After thinking about going to Wang Hao, I can only think of the Chris who was just now. He can only wait until the next time I see the fairy Yamada and try to use the other party's tone, to see if there is a possibility that he can also win over.

Although the famous flower has a master, the hoe is more ruthless, as long as the hoe is swung well, it cannot fall without a corner.

Looking at the time on the watch, it is estimated that Qikai Aoyama will be back soon.

Wang Hao sorted out the information, and printed out the desk book used by the voice actor by the way. When Aoyama Qikai came back, he could directly hand it to the other party.

However, something unexpected happened to him, and Dengeki Bunku suddenly sent him a message.Wang Hao clicked on the content and looked at it. It was a little weird. This news was not bad news, but asked if he was free to attend the signing event.

Seeing this, Wang Hao did not directly reply to rejection, but thought about it carefully.

Although he didn't want his true identity to be exposed to the public media, the feeling of hiding his head and tail was comfortable, but it was not a way to keep it like this because he couldn't keep pretending to be mysterious.

In his plan, there are still many things that need to be active in the media in the future, so Wang Hao is wondering if he can directly appear in the media without revealing his true identity.

He frowned and thought about it for a while. After a while, he still didn't think of any results, which made him smile again and again, and the world was in peace.

Glancing at the pedestrian outside the window, his eyes suddenly lit up when he just wanted to reply to his refusal!

Chapter 415 Escape is shameful, but useful

Since this status is not good now, just change one.

Yes indeed!Why didn't he think of such a simple point just now!

The corners of Wang Hao's mouth were slightly raised, and he had forgotten that he could still have this trick. When he appeared in public view, he could also hide his true identity. It was simply killing two birds with one stone.

As for the items he needs, he has one in his room, so he doesn't need to go out and buy it.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao couldn't help but chuckled, and it turned out that the boat went straight to the bridge.

He thought about the content in his mind, and quickly clicked it on the phone. After carefully scanning the draft to confirm that it was correct, he reached out and clicked the send button to tell Dengeki Library that he had agreed to the signing meeting, which is also a little bit of his own. Make up for it?

After all, Wang Hao feels that he is really a bit uncomfortable about the publication of Dengeki Library. Although there is no contract or agreement between the two, in society both parties generally use code words to imply each other, but Wang Hao understands Yes, but did not give a clear answer, but the attitude is very ambiguous, but in the end, this can be regarded as letting the other party a pigeon...

It is for this reason that Wang Hao will carefully consider the issue of the signing event. Although he knows that he will be exposed to the media eventually, he is of course not passively exposed, but proactively stepping forward. But the time is still too early. He originally thought The first signing meeting should be held at the time of the next new book, that is, at the Fusaichuan Library.

The time now has to be at least one or two months ahead of schedule, but it may not be a good thing to be so early, and exposure to the media does not necessarily mean revealing your true identity. If you accidentally and passively expose yourself to the media in the future, it is unnecessary at that time The trouble is even more.

Because curiosity is human nature, otherwise there won't be so many entertainment gossips that will be popular now. Wang Hao estimates that his signing event this time is not a major event, but it should also cause small-scale riots.

Well... he is probably a public figure now...

Of course, Wang Hao didn’t know that he agreed to the Dengeki Library’s signing meeting because of his guilt. Later, because of this incident, he suffered a lot. These are all later things. He has never faced up to what he now brings. Influence.

Because in Wang Hao's mind, he is no different from others, and there is no special place.

Well, he thought so, except for the fact that he crossed over and encountered a large group of problem children...

There is still a little time left. Wang Hao thought about it and turned on the computer to create a new document, ready to make the next work schedule, try to ensure that there is no conflict in time.

The general supervision of the second five, the work of the seiyuu interviewer, the creation of scripts, the creation of comics, the production of CLANNAD, the creation of light novels, the supervision of music, the preparation of the signing event, the concert of the Muse, etc...

Thinking about it this way, Wang Hao suddenly felt that he was even more pitiful than the liver-explosive social and animal programmers who worked overtime for three days and three nights in the neon society. At least he could sleep for dozens of hours after the liver exploded.

Especially if you encounter your own crossing situation, which is very common in some novels now, the male pig's feet halo decisively and powerfully, and then the domineering spirit is released, and all kinds of outstanding talents will come in immediately, without doing anything, just Being able to serve as CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and rise to the pinnacle of life, sure enough, people are more angry than people!

Wang Hao feels that he doesn't want to be too extravagant, but this mess is still quite a headache, especially the family aspect of his predecessor has always troubled Wang Hao, facing the Wang family on the other side of the sky, he has to face it after all .

