It is precisely because they have become famous that they have many ways to make money, such as holding a concert from time to time, participating in some variety shows, etc. This is also the current trend of idolization of voice actors. This model has just started less than two. Month, it has caused a frenzy in the society.

At present, most seiyuu firms have begun to adopt the model of idolization of seiyuu, because this method is more capable of attracting money, and the popularity of seiyuu has increased greatly, no matter what point it is profitable for seiyuu firms. No harm.

However, idolization is not a simple road. The requirements for voice actors are extremely high. Voice actors who can hold various shows at concerts and receive advertisements are rare. Of course, this model is also included. The reason just opened.

In the past, there was no concept of idolization of voice actors. Basically, voice actors have a single way of making money. Almost all of them rely on dubbing to make ends meet.

The older the seiyuu, the higher the salary, which has always been the market.

It can be said that the idolization of voice actors has opened up more roads, but the requirements are also very strict. Character strength, appearance, network background, etc., are all very important parameters.

For example, Yuan Shengbaihua’s parents are big figures in the industry. The background and connections can be said to be extremely deep, and the job can be almost arbitrarily chosen. In addition to his good strength, his appearance, and the obedient personality shown in front of everyone, he can be said to be the most popular at the moment Hot new voice actor.

Although this makes others feel helpless, it is also a reality, because no industry is really good.

Just like Wang Hao's favorite sentence, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

Now that there are rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes must be full of disputes.

Wang Hao is no longer the same self, not his predecessor or past life, but another self who currently exists in this world, and at the same time he has begun to learn a lot about other things in this world.

He has also checked a lot of information about voice actors, and naturally he knows how popular Shibazaki Wanye and Yuansheng Baihua are.

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that he has heard the voices of these two people, and his acting skills are also quite good. It can be said that he is his ideal voice actor.

No, it should be said that they are the voice actors of the main roles. If they are dubbed by these two voice actors, Wang Hao feels very relieved.

But it is too early to draw conclusions, because this time the selection is open, if there is a more suitable candidate than the two, then Wang Hao will definitely choose the excellent one, and there will never be a little selfish influence to judge.

In public affairs, one cannot judge others unfairly because of selfishness. If he did so, Wang Hao would look down upon himself, because doing so would undoubtedly trample on others' efforts.

Although this industry is inherently strange, Wang Hao doesn't want to become strange as well. But he is also a person. As long as he doesn't violate the moral bottom line, he will favor the side he is more familiar with.

For example, he openly helped Muse advertise at station b. This is nothing, because he knows Muse, and both parties can be regarded as friends. It is a matter of course for friends to help each other, and there is no such thing. It violates the moral bottom line, so this is not unfair to others.

Lovelive officials also made it clear that the idol groups will advance to the finals by their ability, which means that they can use various methods to increase their popularity.

It's like idol groups that often hold concerts and appear in front of the public. They certainly have greater hopes of promotion than other teams.

Hearing the news that Shibasaki Wanye and Yuansheng Baihua were coming, Aoyama Qikai's relaxed mood suddenly lifted up again, and a thin cold sweat began to shed on his forehead, feeling an unprecedented pressure of progress.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao just sighed helplessly, and did not interrupt to say some comforting words at this time, because without competition, he would never grow.

On the way forward, having a competitor or goal can be said to be a very important thing, because in this way can you have the motivation to catch up with the other party, and then make continuous progress in the process.

Michiko Yoshida pushed his glasses and said calmly, "Let's go to the recording studio together. Although this is only a basic registration, since people are here, we still have to test it first.

Teacher God, what do you think?"

Wang Hao nodded in agreement, smiled bitterly and said in a joking way: "I think so too, otherwise the next interview will be a bit troublesome, I don't like trouble."

Speaking of this, the people around showed a look of approval. Now even Shibasaki Wanye and Yuansheng Baihua have come to sign up. It is conceivable that there will be definitely a lot of people here.

Therefore, we must change the rules appropriately. First, we will eliminate the people who fail to pass through a basic quiz. Otherwise, because too many people sign up, the job of selecting the voice selection will delay a lot of unnecessary wasted time.

