Of course, this Weibo is not the one in the previous life, but another Yahoo Weibo, which is considered to be one of the largest virtual communication platforms in the world. The Weibo people usually refer to in this world generally refers to Yahoo Weibo.

Wang Hao's current followers on Yahoo Weibo are not inferior to those on Twitter, and even said that his fans are a bit more.

When I returned home, there was no one in the Qiushui Villa at this time, because today is still a school day, and everyone in the club is a student, so naturally they are in school at this time.

Well, Wang Hao’s situation is a bit special, as long as he gets used to it, and the knowledge in school is really meaningless to him. Even if he wants to enjoy his youth, there is currently no time to splurge on him.

Of course, even if he maintains his current state of being a fool, Wang Hao does not want to drop out of school halfway through. Perhaps in his heart he still has some envy of his classmates, at least that kind of carefree life, but despite this, he will not stop. Own footsteps.

As soon as he got home, he didn't take any time off. He turned around and went to work. He decided to make the seiyuu station within an hour, and he also sent a message just now to tell Qingshan Qihai that he would come back when school is over at noon.

Naturally, he planned to hand over the Taiwanese to the other party earlier, and Wang Hao also felt that there was no discomfort in doing so, because Qingshan Qihai was a very unfair thing compared to other voice actors.

Of course, it is still very simple for Wang Hao to create a Taiwanese book. It should be said that the difficult thing is the voice actors who read the Taiwanese book. It is very difficult to express one's feelings in sentences.


Wang Hao's phone shook slightly, and the person who sent the message was Qingshan Qihai. The content was probably understood, and he would be back at noon.

"Speaking of which, did you forget any agreement?"

Wang Hao, who was coding for the next work, frowned slightly, and suddenly remembered that he seemed to have forgotten some promise.

He tried to think about it again, but in the end he didn't think of anything, because he hadn't had any intersection with other people recently, let alone making an appointment.

He did have an agreement, but Wang Hao still remembered that agreement, that he agreed to go to Otonogizaka Academy a few days ago, but he still remembered it, it was indeed a game that decided the outcome.

Wait..., the game that determines the outcome?!

Wang Hao seemed to have thought of something, and quickly clicked on the date table to take a look, and finally couldn't help but stretched out his hand to cover his face, and almost forgot the agreement he made with the Yamada Fairy.

He glanced at the time. There were still a few hours before noon. Wang Hao simply packed his clothes and prepared to see the situation on the Yamada Fairy. The other party, except for some necessary activities, basically stayed at home and played games every day. , And often come here to eat and drink.

So Wang Hao was sure that the other party must be at home now. He soon went out and came to the next door. He stretched out his hand and gently pressed the doorbell: "Ding Dong, Ding Dong—"

Then he hurriedly backed up, raised his head and looked upstairs, and immediately saw the appearance of the Yamada Fairy hiding under the curtain and looking around, still holding a telescope in his hand.

What Wang Hao didn't understand was that he didn't know why every time he went to the Yamada Fairy's house, the other party would make him look around like a sentry on the front line, making him feel a little serious.

Is this guy's goal when he grows up to be a sentry?

However, Wang Haoguang just thought about it and knew it was impossible because of his lazy personality.

After a while, there was a familiar and second-level voice from inside the door: "Those who are here to visit, show your proof."

"Be silent, let there be light."

Although Wang Hao had said this spell at least three times, he couldn't help blushing every time he said it, which is why he rarely came to Yamada Fairy.

The cyan door slowly opened, and the fairy Yamada stood in a maid costume with his hands on his hips, and said proudly: "Come in, mortal!"

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao's face turned dark: "Should you not use honorifics when treating guests? And since you have put on a maid costume, then give me the consciousness of becoming a good maid!

Okay, follow me to read it again: Welcome back, Master!"

"Idiot, who would say that!"

Chapter 408 You are here, don’t walk around... (repair)

In his opinion, it is necessary to give Yamada Fairy a copy of the professional qualities of a maid, or let the other party learn from Nan Xiaotori what a real maid is?