There is no other reason, because his current name is Wang Hao, so naturally he has to be enlightened.

However, even though Wang Hao had achieved his consciousness, he had to face the somewhat unfamiliar prosperous dynasty, and his mood became complicated and he didn't know how to face it.

First of all, he has almost gradually recalled the memory of his predecessor. Although there are still some things left to be thought of, most of Wang Hao has already remembered. Now he can't tell who he is?

There are memories of passing through the past, as well as memories of the predecessor, and the two have gradually merged into this body. It can be said that the emotions have been shared, but the personality has undergone great changes.

It's not the previous self, nor the predecessor, it's as if the two have also merged into a new self, which is now him.

For example, when he is facing Maki Nishikino now, Wang Hao’s emotions cannot be faked. He can still remember everything he has been with each other, but his predecessor is not good at expressing feelings. The self before crossing is also on this point. , But now Wang Hao can express these very naturally, and from his point of view, great changes have taken place.

So now, when Wang Hao thinks of the Heavenly King Family, or when he faces the man who can be regarded as his own father, his mood will become complicated. If he were his predecessor, he would not have the slightest fluctuation in his heart.

Although the predecessor was also the direct line of the heavenly princes, it can even be called the eldest son of the dynasty, because that man has become the current head of the heavenly dynasty.

But from the moment that man left, his predecessor has been in a cold war with the opponent until now, and every year when he goes to the grave, he occasionally meets the opponent, but his predecessor will not even say hello to him.

But this year is different. Wang Hao's personality has undergone a radical change from the inside out, so he doesn't know what expression he should face if he meets that man when he goes to the grave.

First of all, Wang Hao is sure that there is always only one mother in his heart, or the only mother he recognizes is the one who gave birth to him. This will not change anyway.

Maybe it was his stubbornness, which was naive in the eyes of other people, but Wang Hao never thought so, and other people's ideas had nothing to do with him on this point.

Shaking his head heavily, Wang Hao decided not to think about it anymore. When we talk about things in the future, he is not so stubborn. In fact, in Wang Hao's heart, he also knows very well that he has to face all this after all. It's just evading.

But even so, he needs some time.

Escape is shameful, but it works.

After formulating the work schedule, Wang Hao glanced at the date of the tomb sweep with a complicated expression, stretched out his hands and patted his cheeks, closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, and saved the next itinerary schedule. In the phone.

Then he stood up and stretched out a big lazy waist. It is estimated that Qingshan Qihai is almost back at this time.

Chapter 416 Come on!Maiden!

It's also time for lunch, wait... Wang Hao suddenly remembered an important thing. He accidentally left his share of food on the side of the Yamada Fairy!

No wonder he always had a strange feeling just now, that he had accidentally thrown away his lunch.

"I knew that nothing good would happen once I got involved with that guy..."

Wang Hao couldn't help but sighed and shook his head. Sure enough, if you have a relationship with the Yamada Fairy, you will inevitably be contaminated by misfortune, or be scammed by the other party. No matter how you look at it, it has nothing to do with good things.

It seems that in the end, you have to do it yourself and get enough food and clothing.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao went to the door of the bedroom and opened the door, ready to go to the kitchen to cook by himself, so he made a simple and quick pasta. It would not take long and the weight would be sufficient.

In fact, he wanted to make instant noodles, but unfortunately, considering many factors, Wang Hao still did not buy instant noodles. After all, there are so many people in the community. If you buy it back, it is estimated that in order to be lazy, everyone will choose instant noodles. The body is not good.

Neon instant noodles are very different from the Tianchao. For example, in Wang Hao's previous life, most people in China regarded instant noodles as spicy chicken food, but it is also true.

But in fact, instant noodles are nutritious and convenient food. Most of the instant noodles on Neon's side are of this kind of nutrient-rich kind, not like the kind of instant noodles that everyone knows in the country in the past.

For example, Wang Hao bought a few barrels in a neon supermarket. Among them, he has a deep impression of duck soup soba, or it should be an instant noodle that friends who like to eat soba should not miss.

After eating soba noodles, the stomach will feel very comfortable, and soba noodles are very low in calories, which is more suitable for people who are losing weight. Although Wang Hao's weight has not been long, he has never considered losing weight.

Generally speaking, the duck soup is delicious and the noodles are very comfortable to eat. If you don’t have time for breakfast in the morning, a small bowl of this is really a good choice. After all, it saves time and is fast, and it is also nutritious, but even for such a long time. Going down is not good for the body.