Such examples abound. To put it simply, making a promotional video is a bit similar to advertising. If your work is of good quality, but the promotion is not in place, although gold will always shine, but the early popularity growth is still a bit slow.

However, it is different if you advertise. Because of the advertisement, many people will know about your work before it comes out, and will watch it as soon as the broadcast time is confirmed.

Now, for example, the super-popular comics in the weekly jump are adapted to anime. As long as the official news is released, the comic friends of the comic will pay attention to the time of the animation. During this period, they will continue to discuss the topic of the work and try to stir up the heat.

This kind of promotion can be regarded as a disguised form, but it has a certain fan base, and ordinary works cannot do this.

Wang Hao remembers a certain classic series of games in the previous life. Yesterday, a follow-up game suddenly appeared. Although the quality of this follow-up game is really not good, it can be said to be a lot worse than other games in the same period. Feelings still sold a large wave, far exceeding the games of the same period.

Of course, to be able to do this, the predecessors of the game series are indeed rare classics, with many loyal fans support, which means that someone is willing to buy it.

In fact, Miawu has a group of fans, but these fans all like the novel comic version of "Five Centimeters Per Second". After all, Miawu has only a novel version and a comic version, and both have achieved great success. , Which also means higher requirements for the quality of animated films.

After all, once the quality of a movie drops significantly compared to comics and novels, word-of-mouth and wind reviews will naturally be poor, sales will be very unsatisfactory, and there will be a lot of people who follow the trend and discredit.

Alas, it is a headache.

Wang Hao glanced at Shinnosuke Kawaguchi next to him, and thought to himself silently.

Although the other party welcomed him with a smile, if he didn't show his strength, then the situation would be reversed.

What he said last time certainly bluffed the other party for a while, but he didn't plan to be able to bluff the other party all the time. After all, anyone could just say nothing or write a blank check.

How long do you want to ask for?In fact, it has reached the critical moment of deciding the victory or defeat. If you can’t take actual actions to prove yourself, then the two-month period is still useful, but Wang Hao can only look at them as an audience in the whole process. The opinions will not be adopted.

Looking at the gate that has been frequently entered and exited in front of him in recent days, Wang Hao's expression suddenly condensed, and at the same time he stopped, he was ready in his heart.

Seeing Wang Hao’s expression, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi couldn’t help but shook his head slightly. He hoped that the other party could really bring them a surprise, because it was indeed just like Wang Hao said last time, he made it by himself. Many unique advantages, because the other party is the original author of the work after all.


"Crunchy ___"

With a soft sound, the door of the conference room slowly opened to both sides, and two figures appeared at the door. Everyone looked over and found that the people here were Shinnosuke Kawaguchi and Wang Hao.

The two looked around and found that it seemed that only the two of them had not arrived. Shinnosuke Kawaguchi couldn't help but asked a little embarrassingly: "Sorry everyone, we two should not be late!"

Hearing this, Yoshida Michiko raised her wrist and looked at the small ladies' watch, and then faintly replied: "There are still ten minutes before the meeting, and we have only just been here.

It doesn’t matter if the teacher is late, but Kawaguchi-san also knows that our company requires to come 15 minutes early before the meeting, right?"

Hearing Michiko's words, Wang Hao's expression suddenly turned weird. He turned his head and glanced at Shinnosuke Kawaguchi next to him. He suddenly understood why the other party asked him that question just now. It turned out that this guy was really late.

Withdrawing the preface, this guy may really be a very frivolous person...

"Hahaha, don't worry about this little thing Yoshida-san, after all, we will have a meeting next, the meeting is important."

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi slapped haha, as if he didn't hear anything, he naturally came to his seat and sat down. He coughed slightly with a serious face, and folded his hands to support his chin, looking at Wang Hao. Said: "Teacher God, please hurry to your seat and sit down. You are the only one left now. We will have a meeting when everyone is here!"

Wang Hao: "..."

Hey Hey hey!Why does he make him look like a sinner now?Didn’t Michiko Yoshida say that she was late and okay?

Ah... not right!Wang Hao didn't even know that Dongbao had this rule before the meeting, and no one had ever mentioned it to him. It was only yesterday that he set a specified time, and for this reason he came here ten minutes earlier.

Seeing Kawaguchi Shinnosuke's serious expression, he had a sentence in his heart at this moment that mmp didn't know whether to say it or not. According to the result, it was obviously that you were late. Why is it that you are late now?Can this be a good and enjoyable game?Now Wang Hao suddenly wondered if his determination before entering the door was a bit redundant?Selling teammates is not like that, right!

"Okay, Mr. Kawaguchi."

After a slight twitch in his expression and constant complaints in his heart, Wang Hao finally showed a stiff smile on his face.

