Although I don't pay much attention to these nuisances, the rules must be followed!"

"Why do I feel something is wrong?"

"It’s no problem anywhere! Okay, my grown-ups don’t care about villains. You can quickly buy me an eel rice, fried chicken nuggets, homemade sushi, and high-end pudding in glass for dessert after dinner. If you buy Buffy, it’s okay, but it’s also good for high-end products. I will forgive you for this mistake when you do this."

The fairy Yamada got more and more excited as he talked about it, his eyes were already staring, and the corners of his mouth also showed a gleam of saliva.

Are you planning to let me be your errand boy?

Wang Hao rolled his eyes helplessly, and wanted to tell the Yamada fairy: You stand beside the orange tree and don't walk around, I'll pick a train for you...

But seeing the appearance of the Yamada Fairy, she always feels a little sour. Has this guy had a good meal these days?

Alas, after all, I feel softened.

When Wang Haogang thought that he could get rid of the role of Dad, the God of Destiny made him another nasty joke.

This kind of feeling is a bit like. Suddenly I found a banknote with a large denomination in front. I glanced around at no one. When I walked over to pick up the banknote, I noticed that the four characters of Children's Bank were printed on the top. How could it not? Does it make people feel complicated?

"Glass-packed high-end puddings are only available at the station, so I will buy plastic-packed ones at the nearby supermarket later, right?"

He rubbed his eyebrows with some headaches, and the fairy Yamada immediately adopted a rogue-style coquettish tactic: "I don't care! I don't care! I want the glass outfit!!"

Wang Hao: "..."

Seeing his arm being swayed constantly, he didn't know what language to describe his mood. He could only say that it was the first time that Wang Hao encountered this kind of situation in comics in real life. , Just like the last time Sawamura Hidelily attacked him with a double ponytail.

After a while, Wang Hao couldn't stand the other party's actions, and sighed helplessly: "You just stay here and don't move, I will go back."

So you still remember Chapter 409!

"Well, hurry up."

The fairy Yamada quickly shook his hand at Wang Hao. This move was like driving away the guests, and he couldn't help but feel helpless for the first time.

Have you ever seen the owner of a house who would call guests as errand boys?Is it because he is not good at Chinese and didn't remember the sentence of being a guest from afar?

"You really plan to let me go! This trip will take a lot of time..."

Wang Hao murmured, it would take at least nearly half an hour to buy the things that the fairy Yamada said.

Perhaps knowing that his request was indeed a bit unreasonable, the fairy Yamada immediately put on a pitiful expression, and shook Wang Hao's arm gently again: "Please, you are a good person!"

Wang Hao: "..."

Although he feels that he is so-so and barely a good person, he always feels a touch of sadness when the fact that he is a good person is told from others. Shouldn't a good person be respected in his heart?Why use this form of issuing cards!

Although he complained about the other party, Wang Hao was still a little soft-hearted. At the same time, he became curious about the reason why the Yamada Fairy worked so hard to catch up with the manuscript, because the Yamada Fairy he knew belonged to the type who often fished with uprightness.

Also, is Wang Hao boasting, he thinks that he is already quite diligent, so he can remove the two words quite well, but even so, he is still very diligent.

However, the Yamada fairy who often fished suddenly became more diligent than himself, almost like an industrious little bee. This kind of thing happened before his eyes. How could Wang Hao not be curious?

First of all, his understanding of the Yamada Fairy, there is no doubt that the other party is a genius writer, even if it is a manuscript, it will definitely not be like this.

Is it because of that?

A thought suddenly flashed in Wang Hao's mind, and then he felt more and more likely. He looked at the fairy Yamada and couldn't help asking: "Do you remember our agreement?"

Hearing this, the fairy Yamada rolled his eyes. Although the other party looked exhausted, he still said something full of breath: "Nonsense, isn't this a matter of course, otherwise you think I will only have a draft Are you so embarrassed?

