Wang Hao believes that he can make animations as smoothly as he is now. Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and Daisuke Takamura and others have definitely taken on a lot of pressure. I am afraid that from the perspective of the senior management, they are just fooling around.

Yes, in fact, even Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and Daisuke Takamura thought this was just a farce, but what was even crazier was that they were personally involved in it.

At this point, there is no choice but one way to get to the dark. In fact, it is not easy to borrow this small recording studio from Dongbao today.

I am afraid that the next budget will be greatly reduced, this is the most troublesome thing.

Thinking of this, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi suddenly became silent, and he was hesitating whether he had made the right choice this time or whether he had been blinded by desire.

As if aware of Shinnosuke Kawaguchi’s thoughts, Wang Hao turned to look at the other person, and slowly bent down and said sincerely: “I’m really grateful for the things in the studio. I’m afraid there are still many things to trouble the producer of Kawaguchi. I hope the producer of Kawaguchi can tell me if he encounters any problems."

Hearing Wang Hao’s words, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi’s frowned brows quickly let go, and a rare sincere smile appeared on his face: “Teacher God is polite. Now everyone is a partner on the same front. Not to mention that we are still seniors."

After that, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi did not forget to pat the shoulder of Daisuke Takamura next to him: "Director Takamura, don't you think?"

"Well, Mr. Kawaguchi is right. The Lord God teacher only needs to concentrate on doing the work, and there is no need to worry about things outside of work."

"With such a reliable senior, I have to say that I am really lucky..."

Chapter 427 Idolization of Voice Actors

When he said this, Wang Hao walked slowly to the chair opposite the recording room and sat aside. He estimated that this should be the place where the interview judges sat, because the decoration was so obvious that it was still nearby. Several tables and chairs are placed in order.

However, Wang Hao's position is a bit more subtle, because he is a little sideways, and his age is so young, it is estimated that he can easily be regarded as an assistant rather than a judge, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Everyone also wondered why Wang Hao didn't sit in the middle position, but no one raised any questions. Several judges including Takamura Daisuke also sat in their positions in turn.

Michiko Yoshida looked at Aoyama Nanami who was standing next to him and smiled slightly: "This is a rare opportunity. Should Nanami-chan also come to the interview?"

Hearing this sudden question, Qingshan Qihai suddenly tightened, and a little surprised said: "Eh? Me?!"

The tone was full of tension, especially as everyone cast their sights on her, Qingshan Qikai felt that it was very difficult for her to take a step at this time.

Seeing this situation, Wang Hao frowned slightly, and just wanted to explain to the other party, but when he thought of Qingshan Qihai’s character and his current position, he suddenly didn’t know what to say, or it was not suitable for him to speak. I could only silently stop what I wanted to say in my heart.

Wang Hao stretched out his hand and took a ballpoint pen from the table next to him, gently clamped the ballpoint pen with his two fingers, and began to turn it seemingly at will, his expression regaining his usual indifferent color.

Of course, no one knows what he thinks in his heart, except that the ballpoint pen in his hand turns and stops regularly.

Everyone is faced with choices in their lives. Only oneself can truly make a choice. Others can never intervene. Perhaps all this has been predestined by fate, but the right to choose is in his own hands.

However, Wang Hao's refusal to speak does not mean that others have no opinion.

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi frowned and raised his hand: "Nankai-chan is still a newcomer at the Voice Actor Training Institute, Yoshida-san, is it a bit embarrassing for you?"

Speaking of this, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi did not go on, but the meaning he wanted to express was obvious. He wanted to give Aoyama Qikai a little more time. Obviously, it was because of Wang Hao's face, because everyone knew Aoyama Qikai was the king. The people that Hao brought here.

Yoshida Michiko smiled coldly, naturally knowing this too: "Hehe, producer Kawaguchi, don't forget why we are here now."

This sentence immediately made Kawaguchi Shinnosuke speechless, but what he wanted to express was not what he meant. But Shinnosuke Kawaguchi turned his head and looked at Wang Hao’s plain face. Shinnosuke Kawaguchi sighed slightly: "What does Nanami sauce think? What?"

The indecisive Qingshan Qihai raised his head and saw Wang Hao's indifferent expression and the serious expressions of other people around him, and he immediately understood that this is the society of adults?

