[God Lord: You are so cute, you are right.

"Woo...what is this idiot talking about?!"

Maki Nishikino, who was chatting with her mobile phone, saw this news, her face suddenly turned red, and her head was steamed with white steam visible to the naked eye, like a steam girl...

Chapter 434: End of Dharma Era

In a very simple and elegant bedroom, Tojo Nozomi was wearing a pajamas, sliding the screen with her mobile phone in her hand, and shook her head with a wry smile.

Even if everyone is not in the same space, Tojo Nozomi can almost imagine Maki Nishikino's blushing face after seeing Wang Hao's news.

To say who in the Muse is best at feelings, then it belongs to Tojo Nozomi herself, but she knows that the members in the Muse more or less have a good opinion of Wang Hao, even she herself is no exception.

After all, an excellent opposite sex can always attract most people's attention and a light affection, not to mention Wang Hao has helped the Muse several times.

Therefore, Tojo Nozomi also naturally has a slight affection for the tenth person who suddenly appeared. At the same time, she can also detect the feelings of other people. Now it is the most obvious performance of Nishikino Maki and Minami Kotori. It’s hard to make Tojo Ki not pay attention.

Although the two of them are very concealed, and the others have not found anything unusual, how can Tojo Nozomi, who has always been sensitive to feelings, fail to find out?

But it is difficult to have good results if this continues. Tojo Nozomi is very helpless at this point. She originally thought that Wang Hao should have noticed this abnormal situation. However, she did not expect that the other party would actually be with Yumu's head on emotional matters. Just as slow...

Therefore, Tojo Nozomi no longer expects the other party to understand, and it may not be a bad thing to continue to do so.

In her thoughts, her finger was already tapping the screen, and it didn't take long for her to edit a message and send it out after confirming that it was correct.

[Tojo Nozomi: Okay, Hao-kun also has to learn to observe more around, glib boys can easily make girls sad. Besides, we have not delayed Hao-kun with things here?

Wang Hao's face turned dark when he saw the news, how do you think it is himself who should be sad?I am now treated as a cumbersome cumbersome by the lovely touch!

Well, although he also knows that what Nishikino Maki said has a certain amount of anger, and he can't believe it, it is a big blow to Wang Hao. After all, the other party is his cousin...

After taking a slow breath, Wang Hao gradually calmed down looking at the street lamps in the distance through the window. At the same time, he was a little dumbfounded. What was he thinking about?

He took out the schedule and looked at it carefully, confirming that there were no other arrangements on the day of the Muse’s concert before he was convinced to reply.

[God: I have no problem here. I will definitely come over to cheer for you at that time. In addition, I also helped to modify the song that Shinhime sent the day before yesterday. The file has been sent to the group. I can trouble you with the lyrics.

After sending this message, Wang Hao didn't have time to chat, because the things he needed to do at the moment were already full, not to mention other things, just five seconds of production to take on so many responsibilities would be enough for him.

"Hey, my youth will be spent in this situation, although it is very fulfilling, why does it always feel a little lonely..."

Wang Hao stared at the ceiling blankly, and was suddenly disappointed in his youth, because he felt a little boring at work every day.

After spending a while, Wang Hao regained his spirits. Although it was his first contact with animation production, to be honest, it is really not difficult for him now, and his physical fitness has long been compared to ordinary people. gigantic difference.

In fact, to say something to the heart, Wang Hao feels that his physical fitness has long been able to open up a lot of athletes in this world national team.

Note that the athletes in this world are quite different from the athletes in the world where Wang Hao used to be. It can be said that the athletes in this world have very good physical fitness. Compared with those top athletes.

In fact, only a simple piece of news is enough for comparison. In the world of Wang Hao, the ability to sprint 100 meters and 9 seconds is already a very remarkable existence. It is also rare in the history of athletes, even the yellow race has never Athlete who enters one hundred meters and nine seconds.

However, there are more athletes in this world than 100 meters and 9 seconds, and there are also many yellow races who have entered this field.

In the world that Wang Hao is in now, there are athletes who can reach a hundred meters and eight seconds, but unfortunately there are only a few people in the world, and no one of the yellow race can enter the field of eight meters, but this is really no way. Things, after all, the racial talents are different, and they can't be difficult for others.

Don’t look at the difference between one hundred meters and nine seconds and one hundred meters and eight seconds. In fact, there is a big gap between them, because every zero and one second after running into a hundred meters and ten seconds is It is a great challenge, not to mention that it is difficult to break the record after entering 100 meters and nine seconds.

In Wang Hao’s previous life, he remembered that the 100-meter record was held by the famous Jamaican sprinter Bolt, which seems to be the 9-58 record set in Berlin, Germany, but now there are athletes in the world who can enter the 100-meter. Eight seconds field...

It can be seen that the physical fitness of people in this world is still quite good, and there is a lot of potential for tapping. This can be seen from the records created by athletes.

