, no gold is barefoot.There can be no perfect person.

Hearing Wang Hao's words, Makoto Kubo burst into laughter suddenly: "Compared with the god master teacher, it's far behind, hahaha..."

When Wang Hao and Makoto Kubo were talking about each other in business, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and Daisuke Takamura were also whispering to each other, and the changes in their expressions were also colorful.

After a while, the two seemed to have settled on something. Daisuke Takamura gently pushed Shinnosuke Kawaguchi, and the other party immediately came to Wang Hao with a smile: "Ahhhhhh...the god master teacher will go back today to take charge of the desk, here I will be responsible, and there is nothing urgent now, we will discuss things in the group."

Hearing this, Wang Hao shook his head insignificantly. As expected, he was still afraid that he would not be able to finish the script on time. Although he did not make the script yet, he did not take long to make it, so Wang Hao did not feel anxious in this regard. disturbed.

But right now, Wang Hao didn't give a guilty reply. At present, even if he stayed in this situation, it would be of no use, and he also had to go back and prepare for some recent issues.

Thinking of this, he nodded and said, "It's true that the work of the deskbook is still a little short. Then I will go back and continue to deal with the unfinished work later. I will bring the deskbook over tomorrow morning, but the voice actor will have no problem practicing. Right?"

"Since the god master teacher said so, of course it's okay!" Shinnosuke Kawaguchi replied with a smile. Wang Hao couldn't help but twitched his mouth. Why did he feel that it was his own fault?

Is it an illusion?But it doesn't look right!And no matter how you look at it, you can find a lot of problems!!

"Um... I still feel that the time is a bit rushed, is it a bit anxious for the seiyuu's practice time?"

Wang Hao frowned and put forward his own opinions. Daisuke Takamura, who was standing by and observing all of this, covered his face and hurriedly said: "We will give plenty of time for the voice actor practice book.

This time the formal interview time will be extended by two days on our side. After all, the rules are dead and people live."

"In this case, I have no problem."

Wang Hao nodded. In fact, what he said just now was somewhat selfish. Perhaps it was to give Qingshan Qihai more time to prepare.

Because this game was very unfair to Aoyama Qikai from the beginning. The opponents she faced were all experienced voice actors, who were much weaker than Aoyama Qikai.

Let Qingshan Qihai participate in this selection, Wang Hao is now thinking whether this is right or wrong?But now, even if I persuade Qingshan Qikai not to participate, it's no use, so I just said that.

The reason why he wanted to go back so early to create a Taiwanese book is because he wanted to make it early and deal with Qikai Aoyama. Perhaps this is the only way he can make up for Qikai Aoyama to participate in this selection in this competition...

Chapter 407 The Almost Forgotten Agreement

After all, Wang Hao is not a saint. He has his own moral bottom line and principles. He also has selfishness, but there is no conflict between the two.

It is as if a stranger and his friend fell into the water at the same time. If only one person could be taken ashore at a time, Wang Hao would definitely choose to save his friend first, and then save another stranger.

This is also a kind of selfishness, but who does not have this kind of selfishness?

When he went back, Wang Hao took the black car that Dongbao prepared for him. He was still the same driver last time. When he was in the car, he picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Qingshan Qihai, and then logged into his own twitter. Started editing a message.

He hasn't forgotten that he is still the president of Undying Chuan Library. This message is naturally intended to explain that he has signed a contract with Undying Chuan Library and the news that Miaowuying will be a picture.

Dongbao has already discussed with him just now, and plans to release the news of Miaowuying’s picture today, so I hope that Wang Hao, the original author, can add this news in advance. He has no opinion on this, and he will give Is it weird to advertise yourself?

However, it was a little strange to advertise separately, so Wang Hao decided to say it all at once. In this way, the amount of information would not be obtrusive.

Well, he thinks it can be.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao’s fingers quickly clicked on the screen, and the text was quickly presented, and the draft was completed in a short time. After all, his single hand speed is not covered, and he has been basically because of Reasons for work Using the keyboard every day, Wang Hao has completely evolved into a tentacle monster.

[God Lord: Hello everyone, I am the God Lord.I believe you all know that Second Five will be published soon, so I am here to think... ahem, I hope you can support me more by then. I am grateful!

In addition, I have recently signed a contract with Fudiechuan Library, and the next work is ready to be officially released next month. Interested friends can pay close attention to Fudiechuan Library’s actions, and there may be unexpected surprises.

In addition, recently I have formally decided with the Toho producer to make "Five Centimeters Per Second" a movie, and I expect to see you in the coming year!

After posting this long tweet, Wang Hao felt refreshed and copied it and sent it to his Weibo and other platforms.