There was a bit of content behind that, he couldn't remember it. It seemed that this sign was right next to the entrance of a certain forest on Mt. Fuji, signed by the Fuji Yoshida Police Station Suicide Prevention Association.

Seeing this, he was a little bit dumbfounded at first, but now he can more or less understand the mood of those communal and animal office workers who want to commit suicide.

"Is it going to make pv after the seiyuu interview is finished? I have to find time to discuss this in a meeting."

Looking at the list in front of him, Wang Hao’s eyes flickered. This time, the main investment in Second Five’s production is the Tianshen Group. To put it simply, Wang Hao paid for it out of pocket. However, the production process is assisted by Dongbao, which is a bit like the so-called outsourcing, but now except No one knew that the Tianshen Group belonged to him except Yeqiushan and a few others.

In other words, most of the benefits generated in the last Second Five were owned by the Tianshen Group, and finally flowed into Wang Hao's pocket.

He estimated that it should be made at about 28 million yen, which is the maximum range he can bear. If it were a little more, the Tenjin Group would not be able to run its funds now.

In the previous life, the production cost of Second Five was 25 million yen. The reason why Wang Hao decided to make it around 28 million yen was to deliberately pursue quality, win a higher reputation score, and bring a better visual enjoyment to the audience.

"The cost of the Miaowu promotional film does not need to be too high, and the time is not too long. It should be controlled at about 1 minute and 30 seconds to two minutes. The budget of 100,000 yen should be fine.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao smiled again. Sure enough, Huang Tian paid off, and after planning for so long, he was about to see results.


It’s been a while since the news about the production was released on Second Five. At first, people were really excited. However, over time, the excitement gradually faded. Some people even became dissatisfied. Nakata Yuna is one of them. .

At first, for some reason, Nakata Yuina came into contact with this work on the Internet, and when she finished reading five centimeters per second, she was deeply moved by the work.

Knowing that Mianwu will be published in the form of a physical book, Nakata Yuina decided to buy at least three Mianwu physical books.

One book for education, one for collection, and one for reading. This has almost become the basic knowledge of every otaku art. That’s why some people say that the money from a dead house is really good, because if you think about it carefully, it’s really good. earn……

But Yuna Nakata doesn’t care about this, and I believe those who like this work will not care, especially when she learned that she will be filmed in the form of animation, she immediately looked forward to it, just as excited as she was looking forward to the New Year holidays when she was a child. .

However, recently, Yuina Nakata feels that her enthusiasm is gradually disappearing, because until now, there is not even an animated promotional video on the official side!!!

Chapter 436: Everything is ready

Generally, after the animation is decided to be produced, the official will immediately release the relevant promotional video, the next day at the latest, and then hand it to the fans for judgment. Although the promotional video does not represent the work itself, everyone can still see from the animation short film. A lot of information.

If it weren’t for the official Toho’s personal statement that it had taken over the production of Miawu, Yuina Nakata would definitely treat the news of Miawuying’s painting as a joke, but now it’s been several days, and I haven’t even seen the slightest shadow.

As the saying goes, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Even though Nakata Yuna knew in her heart that Second Five will be released, after all the official news was released, she really wanted to know what the second five was like when it became an animation?Did you destroy the original?Can the producer's ability really restore the plot in the book?Wait for a lot of doubts...

I believe she is not the only one who feels this way. Many fans of Second Five are nervously looking forward to the release of the promotional video.

But one thing is worthy of peace of mind, because the Mianwu production team is publicly selecting voice actors, which indirectly indicates that the production has already begun.

It is estimated that after waiting another week or so, Nakata Yuna should be able to see the second five promo, because the animated promo usually only takes one or two minutes, and according to Toho's strength, it may be completed in less than a day.


Time passed quietly. Five days have passed since the initial selection of the seiyuu interview, and the formal selection has ended. The final result was not surprising. No new seiyuu was successfully promoted.

Well, this means that Ming Qingshan Qikai did not succeed in the promotion, and it was Shibazaki Manyo who successfully got the role of Chengtian Hanae. The other party successfully refreshed Wang Hao's understanding of seiyuu again, and made him deeply understand that seiyuu is a monster. This sentence.

If he had scored 85 points for Aoyama Nanami before, then he would have given Shibasaki Manyo a score of at least 96. The voice of the other person seemed to be a different person, and even Wang Hao produced a kind of hearing the real Sumita Hanae. The illusion and acting are so realistic that people can't believe it.

However, these are not the focus of Wang Hao's attention. He is now a little worried about Qingshan Qihai. Since the defeat that day, the other party has never shown sadness or disappointment on his face. Instead, he has a smile on his face, as calm as ever.

