After a while, he put down the script file thoughtfully, took out a black signature pen with him, and quickly modified it. After finishing, he showed an excited smile at the corner of his mouth, and turned to Kubo Seiichi. Passed it over: "How about Kubo-san taking a look?"

Makoto Kubo took the script over with some doubts, and found that the other party had crossed it out directly, or that he had not crossed out his opinion directly, but arranged it in the next one.

"My original expectation was to make the trailer into three parts and broadcast them separately. Considering the time issue, I can only suppress this opinion, but it seems that Kubo-san thinks the same as me."

As he spoke, Wang Hao showed a faint smile on his face, and then shook his head again: "I gave up this plan considering the time, but since even Kubo-san feels a bit compact, it seems that I still have to make three parts. The songs should be broadcast separately, but now the first part of the process is no longer allowed to be changed."

Makoto Kubo's eyes lit up, and then he said with a slightly bitter smile, "Is it made into three parts? It seems that I am over-hearted. This will make the audience look forward to it even more, and to make three different trailers. When the audience is still not satisfied, they can maintain higher expectations for the work..."

After his remarks, the others in the room immediately took a closer look. It didn't take a moment to understand the meaning of Makoto Kubo, and he looked at Wang Hao with more admiration.

The three trailers are broadcast at different times. Because each trailer has a different broadcast time, it can be a hot topic before the second five is released, and it is guaranteed to become a hot topic before it is released. The film has higher expectations!

Chapter 439: Supervise from today!

But there are advantages and disadvantages to doing this. In general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Wang Hao had thought about it before, but he rejected this proposal after taking into account the time factor. After all, it takes time to make a promo, and Wang Hao is now the most What is missing is time.

Because now the Tenshin Group, Fushikawa Bunko, and station b, etc., the plans he deliberately implemented, are now like a greedy black hole, constantly exploiting him, but facing this situation, Wang Hao can only bite the bullet and force it. .

If there is a fault in the capital chain now, everything he has done from the beginning to the present will be cool. As expected, he is too overestimating himself.

Wang Hao sighed secretly. At the beginning, he was ambitious to create a two-dimensional empire. He believed that the prescribed blueprint was feasible without any surprises, but after he really contacted the society, he realized that money is not easy to make...

Although money is not the most important thing in life, if there is no money, Wang Hao will not be able to create a second-dimensional kingdom of his own.

In fact, even if Wang Hao is already facing an economic crisis, it is still in his expectation. Then, relying on his own work of writing novels and comics, he can still have some income to maintain the status quo.

But over time, this seems like a drop in the bucket. It can even be said to be insignificant. It can't last long. This is why Wang Hao suddenly stopped wanting to make three different seconds and five promos.

But now it seems that advertising is still a necessary and important link. If you delay a little more time now, you will gain even more when it is released. Just can you stick to that time?

No... it's going to last until the end anyway!If you give up here, what is the difference with a clown who entertains yourself?

Thinking of this, Wang Hao's eyes suddenly sharpened.

To make a promotional video, the time required to complete the production must not be short!

When everyone saw the change in Wang Hao's temperament, they suddenly became a little confused, but what they didn't know was that Wang Hao had really made up his mind from just now to treat himself as a real supervisor.

That’s right, although Wang Hao looked calm on the surface before that, he never positioned himself as a supervisor. He just pretended to be calm on the surface. He had already added a lot of knowledge secretly, relying on his strong memory and himself. Knowing these professions, as well as the vision of the previous life, the three added together, he now has the confidence to be a real supervisor!

Even Wang Hao knows that he still has a big gap in supervision compared with many supervisors in his previous life, but he still has to take a step forward, and because he views all this on the shoulders of giants, it can be said that Wang Hao As an overseer, although not extremely good, he will definitely be comprehensive.

Thinking of this in his heart, Wang Hao's confidence has strengthened a lot.

Whether you draw cartoons, write light novels, or make animations, no matter what you do, confidence is the most important point.

It doesn't matter even if you are arrogant, it's like when most light novelists write their works as the best in the world, this undoubtedly brings great confidence.

For this point, you can refer to the Yamada Fairy in detail. Although Wang Hao is not cold about the Yamada Fairy's style, the confidence that he can't look directly at is really dazzling.