Sure enough, there is no harm if there is no comparison, but in fact, this is really hard to say, because after spending a long time with the Yamada fairy, Wang Hao knows how clever this guy is. It can be said that turning his face is as fast as turning a book, and his personality changes unpredictably.

I quarreled with you in the last second, and in the next second I will be able to talk with you very familiarly.

So this is what Wang Hao can't understand. This guy can do better, why he always loves to be so self-willed and degenerate, like a salted fish that doesn't even bother to turn, has been completely hopeless. ...

In the next moment, the Yamada Fairy did not surprise Wang Hao. The expression on his face became a little bit crooked, and said with a slight blush, "Do you really want me to say that?"

"It's not my hope, of course you can say the best." Seeing the Yamada Fairy whose female power suddenly increased, the expression on Wang Hao's face did not fluctuate at all, still maintaining a calm color.

A trace of dissatisfaction appeared on the face of the fairy Yamada: "Huh! You told me that I didn't say it! Then when are you going to continue to stand stupidly outside the door?"

"excuse me."

Hearing this, Wang Hao said politely, then walked in, lowered his body, took off his shoes at the door and put on a pair of indoor shoes.

After the change, I stepped onto the steps and walked indoors to take a look at the surrounding environment. It was indeed much better than last time. The indoor environment is still kept clean.

Although I usually look at the Yamada Fairy with a pretty jumpy appearance, the other party is still very particular about daily life, such as dressing and hygiene.

As for his attitude towards life, Wang Hao doesn’t need to say more about this, because everyone who knows it knows that this is a question of attitude...

As soon as he walked in, Wang Hao looked around, then glanced at the Yamada Fairy, and after careful observation, he could find that the other party's mental state was very poor at this time, compared with the appearance of a lively life.

Although wearing a maid costume, Wang Hao saw the other party wearing this costume two days ago, saying that he didn't seem to see each other for two or three days.

According to the urinary sex of the Yamada Fairy during the day, he would definitely come to eat and drink every day, and change clothes frequently. How could it be possible to wear the same clothes for so long?

Well, in fact, it is normal for ordinary people to wear a piece of clothing for two or three days. This is not to be investigated. After all, the Yamada fairy is probably...an ordinary person...

But the Yamada fairy can't eat and drink at the Qiushui Villa for two or three days. This is the most abnormal place. If something abnormal happens, there will be a monster!

Thinking of this, Wang Hao turned around and looked at each other, frowning and asking: "Why are you holding two dark circles under your eyes? Don't you stay up all night playing games again?

If you encounter any problem, don't think about it, say it and everyone will help you find a solution."

Yamada Fairy's complexion flushed, angrily stomped his feet, causing a regular sound on the floor: "What messy things are you thinking about! I want to become the savior of the light novel world, how could I be like you? Become a slippery girl like that?!"

Please, you are already a miserable girl who goes farther and farther on the crooked road...

Wang Hao silently complained in his heart. As for the savior of light novels, he was already powerless to complain. He shook his head slightly, and he immediately threw these thoughts away: "Then what's the matter with you now? Do you know you? It's weird now..."

"What's so strange."

The Fairy Yamada curled his lips in dissatisfaction, opened his eyes and folded his hips and said, "It's really rude to think this way! I'm just a little tired from catching up with the manuscript recently, so my mental state is a little bad.

Strictly speaking, it is to sacrifice yourself for everyone's happiness. Don't you think I am great like this?"

Wang Hao ruthlessly exposed the other party's false lie: "In other words, because I didn't finish the manuscript, I was rushing the manuscript overnight?"

"I'm saving the light novel world!!"

"Yes, I would like to ask the savior of the light novel world, I didn't bring condolences over today. Would you mind?"

"Of course mind!"

The fairy Yamada blurted out without even thinking about it, waited for the words to be spoken, and after seeing Wang Hao’s smile, she reacted, her face blushed and quickly changed her words: "I mean, you come to visit How can the legendary light novel savior not bring tribute?