It can be said that even if polygamy is retained between Neon and Tian Dynasty, nearly 99.9% of people still adopt the monogamy system. Many people are very resistant to polygamy. Most people's concept of love cannot be shared, but they have no complaints about polygamous people. Polygamy is rare today.

As for why everyone feels that love cannot be shared, they have no doubts about the system of polygamy, because polygamy in this world is fundamentally different from the polygamy that Wang Hao is familiar with.

The polygamy system in this world is not the kind of casual three wives and four concubines like in ancient times. When they get married, the relevant departments will adopt a very special identification method to identify whether they truly love each other.

In this process, if it is divided into 100 points, only the full score is qualified, which means that polygamy must be allowed if both are 100 points after verification. Otherwise, even 99 points will be eliminated. That alone Most people have been eliminated.

To put it simply, as long as the qualifying line is not reached, then polygamy will not be allowed. As for monogamy, there are not so many requirements, which is no different from what Wang Hao knew in the previous life.

No one knows what the true love identification method of polygamy is, because there are many ways of identification, and each person's identification method is different, and the identification personnel will be sent from other countries.

But there is one very strict rule. As long as you participate in polygamy and the appraisal fails, then the two parties can never get married. This alone is prohibitive, because the price is too heavy, and at the same time. It is also the only way to identify true love.

Even nowadays, as long as there are polygamous people in society, they will be treated as news reports. It is conceivable that the rarity of polygamy nowadays is the fundamental reason why Wang Hao is hesitant. Human mind.

After thinking about it for a long time, Wang Hao found that he was thinking so much for nothing, and I'll talk about future things later, and feelings will take their course.

And the reality is very cruel. Now I have considered polygamy without a girlfriend.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao silently shed sad tears in his heart. Sure enough, he must first have a girlfriend.

what!How can it be repaired!!

Wang Hao slapped the desktop, turned his grief and anger into motivation, threw all these distracting thoughts out of his head, and devoted himself to work.

Well, he comforted himself in his heart. Now is the time to struggle, and he still has to wait until later to talk about love or something.


On the expressway, Wang Hao drove the car and stared ahead, looking at the green mountains Qihai in the rearview mirror. The other party was still practicing hard with the voice actor notebook at this time, and asked: "Qihaijiang, is there really no problem at school?"

Hearing this, Qingshan Qihai put down the notebook in his hand, raised his head and looked at Wang Hao with a smile and said, "No problem, I have asked for leave from the school today."

Hearing what the other party said, Wang Hao nodded: "Well, then come on, I believe Qihaijiang will be fine!"

Today, because Qingshan Qihai is going to participate in the registration of the sound selection, Wang Hao is not relieved that Zhenbai will go to school alone, so he plans to drive Zhenbai to the school first, and then take Qingshan Qihai to Dongbao together.

Shiina Zhenbai, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was still a little confused. After listening to Wang Hao's conversation with Qikai Aoyama, he also said, "Go on Qihai."

"Thank you."

Qingshan Qihai smiled sweetly, and the sun shone on the corner of her mouth, revealing a confident smile.

Where did the four hundred and twentieth chapter meet?

The black Maybach parked quietly near the high school affiliated to Shuming University of the Arts. Although this car is considered very low-key in luxury cars, no matter how low-key this level of luxury car is, it still looks very dazzling among the crowd.

Especially this black Maybach can be seen at a glance that it has been specially modified and has a longer body, although it is not as exaggerated as the extended Lincoln.

As soon as Maybach stopped near here, it immediately attracted the attention of many students. Many students present were very impressed with this car, because it was often seen in the morning before.

The most important point is that Shiina, the world-class talented painter at school, is sitting in this car.

Especially recently, I heard that Shiina Mashiro himself has become a manga artist, and his works have not unexpectedly become popular.

At this time, the door of the Maybach driving seat slowly opened, and a handsome, slender, black-haired man walked out of it. He did not carry any luxury goods. A thin white shirt with a black suit seemed to be worn by others for work. Clan is no different, but everyone around can feel the confident aura emanating from each other.

The black-haired man smiled and walked to the passenger seat without hurried pace. He stretched out his hand to open the car door, and suddenly walked out an elf-like girl. The two walked slowly together, which seemed to others. They have become the best couple in the world, Wang Hao and Shiina Mashiro.

After getting out of the car, Wang Hao talked a lot like a polite dad, and walked side by side with Zhenbai for a while. Although he attracted the attention of many people, Wang Hao didn't care about it.