Although Wang Hao usually looks very easy-going and humble, in fact, deep in his heart, he has always had an arrogance that is not weaker than that of the Yamada Fairy. He just doesn't like to show this arrogance in front of others.

If he likes it, he won't live a low-key life like he does now. It is estimated that Wang Hao thinks he will become Yamada Fairy No. 2. It is a bit scary to think about it...

Then everyone discussed at the meeting again. It was not until the meeting was about to end that Wang Hao looked at them and said in an unquestionable tone: "It should not be too late. Since all departments are ready, then our goal This is to complete the promotional video for this time today. In any case, it must be completed today and will be officially broadcast in the early hours of tomorrow.

We are now working on a three-part promotional trailer, and the movie cannot exceed the original expectations."

Hearing this, someone immediately wanted to speak up, but after seeing Wang Hao's awe-inspiring gaze, he fell silent again.

This guy is serious.

At this moment, everyone suddenly had such a thought. After looking at each other, they suddenly shouted in unison: "Understood, supervision!"



The screen turned to the other side. At this time, there was a tense atmosphere in the recording studio. Wang Hao sat on the chair and frowned, and picked up the dialog next to him: "Omori Kasa, please repeat this paragraph. Read it again, and be careful to make your tone as plain as possible. You should know that Shinohara Akari is almost an adult, and his mind is more mature, so there is no need to be too naive to explain here. Just keep a little innocence!"

The person named by Wang Hao is a young woman who looks about 20 years old. She is currently the most popular voice actress in the world of Omori Rika, who is impeccable in appearance and acting skills.

"I understand, please give me another chance!"

Omori Rika quickly said with an apologetic expression, and began to face the microphone in front of her. She closed slightly, and gradually brewed for a while. The moment she opened her eyes, the expression on her face also calmed down. In an indifferent tone, he said slowly: "The day I agreed with that person."

There was a trace of innocence in the indifferent tone, which perfectly showed the mood of the girl's Akari Shinohara.

Sure enough, he is a popular voice actor, and his strength and acting skills really have nothing to say. Wang Hao nodded in satisfaction.

Naoto Kawasaki, who plays the role of the actor, took the voice actor table book and said in a very calm tone: "It started in the afternoon, and it started to snow."

Compared with Dali Morika, Naoto Kawasaki, who is the actor's voice, is much less well-known. He has been mixed around the third and fourth lines. The starring works have not yet been popular. In the works of the fire, they often hold some bad An eye-catching supporting role.

But Wang Hao didn't care too much about these, because the criteria he chose were based on his ideal voice. It can be said that Naoto Kawasaki fits the voice of Tono Takaki in his heart.


"Supervisor, what do you think?"

Michiko Yoshida sat next to him and asked, Wang Hao nodded with satisfaction: "Very good, everyone's voice is in line with my requirements, and the bgm with the promotional video is no problem, right?"

The four-hundred and fortieth chapters of the second five preview is completed!

"No problem, the studio over there just told me that it should be done ahead of time, and the team we are looking for today is of high standard."

Yoshida Michiko answered calmly, and Wang Hao was completely relieved, and then went to work.

Although he is not very busy with what he needs to do as a supervisor, he still has to supervise the overall production process, because his every move will change the style of the entire work, and this time the promotional video was not completed.

In other words, the quality of the finished product is not up to standard, so Wang Hao's so-called supervisory status is at best just a puppet, acting as a high-level audience throughout the process.

Everything depends on strength, but now everything is in Wang Hao's expectation. As long as there is no accident, the result should be the same as he thought.

He intends to make a three-part trailer. Of course, the time difference of each is different. It can only be shortened, not the length of time.

The trailer that is being produced first can be said to be the first promotional trailer of Second Five, and the first part of the trailer for the cherry blossom copy.

In order, the second promotional video will also correspond to the second part of the astronaut content, and the third promotional video is of course the most important five centimeters per second.

With the three interlocking sections, Wang Hao believes that with these three trailers, the curiosity and expectations of the audience can be raised to the highest level, and at the same time, the audience can enjoy their eyes and leave a deep impression before they are released.

As a result, the box office will be much better when the work is released.

However, all of this depends on the quality of the work first and foremost. Wang Hao is still under great pressure, but he does not want to give up.