It's all because you are responsible for the creation of "Burning Dark Fairy" and the new book. The progress between the two must be completed in these days, and the quality cannot be reduced. Of course, the hurry!"

Hearing the answer from the fairy Yamada, Wang Hao didn't know what expression to answer to the other party at this time. Originally, he thought that the “king pigeon” fairy Yamada had forgotten the agreement between the two, but the other party still remembered it. This is embarrassing.

At this time, should he praise the other party for keeping his promise, or should he say something else?

At least at this time, he couldn't say anything to mock the other party, because the other party's behavior was like a student desperately rushing homework a day before the start of school.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao sighed and retreated to the hallway again, took off his indoor shoes, put on his own shoes, and said, "Come on, then I'll be a courier temporarily."

The Yamada fairy lightly patted Wang Hao on the shoulder when he bent over to change his shoes: "Be careful all the way, Ah Hao, you guys are unexpectedly reliable."

"Even if you say that, I won't feel honored." Wang Hao replied lightly without changing his face. After putting on his shoes, he gently opened the door and walked out without looking back.


Walking slowly on the street, Wang Hao didn't drive, because the distance was really not that far, but it would take about half an hour to go back and forth. He thought it would be a walk after dinner.

Halfway through working at home just now, Wang Hao felt a little hungry, and then he ate the lunch box that Qingshan Qihai made for him, and now he was walking and digesting.

Well, Wang Hao is so comforting himself now.

It is worth mentioning that there are not many people on the streets now, and the surrounding environment has reached a certain level of greenery, and the scenery is also very beautiful, so that walking on the road can really play a role of relaxation.

Speaking of which, how long has it been since the last time I took a walk alone?

Wang Hao thought about it carefully, but he still had a little memory, because he didn't usually leave him time to relax, and there are still a lot of things that he needs to do recently, so there is no time to go for a walk.

Sometimes people might think, is it really good to be so tired?

It is true that this life is very busy now, even a bit boring, but Wang Hao enjoys it because there is more than one person around him.

Others’ youth may be carefree, and Wang Hao believes that he will live another youth.

After thinking about it, Wang Hao had already arrived near the station. He went to the nearby restaurant and ordered two packs of unagi rice, fried chicken nuggets, and sushi. He was a bit hungry. After giving the money to the boss, Wang Hao didn’t have any. Continue to wait there.

Because this restaurant's business is still very hot, it will be almost done when he comes back after buying other things.

Turning to leave the restaurant, Wang Hao went to a nearby supermarket. In addition to the glass-packed pudding, he also selected some other nutrients and fruits to bring to the Yamada fairy.

Because just like the fairy Yamada said, Wang Hao also felt that he was barely a good person. Although he would not take the initiative to cause trouble to his upper body, he would still help when he met something he could help.

It's like when he encounters abandoned cats on the road, Wang Hao will not take them home immediately. He will only help to be a sign of adoption and take care of the cats when no one adopts them.

Because once you choose to adopt, you will be responsible for it. Wang Hao is already sad enough to take care of him. How can he take care of pets if he has time?

"The total is eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-two yen."

The clear voice of the cashier reached his ears. Wang Hao took out a ten-thousand denomination banknote from his wallet and handed it to the other party. The cashier quickly looked for the remaining change and gave him the change with a smile on his face. The body said: "Welcome to visit next time!"

He nodded politely, came out of the supermarket and went to the restaurant just now to take away food, and walked back with two large bags.

When Wang Hao came to the door of the Yamada Fairy's house, he immediately saw a group of people in black. The leader seemed to be a tall, blond man, who also looked over.

Only then did Wang Hao see the appearance of the blond man, with a wide forehead, a slender figure, and a cold breath exuding all over his body.

Generally speaking, he is a slender and beautiful man with blond hair and blue eyes, but his body is thin but gives a very strong feeling, he looks like Legolas in "Lord of the Rings".