This is why Wang Hao is worried. Although Qingshan Qihai is still smiling as usual, it makes Wang Hao feel a little weird. The other party is obviously forcibly cheering up at this time, just like the silence before the storm. Once the status quo is broken, it will be unstoppable.

However, since that day, Qingshan Qihai has obviously become more hardworking. This made Wang Hao feel a little sad. He wanted to comfort the other party, but he didn't know what identity he should use and what reason to use to comfort him.

You know, Aoyama Qikai's character is much stronger than other girls, and her self-esteem is also very high.

Although Wang Hao knew that although he didn't know the thoughts of girls, he still knew that he should basically understand that if he rashly talked about some grand principles, it might make Qingshan Qihai more hurt.

"Oh, life is really a spicy chicken game!"

Walking down the corridor, Wang Hao said softly with some headaches, always feeling that things have been unsatisfactory recently, do I need to go to a nearby shrine to get incense?

Although he is not too superstitious, he has indeed encountered a lot of trouble recently. Sure enough, the unsatisfactory things in life are nine out of ten.

Suddenly, Wang Hao suddenly felt that his shoulder was lightly patted on his shoulder. When he turned his head, he found that the person was Shinnosuke Kawaguchi. The other party was smiling and greeted enthusiastically: "Good morning, Lord God, no The thought of you coming so soon makes me a producer shame."

Wang Hao also responded with a smile, shook his head slightly, and said: "The producer of Kawaguchi came early, otherwise we won't meet here."

"Hahaha! To each other, after all, we have to have a meeting later, if I am late, I will only have to apologize by a caesarean to face everyone.

Hearing the slightly exaggerated joke, Wang Hao couldn't help but laugh a little. It can be said that Kawaguchi Shinnosuke successfully broke his original impression of the animator.

At first, in Wang Hao's opinion, those who acted as animation producers should be people with stable personalities, especially in large companies like Dongbao. After all, the position of producer is theoretically higher than the overall supervisor.

However, although Shinnosuke Kawaguchi usually looks frivolous, he is really serious and capable at work. Through these days of getting along, Wang Hao has also seen the efficiency of Toho's internal employees, and he is indeed the industry's leading company.

Three heads, the best Zhuge Liang.

As expected, animation production cannot be done by one person. Wang Hao felt that after the funds were in place, he would also have to get his own animation studio, because after all, he couldn’t find other companies to help with the production. It's really big.

You know, in fact, the Tianshen Group who invested the most in the production of the second five movie version this time, that is to say, Wang Hao paid for it himself. This makes him feel a little complicated, but when he thinks that he is the last one to make the most of the money, he is instantly relieved. Up.

Sure enough, ginger was still old and spicy. No wonder Dongbao would suddenly find himself. Sure enough, Ye Qiushan had already invested, and the other party hadn't told him in advance, but this'surprise' was a bit big, and it really shocked Wang Hao at first.

Wang Hao didn't have any doubts about Ye Qiushan's unauthorized actions. After all, he had temporarily handed over the entire power of the Celestial Group to the other party, and Wang Hao couldn't handle it. At present, learning experience from the other party is the right way.

Now it seems that'One Leaf Autumn Mountain' is worthy of the'One Leaf Autumn Mountain', and its momentum is not weaker than that of the past.

Ye Qiushan also gave Wang Hao another lesson at the same time.

Wang Hao gave a chuckle, and asked in a puzzled way: "The producer of Kawaguchi is really joking. Isn't the Bushido style popular with neon now?"

"Well, what the god master teacher said is that neon is indeed not as popular as Bushido now."

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi scratched his head in embarrassment. Although the neon still has Bushido, it is not as good as before. Shinnosuke Kawaguchi looked at Wang Hao and continued to smile and asked, "I’m sure about the plan this time, the master teacher. ?"

Wang Hao nodded, "Of course, in a word of our heavenly court, it means'everything is ready, only the east wind is owed'. Please feel relieved about this."

The 437th chapter dead dao friend not dead poor dao

The meeting to be held this time is not about other things, it is about the production of the second five.

It can be said that this is a very important meeting, or that the production of the promotional video this time is testing Wang Hao's strength.

Although he said a lot last time, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and others also said that they would give him two months, but in fact everyone tacitly gave Wang Hao only one chance, and the time will not be two. Months.

If it really becomes two months, then it is not wrong, um... But Wang Hao feels that he will not be used to being a puppet within two months.

When it’s really there, it’s no wonder everyone else. It can be said that he asked for it himself, but this will never happen. Wang Hao can guarantee that, because he never likes to write bad checks, let alone being here. Kind of major event.

Everyone knows that before the animation is produced, there will be a promotional video to be produced in advance. As for why it is necessary to do this, the reason is also very simple. It is for direct publicity. The comic friends can clearly sense the quality of the work. A good promotional video is very important to the work!