Upon seeing this, Shinnosuke Kawaguchi immediately showed an apologetic look at Wang Hao, and then turned his head a little guilty.

As it is said that a dead fellow does not die a poor way, this sentence seems to be from the celestial dynasty. As a celestial person, believe that he can understand his own difficulties?

Chapter 438: Chief Supervisor of God

Everyone did not pay attention to Kawaguchi Shinnosuke, or that they are used to Kawaguchi's frivolous character, and they are also very effective when working.

The other party also brought everyone a lot of help this time, and now the meeting is about to start, so there really is no need to care too much.

Fukushima Minosuke raised his hand slightly and said, "Since everyone is here, let’s start discussing the production of this promotional video. Mr. Lord... No, may I ask the Chief Supervisor of the Lord to take two shots. It’s so short. Can the time really be made?"

"Of course, this time the division of labor can be done in accordance with everyone's usual division of labor. I will be responsible for the guidance next to me, and part of it can also be done in one shot."

Wang Hao had already anticipated this question before he came, so he replied calmly at the moment, turned his head to look at Michiko Yoshida, and said: "Yoshida-san, the lyrics I gave you, what about the music studio you requested? How is it?"

"Well, it is expected that results will be produced this afternoon. There is already a dedicated team singing there. I will show it to you when it is finished."

Yoshida Michiko pushed his glasses and replied, and then his expression became a little excited: "But I can make such a great song at will, I really deserve to be Haojun!"

"This is really an award, and without Yoshida-san's help, I don't have time to finish it even if I create it by myself."

Wang Hao smiled modestly. Hearing Yoshida’s answer, he immediately took a reassurance. As for the things that the other party called him without honorific words, he didn’t care much. In fact, Wang Hao felt that he was called a supervisor, always let He has a weird feeling.

In short, the music is temporarily fixed. The bgm of the original Second Five Trailer was made and modified. However, Wang Hao does not know the actual singing effect. He just tried it on the piano at home and found that the melody is okay. , The next step is to look at the singer's singing.

Then it’s the important original painting, Wang Hao looked at

"How about Fukushima-kun and Takami-kun? This time, the requirements for the original painting must not be ignored for the sake of speed, and the time should be slower."

The Deputy Art Supervisor Shinosuke Fukushima said bitterly with a smile: "Our original painting department is okay. It's better to say that the original painting given by the master supervisor makes me feel ashamed, but I can barely keep up with the progress."

"Here, Mr. Fukushima and I will be responsible for supervision, and will show it to you for inspection after the production is completed."

Takami Yuichiro didn't have so much scruples when he arrived, and directly gave Wang Hao a straightforward answer, which made him somewhat satisfied.

This time don’t look at him for a lot of responsibilities. In fact, Wang Hao’s workload in this area is not as large as expected, because every responsibilities Wang Hao has had a deputy to help. In short, he gave it. The general direction, and then the rest of the production is left to everyone. It can even be said that Wang Hao's workload is a little less than others, but he still needs to do the necessary things alone.

"The voice actors are already waiting in the recording studio."

Uematsu Minako whispered next to Wang Hao. These days, Uematsu Minako has served as Wang Hao's assistant in the production team, and the other party really made him feel relieved.

In addition, the reason why Wang Hao felt that Shinnosuke Kawaguchi was very capable of working was because of the production venue that made him admire Kawaguchi Shinnosuke.

Originally, because the recording studio was too small to complete the work, Wang Haodu had already planned to rent a studio outside temporarily, but he did not expect that Shinnosuke Kawaguchi would get the right to use a large studio in Toho the next day. It seems to save the trouble of finding a venue...

At this moment, Makoto Kubo slowly raised it, and everyone immediately looked at it, and saw Makoto Kubo take out a document from the briefcase beside it and handed it to Wang Hao: "General Supervisor, Regarding the script of the promotional film you took out, I tried to modify it a bit. I think it is a bit too fast for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Although it is qualified for the trailer, it always gives people a feeling of incomplete meaning.

Later, I modified it according to the original work. According to this script, it should be able to do about 1 minute and 40 seconds. The previous part has not been modified, but about ten seconds have been added in the back, which will not affect the previous part."

Hearing Seiichi Kubo’s words, someone immediately expressed dissatisfaction: “Is Kubo-san a bit too abrupt? Although it won’t affect it, it’s just a promotional video, but it’s difficult for us to temporarily change the script now.”

"Well, wait until you see it."

Wang Hao looked a little weird and took the modified script, and then turned directly to the follow-up part, which is the additional part added by Makoto Kubo.

The more he looked down, Wang Hao's face gradually showed the same expression.