On the contrary, he did this for a certain level of reasons, and it could also save Zhenbai a lot of trouble in school.

I told the other party to behave alone at school, and I can find Chihiro Chihiro if anything happens...

In the crowd on the other side, two people still ran into this situation by accident, or it was a coincidence of fate, because the two groups were Kanda Sorata and Mitaka.

Mitaka patted Kanda Sorata's shoulder lightly, and pushed his glasses in a coquettish posture: "Sorta-chan, it seems that your competitor is quite strong, and that man's excellence is estimated to catch up with me , If you hesitate any more, it will be too late."

As if being said to have been on his mind, Kanda Sora turned red, and then forcibly changed the subject and said: "What the hell is the sauce? Is it because Mitaka has been single for a long time and treated me like a girl? Please take it soon. Come up with your bold and dangerous idea! And if Mitaka was good, he wouldn't be single now, right?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Xiaokongtai, what you said really hurts my heart. It is clear that people think so for you, Xiaokong is the most annoying!"

As soon as Mitaka Hitoshi said what he said, the nearby students immediately turned their attention.

Upon seeing this, Kanda Sorata immediately shed a thin cold sweat on his forehead, and quickly said with a panic: "Senior Mitaka, please don't make such a serious joke. If this continues, my pure high school life will be taken away. Put on colored glasses and slowly ruin them in the gossip. Anyway, you are also a senior, please pay attention to the surrounding influence!!"

The voice of speaking was very loud and immediately spread to the surroundings. Many students who had originally planned to watch the excitement heard Kanda Sorata's words, and suddenly lost interest one by one.

This sentence also reached Wang Hao, who turned around and was about to get into the car. He turned his head in some doubt, and soon found the speaker.

A man with glasses and a student with good looks, Wang Hao frowned. He always felt that the two of them seemed to have met each other, but he just couldn't remember.

"What's wrong with Haojun..." Qingshan Qihai who was sitting in the car stopped when Wang Hao suddenly stopped. He looked at the other side curiously and exclaimed: "Huh? That's not Kanda-kun and San Senior Eagle?"

"It turned out to be an acquaintance that Qihaijiang knew." Hearing what Qingshan Qihai said, Wang Hao also quickly recovered, opened the door and returned to the driving position.

"Hao-kun also knows Kanda-kun and Mitaka-senpai?"

"I don't know, just look familiar, I'm the wrong person."

As soon as the voice fell, the black Maybach, who was still in place just now, started silently, and disappeared after a while.


After Shiina got off the car, this time Wang Hao put a briefcase in the co-pilot seat. The briefcase was not as bulging as yesterday, because this time, apart from some required documents, there was nothing more in it. .

There is a seiyuu desk book or something. Wang Hao sent the seiyuu desk book to Shinnosuke Kawaguchi via a computer this morning. It is estimated that the other party will send this document to other seiyuu firms at noon today, which means that Wang Hao has successfully become Aoyama Qikai Bought one day.

Of course, only he knew this. Wang Hao didn't choose to tell Qingshan Qihai about this, because once he said about his stubborn and serious character, he would never allow this to happen.

Therefore, Wang Hao didn't tell the other party either. I'm afraid Dongbao also thinks he finished the work this morning. After all, according to common sense, this work speed is considered normal.

In other words, voice actors from other firms will come to sign up in the afternoon. Although the date is today, Wang Hao also told Qingshan Qihai at this point, but the other party insisted on coming in the morning. How much discussion, just look at Aoyama Qikai at this time holding the voice actress Taiben.

After driving on the road for another period of time, Wang Hao saw a forked road in front of him turning into the city.

He had an impression of the surrounding roads. After all, he had taken the car several times, and he had come two or three times. He probably found the road to Dongbao.

It didn’t take long for Wang Hao to park the car in a dedicated parking space near Dongbao. He didn’t want to park in a nearby parking lot. After all, the parking fee is still quite high. Although it is not too much for Wang Hao, it can be saved. It saves, there is no need to spend money in meaningless places.

Of course, this meaning is determined by himself. Wang Hao thinks that something meaningful may seem meaningless to others, but this does not affect his judgment.

"Qihaijiang, here." After stopping the car, Wang Hao opened the door for Qingshan Qihai.

"Thank you." Qingshan Qihai replied with a smile, and immediately set his sight on the majestic building in front of him. For a while, he felt a heavy sense of oppression on the face. It was finally time.

Chapter 421 Karasuma Chitose and the corrupt industry