Chapter 426: Step into the real society

Because this is really impossible, if Wang Hao doesn't change the rules temporarily, at least two or three days will be wasted next.

First of all, it was his mistake to do so, because he had never thought that this public selection of voice actors would have such a big influence!

He estimates that it takes at least ten minutes to interview a person, which is just planning for the worst.

Then someone will definitely say that, everyone only needs ten minutes, but not much time at all!

Yes, it is true.

But have anyone who said this ever thought that one person is ten minutes, then 100 people is 1,000 minutes, and one hour is only 60 minutes. So many people waste time, I believe that only a little mathematics can get the answer here. , There is no need for him to elaborate.

The seiyuu interview is a serious matter for Wang Hao. He thinks that everyone in the competition should be given at least ten minutes to show themselves, and then based on Wang Hao's personal judgment and the image of the character to determine whether the other party is suitable.

Nowadays, there are many rumors in the world of voice actors, and this kind of thing does happen. For example, there is a very hot term called "seiyuu pillow business".

Maybe some people don’t understand the term “seiyuu pillow business”, so let’s put it briefly and use a very simple sentence to summarize the metaphor, which is equivalent to the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry. I believe that there is no need to explain it. .

These rules do exist under the glamorous appearance of voice actors, and everyone can hardly see the darkness behind them.

Wang Hao has always adopted an attitude of rejection or even disgust towards this practice, but he has no way to control what others do, but he has strict requirements for himself.

In other words, this is not a strict requirement, it can only be regarded as his own moral bottom line or basic principle to describe it more appropriately, because he can't do anything about others, and the only thing Wang Hao can ask is that he can't do it.

Just like when Mr. Wang taught him when he was a child, everyone is different because everyone is the same human being. It is because they have the same appearance and unique soul and personality that they are truly people.

It may sound mysterious, but it's not too difficult to understand. The explanation is simple.

Well, good-looking skins are the same, but interesting souls are nothing.Although the form is slightly different, it probably means that.


Uematsu Minako walked ahead to lead the way, Wang Hao and the others followed closely, walking down a staircase from the original floor.

In the middle of the journey, I also ran into a few employees who seemed very busy. They always gave Wang Hao a very nervous feeling. Of course, it was not that he was very nervous. Wang Hao can be said to be very calm and indifferent now, but his face is a little strange.

The nervousness he mentioned was that these passing employees brought him a sense of tension in the work atmosphere. The work rhythm was fast, and if anyone stopped, he would be pulled off.

Of course, other people did not notice Wang Hao’s unusual expression and what he thought in his mind. Uematsu Minako quickly took everyone to a room: “This is the recording studio. The voice actors who come for interviews will have staff. Bring to this place and conduct interviews one by one.

Our company only has this small and medium-sized recording studio, so we will find a special place for dubbing work when we wait for production in the future."

Wang Hao and Aoyama Nanami listened carefully to Minako's words, and opened the door when the other party introduced them, and everyone walked in one by one.

First of all, this is indeed a small and medium-sized recording studio, which is undoubtedly much larger than the recording studio in the music room of Qiushui Villa.

Because the recording studio in the music room of Qiushui Mountain Villa occupies only a small part of the music room, and the total area of ​​the recording studio of Dongbao Company is about the same size as Wang Hao's own music room.

Having said that, but here is really as Uematsu Minako said, it is not suitable for dubbing work, and it is fine for interviews or private dubbing.

Of course, don't worry too much about this issue. Just now Minako also said that Toho will be responsible for finding a new venue.

Although the words are very euphemistic, Wang Hao can still guess the general idea. This matter definitely has a lot to do with him.

To say that there is only such a small and medium-sized recording studio in a huge Toho company, Wang Hao would not believe it anyway, and no one would believe it.

Is Dongbao, a well-known company in the industry, so poor that it doesn't even have a decent recording studio?

The answer is no. Needless to say, Wang Hao is also very clear about the reason. It is nothing more than his participation in this animation production.

Let the original author participate in animation production, and even acted as the chief supervisor, music supervision and other responsibilities. It can be said that this has never happened in the history of Toho before, even in the history of animation, not to mention the fact that the parties are only Just a high school student.