But it’s a pity that facing Wang Hao’s inhuman physical quality, it’s like a child’s powerlessness facing an adult, because Wang Hao feels that when he gets serious, he can definitely enter the one hundred meters and seven seconds that no one has ever reached. And as a yellow race person, I'm afraid it will definitely arouse heated discussions around the world.

"If one day you can't draw comics, how about going to be an athlete?"

Wang Haoran touched his chin, and after a while, he immediately denied this absurd idea, because his dream was not to become an athlete. It would be better to leave such things to someone who specializes in sports.

And there are also various abnormalities here, which have nothing to do with him, and judging from the situation called Ghost Lamp last time, they all have their own rules.

In fact, since that day, Wang Hao has not encountered any abnormal situation. He always feels that the environment he is in now is a bit like the era of the end of the law in some novels, but this era is still good, and it is still in the era of technology. At this point, Wang Hao really feels lucky.

At least I have not traveled to any other fantasy world, and then faced various dangers to fight and kill, and the small ones came out of the old. Finally, the classic "Thirty Years in the East and 30 Years in the Hexi, Don’t Bully the Young and Poor ."

If you really encounter this kind of dog-blooded bridge routine, Wang Hao will really spit out old blood, because he is very self-aware. Although there is a protagonist template, there is absolutely no protagonist's halo. Go in. In the end, there are more advanced elite monsters...

Chapter 435: Enthusiasm gradually disappears...

It's better for the current era of the doomsday of science and technology, at least there is no need to fight and kill, and the name of the era of dooms has been clearly explained, at least there will be no abnormalities in the world.

If only the words of the Age of the End of Dharma are still incomprehensible, it can be easier to say and understand it based on the literal meaning, rather than explaining it in the traditional sense.

The Age of the End of Dharma is a term that Wang Hao used to often see in his novels. To explain it in terms of the genres of those novels, the earth’s spiritual energy is exhausted, all the avenues and ancient scriptures are all lost, and there are various legendary Qi training. An era in which nothing is done by means.

Of course, there are many explanations in the Age of Doom. Wang Hao only explained it in the novel genre. There is no need to talk too much here. It is enough to simply prove that the current parallel world is in the Age of Doom. There is nothing like the world before Wang Hao Different, which is why he can adapt quickly.

Otherwise, he will really vomit blood if he travels through the rebirth to a certain fantasy background world.

After thinking about it, Wang Hao felt that his current life was surprisingly good compared to fighting and killing.

Well, he admitted, this is just to find a reason to complete the large amount of work in front of him without resentment...


Wang Hao stretched out his hands and patted both sides of his cheeks. He picked up the super espresso coffee he had bought next to him and drank it. His face suddenly turned into bitter gourd-like, and he almost didn't spit it out. When I was about to vomit, I was forcibly held back, and there was still a few thin coffee out of the corner of my mouth.

Feeling the strange smell spreading in his mouth, Wang Hao frowned and drank it forcibly. He immediately felt that his mind was refreshed a lot. He now feels that this thing has the same refreshing effect as those health drinks, but This is a direct and instant refreshing force, but it is too bitter.

If there is a chance, Wang Hao definitely does not want to experience it a second time.

After his head regained consciousness, he started to get busy again. What he was doing was codewords. Because there were too many things these days, he hadn't saved the manuscript, and even the ban was delayed for a period of time without updating. Many readers have already United is ready to send him the blade.

In addition to the publication of a new book next month, he will have to worry about this situation. After all, he can’t lose quality because of the pursuit of speed. Now his codewords have to be carefully thought and improved before proceeding. After all, this world is similar to the previous life. Many concepts are still different, and it won't work if you don't change it.

Time passed quickly, and it took about two hours for Wang Hao to complete the 10,000-character manuscript. This was too slow compared to his previous speed, and it was really helpless.

After finishing the code, Wang Hao moved his slightly sore fingers, carefully saved the manuscript, and clicked on another software to continue to improve the "Oriental Seal of Demons".

At present, the production speed of "Eastern Conquered Demon Records" has greatly exceeded his expectations. Wang Hao only has to adjust the difficulty of the level, and he can put the demo version of this work on the Internet.


The night has gradually deepened.

It was not until early morning that Wang Haoran lay in a chair with a sense of relief, holding a paper document in his right hand. He swears that he really doesn't want to move now, and he also knows why the neon in this world is the world's most suicide rate It's a country, and it turns out that the situation of social animals is really tiring.

Among the developed countries in the world, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) database, has the highest suicide rate in the world, mainly due to factors such as life pressure and traditional culture. The suicide rate is the highest among developed countries. , This is a headache for the neon government.

Wang Hao remembers that when he was passing by Mount Fuji, he saw a police suicide prevention sign. The main content he thought about was like "Life is a precious gift from parents. Please calm down again and think about your parents, brothers and sisters and children." Right".