It turned out that Haojun had already walked this far before he knew it. I'm afraid that the other party will continue to go further, right?It's really too cunning...

Thinking of this, Aoyama Qihai slightly closed her eyes and took a deep breath, took a firm step forward, and bowed politely to everyone: "Please let me participate in this interview!"

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao stopped turning the pen in his hand, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, full of relief, and then disappeared again. This scene was not discovered by others.

In fact, to be honest, if Aoyama Qihai refused to participate in the interview just now, although Wang Hao would not say anything and could consider the other party's mood, he would be a little disappointed in the end.

But the other party didn't let him down. Should I say that Qingshan Qihai is indeed the Qingshan Qihai?

"The role I'm here for this interview is Sumita Hanae, what's wrong next, please refer to the judges!"

As the voice fell, Qikai Aoyama gradually lifted her body and walked slowly to the recording studio next to her.

"As soon as I came up, I aimed at the position of one of the heroines. It seems that the god master teacher really found a courageous newcomer, but this is interesting, hahaha——!"

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi laughed with relief, and everyone really began to look forward to Aoyama Qikai's performance.

You know, Cheng Tian Han Miao is the heroine in the Astronaut chapter, and one of the important roles of Second Five. At the same time, this role is also one of the most popular characters this time. I don't know how many voice actors have targeted Cheng Tian Han Miao's voice work. on.

Is it really this character?

The role of Sumita Hanae is not easy. It can be said that the two most important female characters in the whole book are Sumida Hanae and Shinohara Akari.

And I heard that Shibazaki Manyo and Yuansheng Baihua will also come over, I am afraid that the role of Chengtian Hanae has long been taken by one of them.

It is not easy for a seiyuu who has not yet made his debut to grab a spot from the super-popular seiyuu.

But this is also the other party’s choice. Wang Hao has only one option, which is to earnestly do the praise committee, but he still can't help frowning and saying with some worry: "Qihaijiang really works very hard..."

Originally, he thought that the role Aoyama Qikai would choose would be the sister of Sumida Hanae, but the result did not seem to be what he expected...

After Qingshan Qihai picked up the microphone and tried the sound, Wang Hao and the others did not continue to talk, but changed to a serious look, because it was time for work now.

Daisuke Takamura took a sip of the tea next to him, cleared his throat, and said with full breath: "Then let's start! Simply talk about the rules. The interview is only ten minutes. If you can satisfy the examiner within ten minutes, you can Pass this interview and participate in the next final trial."


Outside Dongbao Gate, at this time, two beautiful women waved to the surroundings with smiles, and at the same time they did not forget to walk slowly towards the gate. Many pedestrians passing by saw this and started shooting.

The actions of these passers-by also aroused the attention of more passers-by. At the same time, they looked in their sights, and immediately exclaimed: "Isn't that Shibasaki Manyo sauce? Sure enough, he is so tall, and his skin is white. Last time at the concert, it was completely changed, and it was so beautiful in casual clothes!"

"Wait, in addition to Shibazaki Manyo Sauce, Yuansheng Baihua Sauce is also nearby! Real people are more interested than photos!!"

"Manyye sauce! Baihua sauce! Come on!!!"

The surrounding voices and people's enthusiasm continue to rise. This scene may make other people who don't know the truth think that there is a big star.

In fact, strictly speaking, the two are already celebrities, because the plan to idolize seiyuu has been officially launched, and now the popularity of some popular seiyuu has not lost most of the idol stars.

Chapter 428 When the interview is in progress (Part 1)

But there are only a few popular voice actors who can do this, and it happens that Shibasaki Wanye and Yuansheng Baihua are among them.

It is a pity that due to the protection of security personnel and their assistants, these crazy fans failed to get close to these two super popular voice actors, and could only watch them enter Dongbao's door with cheers.

After entering the gate, the two people with a relaxed smile just now breathed a sigh of relief, began to look at each other, and said in unison: "Why are you here?" x2

In the end, Yuan Sheng Baihua couldn't help but looked at Shibasaki Mano with some doubts, and asked unsurely: "Aren't you here to participate in this second five selection?"

"It seems you too."

Shibasaki Manyo nodded, neither denying nor admitting.

As soon as they spoke, the two did not continue to speak, and the atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing. Shibazaki Wanye and Yuansheng Baihua looked at each other, but proceeded quietly.